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Location (Adisa): Stark Industries
Location (Andre/Niles): Andre's Apartment
Andre waits to hear Feles's answer
<Feles>: "A chance has been given to them."
<Andre> Will you help us in this fight, Feles?
Adisa heads to the laboratory area to see how other people projects are doing, touch base, that sort of thing.
<Feles>: "I have been there at every step. That will not change."
<Andre> "How can we help you to help us best?"
<Feles>: "Know thyself."
<Andre> "Why are you so cryptic?"
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: The happy worker bees that make Stark Industries the international superpower we all know and love are hard at work, designing the next generation of Awesome Weapons of Awesome.
<Feles>: "Character flaw?" He smiles. "I am what I was made to be."
<Adisa> "Oooh. The Jericho is coming along nicely…"
<Andre> "Aren't we all," he returns the smile and then extends a hand to the allegedly fallen angel. "Thank you."
Adisa wanders from project to project humming a jaunty tune as he catches up with his colleagues.
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: A few of your co-workers wave, some distract you briefly (< 1 hour) with geek shop talk and/or project/shop talk, but in general, its just another day at Stark Industries, minus the assaults by Dr. Doom.
<Feles>: Takes the hand gingerly, like one would hold a hollow egg shell.
<Andre> Shakes the angel's hand. "This is…well..the whole thing is bizarre. I hope that we can work together without being at odds."
<Andre> Releasing Feles's hand, Andre sips his tea. " May I ask you a question about an entity known as Boolean?"
<Feles>: "A question may always be asked."
<Andre> Releasing Feles's hand, Andre sips his tea. " May I ask you a question about an entity known as Boolean?"
<Andre> "Where is he? Can we reach him, and is he even on our side?"
<Feles>: "That entity is no more. He was an extension of another being, and has either served that being's purpose, or been allowed to fail too often. Hence, he was reabsorbed."
Adisa heads on down to his work area.
<Andre> "Are we fighting more than just the Avatara here? Like the one who woke her up, even though we do not know who that is yet."
<Feles>: "Are you?"
<Andre> He gives Feles a sour look, "I don't know."
<Feles>: "Then you have a decision to make."
<Andre> "One problem at a time then. The whole thing stinks of a distraction of global proportions though."
<The_Physician> Agreed. What better way to distract someone tan to get the spirit of the earth annoyed?
<The_Physician> But distract from what would be the next question.
<Andre> "From what though? It might even be a way to keep the Ne'ata occupied or to kill their "savior". It is just too muddled."
Adisa picks up some supplies for his home lab and does some work with the equipment that… doesn't fit in a home environment… or insurance.
<Andre> "Any helpful hints from the divine side," looking once more to Feles, only half joking."
<The_Physician> Hmmmm, there's a thought.
<The_Physician> If someone knew the Ne'ata would come, and they wanted to keep them from finding that savior, then that could be reason behind waking the Avatara.
<The_Physician> Seems a little extreme, but we may be onto something.
<Andre> "mass genocide would do that I suppose."
<Feles>: "It does tend to slow one down."
<Andre> "Well, we are wasting time, which is unfortunate since it's such a nice morning. If you have elsewhere to be Feles, please do not let me keep you. Unless Niles has more questions?" He looks to Niles for confirmation, "We have a few more calls to make this morning."
<The_Physician> No, nothing else. May we contact you again if we need something?
<Feles>: "I will be roaming the earth, above and below. Should you call, I may hear."
<Feles> folds his coat (wings) around himself, condensing to a single point before vanishing entirely.
<Andre> "Well that went better than expected. I think."
<Andre> "Niles, do you still have Bianca's number on you?"
<Andre> " And Jack's?"
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: A quick analysis of the earring shows that it was implanted with several crystals at various points, which seem to hold a resonant energy (that is to say, sonic energy).
<The_Physician> I should.
The_Physician pulls out his cell phone.
The_Physician checks his contacts.
Adisa notes down the frequencies, amplitude, etc.
<Andre> "Bianca first then. I need to know if she has made any headway in how to talk to my friend here," He taps his head. "Plus the Ne'ata language sounded very similar and the circlet understood it perfectly"
Adisa reproduces the sound waves and sees what happens.
<shadowmyre> Adisa: Some of the stones look like a quartz, others look like small diamonds of various colors.
<The_Physician> I still have them. What do you need?
<The_Physician> OK.
The_Physician dias Bianca
The_Physician dials*
<shadowmyre> ->Niles: The phone rings three times before a chirpy voice picks up. "Ciao! What's up?"
<The_Physician> Hello, am I speaking with Bianca?
<Bianca>: "You can't know that many bella with this number."
The_Physician smiles
<The_Physician> Good to talk to you again Bianca.
<Bianca>: "So, whatcha need?"
<The_Physician> I was just wondering if you had any further luck deciphering the language we spoke about las?
<The_Physician> last*
<Bianca>: "Sì! I had some genio moments between exams! Actually, working on this helped with the voice-synth-chat thing I'd been working on, since the language structure was emotional based, not Subject-Object based. Which is crazy, and pretty much clinches it as non-terrestrial. The emotional content is key, the language is kinda weak without it, concepts just don't translate well into it."
<The_Physician> Hmmm. Like that Star Trek episode? Uuuuuum….Darmok, I think?
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: For the most part, nothing happens. A few lights flicker here and there, but they were flickering off an on all the time. Once the transmitter is about two inches away, the flickering stops, and the lights take on a steady glow.
Adisa takes careful notes. The experiment is already being filmed, one of the reasons he wanted to do this here rather than at home.
<Bianca>: "Kinda, in that its a non-standard phoneme-structure. In that, you can't learn the language without knowing the myth. I think, right? 'armok and Jalad at Tanagra', that kind of thing? Keeping the televisione playing in the background, you get weird things. In this, you basically can't lie about how you feel, cause then the program won't run. Oh! That's another thing, you can use…
<shadowmyre> …this to talk, but it isn't a talky language, its a programming language!"
<shadowmyre> ((*Darmok))
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: After a brief moment (about 2 seconds), the lights begin to pulse gentle. Faintly, very faintly, you hear a very, very soft, tinny voice.
Adisa bends closer to listen.
<The_Physician> Can we meet? We would like to discuss some things in person
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: The voice is very hard to make out. You'd have to put your ear practically on top of the earring to hear it.
<Andre> "Um, Niles, I don't have my visa ready."
<Andre> "if we can catch a flight out that would work though since I do have my passprt."
<Bianca>: "Imponente! Where? When?"
The_Physician ignores Andre
<The_Physician> I was thinking of picking you up and bringing you here. Is that acceptable/
<The_Physician> ?
<shadowmyre> "Certo! Give me five minutes or so to change."
<The_Physician> OK, call me back when you are ready
<The_Physician> Sound good?
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: Once you're about an inch away, the voice is intelligible. "..ello? Is anyone there? Ra guwo wa…"
Adisa resists the urge to prank the alien visitors (assuming that's who's on the other end) and shuts off the synthesizer.
<Bianca>: "Certo! [click]"
The_Physician hangs up.
<The_Physician> Easy enough. Now, Jack?
<Andre> "Yes. I want to see how things are going with him and the Ne'ata and to inform him of our rapidly approaching expiration date and to see if he can help out."
<The_Physician> Ok, would you like to do the talking then?
<Andre> "Um…maybe? You know him about as well as I do. Put him on speaker?"
<The_Physician> Sure thing.
The_Physician dials Jack.
Adisa tries some other frequencies to see if he can raise someone else.
<shadowmyre> ->Niles/Andre: The phone picks up after the second ring. "Hello Mr. Regan, this is WENDY. Jack is currently indisposed, however, you are on his passthrough list. If this a matter of some urgency?"
<The_Physician> It is a matter where time is of the essence m'lady.
<Andre> "If you could just have him call us back, WENDY? That would be fine."
<WENDY>: "….please fight it out amongst yourselves. I can wait."
<Andre> He shrugs "If he's busy at the moment we can always talk to him later. We're five hours behind him so he can call us tonight."
<Andre> "What do you think, Niles?
<The_Physician> Having him call us back is fine Wendy.
<shadowmyre> ->Niles/Andre: The 'call-waiting' chime beeps.
<WENDY>: "When he has a moment. Thank you."
The_Physician hangs up and answers the incoming call.
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: No other frequencies seem to trigger a response.
<shadowmyre> [Bianca]: "Ready!"
Andre pulls up the armor to hide his face
Andre the_Paladin
<shadowmyre> ((use /nick not /me to change nicks.))
Andre hurriedly tidies things up and draws the curtains to keep the location as unrecognizable as possible.
<Adisa> I save the relevant frequencies to the synthesizer.
-!- Andre is now known as The_Paladin
<The_Paladin> (( I knew that, wrong command, whoops))
<The_Physician> Ok, where are you at the moment?
<Adisa> Then I take the communicator and head back to my lab. Looks like I've done all the damage I can here.
<shadowmyre> [Bianca]: "On the school roof, outside of the warding area, so nothing should trigger."
The_Paladin tosses the mail into a drawer and does a sweep of the room to make certain that he got everything.
<The_Physician> Ok great.
Adisa changes his mind and tries some other things.
<The_Paladin> "The joys of a secret identity," he mutters as he dumps the dishes into the sink.
The_Physician teleports to pick up Bianca.

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