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Location (Adisa): Stark Industries, Lab
Location (Andre): His Apartment
Location (Niles): CCI at Laciano, roof
<The_Physician> Hello Bianca. Nice to see you again
<Bianca>: "Ciao!" The wind at the room whips her long hair into a frenzy. "When are we leaving?"
<The_Physician> Now if you can.
<Bianca>: "Now works for me."
The_Physician extends his hand.
<The_Physician> Take my hand and we will be off.
<Bianca>: takes his hand.
Adisa continues to investigate the alien communicator, for science!
The_Physician teleports to Paladins house.
<Adisa> Is it a displacer vorporal kitten?
<Adisa> ((Change Ren Po Ken to Adisa))
<TrinityGM> Bianca and Niles appear in the middle of Andre's apartment. Bianca starts looking around, the expression on her face 'Must. Memorize. Everything.'
The_Paladin looks around frantically to be sure that everything obvious tying Andre to the Paladin is out of sight.
<The_Paladin> Hello, Bianca.
<The_Paladin> "Thank you for coming here on such short notice."
<Bianca>: "Ciao!" She continues looking around. "I'm gathering there isn't a statue you knock over to turn this into your secret lair?"
<Bianca>: "Certo. I expect that this is something massive and world-ending, else you wouldn't call. So, what's up?" [beat] "Is the world ending?"
<The_Paladin> "Secret lairs are for those who are playboy billionaires. Aside form Tony Stark, who would ever be that crazy? The rest of us have bills to pay."
<TrinityGM> ->Adisa: Now you're getting somewhere. However, you're not getting there quickly; this is entirely new tech and is going to take its sweet time revealing its secrets.
Adisa keeps at it. He understands the necessity of patience in uncovering the secrets of science!
<The_Paladin> "Interesting question. We'll tell you when we know. I was wondering though about this language. The Ne'ata have a very similar one, heck it might even be the same one, and I would like to be able to speak to the..entity?..Before someone else figures out how to and uses it to his advantage."
<TrinityGM> ->Adisa: You originally thought that the tiny quartz and diamonds were the prime motivators; they're not. After extensive scientific testing, you have determined that the diamonds serve no function other than 'pretty'. The quartz are effective, but more to the point, the entire shell is made of a crystalline matrix. Its like putting a sheath on your iPod that also downloaded music for you.
<Bianca>: "The language? You mean the…. well, harmonica thing?"
<The_Paladin> "Yes."
<Bianca>: "Okay, what about it?"
<The_Paladin> "Do you know how to translate it or a better way to communicate? Having to whip out a harmonica, which I don't know how to play, to ask questions seems kind of inconvenient."
<Adisa> "Oh that's clever. And damned hard to manage. Turn your entire car into an antennae for your radio without having impurities causing interference."
<Bianca>: "Inefficient, too, since you can just sing to it. Him? I'm going to say him. At least for now."
<The_Paladin> "Sing to him? Without knowing the language? Is there a crash course to take on this?"
<Bianca>: "You know that old adage, where it isn't what you say, its how you say it? Content is tied into presentation. In this case, the content we care about is emotion; this thing is crazy empathic. That's probably why it works with you, it reads your emotions and then… does…. whatever it does. I've never been clear on that part."
<The_Paladin> "Me either. But if it is an empathic language then why can't the medium of harmonics be cut out if it understands already?"
<TrinityGM> ->Adisa: The sheath itself is very durable, looks like a plastic, but one that someone got into on a molecular level and rearranged the atoms to act more like steel. Very thin, but doesn't lose any of its strength. The quartz crystals aren't the power source, they're more like capacitors/processors. There doesn't seem to be an actual power supply, though there are sections on the inside-facing sec
<TrinityGM> tion that absorb heat.
<Adisa> "Heat activated? Runs off body heat? Hm… I wonder what the average body temperature of one of them is…"
<Bianca>: "Same reason if I just glared at you, you might get that I'm mad, but not any details. Most communication is based on emotion, kinda why things get weird on the internet; no emotional context or facial cues makes people hard to read. Words give the emotion clarity, but we're really trying to hear the other person's emotions. So, unless you're a telepath, you'll need some kind of…
<TrinityGM> …interface."
<Bianca>: "And in this case, it likes using music. Some words, also. So, singing works best."
<The_Paladin> "So, if I sing to it softly it might answer," he shifts nervously. "No laughing at me, Niles." He closes his eyes for a moment to take a breath and then lets it out in a soft bass tone, querulous, looking for an answer."
<The_Paladin> Are you there?
The_Physician grins
<Bianca>: shrugs. "Maybe? I dunno. A lot of this is just thought-craft. Its not like I had something to really test off of."
<The_Physician> Well you do now…
<Bianca>: "And like I said before, this isn't a talky language, its a programming language. Kind of. But you're not… talking, so much as making. Or commanding. Or something. Its not really a language you can use to…. talk about poetry or something."
The_Paladin lets the soft tone die out and waits for an answer, trying not to shift nervously from foot to foot.
<The_Paladin> "Well, that was anti-climatic." He opens his eyes with a sigh.
<Bianca>: "Like I said: theory. I'd have to actually have the subject with me to do any real testing. I might be totally wrong."
<The_Paladin> "Well thank you for your time. I know that you're in between finals, so I won't keep you. If you think of anything else will you please let me know?"
<Bianca>: "Wait… that's it? Awwww……"
<The_Physician> Don't you want to have her try anything?
<The_Physician> Remember, she was the only one who got it to resond last time.
<TrinityGM> ->Adisa: Other than the given, it looks like a standard send/receive terminal, though prettied up and maybe a bit more durable/powerful than government tools. You could probably make something similar, though not based on the crystal-tech.
<The_Paladin> "Well…yes. I was hoping to have some communication between the circlet and I before, well, before anything major comes up again. If you wnat to try to talk to it that would be fine. It, or he, seems to like you."
<Adisa> "Okay, so obviously they can high vibrational crystals easier than we can make rock candy. Should not have mentioned candy. Now I'm hungry, but science beckons."
Adisa decides to stick with the analysis, even though he is indeed hungry. There's no way this can impact his analytical abilities. Damn he's hungry.
<Bianca>: bats her eyes at the circlet. "Clearly a being of taste and refinement. So. Hmmm. How do we want to do this?"
<The_Physician> Bianca, how do you think we should proceed?
<The_Paladin> "I don't know. You hummed to it before it it answered you. I have no idea why it is not answering me."
<The_Physician> Lack of rhythm?
<Bianca>: "Proximity, maybe? Your voice would probably sound weird if your ears… or whatever… were inside your skull, and then covered in…. that." She taps the jade of the armor.
<The_Paladin> "I can see that. I'll have to experiment a bit more later."
<Bianca>: "That said… Someone else could sing to it. Or, even record your voice?"
<Bianca>: "You could get an iPod with a microphone! Fight crime with the latest technology!"
Adisa decides to break for lunch after all. Stark has the best cafeteria food in the Western Hemisphere.
<The_Paladin> "it may not even be important, but I have a feeling that whatever it has to say for itself could be interesting or helpful."
<Bianca>: "Well, yeah. Everyone has an interesting story or two."
<The_Paladin> "I guess, just ask it if it knows the ne'ata."
The_Physician eye's widen.
<The_Physician> Does anyone else have a bad feeling?
The_Physician prepares some magical defenses.
<Bianca>: "Yeah, I could ask about…. huh? Its kinda warm in here, but I feel fine, why?"
<The_Paladin> "What are you thinking, Niles?"
<TrinityGM> [BOOM]
<TrinityGM> The building gives itself a shake like a cat stretching.
<TrinityGM> This… does not do wonders for Andre's decor.
The_Paladin grabs Bianca and the Physician and translocates outside
<TrinityGM> [BOOM] There's a faint scent of smoke as the group teleports out.
<TrinityGM> Outside, the streets are deserted. Entirely and completely deserted. No cars. No people. Just this one guy, leaning against the building, with a hat pulled down over his face. He smells like cigar smoke.
<TrinityGM> "Well well well. Whatcha been up to, Niles? Been a while."
The_Physician is still preparing defenses in his head.
<The_Physician> Who are you?
The_Paladin studies the structural integrity of th ebuilding with a carpenter's eye.
<Man> looks up, hurt. "Who am I? Now, isn't that just the way. Take'm in, wipe their ass, teach'em magic… and then they shack up with the Sorcerer Supreme and act like they don't know you."
The_Physician eye's go wide, and face turns a shade of white.
<The_Paladin> "Niles, I have to check inside to see if anything is broken. There are people in there. Can you handle this?"
<Man>: "Now… that hurts me. Inside." He places a hand against his chest. "No no, you'll stay right here. Them's all fine."
The_Physician moves to grab Paladin and Bianca.
<Man>: "Though… making the building dance ain't half a trick, boyo. You think you can port faster than I think?"
The_Physician ignores his comments and tries to teleport them with him to Strange's manor.
<TrinityGM> You teleport just fine. The last thing you see is the building shattering into pieces, raining down upon the street.
<Man>: "Now you're going to make me chase you. Now I'm grumpy."
<TrinityGM> * LOG END *

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