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<GM> Location: Twelve Lotus Hotel
<Andre> Niles, can you triangulate the position from a plane?
<GM> Time: 10:30 AM (Local Time)
<The_Physician> Yes, I can, but we still need to work out a pesky flight plan. Problem is, we don't know where we are going, so this becomes a problem.
<The_Physician> I suppose we could just go in the general direction of where we want to go, and plan our flight accordingly.
<Water_Elephant> *puts 7 stones into General Knowledge*
<Andre> If we fly to the borders of China along the southern edge it should give us a direction to offset this one with, yes?
<The_Physician> THat would mean we would have several flights, but at least we wouldn't get arrested for not following our flight plan.
<Water_Elephant> If we do a simple joy ride in *this* loop, and you, Niles, do your mojo at certain points, we should be able to triangulate fairly precisely where we need to go.
<Andre> Will they let us fly in a loop"?
<The_Physician> I do not know. I am not an aviator, i just know the flight plan rule.
<Water_Elephant> They should. It's a fairly standard joyride for a plane, but then again this is a country I've never been in before so who knows?
<Andre> Then we should perhaps ask someone who does?
<The_Physician> Agrees
<The_Physician> Agreed*
<Andre> *hands the number over to Adisa*

  • Water_Elephant puts the number and waits for a response.
  • Wu picks up

<Wu> Hello? This is Wu.
<Water_Elephant> Hello, this is Adisa T'Challa, Jack's friend, and I was wondering what the proper procedure for logging a flight plan is in this country.
<Wu> Where is it you wish to fly?

  • Water_Elephant gives the details of the flight plan.

<Water_Elephant> Your basic touristy look around.
<Wu> Ah. Text me the coordinates and I shall file plan for you.

  • Water_Elephant texts Wu the coordinates.

<Wu> Friends of Mister Jack very well liked here. It is no problem.
<Water_Elephant> Thank you very much. We appreciate all your help.
<Wu> Very glad to help. Give me three days. No. Not days. Seconds? Hours. Yes. Three hours.

  • Andre watches out the window as the sun plays out over Hong Cong.

<Andre> How easy will it be to locate this thing Niles?

  • The_Physician sighs

<The_Physician> It depends.
<The_Physician> There might be more magic protection on it that wont let me get a proper bead on it.
<The_Physician> We wont know for certain until we get in the air and try to pinpoint it.
<The_Physician> Hopefully, if there is some kind of protection on it, I will be able to circumvent it.
<Andre> I simply hope that it is worth it.
<The_Physician> I believe this plan has merit.
<The_Physician> And, to be honest, its the only one we've got.
<Andre> I trust your opinion, Niles.
<Water_Elephant> Anyone else feeling jetlagged? I say we turn in early and get ready to do this thing tomorrow.
<Andre> I'm going to head out to get a bite to eat. Would you like anything?
<Andre> I had more than enough sleep the other day, Adisa.
<The_Physician> I would like to rest before departing. I know tomorrow I might be taxing myself a bit, so I would like to be 100% for that.
<Water_Elephant> Actually food sounds really good right now. Maybe I'll get some egg rolls from room service.
<Andre> Then I will see you both this evening.
<Andre> I am not about to pass up seeing the sights of Hong Cong.
<Andre> (retcon this evening into this afternoon)
<SpeaksInVoiceLoudEnoughToHear> Do you understand the course I have set for you?
<Boolean> Declare: Mostly.
<Boolean> Query: If all else fails, can the three be united?
<SpeaksInVoiceLoudEnoughToHear> If necessary. But that is a final recourse.
<Boolean> Declare: Understood.
<SpeaksInVoiceLoudEnoughToHear> Go then. Prevent the oncoming storm if you can. And if you cannot, isolate it.
<Boolean> Declare: Command accepted.

  • GM End Flashback.
  • GM Present Day.
  • GM Present Time.

<Boolean> *a blinding white gate opens just outside of NYC*

  • Boolean steps out of the gate.

<Boolean> Acquire: Current data for locations of the three.
<CosmicDatabase> Current Location: Southwest China.
<Boolean> *walks toward the city while the acquisition request processes, looking around for any rifts*
<Boolean> Success: Southwest China.
<Boolean> Declare: Current location incorrect. Revising spacial parameters.
<GM> Rift activity is currently dormant. A lot of 'fires' are being put out here and there by some of the big players, like Strange. Still, these are stopgap measures, and the fabric is fraying.
<Boolean> *pulls up the spacial relations interface and inputs coordinates for Southwest China*
<Boolean> *attempts to pinpoint the location of the highest density for the desired targets and then initiates spacial jump*
<CosmicDatabase> Targets acquired. Two targets in close proximity to each other. One target a small distance seperate.
<Boolean> Declare: Stalled for too long. Problem. Initiating emergency procedures.
<Boolean> *steps through the newly-opened portal, then continue the process until his desired location is reached*
<GM> Location: Hong Kong.
<Boolean> *a brilliant white gate, roughly door-shaped, appears in front of the two beds in the hotel (right in front of the TV)*
<Boolean> *closes the gate, then waits for Adisa to open the door*

  • Water_Elephant opens the door to his hotel room
  • Water_Elephant . takes in the strange figure standing near my room's TV.
  • Water_Elephant sighs the sigh of a man who realizes that this is going to be 'one of those days'.

<Water_Elephant> High there, and you are…?
<Boolean> *turns his head to face Adisa*
<Boolean> Initialize: Greetings, Solan.

  • The_Physician mumbles "Just five more minutes mom.

<Boolean> Declare: I am Boolean.
<The_Physician> Huh? What?
<Water_Elephant> Hello Boolean. What are you doing in my room?
<Boolean> *turns head to Niles*
<Boolean> Initialize: Greetings, Solan.
<Water_Elephant> And who or what is Solan?
<Boolean> Declare: I was sent to assist.
<The_Physician> Uuuum, greetings. My name is actually Niles. And you are?
<Boolean> Declare: Solan. A sentient inhabitant of the Sol system.
<Boolean> Declare: I am Boolean.
<Water_Elephant> And what exactly would you like to assist us with?
<Boolean> Processing: Means to explain to Solan life form.
<Water_Elephant> Oh it's going to be one of *those* explanations isn't it?
<Boolean> Success:
<Boolean> Declare: Reality is bugged. Your group has been directly involved. I am here to assist in the debugging process, and to ensure that nothing untoward happens to further fracture the core of reality.
<Water_Elephant> That sounds lovely. And what assistance do you plan on providing?
<The_Physician> Wait. How is reality bugged?
<The_Physician> In what way exactly?
<Boolean> Declare: I have been created with the capacity to amplify your own abilities, and am authorized to do so to fulfill my purpose.
<Boolean> Posultate: You have encountered the Avatara.
<Boolean> Postulate: You were conscious for the encounter.
<Water_Elephant> Yes, we've met.
<Boolean> Conclusion: You are already aware of the information you are inquiring, that which is relevant.
<Boolean> Query: Where is the Solan Andre?
<Water_Elephant> He's out seeing the sights. Probably anyway.
<Boolean> Declare: He should be made aware of my presence.
<Water_Elephant> I think I can agree with that.
<Boolean> Declare: The fact that I exist at all is evidence that the situation is beyond that which normally heals itself. We do not usually get made to interfere this directly.
<CosmicDatabase> Solan Andre is located at mark 125 mark -32 at a distance of 17621 feet.
<Water_Elephant> Are you using 'we' in the royal sense, or the medical sense?
<Boolean> Request: Rephrase query.
<Water_Elephant> Never mind. Just testing something.

  • Water_Elephant thinks that this might actually be an honest to goodness extra terrestrial, and not just another delusional mutant.

<Water_Elephant> Anyway, I'm certain that Andre will be back shortly.
<Boolean> Query: Where are the pieces of the circlet?
<Water_Elephant> Egg Roll?
<CosmicDatabase> Circlet Secondus with Solan Andre. Circlet Tertious with Solan Andre. Circlet Prime with… Error. Error. Divide by 0.
<Boolean> *face contorts as if in actual pain*

  • Water_Elephant is glad he can't hear CosmicDatabase

<Boolean> Fault.
<Water_Elephant> Who's fault?
<Boolean> Declare: A fault is returned when a genuine mathematical contradiction is presented in real form.
<Boolean> Declare: The first order of business requires the Solan Andre to discontinue pursuit of the remaining piece.
<Water_Elephant> You mean like the square root of negative one or a circle where the value of pi equals exactly 3 actually existing in reality?
<Water_Elephant> That's not good.
<Boolean> Declare: Yes, exactly.
<Boolean> Declare: Fortunately it is in relevance to the unacquired piece.
<Boolean> Postulate: Location of the final piece is undefined in reality.
<Boolean> Postulate: Access to locations of the pieces has been granted.
<Boolean> Conclusion: Final piece cannot currently be acquired.
<Boolean> Declare: Good.
<Water_Elephant> Interesting. Does it exist in another reality?
<Boolean> Declare: Unknown.
<Boolean> Declare: So long as it is not located with the other two it is of no consequence.
<Boolean> Declare: However, each of you three involved Solans should be apprised.

  • Andre taps on the door
  • Water_Elephant opens the door for Andre

<Water_Elephant> Andre, meet Boolean. He's here to help.
<Boolean> Initialize: Greetings Solan.
<Boolean> Declare: I am Boolean.
<Andre> Freezing in mid stride to take in the scene.
<Andre> Hello Boolean. I am Andre. What is a Solan? *looking to Adisa for a cue as to whether htis situation is good or bad*

  • Water_Elephant shrugs

<Water_Elephant> At least he's not violent.
<Water_Elephant> So far anyway.
<Boolean> Declare: Solan. A sentient inhabitant of the Sol system.
<Boolean> Declare: I am not designed with an interface compatible with violence.
<Andre> What can we help you with Boolean?
<Boolean> Declare: I am here to assist you.
<Boolean> Declare: Cessation of actions performed in the pursuit of the acquisition of the third piece are required.
<Andre> Ah…thank you?
<Andre> Why?
<Boolean> Request: Rephrase query. Phrased query has multiple returns.
<Andre> Start with the least complicated.
<Water_Elephant> It will make the universe divide by zero.
<Water_Elephant> That's bad.
<Water_Elephant> And it doesn't come with a free Frogurt.
<Boolean> Declare: The three pieces of the circlet, combined, may cause a page fault.
<Boolean> Declare: Reality is unequipped to deal with page faults, as it is designed for them not to occur at all.
<Boolean> Query: Do you understand?
<Water_Elephant> I believe so. The reintegration of the circlet will represent an unplanned for input into the holographic universe, causing an eventual cascade failure that will result in it 'crashing'.
<Boolean> Declare: Incorrect, but sufficient in principal.
<Andre> I understand enough. How is this design flawed to be unable to wistand the combined pieces?
<Boolean> Declare: It may not be.
<Boolean> Declare: It is an undefined variable at present time.
<Andre> Ah. Who sent you Boolean?
<Boolean> Declare: Reality is designed to not have flaws, else universal constants would not exist.
<Water_Elephant> I think that reality is being 'stressed' and that is what is making it vulnerable to this kind of damage.
<Boolean> Declare: Astute observation, again sufficiently accurate to understand.
<Andre> How is reality being stressed?
<Boolean> Declare: I was sent by
<Water_Elephant> In all matters, I blame Avatara.
<Boolean> *the being's mouth moves, but nothing audible is observed*
<Andre> Interesting. Eithe ryou cannot say who sent you or we cannot understand it.
<Boolean> Declare: Astute observation. The latter.
<Boolean> Declare: The Avatara is but one piece of a much larger cosmic problem.
<Water_Elephant> I suspect that he is trying to express a concept which we don't have the mathematics to understand.
<Boolean> Declare: I believe the best explanation for your understanding is that IT is a symptom not the cause.
<Andre> *looks to Adisa and Niles* Do you trust his information?
<Water_Elephant> Mostly. Mostly because he hasn't told us much that we didn't already know.
<Andre> Niles, what do you think?
<The_Physician> Hmmm. It seems odd that the circlet could be that powerful. However, it did seem to spike in power drastically when the second piece was reattached.
<The_Physician> What kind of being are you Boolean?
<Boolean> Declare: I cannot make you trust what I say. However, I can assure you that my source has a vested interest in the continuance of reality.
<The_Physician> As do we.
<Boolean> Declare: I am a construct of thought and logic.
<The_Physician> Huh. Interesting.
<Andre> It is enough to have two pieces I think. The elementals will at least take note now, even if only a little.
<Boolean> Declare: I am constructed based off of the base of universal sentient thought. You think, therefore I am.

  • Boolean looks puzzled for a moment.

<Boolean> Declare: Better to have one piece on your person, and another in safe keeping, should the third be introduced by another party unexpectedly.
<Andre> I do not know if that is the best course of action at this time. You have been sent to assist us. Thank you for your help.
<Boolean> Declare: To more specifically explain my existence, I was allowed to exist in order assist in repairing reality.
<Andre> Has Wu called yet with the go ahead?
<Andre> I stand corrected then.
<Boolean> Acquire: Wu.
<The_Physician> Huh, so if a lot of people stopped thinking, you could potentially stop existing?
<Boolean> Declare: Where "A lot of people" is defined as "all of sentience", that statement is valid.
<CosmicDatabase> Solan Wu: Designate Earth Human in employ of Sky Lord.
<The_Physician> Ah. That would be bad.
<Water_Elephant> Okay, I say we do the triangulation as planned for tomorrow, if only because we already filed a flight plan and don't want to raise any flags by not following through on it.
<Boolean> Acquire: Sky Lord, definition.
<The_Physician> I agree, even if we can't acquire the third piece of the circlet, still better to know where it is, just in case.
<Boolean> Declare: You will not find it if it remains in its current location through your triangulation strategem
<Water_Elephant> Then if we need to, we can come back later when it's safe(er) and get it if we need to.
<Boolean> Declare: If you do, it will be an intentional mislead.
<Andre> Who would be able to mislead us in such a way?
<Water_Elephant> Most likely, but even a misdirection can yield valuable clues.
<Boolean> Request: Narrow query parameters.
<CosmicDatabase> Solan Sky Lord: Earth Human who… error. Error.
<Boolean> *again, appears to be in physical pain momentarily*
<Boolean> Fault: Error in acquisition.
<Andre> Finding this piece through magic is the plan. If Niles's magic can be misdirected there are only a select few who could do so well enough to hide their trail. Who or what would mislead us in our search for the last piece?
<Shiva> Another attempt to access Sky database will result in cascade failure of your primary interface. This is the only warning SHIVA gives.
<Boolean> Declare: Any entity with a vested interest in misdirecting you, obviously.

  • Boolean looks worried.

<Andre> Boolean? Are you alright?
<Boolean> Declare: My attempt to acquire data RE: Sky Lord has faulted. In addition, the S.A.R. contacted me directly.
<The_Physician> S.A.R?
<Boolean> Declare: System Admin Root. Again, simplifying for the purposes of your understanding.
<The_Physician> OK….
<Water_Elephant> And what did S.A.R have to say?
<Boolean> Declare:

  • Boolean again, inaudible.

<The_Physician> Well, what you are basically telling up Boolean is that the circlet is most likely not in this country, and even if it were, we cannot recover it, as it would end all of reality as we know it. Does that properly asses our current situation?

  • Boolean looks puzzled.

<Boolean> Declare: Incorrect. Replace "would" with "may" to validate statement.
<Andre> Not quite as I see it. It seems to me that Boolean does not know what would happen.
<Boolean> Declare: More correctly, that which I am but a mere aspect does not know.
<Andre> Or where teh circlet is. He was sent at this time, as we are getting ready to find it, and that leads me to believe that we are too close fo rhis comfort.
<Boolean> Declare: That seems a fair assessment of the situation as it stands.
<Andre> We should find it. We would be unable to get the piece, but that does not mean that we cannot know where it is.
<Boolean> Declare: Getting the other two pieces anywhere near the third will cause a mandated merging of the three.
<Boolean> Declare: For an unknown definition of "near".
<Water_Elephant> Remember the 'magnet' effect with the second piece?
<Andre> So I will wiat here as this has obviously not happened yet and you two should go.
<Andre> wait
<Boolean> Declare: This is a reasonable solution.
<Water_Elephant> Sounds like a plan.
<Water_Elephant> Boolean, will you be coming with us?
<Andre> It will give me a chance to do some sightseeing on my vacation.
<Boolean> Declare: I go where there is the highest intensity of my directive.
<Andre> Which would mean what if we were to all split up?
<Boolean> Declare:If two out of three of you go, I will accompany to assist. Knowledge of the third piece's location would potentially be useful.
<Boolean> Declare: I would move between you to whichever's actions fell most in line with my primary imperitive.
<The_Physician> What, exactly, is that?
<The_Physician> I know the basics of your mission, but what exactly is you "primary imperitive"?
<Water_Elephant> Okay, my plane so I'm going. Niles here doesn't really get a choice. Andre will be playing tourist. Sounds like a plan to me.
<Boolean> Declare: Boolean's Primary Imperative: Eliminate the instability in reality.
<The_Physician> Ah, simple and to the point.
<The_Physician> I like that.
<Andre> What is causing this instability?
<Boolean> Declare: Many factors, the root cause of which may or may not be shared.
<Andre> Which is it? May it be shared or may it not be shared at this time?
<Boolean> Declare: If definitive data were available the previous statement would not have had the qualifying statements.
<Andre> So your goal may not be the same as ours.
<Andre> Making it very difficult to trust you. As you have already stated.
<Boolean> Declare: Correct. I am operating on the assumption that you are interested in repairing reality as well.
<The_Physician> I prefer for reality to stay in one piece.
<The_Physician> This reality is where I keep all my stuff.
<Andre> Yes. Depending in what is causing the instability.
<The_Physician> As such, I have a vested interest in it's survival.
<Boolean> Query: When does this proposed expedition occur?
<The_Physician> True.
<Andre> He said all of reality. Not 'this' reality.
<Boolean> Query: What of the many factors that might be causing the instability would you consider to be uncompromisable?
<Andre> I don't have an answer to that question, Boolean. I am sorry.
<Boolean> Declare: Accepted. Consider Query standing pending your acquisition of information.
<Andre> Done.
<Andre> Adisa, when is Wu supposed to call you back?
<Water_Elephant> He didn't say. Sometime tomorrow I would think.
<Boolean> Declare: One more point of information that must be known before we proceed. My existence and presence in reality needs to remain as unknown to other entities as possible. Too many variables can cause a cascade failure and necessitate my annihilation so that the greater whole is not compromised.

  • Boolean moves as to a corner of the room.

<The_Physician> Huh. Can you change your appearance then? You kind of stand out in a crowd.
<Andre> Meaning what exactly? If many were to see a picture of you you would cease to exist?
<Boolean> Declare: That feature has not been implemented in this incarnation.
<Boolean> Declare: It may be implemented at a future date, pending whether the source deems it to be a necessary component.
<Boolean> Declare: No, nothing so mundane. Many beings are aware in the way that I am aware. If one such being observes me, they will know what I represent. Not everything wants existence to continue, understand.
<Andre> Ah.
<Boolean> Query: Do you require an analogous descriptor?
<Andre> No, I do not think so.
<Boolean> Query: Does your subset of Solan require a rejuvenation period?
<Water_Elephant> Yep.
<The_Physician> Yes, we require around 6 hours of sleep each night.
<Boolean> Acquire: Hour, definition.

  • The_Physician brings out a pocketwatch on a chain.
  • Boolean looks curiously at the pocket watch.
  • Boolean looks troubled.

<The_Physician> See the smallest hand? Once it rotates once around completely, that is one second.
<The_Physician> 60 of these make one minute.
<The_Physician> 60 minutes is one hour.
<Boolean> Cancel Acquisition
<Boolean> Query: Second, definition? *directed at Niles*

  • Water_Elephant snatches watch out of Niles's hands.

<Water_Elephant> This is one weird watch.

  • Water_Elephant sheepishly gives back the watch.
  • Boolean observes the watch for a minute, then appears to comprehend.

<Water_Elephant> These are seconds. One. Two. Three.

  • Boolean nods.

<Boolean> Declare: I understand. Your subset of Solan has fragile energy reserves and requires substantial rejuvenation.
<The_Physician> Umm, yes, I misspoke. Apologies Boolean.
<Andre> Is there anything else to do except wait for Wu's return call?
<Boolean> Declare: I shall remain here while you rejuvenate and wait for contact from the Solan Wu.
<The_Physician> Can we do anything to make your stay more comfortable Boolean?
<Boolean> Query: Comfortable?
<CosmicDatabase> Comfortable. A state of being. More than adequate or sufficient. I want a pony. At ease.
<Water_Elephant> A state of being that minimizes wear and tear on the physical body.

  • Boolean winces, posture falters.

<Boolean> *turns to WE*
<Water_Elephant> I think I killed him.
<Boolean> Declare: I understand. I have no physical body.
<The_Physician> Are you alright?

  • The_Physician looks at Boolean puzzled.

<The_Physician> Then what am I looking at?
<Boolean> Declare: The Cosmic Database is returning my Queries rather than my Acquisition requests, and just gave me erroneous data.
<Boolean> Declare: Projection, Solan Niles Regan.
<Andre> Your own thoughts if what he says is accurate.

  • Water_Elephant mans up and pokes Boolean.

<Andre> As there seems to be nothing else to do except wait, I believe that I will indulge in some 'self rejuvenation'.

  • Boolean Adisa's finger passes right through him.

<Boolean> Declare: Wise course of action.
<Water_Elephant> Well that's just prime.
<The_Physician> Well then gentleman, I believe I will retire for the night.
<The_Physician> Boolean, it was nice meeting you.

  • The_Physician prepares to go back to sleep.

<Andre> It's about one in the afternoon, Niles…
<Boolean> Declare: I shall await your return from the state of rejuvenation.
<The_Physician> Oh, right. Jet lag and all.
<Water_Elephant> You do that. I'm going to my designated horizontal rejuvenation chamber.
<The_Physician> Well, since it is not bed time yet, Boolean, would you like to talk? I would be most interested in having a conversation with you.
<Boolean> Declare: I have been designed for basic interfacing with Solan entities.
<The_Physician> Well, I guess my first question would be, what happens when you are done with this task?
<The_Physician> Do you cease to be?
<Boolean> Declare: My purpose cannot be fulfilled while I still exist, as technically I am an anomaly in reality as well.
<Boolean> Declare: Everything else settled, I will be annihilated.
<The_Physician> That is deepressing.
<Boolean> Query: What is Depressing?
<The_Physician> Saddening.
<Andre> You may wish to hold off on your conversation, Niles…
<The_Physician> Uuum. A reason to feel badly for someone else?

  • The_Physician blinks

<The_Physician> Why?
<Andre> With his source of information answering his queries and sending him eroneous information it hurts him.
<Boolean> Query: If my purpose in existence is fulfilled, why would it be "depressing" that I should cease to exist?
<Andre> The more you ask him questions that are idle chit chat, however fascinating they are, the more chance there is of this Cosmic Database breaking him.

  • Water_Elephant goes to his designated horizontal rejuvenation chamber.

<Boolean> Declare: Good point, Solan Andre Harper.
<The_Physician> Apologies Boolean, I was not intending you harm. I take it most of your knowledge comes from the cosmic database?
<Andre> Will the Cosmic Database stop answering you in ways that harm you?
<Boolean> Declare: When I attempt to Acquire, yes. More recently it has returned results for a Query. I am searching my interface syntax for a method of correcting this.
<The_Physician> Ah, then I will refrain from asking any questions for the time being. Again my apologies, I meant no harm to you.
<The_Physician> Is there anything I can do to help?

  • Andre lies down on his designated bunk.

<The_Physician> OK, that will be my last question.
<Boolean> Declare: Apologies are unnecessary. Techcnially I should be beyond harm. It would appear that I am not immune to the reality distortions.
<Andre> You are a projection of the cosmic awareness…which means that neither is it.
<Boolean> Mandate=Restrict Access, Boolean, Only Specific Acquire Statements, slash all
<Andre> Welcome to China…may you live in interesting times.
<Boolean> Commit
<Boolean> Declare: That should work. You may discontinue worrying.
<The_Physician> OK. This cosmic database you are linked to. Can you query it for anything?
<Boolean> Declare: Anything I am authorized for.
<The_Physician> Ah, so your access is restricted?
<Boolean> Declare: The bounds of which are expansive.
<Boolean> Declare: Correct. I am not permitted to request the data, for example, on a being higher than myself.
<The_Physician> Ah, ok.
<The_Physician> Do you know what other events could cause the destabilization in reality like what you described if we reunited the pieces of the circlet?
<Boolean> Declare: Not at present, though I am aware of the most relevant, being if reality continues in the current state and/or trends into further destabilization.
<The_Physician> OK. Does the destabilization of reality have anything to do with the recent elemental activity that has been occurring around the world?
<Boolean> Declare: It is related to the situation with the Avatar, whom is suspected to be bugged.
<Boolean> Declare: By definition, any bugged cosmic entity destabilizes reality.
<The_Physician> Wait so any entity in reality can be bugged?<The_Physician> For instance, could I be bugged?
<Boolean> Declare: They are not designed in that way. As mentioned previously, reality was never designed to have erroneous data.
<The_Physician> Has anything like this ever happened before?
<Boolean> Declare: I was not designed with that knowledge pre-installed. I would have to query the CDB.
<The_Physician> OK, no need.
<The_Physician> So it looks like the elemental activity is a direct cause of some kind of corruption in reality?
<Boolean> Declare: More accurately, the increase in elemental activity is due to the corruption of the Avatara, which in turn is most likely caused by a corruption in reality.
<The_Physician> OK, well that has been the best explanation I have heard to that bizarre-ness.
<Boolean> Declare: The elementals represent pieces of the Avatara, much in the same way that the oceans and earth and the creatures living on this planet do.

  • Andre listening in intently from his bed
  • Boolean looks troubled.

<Boolean> Declare: A core piece of information was missing from my antepenultimate Declare.
<The_Physician> And that would be?
<Boolean> Declare: There is some unknown third party entity advising the Avatara to take the direction being taken.
<The_Physician> Ah.
<The_Physician> Do you think that the third party then is the direct cause? Or is that an additional cause to the corruption?
<Boolean> Declare: That information is not available.
<Water_Elephant> Do you know the location of this unknown third party?
<The_Physician> I noticed you haven't asked a question to the CDB. Are you certain it will no longer hurt you?
<Boolean> Declare: No, Solan Adisa.
<Boolean> Declare: My connection has been cut off for all save specific queries. I am designed to have a static connection, but now I must query directly to establish connection.
<Andre> Again with the third party. And again there is no way to find out.
<Boolean> Declare: At present time I am safe, but everytime I access the CDB I will make myself vulnerable to whatever corrupts it.
<The_Physician> UNderstood.
<Boolean> Declare: If you like, I could query the CDB RE the entities that might be influencing the Avatara.
<The_Physician> Uuum. I think we should wait on that.
<Andre> Why?
<Boolean> Declare: The Solan Andre expressed displeasure in this information being unknown.
<The_Physician> Do we want to break our new friend?
<Andre> The longer we wait the more chance of corruprion.
<Boolean> Declare: The Solan Andre does not trust me, nor has any reason to have a vested interest in my health. Answers are more important. The line of inquiry is valid.
<Andre> Not true, Boolean.
<The_Physician> Is Andre's reasoning about the corruption correct Boolean?
<Boolean> Establish Connection [CDB] Duration == 1 Acquire
<Andre> I care for your health and do not wish you to harm yourself, but as we wait the corruption spreads adn worsens.
<Boolean> Declare: Yes.
<Boolean> Acquire: Entities that might be influencing Solan Cosmic Entity, Aspect Avatara, list form.
<Water_Elephant> If the current stress on reality is being caused by multiple sources, including 'the third party' influencing the avatara, then it is unlikely in the extreme that this is a chance convergence of otherwise unrelated forces. This is more likely a directed and coordinated attack.
<Boolean> Processing
<Water_Elephant> Identifying one of the forces creates the possibility of interrogation as to the identities of the other forces.
<The_Physician> Very good points.
<Boolean> Declare: It is a valid line of inquiry.
<Boolean> Declare: I may have to use it as a filtering critereon if the list returns OVERFLOW.
<The_Physician> As in there could be to many results?
<CosmicDatabase> Known Entities Include: Beyonder, Archangels, Seraphim, Demon Lords, High Lords of Faerie, The Living Tribunal, The One Above, The One Below, Elemental Lords, Order, Chaos, Love, Hate, The World Eater, SHIVA, The Seeker, The Phoenix, Dormmamu, Nightmare, Mephisto, The Crystal of Eternity; Query results truncated. Overflow.
<Boolean> Declare: Correct. I am only designed to process so much data at a given time. If the return is greater, it is truncated.
<Boolean> Success: Beyonder, Archangels, Seraphim, Demon Lords, High Lords of Faerie, The Living Tribunal, The One Above, The One Below, Elemental Lords, Order, Chaos, Love, Hate, The World Eater, SHIVA, The Seeker, The Phoenix, Dormmamu, Nightmare, Mephisto, The Crystal of Eternity; Query results truncated. Overflow.
<Boolean> Declare: Wait a minute, Shiva.
<Andre> We should have specified results and limited them to those that would destroy reality.
<Boolean> Query: A SRA?
<CosmicDatabase> Ending Terminal connection to subject Designate: Boolean
<CosmicDatabase> Have a nice day.
<Boolean> Declare: Looks like that is working properly.
<Boolean> Wait, what?
<CosmicDatabase> You have made a simple database very happy.

  • Boolean looks shocked.

<Boolean> Syntax Error
<Boolean> Syntax Error
<Boolean> Syntax Error

  • Boolean appears to "flicker", ala Samara.

<The_Physician> Uuuum, guys?

  • Boolean moves his hand up to his forehead.

<Andre> Niles, anchor him in place with your magic.
<Andre> Reassert that connection magic man!

  • The_Physician, uncertain on if this is even possible, gives it his best.

<The_Physician> I would rather not play with forces I do not understand. Boolean, are you OK?
<Boolean> Provide… logical…. input…. reinitialize…. string….
<The_Physician> Cancel query regarding entities that could be influencing the Avatara!
<Boolean> Connection… already… ceased…
<The_Physician> He wants some kind of logical input.
<The_Physician> ADISA! Get back in here!

  • The_Physician is raising his voice when he says that.

<The_Physician> Uuum. Logical input.
<The_Physician> Boolean, your mission is to stop the corruption in reality.
<Boolean> Higher… order…. required…
<The_Physician> Adisa, can you help me here?

  • Water_Elephant get up out of bed, rushes over to Boolean, and overlaps his head into the space where Boolean's head appears to be.

<Andre> Boolean, state your purpose.

  • Boolean flickering ceases.

<Boolean> Declare: Order re-established.
<Boolean> Scanning Components
<Boolean> Report: Three anomalies detected.
<Andre> Anomalies?
<Boolean> Report: Anomaly #1 - Link to SPE-Adisa

  • Water_Elephant stops invading Boolean's personal space.

<Boolean> Report: Anomaly #2 - Link to SPE-Niles
<Boolean> Report: Anomaly #3 - Link to SPE-Andre
<The_Physician> SPE?
<Water_Elephant> And what is SPE?
<Andre> Um..what is SPE?
<Boolean> Declare: Solan Physical Entity
<Water_Elephant> Okay, and why are me more anomalous now than we were before?
<Boolean> Declare: It would appear that your concentrated sentient effort actually took the place of some of my destabilized code.
<Boolean> Declare: You misunderstand. These are anomalies within me.
<The_Physician> So wait, are you saying we are sort of a part of you now?
<Andre> You are linked directly to us now rather than to us through the Cosmic Database?
<Boolean> Declare: No. No.

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