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<shadowmyre> Location (Adisa): Stark Industries, Lab
<shadowmyre> Location (Andre/Niles/Bianca): The Sanctum Sanctorum (outside)
<The_Paladin> Popping into existence within sight of Dr. Strange's front gate, he turns to Niles. "We have to go back!"
Adisa continues his analysis at stark labs.
The_Physician looks at Paladin, and very calmly but firmly states:
<The_Physician> No. We cannot.
<The_Physician> You have no idea who you are dealing with. I had to get you both out.
<Bianca>: "Exactly who was that and where are we now?"
<The_Paladin> "There are people in there! He just dropped a building on them! I am going with or without you, Niles, but I will not waste any more time."
<The_Paladin> "You can make this faster if you just send me back though. Quickly, people may be dying!"
<The_Paladin> A haze appears around him, thickening slightly, the electrical tension in the air becoming almost palpable
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: Other than being smaller and weirdly teched, Adisa's pretty sure that this is just a two-way communicator. Doesn't seem to be bugged, or if it is, it works in a way completely different from what Adisa's looking for.
<The_Physician> I was going to go back anyway, are you sure you ant to come with me?
<The_Physician> Either way, give me a minute to make sure Bianca is taken care of.
<The_Paladin> "Yes! She stays though," jerking a thumb at Bianca
The_Physician looks at Bianca
<Bianca>: "Well, you can't just leave me here… Hey!"
<The_Physician> Come with me.
<The_Paladin> "No time then, I'll see you there."
<Bianca>: "….I'm getting mixed signals."
The_Paladin translocates with a pop and a smell of ozone
<The_Physician> I hadn't planned on it, but it is not safe for me to take you. He might be able to track me.
Adisa "hmmms" to himself. Now that he's cracked (or at least dented) the alien technology, next comes trying to apply the principles in the same way, namely making a communicator of his own.
<shadowmyre> ->Niles: The air crackles, then implodes as Warlock walks out of the rift in space. "Might? Might? I taught you how to travel. Of /course/ I can track you, boyo."
The_Physician pushes Bianca behind him.
<The_Physician> What do you want old "friend"? It has been a long time.
<Warlock>: "Seems you're not entirely on the straight and narrow. That little cailín ain't yours, I wager? Her daddy's pissed."
<shadowmyre> ->Andre: The building is well and truly wrecked; whatever the magic guy did shot out the support struts and let the building collapse under its own weight. Its shorter than a one-story building now; highly improbably that anyone survived.
The_Physician cocks an eyebrow.
<The_Physician> And how, pray tell, would you know that?
The_Paladin starts looking around using every sense that he has available. Dropping to the ground outside of the building he begins to cautiously sift through the wreckage being careful to not cause even more collapse
<Warlock>: "Because he let me borrow this." From inside his cape, he produces a gnarled walking stick, black and blasted like a lightning-smote branch. It fairly pulsates with repressed power.
<shadowmyre> ->Andre: At this point, it would be pretty hard to cause more damage; there's nothing left to fall. Sirens can be heard in the distance, ambulance, fire and police. A crowd is gathering around the building, now that the dust has settled.
<The_Paladin> "Don't just stand there, people! get in here and help me! Mind the sharp bits and work in two person crews!"
<The_Paladin> Repressing his panic, he digs faster, almost hyperventilating. What if Tatiana or Tony had been home?
The_Physician 's eyes widen.
<shadowmyre> ->Andre: A few people pitch it, moving rubble slowly but surely… most people just shift back, taking pictures/video with their cel phones and generally staying out of the way.
<The_Physician> Is that…?
<The_Physician> No, it can't be.
Adisa take a couple more preliminary sketches, and faxes them to his home system so he can work on it later.
<Bianca>: "What? Its a stick…. oh, this is one of those 'magic' things, isn't it?"
Adisa then wraps things up and heads back home.
The_Physician glares sideways at Bianca, not taking his eyes of Warlock.
The_Paladin breaks off in his digging long enough to call Niles
The_Physician whispers (not that it will help keep Warlock from hearing)
<The_Physician> Does your father know we are friends?
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: The taxi is playing WPLT, "All the Plot That's Fit to Broadcast". It doesn't take long before the reports change from stylish music to 'wrecked building and YOU'.
<Bianca>: "You've been to his New York apartment, haven't you? I think he knows that you know who I am. I don't really know if he knows that…." She blinks. "….isn't transporting a minor across international borders a really big crime? Oh great, he probably thinks you kidnapped me!"
Adisa goes ohshitohshitoshit in a calm and collected way. "Driver, I've changed my mind. Please take me to that building that was just mentioned in the broadcast."
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: The driver gives you the New York Cabbie Eye, but when you seem undeterred, he changes directions and heads off towards Andre's former palatial estate.
<The_Physician> A distinct possibility, but I do not think we have to worry about the regular authorities.
<The_Physician> Warlock, what is it you want with me precisely? We ended our friendship long ago.
Adisa makes sure he gives him an exceptional tip. Three digits ought to do it.
<Warlock>: glances at his arm, with a very firm 'Can we get moving on this?' glance at Niles.
<Warlock>: "Don't want nothing with you, I'm just a-collectin the kid. Messing you up? Oh, that be a bonus, lad."
<The_Paladin> Resists the urge to break the phone, hanging up and dialing Adisa next
<Adisa> "Hello?"
<The_Paladin> "I need you here," heaves a rather large support beam off of a crushed door with one hand.
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: The cabbie feels that all is right with the world and gladly drive you headlong into insanity.
<Adisa> "I heard on the radio. I'm already on my way."
Adisa wonders how people without 7 digit salaries get around in this city.
<The_Paladin> 'Hurry! You can find anyone who is still alive I hope."
The_Paladin hangs up
<The_Physician> Collecting the kid?
The_Physician glances at Bianca.
<The_Physician> Do you know him?
<Bianca>: She shrugs. "He could work for Pa. I don't recognize him, though."
<Warlock>: "I'm a new addition to the crew. Now. Do we want to do this the easy way? Or the really fun way?" He locks eyes with Niles.
The_Physician avoids direct eye contact. Addressing Bianca:
<The_Physician> What do you think?
<Bianca>: "What do I think? I think that piccolo bastardo just crushed a building full of innocent people!"
Adisa finally arrives, pays the driver and surveys the damage.
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: The damage is impressive. A building meant to stand up to Rhino and Spider-Man duking it out, reduced to a pile of twisted steel and crumbled concrete.
<The_Paladin> "Look for life signs if you can. Do your water-dowsing witchery or something."
The_Physician addresses Warlock.
<Adisa> "My what?"
Adisa invents water-dowsing witchery or something because he's just that damned good.
<The_Paladin> "If anything survived this it won't be that way for long. We need to get in there asap!"
<The_Physician> The lady chooses not to go with you. I can return her to her point of origin, if that is an agreeable compromise.
<Warlock>: "Really, mia cara? Such a shame." <Bianca>: "Cead bliain sé suas do thóin!" <Warlock>: "My, but you have a mouth on you."
Adisa begins careful excavation of the trapped humans.
Adisa masks up somewhat belatedly.
<Bianca>: [muttered] "If you don't go hero on him, I'm going to punch him."
The_Paladin moves to help Adisa
<Andre/Adisa>: Excavation continues apace. Suggestion from GM: shift some stones into social so you don't vomit in your masks. It ain't pretty.
<shadowmyre> ->Adisa: You're not finding anyone living here. Maybe, if this place had a basement, someone might have survived down there; anyone in the above-ground floors is salsa.
<Adisa> "All right, bring me up to speed."
<The_Paladin> "Everything this morning went according to plan. Ni-Physician brought our overseas friend here to help try to break the language barrier and then the building started shaking. He 'ported us here and there was a man here, a sorcerer, and as Niles 'ported us away he brought the building down..oh God, I knew these people…"
<Warlock>: cracks the staff on the ground, sending waves of darkness racing along the gnarled wood.
Adisa points. "That the guy?"
<shadowmyre> ((-that; warlock and Niles are at Strange's place.))
The_Physician 's eyes glow black, deeper than the deepest night.
The_Physician The windw around Bianca and him only reacts to the shift in energy.
<The_Physician> The wind spins around the two of them, slow starting to look glass-like.
The_Physician The wind spins around the two of them, slow starting to look glass-like.
<The_Physician> edit: remove duplicate message.
The_Physician Eventually, the wind stops as an invisible barrier coalesces around Bianca and Niles.
<Adisa> "Then he's most likely at Strange's place as well. We need to get there."
<Warlock>: The waves of darkness solidify into a circular shield of force, set between him and Niles. He smiles.
<The_Paladin> Wrath is easier than emotional trauma, and something inside of him snaps. He reaches out a hand and touches Adisa's shoulder making the necessary jumps to get to Strange's manor."
<The_Physician> Interesting tactic. What now?
The_Physician grins.
<Warlock>: "Now? Now, we match power. And see who wins." The staff cracks against the ground releasing a stream of black energy through the ground towards Niles.
<shadowmyre> The energy splashes against the shield, which visibly groans… but nothing slips through.
<shadowmyre> Andre and Adisa appear off to the side, by Strange's manor.
Adisa constructs a force shield out of ambient water vapor.
<The_Paladin> questions before I post?
<The_Paladin> (- that)
The_Paladin the light coalesces into a jade staff about the same length as Warlock's weapon. He steps into the Beyond to carry him through the sorcerer's shield and torques his hip, sending the end of the cane arching toward the fiend's head. All eh while he watches for counter maneuvers from the villian.
<Warlock>: The shield of darkforce smoothly moves to block the hit from the jade staff, though cracks ripple through the wall. "Cairde? Such a cad, Niles. Tsk. I might lose my temper."
<shadowmyre> ((Insert Adisa's previous action here))
<Warlock>: Raises the staff, bathing the area in darkness.
The_Physician holds out his walking stick, and the jewel at the top glows as Niles is bathed in a soft light inside of his barrier.
The_Paladin grit his teeth, the warlock's voice igniting a deep ander within and steps into teh shield, swinging upward and toward the sorcerer again trying to break his fell magic.
<shadowmyre> ((-ander +anger))
Adisa creates a web out of strands of water in the area where the warlock was. When one of those strands breaks, the pieces wrap around the one who broke it, constricting him.
<shadowmyre> The Paladin's swing smashes through the shield like it wasn't even there. There doesn't feel like any other resistance though, until Adisa's water web wraps around Paladin (to no avail). The darkness lifts as Niles completes his spell.
<shadowmyre> The Warlock stands just in front of Nile's shield…. his eyes locked with Bianca's, his form transparent.
<The_Physician> Give up. You are outnumbered, and my green friend is rather angry with you at the moment.
Adisa shifts the web around, searching for Warlock.
<Warlock>: "Heavens forfend! I have seen the error of my ways! Oh, if only you would allow me to go, so that I may retreat into solace and contemplate my villainy!"
The_Paladin the cane elongates to become more serpentine and as quickly as though, he lashes out with a jade whip to see if he can even touch Warlock in his semi-transparent shape. The tip whistles toward the area where Warlock stands, set to miss the Physicians shields if the weapon goes through.
The_Physician grins at Warlock.
<The_Physician> Fine then, play that game.
The_Physician 's eyes glow crimson.
The_Physician reaches out his walking stick, the jewel turns red as a large fireball erupts out of it, traveling at the Warlock.
<Warlock> stands idle as the jade whip, water web and Nile's blast cut through his intangible form. "Tell me, boyo, does that ever work? Besides, Bianca doesn't want me hurt, do you, mo chailín daor? Bianca, kill Niles." Bianca turns a pair of glassy eyes towards Niles. And it should be pointed out, she is safely behind his barrier.
<shadowmyre> * LOG END *

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