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<shadowmyre> Location (all): Outside the Sanctum Sanctorum
<shadowmyre> Recap: When we last left off, the villain (Warlock) has supposedly ensorcelled Bianca into attacking Niles. Let's see what happens…
The_Physician turns slightly, aiming his cane at Bianca, and is waiting to see if she really does attack him.
Ren_Po_Ken forms the ambient moisture into a stream that strikes Warlock with the force of a tsunami.
The_Paladin steps toward Warlock and almost leisurely throws a perfect jab through his head. At the moment just before contact there is a small "pop" and a whiff of ozone as he reaches into the dimension that lies inbetween here and everywhere else. He watches the Warlock carefully for any reaction as his jade whip morphs into a large shield on his other arm.
Adisa forms the ambient moisture into a stream that strikes Warlock with the force of a tsunami.
<shadowmyre> The Paladin's fist disappears into parts unknown (don't worry, it'll be back when you want it). Adisa's tsunami flows through the transparent form of Warlock. Bianca blinks at Niles, studying him curiously, as if she'd never seen him before. The glassy-eye look fades. Warlock…. just stands there.
The_Physician says "Bianca, are you all right?"
<The_Paladin> I will find you, no matter how far you run, and I will bring you to justice for the murder of the innocents.
<shadowmyre> Warlock's voice seems distant, with an echo-y quality to it. "Feh. You still think there are innocents out there? If they were innocent, then I sent them to heaven. How could that be wrong?"
<shadowmyre> Adisa's full frontal assault passes through the transparent form of the Warlock.
<The_Paladin> "You murdered them. That's how."
<Bianca>: "Chi sei tu? Dove sono? Perché mi hai preso?"
Warlock sniffs. "I sent them to their god. Let him judge me. Or her. Cause I'm equal opportunity like that."
<The_Physician> I do not speak Italian, Bianca. Ingles, please?
<The_Paladin> "She is confused, Niles. Tu sei tra amici, piccola"
<Bianca>: "Come fai a sapere il mio nome?" Her eyes widen with sudden fright. "You kidnapped me!"
<The_Physician> No! We are friends! I have known you for some time.
<Bianca>: "Don't come any closer! Stop!" It should be pointed out, no one is moving towards her.
Adisa decides not to bring up the fact that bringing a minor across international borders without their parent's consent /is/ kidnapping.
<Adisa> "Niles. Keep Bianca from hurting herself. He's making her see things."
<Bianca>: "I don't know you!" There is a pause; the so-called quiet before the storm. Then she inhales deeply, and releases a scream that would make Banshee proud. "HELP!"
<The_Paladin> "Niles, get her out of here and back home! Will distance break this thing?"
<The_Physician> Did you think I have not thought of that? Warlock can FOLLOW ME. How do you think he ended up here?
<Adisa> "Then maybe we can keep him occupied."
<Warlock>: "Aye, that I can!" He rolls his eyes. "Almost like I taught ya that spell…"
The_Paladin pulls his phone and frantically searches his recent calls
<Adisa> "Wait… Niles, you know this psycho?"
<The_Paladin> "he taught you that spell?
<The_Paladin> "Then this is between you and Niles, leave the girl alone, sorcerer!"
<Warlock>: "Tsk. I am not psychotic, I'm sociopathic. An important difference."
<Adisa> "Yes, but calling you a Socio doesn't sound nearly insulting enough."
The_Paladin calls the cavalry
<Warlock>: He considers that for a moment. "Aye, and you're right at that. Carry on, then."
The_Physician Glances back at Warlock.
<The_Physician> No, not again.
<Warlock>: [muttered] "Céilí Mór, tá sé seo i ndáiríre cailín binneas agus solais. Cille dó cheana féin."
<The_Physician> I have had it with you. I was fine, I had not been in contact with you for years, and now you come and start this all over again. This ends. NOW.
The_Physician eyes start to glow purple.
<The_Paladin> "look out Niles!"
<The_Physician> The wind kicks up in Niles spot, making his coattails fly and his hat fly off.
The_Physician raises his cane, pointing the jewel at Warlock.
The_Physician A magical hand manifests, and reaches toward Warlock.
<Warlock>: Eying the hand. "But Niles, I just don't like you that way! No touching."
<Bianca>: Gasps in shock. Her eyes narrow, her face becoming positively cruel. "Non mi tocchi. Non mi ha mai toccare." She spins, the heel of her foot rising up to crack across Nile's skull.
<The_Paladin> The second warning dies on his lips. Why hadn't Niles listened to the first one?
The_Physician crumples into a pile on the ground.
<shadowmyre> Warlock smiles. "That'll do, pig." He steps towards Bianca, and bounces off Nile's shield. "Oh for the love of… When did you learn about ontological inertia?"
Warlock glances around, his eyes falling on Paladin. "Well. If you can't crack the nut… get a bigger nutcracker." His gaze narrows, his eyes locking onto Paladin's….
The_Paladin leaps into action first.
<The_Paladin> No you don't you psychotic sack of mind-raping shit.
The_Paladin focusing his leap into an action to carry him through Nile's shield, he unceremoniously grabs Bianca and drops to a knee beside Niles with his hand on hi sback
<The_Paladin> "Adisa, run!"
The_Paladin he teleports them all away
Adisa looks at Warlock.
<Adisa> "So, what happens now?"
The shield lets out a colossal groan as it shatters into chunks, pieces of magic wall dropping like egg shells. Niles is hung over the Paladin's shoulder, but Bianca /just/ manages to twist away from Paladin's grip, and offers him a resounding kick in the shin… not that he notices as he teleports away.
Warlock nods. "Now I take the kid, and bid you a merry day. Ta." He walks over to Bianca.
The_Paladin appears in Central Park, stumbling slightly from his missed grab at Bianca.
<The_Paladin> "Damn she's fast!
Andre/Niles: Central park is weird at this time of day. It looks like someone made a replica of central park out of modeling clay, but never really bothered finishing the job. Things are the right color, but just half-finished.
<The_Paladin> "What the…?"He tries to translocate away again back to Adisa to not leave him in a lurch. The strangeness of the park prompts him to take Niles with him too.
Adisa rockets past Warlock and grabs Bianca heading North.
Bianca twists in Adisa's grasp, struggling like a cat dunked in water, but you got her.
Warlock leans over to catch Bianca's arm…. and rolls his eyes as Adisa sweeps away with her. "Oh, don't make me chase you. I'm already grumpy."

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