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Location (Adisa): On a waterspout two miles north of the Sanctum Sanctorum
Location (Niles): Over Andre's shoulder
Location (Andre): Back at the outside of the Sanctum Sanctorum, briefly
<Adisa> "Bianca, please stop trying to bite me. It isn't going to work."
The_Paladin teleports again, pushing to put at least a little distance between Warlock and himself. The basement of the MET will do nicely for now.
<Bianca> struggles like a wildcat in Adisa's grip, then goes limp. Her voice is weak, quavery. "….perché io sono su una tromba?" She pauses, shaking the fuzziness from her head. "I think I missed something."
<Adisa> "While it's totally plausible that I got you outside his influence, I am not nearly stupid enough to trust you without some kind of independent verification that you head is yours again. Sorry."
<Bianca>: "Oh, la mia testa…… Feels like ants with cleats ran over my brain. Big ants. Big cleats. Who did what now?"
The_Paladin tucks Niles onto the cot that the interns who work late and get paid too little use in the store room where the un catalouged artifacts are kept.
<Adisa> "Um well, you knocked out Niles. The British dude. The one with two black eyes. Well now with two black eyes."
<Bianca> "….while what you're saying seems plausible, since he makes me look strong, I can't think why I'd do that."
Adisa looks at Bianca and smiles. "If you knock me out, I'm going to tell him you said that."
<Bianca> looks down. "I think I'd have other problems. Given how the wind sounds, we have to be moving over 200 kilometers per hour. I think I'd have a rather sudden stop."
The_Paladin dampens a cloth in the work sink and puts it over Nile's forehead, turning his noggin slightly to see where Bianca struck him.
<Adisa> "Oh I'm sure you'd be fine. You knocked out the mighty Physician, after all."
The_Physician stirs.
->Andre: The spot looks tender, but it the land of comic books, there are no such things as concussions for the major characters. He'll be fine.
The_Physician jumps awake.
<The_Physician> What happened?!?!
<The_Paladin> "Easy, Niles. We're as relatively safe as we can be for the moment."
<The_Physician> Where am I?
<The_Physician> How did we get here?
<The_Paladin> "Do you wnat the version that will spare your dignity or the one that most closely resembles the truth?"
<The_Paladin> "We're in the basement of the MET. I interned here a while back."
<The_Physician> I already figured Bianca knocked me out. I was banking on Bianca resisting his command for a little longer. She is a sorcerers daughter after all.
The_Physician touches the spot where she kicked him.
<The_Physician> This is why the British are horrible gamblers.
<The_Physician> At least, where I hail from.
<The_Paladin> "Maybe so, but betting on things like that are not always wise. Just like betting that your past will not catch up to you isn't wise either. How do you know that monster?"
<The_Paladin> "And is he coming fo rus?"
The_Physician frowns, recalling events long pushed aside.
<The_Physician> If he got Ms Bianca, no.
<The_Physician> Either way though, he will come after me.
<The_Paladin> "Adisa was last seen speeding away with her in tow, so he didn't have her at that point."
<Bianca>: "Where are we going then?"
<The_Paladin> "why?"
<The_Physician> Eventually, or tomorrow, I dont know.
<The_Physician> At one point in time, i was his student.
<The_Physician> His best student.
<The_Physician> We…had a falling out.
<The_Physician> To say the least.
<The_Paladin> He sits back, offering the towel to Niles. " I say that a man's past is his business. How will it effect the present? He know syou, was sent for Bianca, and is, apparently, a practitioner of the fell side of the dark arts. If the Artist sent him then it lends credence to the theory that he is the one orchestrating this whole thing."
<Adisa> "Um… thisaway? I picked a random direction since having no plan means you can't be anticipated."
<The_Physician> I had long suspected the artist. The traps at his place, and his general style smelled similar to my former master.
<The_Physician> I kept it mostly to myself as I wasnt sure and did not want to accuse unjustly.
The_Physician tries to stand up.
<Bianca>: "Which is all well and good, but I have to get back to school before bed check at least, which after figuring in time zones only gives a few hours."
<The_Paladin> "Ah." He reaches out a hand to steady Niles.
<Adisa> "That /is/ a problem. Especially since I've never tried a trans-Atlantic flight, and I'm about to do it with a passenger. I'm not seeing Warlock anywhere, so I'm going to try calling Paladin and see where he want to meet up. How /secure/ is your school?"
<Bianca>: "It is a boarding school for high profile teens that have already been kidnapped multiple times. Funded by some of the finest mystics and scientists in the world. Its as secure as you can buy." She smiles innocently. "Unless you're the daughter of the mystic who designed the ward scheme and a world-class…. erm. Um. Good with computers."
<Adisa> "The term you're looking for is 'cracker'. You can say it. I won't be offended."
<Bianca>: "I simply do not know what you are talking about. Of course. Because I would never. That Would Be Wrong."
Adisa pulls out his phone and gives Andre a ring.
<The_Physician> Where are we precisely?
<The_Paladin> "in the basement of the MET."
<Adisa> "And the nice thing is that since there's now way they're underground, I can totally reach them."
<The_Paladin> The faint sound of an angry bee trapped against jade comes from inside of one armored forearm. Andre reaches up, the jade melting back from his hand and the phone. "Hello?"
<Adisa> "This is Adisa. Where do you want to meet up?"
The_Physician looks around, still trying to get his bearings.
<The_Paladin> "Adisa, how good to hear your voice, I take it that since you don't sound like you are carrying an angry cat that Bianca has snapped out of it? We can meet anyplace you like, but let's keep the number of people to a minimum since I am pretty sure that Warlock will be onhis way shortly."
<Adisa> "Bianca is calm. Whether or not that is a ploy by Niles old chum remains to be seen. I'll need him to verify. Also it's getting past her bedtime and she really should be in school for that. How about the top of the Stark building? There's a small helipad that's almost never used and tends to be very quiet."
<The_Paladin> I'll meet you there in about five minutes. Less if Niles's brains aren't too addled."
<The_Physician> I will be fine.
<The_Paladin> "Top of the Stark building, think you can manage that? How does he track you?"
<Adisa> "All right. See you then." I then hang up and make a gentle right and head to the Stark building."
<Bianca>: "Why wouldn't I be calm? Drenched, certainly, but calm."
<Adisa> "Well, you certainly weren't calm five minutes ago. You were also speaking in what was probably gutter Italian."
<Bianca> looks appalled. "I would never! Certainly not in Italian. That's what Eng…. other languages are for."
<Adisa> "Yes. English is definitely the best language for swearing in. Those poor Italians have no idea what they're missing out on."
<Bianca> giggles. "Yes! Not that I would know that, of course. But yes."
<The_Physician> I would rather not use teleportation now.
<The_Physician> He can track me because he knows me. He taught me and knows what to look for.
<The_Paladin> "Then hold on. We'll have to go my way, unless you mean no teleportation at all?"
<The_Physician> I can still fly, but would rather not teleport.
<The_Physician> Flying would require him to be more precise or put a lot more power into it.
<The_Paladin> "Um. Not that I am doubting your strength or anything, but how would you carry me and fly with those puny sticks that you call arms?"
<The_Paladin> "Shrinking me to pocket sized is not an option."
<Adisa> "Okay. Stark Tower, dead ahead." I land gently, but keep a grip on Bianca.
<The_Physician> No, I would rather not do that, you would be too vulnerable if he did manage to track us down.
<The_Physician> No, I cannot carry you. How many hops would it take going your way?
<The_Paladin> "Change "rather not" to just "not" and we're good."
<The_Paladin> "About three. Maybe four if I need to get some elevation."
<Adisa> "And of course, we beat two teleporters. Because we're awesome."
<The_Physician> Lets do that then.
<Bianca>: "Of course!" She glances down at his hand on her wrist. "I'm not going to jump or anything."
The_Paladin takes Nile's shoulder in a firm grip and begins making the hops to the Stark building
<Adisa> "I may be somewhat more sturdy than Niles, but I can still be taken out by surprise. You're on probation until Niles verifies he's out of your head."
<Bianca>: "Niles was in my head?! Why would he be in my head?!"
<Adisa> "No. Warlock was. Or at least that's what Niles called him. I doubt that's the name on his driver's license. It's probably Eugen."
<Bianca>: "Wait, who? What are you talking about?"
Adisa arches an eyebrow at that. "The intangible guy we were, and I use the work in the loosest possible sense, fighting? Presumably an Astral Projection? Understands the difference between sociopathy and psychopathy? This isn't ringing any bells, is it?"
<Bianca>: "Only on the crazy meter. Last thing I recall is Niles picking me up on the roof of school, we talked, and then… I was drenched."
<Adisa> "You're welcome."
<Bianca> sticks her tongue out at Adisa. "Bleh. Its cold up here."
<Adisa> "Well, I can at least help you with that a bit."
Adisa pulls the water off of her and out of her clothes and hair. "Better?"
<Bianca>: "That was awesome."
<Adisa> "Thank you."
<Bianca>: "Was that the suit?" There's a gleam in her eye, a 'I want to tear that apart and figure out how to break physics' gleam.
<Adisa> "Sorta. It seems to act as a training aid to teach you how to do it naturally. That was me, but the suit totally did the flying."
<Bianca> is examining the suit very intently, or at least the part she can see easily, which would be the glove holding onto her wrist.
<The_Paladin> Pops into existence with Niles"..see, I told you we should have taken a left at the gargoyle on St. Patrick's.."
<The_Paladin> "How long do we have until he shows up, Niles?"
<The_Physician> Hopefully he is looking for me, not you.
<The_Physician> If he is though it is kind of hard to say.
<The_Physician> Ms. Bianca, may I scan you to make sure you are not being influenced by the warlock any longer?
The_Paladin stands watch
<Adisa> "Good idea. Being pummeled into unconsciousness by teenage girls twice in one day is very bad for your health."
<Bianca>: "Y'know, I'm still skeptical about that happening."
<Adisa> "If only I could have put it on youtube. You'd be a celebrity. Then your father would kill us, but that's totally worth it for internet fame."
<Bianca>: "Sure. Just so long as I can get back to school in another hour or two."
<The_Physician> I have an idea on that as well.
The_Physician begins looking for external magical influence.
<The_Physician> You seem to be ok.
<The_Physician> Now, My plan to get you home
<The_Physician> Howclose can I get to the school via teleportation?
<Bianca>: "Yay! Just drop me off on the roof. I have to reset the lock ward to something other than my keystone anyways."
Adisa releases Bianca's wrist now that Niles has verified.
<Bianca> glances upward, thinking. "Now, if I were hanging out with my friends, this would be the part where I pretend to be a zombie. But… I think that's a bad idea here."
<Adisa> "Oh yeah. You'd get soaked."
<The_Physician> OK, here is my plan. I teleport there with you, let go of you and immediately teleport back. no pleasentries or anything I would just let go of your wrist and leave. When I do I want you to RUN, not walk, into the building, got it?
<Bianca>: "…..okay, seriously, what did I miss? You guys are so…. jumpy."
<Adisa> "Well, the fact that you were nearly kidnapped from our kidnapping of you is a factor in our caution."
<The_Physician> An evil sorcerer knocked down Paladin's apartment building and chased us to outside the sanctum sanctorum.
<The_Physician> He said your dad sent him because I kidnapped you.
<The_Physician> We fought him, and he put a spell on you trying to incapacitate me.
<The_Physician> Which worked.
<Bianca> laughs. "Not bad, but you left out mutants and aliens."
<The_Paladin> "Knocked down is an understatement. He killed at least five people, maybe more."
<Bianca>: "So really, what happened?"
The_Physician looks seriously at Bianca.
<The_Physician> Have I ever cracked wise with you before?
The_Physician turns his head, showing the rather large bruise on his head.
<Bianca>: "No, but you're English….." she blinks. "Umm. I think I recognize my tread on your skull."
<The_Paladin> "You have a good hook kick, kid."
<The_Physician> I swear to you, I am not lying to you.
<Bianca> gasps. "Mio dio! Are you… Does it…. I am so sorry!"
<The_Physician> Warlock is no one to be trifled with.
<Bianca>: "I'm not trifling! I don't even know who he is!"
<The_Physician> I am fine. I appreciate the concern, but I need to get you home. When you get there, contact your father and let him know you are back and OK, deal?
<Bianca> nods, morose.
<The_Physician> OK.
The_Physician looks to Paladin.
<The_Paladin> "Oh.
<The_Physician> When i get back, I need you to get s out of here, fast.
<The_Paladin> "Ten bucks says that Warlockis one of her teachers at that fancy school."
<Adisa> "Sucker bet."
<The_Physician> Multiple jumps, we need to put distance between my arrival point and us as fast as possible, savvy?
<The_Paladin> "ah..no…I can't go with you right now, Niles."
<The_Paladin> "In fact, if I had known about the whole bringing her across international waters thing I wouldn't havelet you bring her here in the first place."
<Bianca>: "Seriously? What do they teach in American schools?"
<The_Paladin> "We should just take her home, the one here in NYC, and explain what happened."
<Bianca>: "….Pa's going to kill me." [beat] "Okay, you guys are pretty jumpy. Let me rephrase: he's going to scream at me."
<The_Physician> I do not need you to go with me. I will drop her off, and then you make with the teleporting and we make tracks before Warlock shows up.
<The_Paladin> "Besides, if I am right, Warlock will be there waiting anyway, since he is probably one of her professors."
<The_Physician> That is reaching.
<The_Physician> Bianca didnt recognize him when he first appeared, so why would you think that?
<The_Physician> Of course, he could disguise himself,.
<The_Paladin> He shrugs." I still think that we should apologize to her father. And why? She doens't remember him or anything form the apartment on. Why not? because he knows her and is undercover watching her for her father."
<The_Physician> But I do not know why a man like him would want to do that.
<The_Paladin> "We already know that he knows several languages, Italian included."
<Bianca>: "We don't really have any mystics as teachers, its a tech school. Science and all that."
<The_Physician> See?
<The_Paladin> "Think about it, Niles. Not accusing, but watching pieces fall into place."
<The_Physician> Lets just get her home. We can send the Artist a fruit basket or something.
<The_Paladin> "How doe sone recognize a mystic?"
<Bianca>: "Well, its really kind of a…. multi-disciplinary environment with self-directed learning…. But, not Hogwarts or anything."
<Bianca>: "The wards light up like a Christmas tree and the siren blares. That's how we generally know."
The_Paladin waves it away
The_Physician is visibly impatient.
<The_Paladin> "As you wish, you would all know better than I would anyway. Let's just do this."
<The_Physician> Can we please get on with this? If we do it your way Bianca might miss school.
<The_Physician> OK, great.
<The_Physician> Wait right here.
The_Physician grabs Bianca and transports to the school roof, per her instructions.
<Bianca>: "You know, that never gets old."
<The_Paladin> "Ah yes, might miss school," he mutters to himself, "just like she would if she was taken away by an evil sorcerer.
The_Physician lets go, glances about to ensure no one is there and prepares to transport back.
The_Physician tips his hat to Bianca and teleports back to the roof of where he left.
<Bianca> taps the only door on the roof, opening it with a brief flash of light and a flare of magic. "You know, I'd say bye and all, but I'm going to turn around, and you're not going to be there." She glances over her shoulder. "Yup." Heads inside, resetting the wards behind her.

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