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Location (Niles): Cat Lord's Manor
Location (Others): Outside morgue, Hospital
<Niles> Alright, this pen. May I see it?
* Andre stands at a safe distance from the morgue watching and listening to the dead for any clues about unusual happenings or disturbances in the last two weeks.
* Adisa stands guard over Andre.
<Cheshire> Of course, I have it right here.
* Niles takes the pen when handed to him.
* <Cheshire> reaches into his desk, pulling out a black and sapphire feathered quill
<Niles> Hmmmm. I have an idea. If I were to get her to truly remember who she is, what would her reaction be?
<Cheshire> I'm not certain, of course.
<Niles> I was thinking of going in alone. Since she views you in a poor light in her fantasy, it is possible she would retreat further into it with your presence there.
<Cheshire> I have no intentions of going. There are too many details that need attending to here.
<Cheshire> After all, someone needs to watch over her interests while she is absent.
<Niles> Understood.
<Niles> Well, let fortune favor the foolish. May I take this with me?
* Niles indicates the pen.
* Adisa whistles a low soulful ballad.
* Andre glances at Adisa
<shadowmyre> Andre: You spend about 45 minutes there, listening to the conversations of the dead. They are quiet, most not seeming to notice even that there are other ghosts around. Few talk about their deaths with any degree of detail.
<Andre> As if this isn't creepy enough you have to add a soundtrack?
<Adisa> Just trying to drum up some ghosts. Ghosts dig my whistler.
<Cheshire> Of course, with luck.
<Andre> I think that this is a de…not going anywhere. Let's head back and see what Niles has.
<Andre> Unless you have other places to go to?
<Adisa> No. I'm good.
<shadowmyre> Andre: However, a few speak of general unrest, a pensive underlying current within their speech that speaks towards an event in four days.
<Niles> Will someone show me out?
<Andre> Wait a minute….*tilting his head to teh side*
<Andre> Four days. Something is happening on four days.
* Andre listens more attentively.
<Cheshire> Of course. Madigan!
<shadowmyre> Niles: The top-hatted butler appears, nodding towards Niles. "If you would follow me?"
<Niles> Of course.
* Niles puts on his top hat.
<shadowmyre> Andre: They don't say much, and you hear a wealth of conflicting information. There is talk of another war in heaven, of apocalypse, Armageddon, the rising of the dead, and various natural disasters. Nothing specific as to the whens or hows, though.
* Andre sighs
<Andre> It is all muddled. The general consensus is that something big is happening in four days.
* The_Physician follows Madigan
<shadowmyre> Niles: The butler walks you to the exit, offering a small bow. "You can always rely on a man with an excellent choice in hats. Safe travels, wizard, and luck."
* The_Physician nods.
<The_Physician> Thank you kind sir. I wish you all well.
* The_Physician bows in return.
* The_Physician exits.
<Andre> So where to, Adisa?
* The_Physician heads back to his place to acquire an inkwell
<Adisa> Well, did you get what you were looking for?
<Andre> Without really knowing what it is that I am looking for, I'm not sure. We have more information than when we started though, so I suppose so.
<Adisa> Oh? We got something?
<Andre> Something big is happening in four days.
<Andre> No idea what though.
<Adisa> That's… not news. Something is also happening in three days. Two even. Possibly something will happen tomorrow.
* Andre shrugs
<Andre> Something not normal I would guess.
<Adisa> Something good, or something not so good?
<Andre> Something not so good. A sense of uneasiness but conflicting on whether it's an apocalypse , a natural disaster, etc.
* The_Physician finds an inkwell with a cap at his place, pockets it, and prepares a disguise for himself before heading to the restaurant.
<Adisa> Well, when elementals are involved, the line kinda blurs between apocalypse and Natural Disaster. Of course, Apocalypse could be considered a natural disaster.
<Andre> I wonder where everyone is.
<Andre> Where are all of the superheroes and the villans? I mean, we have a bead on some of them, but what are they doing to stay so quiet?
* The_Physician finds some old jeans and a plain T-Shirt he was going to donate to the open door mission and puts them on.
<Adisa> I have no idea.
<Andre> It's all just very curious.
<Andre> Let's head out.
<Adisa> All right
* Adisa heads back to the appartment.
* Andre goes with Adisa.
* The_Physician disguises his face with a minor magic spell. He gives himself a short scruffy beard and changes his eye color to blue and hair color to blonde.
<Andre> Are you in a hurry or can we take our time?
<Adisa> No hurry. We've got no place to be.
* The_Physician works out the logistics of another minor trick for the restaurant, and heads off in the direction of the eatery.
<Andre> Let's take a cab then. I can look around to see if anything is out of place.
<Adisa> All right.
* Adisa hails a cab.
* Andre pulls up a set of "sunglasses": from the armor to view the city through the suit's enhanced senses on the way back to Adisa's apartment.
<shadowmyre> Adisa/Andre: The cab pulls up, you get in, and are driven to your destination.
<shadowmyre> Adisa/Andre: On the way, Andre surveys the area. There is no elemental activity that you can see, but there are strange shapes wandering around the city.
* Andre focuses on the strange shapes trying to make them out.
<Andre> I know it is contrary to all cabie instincts, but can you get him to slow down a bit, Adisa?
<Adisa> Hey neighbor, could you slow down a bit?
* The_Physician enters the restaurant when he arrives
<shadowmyre> Andre: The shapes are unknown to you, you've truly never seem them before. They are simply large, dark accumulations of energy as far as your senses can tell.
* Andre watches in silence taking notes for later sketching.
<shadowmyre> Niles: The hostess greets you and you are seated quickly. The restaurant isn't very busy at this time of the day, only one other person enjoying a meal. He glances at you briefly before returning to his porterhouse.
* Adisa looks at Andre's sketch, looks out the window, and sees zero correlation.
<Andre> I'll explain it later, Adisa
<Adisa> I didn't say anything.
<Andre> You don't have to.
<Andre> I know that silence.
* The_Physician prepares his trick.
* <Mary Ann> walks over to take your order. "Hi, what can I get you today?" She doesn't seem to recognize you.
* The_Physician releases his trick.
* <Mary Ann> watches you, one brow arched. "Are you going to order?"
<The_Physician> Uh yeah. I'd like uh….
<shadowmyre> Andre/Adisa: The cab ride ends.
<The_Physician> Prime Rib. Medium Well. With a side a mashed taters and green beans. With a coke, no ice.
<The_Physician> Piece o' apple pie.
<The_Physician> Whipped cream on that.
* Andre heads up to Adisa's apartment.
* Adisa follows
<The_Physician> Small dish of ice cream.
<Andre> So what the blobs are is the approximate shape of some form of dark energy at the locations drawn here.
<The_Physician> What flavors ya got?
* <Mary Ann> dutifully writes it all down…pauses, shakes her pen, keeps writing. Frowns, shakes her pen again, writing… Gets another pen.
<The_Physician> I got somethin you can use.
<The_Physician> kinda old, but it gets the job done.
* The_Physician brings out the ink well, un-caps it, and tries to hand her the quill.
* <Mary Ann> glances at the person offering the pen, then at the pen, then, with a "when in rome…" look in her eyes, shrugs and takes the pen.
<Andre> Or rather strangely colored energy. Do you see a correlation with that super computer that you call a brain?
<Mary Ann> scribbles out the order. "That was the prime rib, medium well, with a side of mashed potatoes and green beans…"
<shadowmyre> Niles: A plate with a slab of prime rib, potatoes an greens beans appears on the table before you.
<Mary Ann> doesn't seem to notice as she keeps writing. "…a piece of apple pit with whipped cream. For ice cream, we have…"
* Adisa tries to make some correlation with that supercomputer he calls a brain.
<The_Physician> Uh. I'll just take Chocolate. Made up my mind.
<shadowmyre> Niles: Dutifully, as she scribbles it down, it appears: apple pie, whipped cream and a small dish of chocolate. She doesn't notice until she glances up at you, and sees the table laden with food. "What the…."
<The_Physician> That ole pen look familiar to ya ma'am?
<Mary Ann> frowns at the pen, then seriously looks at it, turning it over. You see a faint shine in her eyes. "Yes. Yes it is."
<shadowmyre> Niles: The room is suffuse with a blinding light.
* The_Physician closes his eyes.
<Adisa> I got nothing.
<shadowmyre> Niles: You soon realize that you are, indeed, still alive and not writhing in pain.
<Andre> I guess we'll have to see what Niles makes of it. Maybe it's magically relative.
* The_Physician slowly opens his eyes to see if the light has abated after a minute or so.
<Adisa> Could be
<shadowmyre> Niles: It has indeed, but the room is much changed. The food is gone, and the woman before you looks quite a bit different than she did before: hair longer, eyes larger and a color that simply does not exist on humans. The other workers are frozen, not even breathing.
* The_Physician drops the disguise.
<The_Physician> Hello madam. I am sorry for the ruse, but I was informed it was important to get you out of your fantasy.
<The_Physician> I hope there are no hard feelings.
<High Queen> Only one would be so bold, and yet work through an agent. Tell me, where is my cat?
<The_Physician> I believe he referred to it as "his manor", if that helps you at all.
<shadowmyre> Niles: You see a flash as something arcs over your shoulder, slashing into the woman's stomach. She gasps, grasping her middle. A ruby studded hilt sticks out as she drops to her knees.
* The_Physician jumps up, brandishing his walking stick in a defensive manor, readying a magical defense while looking to see who the attacker was.
<shadowmyre> Niles: The other patron stands, drawing another blade from inside his coat. "Fecking faeries."
<The_Physician> Who are you? What is the meaning of this?
* The_Physician looks out of the corner of his eyes at the high queen, trying to discover how bad off she is.
<The_Physician> *discern, not discover
* <New Guy> cracks his neck, looks at you. "You don't need to know who I am, you won't be around long enough to care." He jumps at you, blade swinging.
<Andre> So what do you propose next, Adisa?
<Andre> Wait for Niles to call or some other avenue of information gathering?
* The_Physician grabs the fairy queen and teleports to the manor.
<shadowmyre> Niles: The Queen is slowly losing blood from the blade in her gullet.
<Adisa> I say we wait for Niles. He's not doing anything important right now. Shouldn't take too long.
<shadowmyre> Niles: Your spell fizzles.
<Andre> Yeah, he would have called if he found anything important.
<Adisa> True. He's probably done at the manor, and eating at that restaurant he likes.
<New Guy> …and slashes uselessly against the brief blast of force from Nile's staff.
<shadowmyre> ((New panel, refresh stones.))
<Andre> Speaking of which, do you have anything here to eat? I could do with some food and sleep.
<Adisa> Yeah sure. I got a half an apple pie. Finish it off if you like.
* Adisa fetches nosh for Andre.
<Andre> Adisa, Apple pie is not a meal. Anything with protien and vegetables?
<Andre> Honestly, how do you survive on this stuff?
<Da Mook> slashes again! Niles is going to take… 3 stones of damage! -1 from his coat.
<Adisa> Okay fine, I'll throw on a couple of Prime Ribs. I'll throw on some green beans and potatoes later.
<Andre> I'll cook. The least I can do for you.
<Adisa> Survive? I don't survive, I thrive.
* The_Physician chooses to not go unconscious.
<Adisa> And it's a really good apple pie as well.
<shadowmyre> ((Oh-kaaaay…..))
<shadowmyre> Niles is now down to 1 red stone, and is thus a hair's breadth from death. An angry fly breathes on him, and he's dead.
<shadowmyre> ((But, your spell goes off.))
<Andre> Maybe for dessert. Think we should cook for three or just us?
* The_Physician 's spell resolves. The man stops, drops his dagger, and drops to his knees in pain. He begins shrieking as if tortured, as his features begin to shift. Eventually his screams become squeaks, and his clothing is left in a pile. Slightly moving, a rat tumbles out eventually and stumbles about, as if getting used to it's new form.
<shadowmyre> Niles: You hear slow clapping behind you.
<shadowmyre> LOG END

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