03 27 11

Location: Adisa's Place
Andre steps out of the interdimensional space and drops the armor leaving him with grainy looking eyes and stubble.
<Andre> "Adisa, does your funky computer have a coffee maker installed?"
The_Physician Appears a minute afterword.
<Adisa> "Yes, of course. Why wouldn't it?"
Andre grunts
<Andre> "Niles will be here momentarily. I wonder if Verizon will drop calls when teleported?"
<Adisa> "Probably not… unless you teleport to another country or underground or somewhere else there isn't coverage."
The_Physician appears.
<The_Physician> Hello my friends.
<Andre> "Hey Niles," he raises his voice, "Hello Jack!"
<Andre> "How are things across the pond?"
<Jack>: "Wet and foggy; its London."
<Andre> "Howa re things on the elemental front? We're sure things are going to start happenings sooner rather than later, and we need all the allies and networking that we can get."
<Jack>: "Quiet. Disturbingly quiet. No hits on electronic stores, no breaking into archives of mystical lore. I advertised a trinket that could end all existence if misused was being transported sloppily, and they didn't even have the common courtesy to try for it. Some HYDRA goons attacked, but not them. Quite irritating."
<Andre> "Things are quiet here too even with the Ne'ata business. What are the chances of enlisting your help on a couple of fronts?"
<Jack>: "Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you if I can do it."
<Andre> "More people to man the battlements. You are the most capable eyes and ears that we have and I am certain that you have other resources at your disposal that can delay or aide in countering attacks by the Avatara or her agents. We need to know when and where to be though."
<Andre> "I also need to set up a conversation with the Third Emperor and have no way to reach him. Preferably a long distance call since that man terrifies me."
<Jack>: "I don't like to brag… okay, that was a lie. I /love/ to brag. With WENDY, I can access most any network or satellite out there, and… what? Yes, Niles knows you didn't put any nanites in him. He isn't… Oh, c'mon… Niles, she seems to think that you think that she put nanites in you. Could you tell her you don't hate her? A mopey entropic computer is a slow entropic computOW….Don't kick my shins!"
<Andre> "Don't worry WENDY the nanites are running fine and he doesn't suspect a thing."
The_Physician laughs.
<The_Physician> Tell her I am over that particular paranoia Jack.
<Andre> "I'll say the codeword and erase his memory after this."
<shadowmyre> "…thank you. Thank you very much. Now she's pouting. Third Emperor, you say? He's not on my speed-dial, but I can get that to him. Mind you, just a phone call gives him enough access to… well, I don't want to scare you."
<Andre> "Too late. I would rather avoid it, but I think that I need to speak to him since he covers all of Asia and outlying areas. What can I expect in the brainwashing department?"
<Jack> "From my sources, he doesn't tend to take that route unless he's dealing with someone who is particularly repugnant. Hard to say where he stands on people who convince the spirit of the earth to eradicate humanity."
<Adisa> "That was somebody else, not Andre."
<shadowmyre> "Exactly! So he should be fine."
<Andre> "Or people who have something that he wants. If you would just send him the message that would be great. I can set up a skype account to talk to him."
<Jack>: "I'll pass that along. Could take a bit, remote dead drops keep me safe, but don't work well on the time factor. Maybe a day or two?"
<Andre> "Sure, that woul dbe fine. I think."
<Jack>: "Well, I'm sure he'll find out somehow. Either way, he can't mesmerize a nanite."
<Andre> 'I'll try to have Niles around too to make sure that I don't start doing random things."
<Jack>: "Mystic versus mentalist. Good idea! I'll be on this side of the pond, thanks."
The_Physician nods.
<The_Physician> Understandable.
<Adisa> "Hopefully this meeting of the minds will be mostly nonviolent. Mind if I join you, Jack?"
<Jack>: "Of course not. Other than the weather, its wonderful over here!"
<Adisa> "I'll keep that in mind in case things go souther.
<Andre> "Well, asking for your help and seeing if you could set up that call were the big things on my list. If Adisa or Niles have anything more…?"
<Adisa> "Nothing on my end."
<Andre> "Any questions for us?"
<The_Physician> I think I am good.
<Jack>: "Oh, the standards, how are ya, hows the family, any near death experiences lately, that sort of thing. You're alive and talking, so unless you've been hollowed out and replaced by an alien, you're clearly not doing too bad. In this line of work, that means a lot."
<Adisa> "Oh come on, like there are aliens that do that outside of Ridley Scott movies.
<Andre> He smiles briefly, "Thanks for the high praise. So, we can count on you for this?"
<Jack>: "Yes. Intel funneling, logistics and support. And, of course, a mercenary army. Or two. I don't recall how many we have right now. Its definitely more than none."
<Andre> "Great! Thanks, Jack. We'll talk to you soon then."
<Jack>: "Try not to get horribly mutilated!"
<The_Physician> We will try. No promises though.
<Jack>: [click]
<The_Physician> That went well.
<Andre> "Yes it did, "he swallows a yawn." Well, if you two will excuse me, I have to be up and at the park in the morning."
<Adisa> "All right. Everybody out. Sleep is needed!"
Andre pulls up the armor and translocates home and to bed
<The_Physician> Be well friend Adisa.
The_Physician teleports home.
<Adisa> "Yeah yeah, get out of my house so I can sleep."
<shadowmyre> * LOG END *

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