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The Paladin paces
Adisa is humming the baseline to Velcro Fly.
The Physician: Are we anticipating needing any special defenses for this meeting?
Adisa: "This is just a civil chat. I dont see why we would need any especial defenses."
The Paladin: Maybe something to keep him from locating and brainbusting us?
Adisa: "All were asking is the Third Emperor to rip a piece of his skull out and Federal Express it to Andre. What could possibly go wrong?"
The Paladin: "No, I am not asking him that. I am asking him what side he is on, only not quite as bluntly as all that. He is also one of, if not the, most powerful man in Asia, so it would be best to use his eyes and ears when and if Jacks go dark."
Adisas wall to wall satellite communication array (aka his gaming rig) hums to life. <Jack>: "Alright, hes on the line, and Ill be sending the handshakes soon. Once you're connected, Ill reroute the signal through a few satellites for some semblance of security. Once the connections up, you're on your own kids; I'm going to bed."
The Physician: So no magic defenses then?
Adisa stage whispers, "Don't let The Mandarin hear you say that."
Adisa's system receives the handshake protocols. Everything looks as up and up as the squirrel-y Brit can make it.
The Paladin: "Good morning. Thank you for speaking with us on such short notice."
<Emperor>: "You are welcome. Why have you asked for this meeting? Our last encounter was not ended on the most pleasant of terms."
[OOC] shadowmyre: No video, just audio, making him sound like even more of a disembodied voice.
The Paladin: "I presume that you are aware of the Avatara's threat and the time line for carrying it out. What are your feelings on her agenda?"
[OOC] Adisa: For no mere man-made resolution can contain the majesty of his von Doom quaking ego. I dont do video calls because it makes my chin look fat.
<Emperor>: "I have heard much regarding this entity referred to as Avatara. Most of it has no evidential backing. I do not relish the prospect of warring with the planet; however, I do not have any interest in genocide either. Certainly not my own."
The Paladin: "Nor do we. I propose that we work together if possible for a mutually beneficial solution. You have eyes and ears throughout Asia and beyond. We would like to stop the entity and believe that the more people who work together, the greater the chances of success are."
The Paladin: "We would like to establish contact to bring what forces we have to bear on the entity as quickly as possible."
<Emperor>: "There is merit in your suggestion. Such an arrangement would require intermediaries to arrange communication for different cells. I presume that such a structure is already in place?"
The Paladin: "Loosely, with more energy put into it upon our agreement."
<Emperor>: "Excellent. What other logistical interests have you contacted?"
The Paladin: "We have found sympathizers among the Neata, the Fae, possibly Heaven, or Hell, depending on how you look at it, and have put the word out to other lower powered super heroes, and we have a possible lead on contacting the Avengers."
The Paladin: "We also have contacts within the Skye Foundation, and the Sorcerer Supreme."
<Emperor>: "Where do you see my concerns fitting in?"
The Paladin: "I do not know enough to understand your concerns. I know that the more manpower we have the better off we will be."
The Paladin: "All of Asia for example and Asia minor for example."
<Emperor>: "Let me clarify. What kind of operational support are you looking for from me?"
The Paladin: "Ah. Eyes and ears along with the support of your army, and. if necessary and possible, your personal intervention."
<Emperor>: "If we are dealing with the totality of the planets resources massed against us, it is inevitable that my personal abilities will be required. It is also quite likely that they will be insufficient. Even the Sorcerer Supreme alone cannot match the energies of an entire planet. This show of force may only serve to prolong the struggle, but not actually win the war. You will need something bigger for that."
The Paladin: "Do you have any ideas?"
<Emperor>: "A few, but they were woefully inadequate to the scope of the problem. Lack of resources. As those resources are now presenting themselves, I may have some options that would serve. There will be fallout, of course. Nothing can face the wrath of an entire planet without some collateral damage. If we are prepared for it, then it can be minimized."
The Paladin: "Fallout will be inevitable, yes. What would you require from us?"
<Emperor>: "That will reveal itself in time. I need to reevaluate my outcome projections in light of this new information."
The Paladin: "Well then do not let us keep you. Thank you for your time, and you may contact us through the same channels again when you have made your decisions."
<Emperor>: "With no offense directed at our liaison, hoping that Jacks diàndòng tónghuà will always be available is folly. I will send you a private line that can be used to contact me as needed. I would prefer it to be used for emergencies only, but everything is an emergency now, isn't it?"
The Paladin: //He hesitates for only a moment,
"Unfortunately, yes. We will send you a location shortly."
The Paladin: "Via the diàndòng tónghuà."
<Emperor>: "That will serve. Is there anything else you need today?"
The Paladin: "No. Thank you. Have a pleasant day."
Adisa: "That went shockingly well."
The Paladin: Breathes out a shaky breath, "Okay, we have a limited time to explore our options, guys. What are we trying to do here?"
The Paladin: "Do we kill a planet or try to get it to go back to sleep?"
The Physician: Stop the planet from being destroyed?
The Physician: Oh, I would say put it back to sleep personally.
Adisa: "Ideal plan would be to talk the planet into giving humanity another chance. I tried that once, didnt go so well, but I think I overestimated her attention span."
The Paladin: "I imagine that the planet would not be destroyed if the spirit of it died, but that would be a fate worse than death in the long run. Humans need to learn to take care of her"
The Paladin: "So who can we contact that may be able to talk her into it? I would like to use the threat of force as only a threat, showing that it would be too costly to fight on both sides."
The Paladin: "Think we should try to find Sprite again? And maybe find someone more suave than any of us, except the Brit here, to talk to her?"
Adisa: "Sprite would be an invaluable resources, and we need to cultivate intelligence assets in the field to win this."
The Physician: Agreed. I could try to summon her, but that didnt go so well last time.
The Paladin: "That and she has the entity inside of her. I was thinking maybe Yu. I would not be the best choice to talk to him though."
The Physician: And how to contact him is another issue.
The Paladin: "Not really. He is close with Bianca…"
The Physician: Right. After what happened do you really think we should contact her so soon?
The Paladin: "The end of the world calls for extreme measures. Plus, I find a certain poetic justice in having the help of the daughter of a presumed villain."
The Physician: There is that.
The Paladin: "So, how do we get Yu's help to contact Sprite and the Avatara to convince her to give humanity another chance? And who does the talking? I am certain that the three of us are unsiuted for that task."
Adisa: "Well… is Bianca talking to him yet?"
The Paladin shrugs
The Paladin: "She has finals. I am guessing that he does too."
Adisa: "We can call her and ask him to set up a meeting. Im sure one of you has gotten her phone number by now."
The Physician: I still have it.
The Paladin: "Its around 6 m. Lets give it until this afternoon and see if we come up with more ideas. Fair enough?"
The Paladin: "If you two dont have anything else? I am slated to be up in a few hours and would like to sleep at some point."
The Physician: Agreed, lets get some rest and reconvene.
The Paladin: "Will either of you be at the park in the morning to meet the people who show up?"
The Paladin: "Well, 5 a.m. is the time set. That way everyone can be to work on time.." He stretches and yawns.
Adisa: "Yeah, Ill be there. When it all ends in fire, Ill need to put it out."
The Physician: I shall be there.
The Paladin: "See you then." He steps into the rift in time and space and translocates back home.
The Physician: Be well Adisa.
The Physician teleports home.

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