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<shadowmyre>: Location (Adisa, Andre): Adisa's apartment.
<shadowmyre>: Location (Niles): the Restaurant.
* The_Physician turns around to see who is clapping, while trying to prepare magical healing.
<shadowmyre>: The butler leans nonchalantly against the wall, nodding approval towards the physician.
* The_Physician in a weak voice.
<The_Physician>: Madigan, was it?
* The_Physician continues to prepare healing.
<shadowmyre>: Indeed sir. Do you need a hand with that?
* Adisa continues preparing the meal for himself and Andre.
<The_Physician>: No…*coughs* I think I can manage, thanks.
<The_Physician>: What about the queen? Can you help her? I can, once I have healed, but I fear that will be to late for her.
* Andre sits back to ponder the information that he and Adisa have gathered.
<Andre>: Something happening in four days, but no real idea what.
<Andre>: Feles, are you around?
* One moment,<Madigan> is against the wall, then he is kneeling next to the queen, examining her wound with a critical eye. "Normally, such as she are uniquely difficult to kill. But…" He doffs his hat, reaching inside almost like a stage magician, pulls out a length of bandage and sets to work.
* «Feles>'s voice echoes from just behind your shoulder. "As with he who is I Am, we are where we are needed. What need do you have?"
<Andre>: Do you know what big event is to happen in four days time?
* The_Physician eyes him closely to make sure he is not harming the queen.
* The_Physician starts to help him heal the queen once he has healed himself.
<Feles> Many things happen in four days time.
<Andre>: On the fourth day though?
*<Madigan> pulls the blade out, tossing it near (not at) Niles. "Recognize it?" he asks as he adds pressure to the wound.
<Adisa>: Nope. But I can ask around.
* The_Physician looks at the blade with his normal site first.
* The_Physician *sight
<Andre>: There are whispered rumors about a large event happening among the dead, and rumors of a war in heaven, an apocalypse or a natural disaster, but nothing specific.. Is ther any light that you can shed on this?
<Adisa>: Vic? What events are scheduled four days from now?
<Andre>: I have no idea. We're two weeks behind on the news remember.
<The_Physician>: Yes, I have heard of Blades such as these.
<The_Physician>: Who would want the queen dead?
Madigan> She is not the only Queen, and there are constant wars waged between the realms. And, of course, there are elements on your world, above and below, that are not pleased by our presence here. Any number of enemies could be responsible, really.
*<Madigan> pulls back the cloth padding, gesturing towards the wound. "If you would?"
<The_Physician>: Of course
* The_Physician starts to heal her magically.
<The_Physician>: But who would have the capability to do all of this? The blade, the magic dampening field…
<The_Physician>: Wait.
* The_Physician looks around for the rat, having almost forgot about it.
<shadowmyre>: Adisa: The computer runs through a series of processes, before spitting out reams of data combed from the depths of the Pipeline, Google, Yahoo and places even more hellish.
<shadowmyre>: Niles: Almost like magic, the Queen's wounds close, her eyes opening.
<The_Physician>: I thought we almost lost you, your majesty. Are you alright? Can you sit up?
* The_Physician keeps an occasional eye on the pile of clothes to make sure the rat doesn't get away.
<shadowmyre>: Adisa: You get a plethora of birthdays, several personal events, weddings, funerals, and other minutiae. Nothing of biblical, apocalyptical, or otherwise worldly import.
* Adisa examines the results in between stirrings.
«Feles> It is possible, but not fore-ordained, that in four days there will be a cataclysm. If this happens, it may well result in conflict between the realms above and below.
<Feles> This is not His will, and so it is not certain.
<Andre>: If not His will then whose? Is there any idea about the nature of this cataclysim?
Queen> Yes, I am fine, thank you.
<Feles> There is only one kind of cataclysm.
<Andre>: The Second Coming?
<Feles> The Deluge.
* Andre pales considerably
<Andre>: So if the war between heaven and hell starts as the avatara commits genocide the souls will be the prize and there will be many. So many that it would force the issue between the two sides.
<The_Physician>: Do you know who might want you dead?
<shadowmyre>: The <Queen> rises, one hand rubbing her stomach where the wound was. "Many and sundry, for varied reasons that are not worth getting into. Now then. It seems this is the second time you have aided me. Why?"
* Andre eyes snap open.
<Andre>: Adisa. I know who is responsible for waking the Avatara up.
<Adisa>: Oh?! That's great, but I'll do you one better. Food's done.
<Andre>: Nevermind that!
<Andre>: It's the Anti-Christ!
* Adisa comes out with steaks ladened with sauteed mushrooms and onions, Baked Potatoes, and a bottle of wine. Truly a meal fit for the gods… as long as they're not Vegan.
<Andre>: He, would it be a he, the bible says he…is forcing the war between heaven and hell to start on his schedule
<Adisa>: You mean Spiderman?
<Andre>: What?
<The_Physician>: I am helping a friend in need. And even if I wasn't, I still would have healed you. I am The Physician, it is what I do.
* The_Physician bows.
<Adisa>: Well, I guess you're not a Daily Bugle reader, but J Jonah Jameson frequently makes allusions to Spiderman being the source of all evil in NY city.
* <The Queen> arches a brow. "Surely you do not think me young and foolish, that one of the Fair Ones would not recognize or honor a debt?"
<Andre>: I highly doubt that a reporter who wnats to make headlines really thinks Spiderman is the anti-Christ.
<Adisa>: I dunno. Dude's hardcore conservative.
<Andre>: In the business world who is the most loved CEO among the populace?
<Adisa>: But okay. Antichrist. Why not? Okay, what do we knot about the Anti-JC?
<Adisa>: *know
<Adisa>: Business world? Probably Stark.
<Adisa>: (and I'm totally not just saying that to be a sycophant).
* The_Physician arches an eyebrow in return.
<Andre>: That in the final battle he will kick off the whole thing. That the people will love him and claim him as a messiah.
<The_Physician>: Oh, yes. my mistake. My deepest apologies.
<The_Physician>: No, I do not think you young and foolish.
<The_Physician>: You have been in your fantasy for quite some time, have you not?
<Adisa>: Dwayne Taylor runs the Taylor foundation. Lots of charities.
<Adisa>: Lets see… no other notables spring to mind.
<Andre>: Fire up that beast of yours that you call a computer. See if there have been any people, more than a few at least, claiming someone as the messiah.
<Andre>: Especially aroudn this region.
<Adisa>: Okay. Vic: Anti-Christ.
* <Madigan> steps up. "Two years, seven months, 19 days, eight hours, forty minutes and… well, around 47 seconds. A rough estimate, as time is reckoned in this world."
<The_Physician>: Thank you Madigan.
* Adisa starts in on the food and gestures for Andre to do likewise.
* Andre joins Adisa in chowing down while the computer does its work.
* <Computer> does its work.
<The_Physician>: Your Highness, there is a building war coming. The Avatara has awakened and wants all of humanity dead. Could I count on you and your court for support?
<The Queen>'s eyes sparkle. "So that is your game, mortal sorcerer. Yes. My court will stand at your side against the elemental forces."
<shadowmyre>: Adisa: The computer returns a report on candidates for the office of antichrist. You scan the list, but only a few names jump out at you: Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth; Jack of Skye, CEO and owner of the Skye Foundation; The Third Emperor of the Empire of Man; Victor von Doom, ruler of Latveria; and Paxton Gentile, the leader of the Magisterium.
<The_Physician>: Thank you your majesty.
<Andre>: Oh no. Who is the most loved among this group?
<The_Physician>: Now, I believe there is still one loose end…
<Adisa>: Wait a minute. My bible studies class was a long time ago, but when JC shows up, shouldn't the Anit-JC have an Empire ready and waiting?
* The_Physician heads over to the pile of clothes, and picks up the rat, keeling him bundled up so he can not scratch, but not so much as to deprive him of air.
<Madigan> Indeed.
<The_Physician>: I believe in about 45 minutes this will need to answer some questions for us.
<Andre>: All of them already do.
<Andre>: Empire doesn't mean what it used to.
<Adisa>: Yeah, but only one of the is 'The Empire of Man'!
<Andre>: Which one?
* Adisa points to 'The Third Emperor of the Empire of Man'
<Adisa>: Reality is not a subtle place….
<Andre>: But I doubt that he is loved.
<Andre>: Jack, however, is.
<Andre>: So is Strange
<Andre>: What do yo know about Paxton?
<Adisa>: Never heard the name before. Sounds magicy. You're probably better off asking Niles.
<Andre>: Once he gets back I will.
<Andre>: Do you know if Strange is a religious man?>
* Adisa does a search of Paxton.
<Adisa>: The man fights against alien gods. Probably.
<Andre>: It could be any of them, but I vote to rule out Von Doom and the other known villians.
<Andre>: So we need to research Jack, hard to do with WENDy on watch duty, the Third Emperor, Strange and Paxton.
<shadowmyre>: Adisa: Paxton Casimir Gentile. Husband of Esmé Lily Gentile (deceased). Father of Bianca Esmé Gentile. Art dealer. Has residences in New York, Paris, Milan, Rome, London, Tokyo and others.
<Adisa>: Boy gets around.
<shadowmyre>: Adisa: Wealthy, but not wealthy enough to get into the Forbes top ten list.
<Andre>: It's the Artist!
<Adisa>: Hmmm…. Don't know if he's got the worldly possessions to qualify for empire level….
Madigan> You do have other engagements. If you like, I can give him to my master. He has special ways for extracting information from rats.
<Andre>: And do people love him or not know o fhis existence?
<Adisa>: I didn't. And I don't particularly.
<The_Physician>: He will only be a rat for 45 more minutes…approximately.
<The_Physician>: I would like to be there when he awakens. After all, he did cut me as well as the Queen.
Madigan> He was a rat before your spell and he will be a rat afterwards. You simply let his form match his nature.
Madigan> As you like. However, this is a rather public place. Should we not retire somewhere else?
<The_Physician>: I would like to be there when he reverts.
<Andre>: But our personal feelings should be over ruled in favor of research.
<The_Physician>: What do you suggest we do with that?
<Andre>: Can you beat WENDY?
* The_Physician points to the Mundane Blade.
<Andre>: To find information on Jack without her or him knowing?
<Adisa>: …Maybe. In what? You want me to hack the Skye Foundation?
<Madigan> It is like your mortal police with guns. We round them up, melt them down.
<Andre>: Do you remember all of the religious artifacts that Jack has?
<Andre>: Can you hack the Skye foundation?
<The_Physician>: Ah. so should I bring it with us?
Madigan> Otherwise, someone else will pick it up, and there is blood on it. That leads to questions being asked, a mess is made and then… *he sighes* It is a butler's duty to see to messes.
<Andre>: He had the spear of Longinus there.
<The_Physician>: I can get it. I just didn't want to go with you with something that lethal without asking. Do you have something to cover it with?
* <Madigan> once again doffs his hat, pulling out a length of brightly coloured silk, which he offers with a bow.
<Adisa>: Which spear of Longinus? The one I can buy in china town for $45.89 plus tax? Or the one I can buy at Amazon.com for four bucks off plus shipping?
<Adisa>: We have no reason to believe that any of those artifacts are significant.
<Andre>: No, except that he has the real piece of teh circlet *points to hsi temple*
<Adisa>: … Point taken.
<Andre>: I am not saying that Jack is the Anti-Christ, and I really hope that eh is not as he has been a good ally to us, but we have to look at all angles.
<Adisa>: You are really dead set on burning all your bridges, aintcha?
* The_Physician places the rat on a table, covers the sword, and ties the cloth so that it will not fall off.
<Andre>: No, but I am set on finding out who is responsible for waking the Avatara up and why.
* The_Physician picks up the rat again in his right hand, sword in his left.
<The_Physician>: Shal we go?
<The_Physician>: *Shall
<shadowmyre>: (sword = knife)
<Adisa>: And you think he keeps that on his Blackberry? 9:00am Late breakfast. 10:30am Help Andre and Adisa out of a tree… again. 1:00pm Wage War on Heaven 3:00pm ARMAGEDDON!!!?
* <Madigan> bows, indicating with one hand a door that you're pretty sure wasn't there a moment ago, since it isn't set in a wall and doesn't seem to open onto anything. The Queen sweeps through and disappears though.
<Andre>: No, of course not. How can we find out for certain then?
<Andre>: About all of them?
<Andre>: Whoever did htis has to have some pretty high level magic, right?
<Andre>: *this
<Adisa>: Well, you're the one with an angle on his shoulder.
<Andre>: And no way to trace them either.
<Andre>: I can ask. He's kind of cryptic sometimes though.
* Andre makes himself comfortable on Adisa's couch again.
<Andre>: Feles?
<Adisa>: Try writing in Fortran sometime.
<Feles> Yes my child?
* The_Physician moves toward the door next.
<Andre>: Do you know who, or can you find out who, the Anti-Christ is and if he is active?
* «Feles> chuckles dryly. "If only it were that easy."
<Feles> All that I can say for certain is that someone on that list is involved.
<Andre>: I thought it might be worth a shot.
<Andre>: That is more than we had even a moment ago. Do you have any suggestions for how we can narrow it down?
<Adisa>: Wait… he's here? Right now?
* The_Physician heads into the door.
<Andre>: Adisa, hold on a moment please.
<Feles> All you need is on the list.
<Andre>: He is always here, Adisa.
<Andre>: Thank you, Feles. Glory to HIm most high.
<Adisa>: Yeah. May the water you find in the desert not shimmer at you in the dark.
<Andre>: Is the Third Emperor Buddhist?
<Adisa>: Not one of the questions I asked him, but I'm betting Confucian.
<shadowmyre>: Niles: You find yourself back in the Cat Lord's manor.
<Andre>: Can we find out?
<Adisa>: I'll look him up on Facebook.
<Andre>: All of the rest are part of a Judeo-christian heritage. They may not take part in it, but they know of it and its ingrained into them.
<Andre>: Not him though.
* The_Physician ensures he is still holding the covered knife and rat bundled in clothing.
<Andre>: You may be right with the idea of the Empire of Man in conjunction with the Son of Man.
* Andre rubs his temples
<Adisa>: Well, he is the most likely candidate.
<Andre>: What we need is on the list. One of them is involved.
<Andre>: What exactly is the Third Empire, Adisa?
* The_Physician steps away from the door and ensures the Queen is nearby and that Madigan gets through OK.
<Andre>: Can you google that?
<Adisa>: I can.
* Adisa does
<shadowmyre>: Niles: Once everyone is through, the door closes and vanishes, leaving you in the manor house.<Madigan> walks swiftly down the hallway, followed closely by<the Queen>.
* The_Physician follows the Queen and Madigan
* Andre reads over Adisa's shoulder
<Andre>: Seriously?
<Adisa>: My image of the third emperor has been forever shattered. Seriously, I can't capitalize his title anymore.
<shadowmyre>: Google: You get hits about Nazi Germany, The Third Empire (a christian social site), the Sumerian Renaissance, something about Atlantis, but nothing that seems terribly pertinent.
<shadowmyre>: Google: Some hits on russia, but nothing that seems to directly involve China in the first two or three dozen links.
<Andre>: Too broad. I doubt that he advertises.
<Andre>: The Third Empire of Man. How did your fancy machine find him for the list even?
* <Cheshire> looks up from his desk as the three of you enter the room. "Ah. Excellent, it seems you've found success."
<Adisa>: Pipeline, I'm guessing.
<The_Physician>: Indeed sir. And danger, it would seem.
Cheshire> Oh? What danger?
* The_Physician places the blade on Cheshire's desk. Unwraps it, keeping the cloth on the bottom so as not to stain his desk.
<The_Physician>: An Assassin was waiting for us after the Queen awoke.
<The_Physician>: I have him right here.
* The_Physician gestures to his bundle.
* <Cheshire> arches a brow as he examines the dagger. "Ah. This was unexpected." He examines the blade critically, glancing at the bundle held in Nile's hands. "The Magesterium, I suspect. Or at least a faction of it. They would have been quite pleased to capture a Queen of ours for study."
<Andre>: So what does the Pipeline have to say about the Third Emperor or the Third Empire?
<The_Physician>: Really? The Magesterium?
<The_Physician>: I have heard of them but never suspected them capable of something like this.
<The_Physician>: However, I believe Squeeker here would be more capable of telling us why he was there.
<The_Physician>: Do you have a chair?
<The_Physician>: That I might use that is.
<Cheshire> Thank you Madigan. You may go.
* <Madigan> bows and departs.
* Adisa pulls up most recent stuff on pipeline about the third emperor (still not caps)
* <Cheshire> offers chairs for Niles and The Queen.
<Adisa>: Sure. Actually, let's go to the living room. I have the exotic sitting down technology of couches there.
<shadowmyre>: LOG END

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