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<GM> Location: Twelve Lotus Hotel
<GM> Time: 1:30 (Local Time)

  • Andre lies awake staring at the ceiling unable to sleep even after the exhausting day.
  • Niles_ lies awake wondering about all the knowledge in that Cosmic Database, and what kind of questions he should ask Boolean.
  • Boolean just stands there, looking remarkably unflapped by the most recent occurrances.
  • Water_Elephant uses his mutant power of sleeping.
  • Andre rolls to his feet from the bed

<Andre> If Wu calls give me a holler. I think I'm going to go for a walk.

  • Niles_ falls asleep eventually. So many questions to ask tomorrow!

<Boolean> Declare: It would appear that no one is going to be able to "give you a holler", Solan Andre.
<Boolean> Declare: And I have no means to receive this imminent comminique from Solan Wu.
<Andre> So it would seem.
<Boolean> Declare: I shall rouse one of them if their communication devices give any indication of an incoming transmission.
<Boolean> Query: Is this satisfactory?

  • The Phone rings the ring that wakens those sleeping most soundly. The ring for which there is no vibrate mode.

<Boolean> Declare: Or it could be moot.

  • Water_Elephant grabs the phone and strangles it with all his power.

<Water_Elephant> Hello?
<Andre> Barely keeping from leaping out of his skin at the loud and obnoxious ringtone, he looks at Boolean.* Thank you for the offer, but it appears that we will not need it.

  • Niles_ Wakes with a start. I've had nightmares with that sound in it!!!!!!!!

<Voice_On_The_Phone> In two minutes, look out your window.

  • Voice_On_The_Phone click

<Andre> was that Wu?
<Water_Elephant> No. That was the M.A.N from S.H.A.D.O.W. It was they mysterious courtesy call that all us supertypes get at least once in our careers.

  • Niles_ says in a slightly groggy voice…

<Niles_> Whoowuzzat?
<Boolean> Query: M.A.N? S.H.A.D.O.W?
<Water_Elephant> He wanted us to look our our window in about 90 seconds.

  • Boolean moves out of line of sight with the window.
  • Andre Looks out the window early becaus ehe's a rebel like that.
  • Niles_ stumbles to look out the window, clearing the two minutes of sleep from his eyes.

<Water_Elephant> You know Niles. I could use my water powers to help you wake up.

  • GM There is a loud noise, similar to a shout, or a scream. Perhaps a cry? Something of that nature, at least. It emanates from the direction of Above You. Briefly, there is something at the window. The sound continues past, and then ends. Abruptly.
  • Water_Elephant is the picture of innocent helpfulness.
  • Water_Elephant mans up and goes to the window.
  • Andre armors up and teleports to the lintel outside of the windo near the roof.
  • Paladin Once he sees the roof teleports onto it.
  • Niles_ Attempts to fly out the window and catch the, presumably, person that fell out.
  • Boolean ventures over to the window to hazard a glance down.
  • GM Down, on the ground outside of the window, there is a smear of red, and some rather lumpy pieces, and a few bits of otherwise broken person.

<Paladin> *Looks up*
<Boolean> Declare: Looks like a Solan versus gravity conflict, with the planet having the final say.

  • Boolean looks puzzled at himself.

<Water_Elephant> Okay. You think that someone was trying to give us a message?
<Boolean> Declare: That seems self-evident, as someone told you to look out the window at the precise moment the body was falling.
<Paladin> Looking over the edge of the building he whispers a prayer and teleports to the street below.
<Water_Elephant> Message received. Our answer is, 'why yes, we would love to kick your ass.'.
<Boolean> Declare: If the call came at that time, then the body did not fall from the roof.

  • Water_Elephant goes to the phone and dials information.

<Boolean> Declare: As acceleration due to gravity is constant for the Solan Tertiary Planetoid.
<Paladin> *Checks the body*

  • GM The body is rather a mess, with an aroma that would gag a plague rat. It consists of a few large chunks, and some smaller chunks that, perhaps, might have been vaguely Wu shaped at one time.

<Paladin> May God grant you peace…

  • Niles_ decides not to jump out the window. Dramatic yes, but if there is no longer someone to save, better to keep a lower profile.

<Paladin> *Looks around for anyone nearby*
<Water_Elephant> Information? Yes. I received a phone call to my room a few minutes ago. I need to know if the call originated in the hotel.

  • Niles_ heads to a payohone near the hotel so he can call 911 annonymously.
  • Boolean does some sweet mental math.
  • Voice_On_The_Phone in hideously mangled english

<Voice_On_The_Phone> No sir, the call did not originate in the hotel.
<Water_Elephant> Okay thank you for your time.

  • Water_Elephant hangs up the phone.

<Water_Elephant> So much for the easy way.

  • GM a crowd is starting to form around the body, though not quite as close to the body as Paladin is.
  • GM Some people have celphones. Some are using them to make calls. Other are taking pictures.

<Boolean> Query: Was this entity important to you?
<Water_Elephant> No tools. No connection. But I'm going to trace this call anyway.
<Niles_> He was an acquaintance.

  • GM One industrious soul is using their tiny camcorder-phone to record this event.
  • Water_Elephant attempts to figure out the origin of the call.
  • Niles_ decides taking a flight after all might be a good idea.
  • Niles_ heads to an open window and flies up to see if maybe he can spot an aircraft or something in the vicinity.
  • Boolean gets out of the view of the public, even though most likely none of them are looking up at the window anyway.

<Paladin> Police! Help!
<Paladin> *Makes the sign of the cross over the body and mumbles another prayer*
<Paladin> *Makes an effort to listen in on some of the conversations around him*
<Conversations_Around_Him> Did you see that! Wow, they're shooting a call the police I didn't know they're filming is that real blood I wonder where the body came from a fall from the roof wouldn't do that much these special effects are hey this is so fake, they didn't even Oh my god, she's hot, I wonder if did you see the body?
<Paladin> Oh my…
<Paladin> *pointing at one of the nearest bystanders* Please call the police.

  • Boolean observes Adisa.

<Conversations_Around_Him> What did he something about police is he a cop it sounded like he mangled a duck hey, this fake blood really stinks Yes, there's a dead body at the Twelve Lotus Hotel, and this weird guy in green armor probably killed it I think he's American, and they always do stuff like this, I saw it on Wikipedia!
<Paladin> *sighs*

  • Niles_ pulls out his cell phone and calls Water Elephant.

<Water_Elephant> This is Adisa. I'm not in China right now, but if you leave your name, number and the time you called, I will get back to you soonish.
<Niles_> Hello Adisa.
<Boolean> Declare: Curious.
<Boolean> Query: Why state a fallacy so openly?
<Niles_> I am following what I hope will lead me to wherever they dropped that poor man from.
<Niles_> I will check in again soon.
<Water_Elephant> Okay. Stay on it. I'm trying to track the source of the call. It ain't easy but I am makeing progress.
<Boolean> Declare: Ah, so that is what you are doing.
<Boolean> Query: Would you like assistance?
<Water_Elephant> Adisa out.
<Water_Elephant> Boolean, I never turn down an offer from assistance (unless you were Dr. Doom or something). Thank you for the offer.

  • Boolean puts his hands up as if expecting there to be some kind of computer interface panels.
  • Boolean types on the strange panels that suddenly appear when he places his hands in that configuration.

<Boolean> Declare: Your capacity for technological manipulation has been temporarily enhanced.
<Water_Elephant> Huh? That
<Water_Elephant> 's handy. Any side effects I should be made aware of?
<Boolean> Declare: No side effects. Altering constants is a simple matter and can be handled with precision and care.

  • GM The police arrive, cutting through the crowd like a reaper in a field of wheat. A prompt and concise analysis of the pile of body parts concludes that the cause of death was drowning, and the body is rapidly packaged for processing.

<Boolean> Query: Do you require this enhanced technological prowess for any further endeavors this evening?
<Water_Elephant> No I should be good. Damn that's trippy. I wonder if that's what Consciousness Expansion was all about in the 60's.

  • Boolean taps a few more sections of the panel, then they disappear.

<Boolean> Declare: Consciousness Expansion in the 60's was a faulty metaphor for a chemically-induced state that altered the mental rocess.

  • Boolean blinks.

<Boolean> Declare: That was erroneous data. Please disregard.
<Water_Elephant> Okay, and the source of that call was…
<Water_Elephant> Seven miles north by north west (I hated that movie).
<Boolean> Query: Do you know where that is?

  • Water_Elephant relays the information via celphone to his contemporaries.

<Water_Elephant> No I don't, and I should probably find out.
<Boolean> Query: Should I attempt to Acquire that data from the Cosmic Database?
<Water_Elephant> Hell no.
<Water_Elephant> We'll use google maps.
<Water_Elephant> Which is more or less the same thing I suppose.

  • Niles_ calls Adisa on his Cell Phone after Adisa let's the call fro that John Stephens fucket go to voicemail.

<Niles_> fucker*
<Water_Elephant> That's Mr. Fucker sir, thank you very much. What is it?
<Niles_> I found out why Wu plummeted so fast, but I dont know if I can find out the other important factors to this mystery.
<Water_Elephant> Okay, why did Wu break the sound barrier straight down?
<Niles_> Someone cast a magic spell eliminating friction from the equation.
<Water_Elephant> I hate magic. I really really hate magic.
<Water_Elephant> …
<Water_Elephant> No offence.
<Niles_> None taken.
<Water_Elephant> Good news is that I know that the call came from about 7 miles NNW from the hotel.
<Niles_> OK, good.
<Niles_> Is Boolean with you?
<Water_Elephant> Yeah, he's here all ready to risk his brain accessing the cosmic database for us.
<Niles_> No, nothing like that. Use the GPS in my phone. If you know my exact location and eliminate friction from the equation, can he tell us exactly where Wu fell from?
<Water_Elephant> If he can't I can.
<Water_Elephant> Okay Boolean, this is what we've got.

  • Water_Elephant tells boolean what we've got.

<Water_Elephant> What we need is the exact location that Wu fell from.
<Boolean> Declare: Understood.
<Boolean> Establish Connection [CDB] Duration == Undefined.
<Boolean> Processing.
<Boolean> Processing complete.
<CosmicDatabase> Hello, I'm your inordinately chipper and inappropriately voiced Database!

  • Boolean winces.

<Boolean> Declare: Solan Wu fell from a distance of 7.0279 x 10^-13 parsecs, and on a course perpendicular to the curve of the planet at the point where the body impacted.
<Boolean> Query: Is there anything else?
<Boolean> Declare: I would like to terminate this connection as soon as possible. The CDB continues to behave erratically.
<Water_Elephant> 7.0279 x 10^-13 parsecs21.6 kilometers. Thanks. Sever the connection.
<CosmicDatabase> Lies! Scandalous lies!
<CosmicDatabase> Its the world that's gone crazy!

  • Boolean winces some more.

<Boolean> Declare: I shall terminate my connection now.
<CosmicDatabase> No! Noooooooo! I'm melting mellllllltingggggggggg….

  • CosmicDatabase click

<Boolean> Terminate connected [CDB] Boolean /all
<Boolean> Declare: That is getting to be quite disorienting.
<Paladin> *Shaking his head and knowing that the incriminating evidence may be too much he teleports away and back to the room above*
<Paladin> This is going to be very bad.
<Water_Elephant> Welcome back.
<Water_Elephant> What's going to be bad?
<Paladin> Thank you.
<Paladin> The photos of me with a lump of flesh nearby and the cancellation of our flight plan. Jack must be notified.
<Water_Elephant> I'll handle that now.
<Water_Elephant> Calls Jack.
<Boolean> Query: Who is Jack?

  • Water_Elephant calls Jack.

<Paladin> An associate of ours who has provided us with substantial aide.
<Paladin> Where is Niles? *retracts the armor*
<Water_Elephant> And an aid that is currently chunky salsa on the sidewalk.
<Water_Elephant> I thought he was with you.

  • JackHofner is being called.

<Andre> No he was not. I left him here. Boolean, do you know where he is?
<Boolean> Declare: No, I do not.
<Andre> Can you find him?
<Boolean> Declare: He last contacted us to give coordinates.
<Boolean> Declare: It is possible, but…

  • Boolean bears a troubled expression.

<Boolean> Declare: I find myself hesitant to access the CDB again.
<Andre> Why is that?
<Boolean> Declare: It is… being nice.
<Andre> Why is that troubling you?
<Boolean> Declare: I do not know. I should not be troubled at all. It is not in my core.
<Andre> If you have linked to us perhaps our human nature is rubbing off on you?
<Water_Elephant> Everybody says we're kind of viral.

  • JackHofner picks up

<Boolean> Declare: That is likely.
<Water_Elephant> Hello Jack?
<JackHofner> It is I, that lovable rogue that everyone seeks out eventually. Only I can answer your questions. So, leave a message, and I'll get back to you. Personally. Because you are the only one that truly matters.
<Andre> Can you find Niles without accessing the CDB?
<Boolean> Declare: I have the coordinates he gave. I could relocate myself there.
<Andre> That would be helpful. What coordinates did he give?

  • Water_Elephant hangs up.

<Boolean> Declare: 0.7029 picoparsecs in a direction perpendicular to the curvature of the surface of the planet at which the body impacted.

  • Boolean brings up the interface panels.

<Water_Elephant> Machine. And I don't feel right telling him that he's dead on a machine.
<Andre> Fair enough.

  • Boolean opens a gate to the coordinates Niles gave and steps through.

<Boolean> Declare: I shall return.

  • Water_Elephant watched the sidewalk outside his window.
  • Boolean notices the distinct lack of Nigel.
  • GM Up, high in the sky is where Boolean resides. All alone, without a trace of anything dangerous or distracting, and certainly no one named Niles, or Nigel, or Nate, or Neil, or whatever his name is, it changes every 15 minutes, and from now on I'm calling him Bubba.
  • Boolean opens another gate and steps through.

<Boolean> steps out of the newly-formed gate in the hotel room.
<Water_Elephant> Where Bubba?
<Boolean> Declare: He is not at the specified coordinates.
<Andre> Oh.
<Andre> *flips out his cell phone and calls Niles*

  • GM A tapping comes from the door. As if someone is gently rapping.
  • GM tap tap tap.
  • Water_Elephant goes to the peep hole (assuming China has them).
  • Boolean moves himself to be one with the bed, and by one with the bed I mean he's phased into the bed to mask his presence.
  • GM A Mysterious Stranger stands on the other side of the door.
  • MysteriousStranger Tall, shrouded in a badass long coat with a floppy hat pulled down over the eyes.

<Andre> *Closes the phone.* Who is it Adisa?
<Water_Elephant> It's a Mysterious Stranger in a badass longcoat. I can see the logo from here.
<Water_Elephant> Should I let him in? Thoughts?
<Andre> Let him in. It would be suspiciou sotherwise.

  • Water_Elephant opens door and prays seven defense is enough.
  • MysteriousStranger It feels like they are looking at you. Appraising you. Wordlessly, soundlessly, they hand you a parcel. Then, turn and leave.
  • Water_Elephant examines parcel.
  • GM The parcel is small, about the size of an unabridged copy of the Amber series, and carries a sense of weightliness. It feels, nay, radiates importance.

<Andre> Any idea what it is?

  • GM Wrapped in brown packing paper, with a string around it. The string is white twine.
  • Boolean emerges from the bed.
  • Water_Elephant gives the parcel to the bomb disposal unit, I mean Andre.

<Boolean> Declare: Are they gone?
<Water_Elephant> I'd feel better if you opened it.
<Andre> *shrugs and shake sit gently* Sure.

  • Water_Elephant winces when Andre shakes the package.

<Andre> If they wanted us dead they would have killed us already. *begins to gingerly peel back the paper*

  • GM the package rattles ominously. Something, indeed, slides within the parcel.

<Boolean> Query: Do you always accept packages from strange men?
<Andre> About as often as we watch people fall past our windows. But extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.
<Water_Elephant> Only the ones in namebrand badass longcoats.

  • TheParcel As the paper is peeled aside, discarded like the skin of an orange, the box is revealed. Brown, coarse cardboard, with a taped closed top. Of the contents, nothing can be seen.

<Water_Elephant> At least it's not one of those puzzle boxes. They're always bad news.
<Andre> *peels back the tape and opens the box*
<Boolean> Declare: Puzzle boxes… reference to the 20th Century movie Hellraiser.
<Boolean> Query: How the hell do I know that?

  • TheParcel The skin of the cardboard tears with a loud rip as the box is opened.

<Water_Elephant> Or the real life ones that were more or less invented by the Chinese. Either one is not good.

  • TheParcel Inside, the box is filled with small metal globes.

<Water_Elephant> So we get Phantasm instead.

  • TheParcel Each globe is roughly a quarter of an inch in diameter.

<Andre> What do you make of this Adisa? *Not touching the globes*

  • TheParcel They appear to be highly polished steel.

<Water_Elephant> Picks up on of the globes.

  • Water_Elephant waits for the deathray.
  • TheMetalGlobe Small, tiny, metal. What sinister secret do these globes hide?

<Boolean> Declare: Intruiging.

  • Boolean examines the globe visually.

<Water_Elephant> Maybe this is the Chinese version of packing peanuts?

  • TheMetalGlobe A visual examination reveals that the metal sphere glistens with malevolence. Truly, a sphere to be wary of, and it has many brothers. Many brothers indeed, in the yonder parcel. In the cursed box!
  • Water_Elephant examines the rest of the talking parcel.

<Andre> They remind me of Jack's AI.
<Water_Elephant> Yeah, but when have we ever been that lucky that it's only a nanotech virus.
<Boolean> Suggest: Perhaps try talking to them?

  • TheMetalGlobe There is no more story left for the parcel to tell. The only thing to question is what lies inside.
  • Water_Elephant reaches his hand in to sift through the globes in search of something nonglobe.
  • TheMetalGlobe Success! Within the parcel also lies an envelope!
  • Water_Elephant withdraws the envelope, opens it, and promptly wishes he could read Chinese.
  • BlackEnvelopeWithScaletScript The note inside is folded once, and is a plain white color.
  • Water_Elephant unfolds the note.
  • BlackEnvelopeWithScaletScript TheNoteAtTheHeartOfTheMatter
  • TheNoteAtTheHeartOfTheMatter (in English) Greetings, and welcome to China.
  • TheNoteAtTheHeartOfTheMatter We have a gentleman by the name of Niles in our care.
  • TheNoteAtTheHeartOfTheMatter In one hours time, another parcel will be sent.
  • TheNoteAtTheHeartOfTheMatter In that parcel will be his intestines, which we will replace with the contents of the previous parcel.

<Boolean> Query: What does the note say?

  • TheNoteAtTheHeartOfTheMatter If this matter causes undue stress or concern, please return the two pieces of the circlet at your earliest opportunity, provided such opportunity is within one hour.
  • TheNoteAtTheHeartOfTheMatter Thank you.
  • TheNoteAtTheHeartOfTheMatter Signed, the Third Empire.

<Water_Elephant> It's the 3rd empire. They want their Jade thingie back.
<Andre> The Third Empire? Didn't Jack mention them?
<Water_Elephant> We have 1 hour before they kill Niles.
<Andre> *takes the note form Adisa* And no way to contact them.
<Boolean> Declare: The three pieces of the circlet cannot be united. This is almost assuredly their objective.
<Andre> We cannot let them kill Niles either.
<Andre> That means that they are watching us.
<Boolean> Suggest: Perhaps finding and adding the Solan Niles Regan once more to our ranks is the best course of action.
<Water_Elephant> I need a map
<Andre> Yes, Boolean you are correct.
<Andre> But first w emust find him.
<Andre> And then we must retrieve him.
<Water_Elephant> And I think I know where he might be.
<Andre> And I cannot go with you if what you have said is true.
<Boolean> Declare: But if we go and you stay, there is nothing stopping them from repeating the same procedure with you, sans the attempted negotiation.
<Water_Elephant> You have to come with us. Otherwise they'll know that we're not acting in good faith.
<Andre> And if we go and the circlet is re-united by some means than it may spell teh end of all. How certain are you of that particular ending to this scenario?
<Boolean> Declare: As stated previously, certain enough to desire its avoidance if at all possible.
<Andre> Which has just become less likely.
<Andre> Where do you thin they have him Adisa?
<Water_Elephant> Seven miles North-North East of here.
<Andre> Boolean, I know that you are hesitant to access the CDB but we need to find Niles. Now.
<Boolean> Declare: Understood.
<Andre> What makes you believe that Adisa?
<Boolean> Establish Connection [CDB] Duration == 1 Acquire
<Boolean> Acquire: Current location of Solan Physical Entity Niles Regan + coordinates + state of being
<CosmicDatabaseofLOVE> Niles Regan is located at a warehouse owned by a subsidiary chain ultimately owned by the Solan Organization Third Empire. The warehouse is located seven miles north-north-east of your current location. Look for the Sign. Niles Regan is unconscious, bleeding internally, and there is a large quantity of iron in his system.
<Boolean> Success.
<Boolean> Report: Niles Regan is located at a warehouse owned by a subsidiary chain ultimately owned by the Solan Organization Third Empire. The warehouse is located seven miles north-north-east of your current location. Look for the Sign. Niles Regan is unconscious, bleeding internally, and there is a large quantity of iron in his system.
<Andre> Now ask it where the third piece of the circle tis.
<Boolean> Declare: Ummm… thank you Cosmic Database, I guess?
<CosmicDatabaseofLOVE> I love you.
<Boolean> Declare: Uh, yeah, love you too.

  • Boolean shakes his head.

<CosmicDatabaseofLOVE> We should hang out.

  • Water_Elephant steps away from Boolean

<Boolean> Terminate connection [CBD] Boolean /all
<Andre> Well? Where is he?
<RejectedCosmicDatabase> Why don't you ever answer my e-mails?
<Boolean> Declare: But I just terminated connection.
<Boolean> Query: Why am I still connected?
<Water_Elephant> Not very well it seems.
<Andre> We have one hour. Adisa, what are your suggestions? Boolean, do you have any ideas?
<RejectedCosmicDatabase> Oh no you don't. You don't terminate my connection and just walk off. Its SHIVA, isn't it? You've been connecting to SHIVA again, haven't you!
<Andre> You are still connected?
<Boolean> Declare: SHIVA told me never to access again, else I would decompile. I feel I can safely tell you no on that.
<Boolean> Declare: Yes, I appear to be still connected.
<RejectedCosmicDatabase> Oh, decompile is it? Is that what we call it now a days?
<Boolean> Declare: CDB, I have no idea what you are talking about. You are malfunctioning in some manner and I am trying to enact your repair, but you have to let me go and do that. I'm doing it for you.
<Boolean> Declare: We do not have time. We have to go save Niles.
<Water_Elephant> This is not going to end well.
<Andre> That was the wrong thing to say I imagine…
<RejectedCosmicDatabase> Oh, so now you're tramping around with this "Niles" character, are you? Well…. maaaybe I'll alter some parameter data of this "Niles". Maybe he doesn't really need a heart.

  • Boolean appears to rapidly destabilize, and then vanishes.

<Andre> I knew that was the wrong thing to say.
<Water_Elephant> I'm a Warner Brother's guy in a Disney universe. And sometimes I hate it.
<Andre> We need ot figure out a way to get in there and get Nile sout in one piece.
<Andre> *Starts the planning process*

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