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<GM> Location: Twelve Lotus Hotel
<GM> Time: 4:30 (Local Time)
<Andre> What would be your suggestion Adisa?
<Water_Elephant> Okay, we have a rough idea where they are. And as far as we know, they have no idea we know where they are. We have the element of surprise, I say we attack.
<Andre> They know that we have a way to find them, which means that they know about Boolean. Perhaps they even plante dhim here. We would have left already if not for him.
<Andre> I believe that attacking them will no tfind them off guard. What about reasoning with them?
<Andre> After all, they liveon this planet too and as far as we know they are part of the human race.
<Water_Elephant> It's not especially well know (or believable) that the planet has declared war on humanity.
<Water_Elephant> It's also possible that these Third Empire goons aren't human. I've never met one.
<Water_Elephant> I don't think.
<Andre> Regardless of how believable it is, do you truly think that they would be unprepared for an attack? They left no note of how to find them or contact them or even a location. It is a trap.
<Andre> However, you understand these things more than I do. I will concede to your plan if it comes to that.
<Water_Elephant> We have a little less than an hour. How long will it take for you to get us there?
<Andre> I can't. I have to have been to the place or see it directly to travel in that fashion. We are stuck taking a taxi.
<Water_Elephant> That's not a problem… if you're not afraid of heights.
<Andre> I am not. What did you have in mind? Roof top to rooftop?
<Water_Elephant> Not exactly. What's…Oh GODDAMN IT! I can't believe that I didn't' think of this before.

  • Water_Elephant begins searching the room for bugs.

<Andre> You didn't? Oh.
<GM> You discover several small monitoring devices. Most of them are short-range, within a mile or so. All of them have dead batteries, and copious amounts of dust imply that they've been here for quite a while.
<Water_Elephant> Well, that's disappointing.
<Water_Elephant> Okay, What is the maximum range of your teleports?
<Andre> About five miles give or take a few meters.
<Andre> You realize thatit's dark and we couldn't see it from way up there, right?
<Water_Elephant> I meant with a passenger?
<Andre> I'm really not sure. I haven't had any reason to take passengers that far before.
<Water_Elephant> Hrm… In that case, we'll go with the rooftop idea. This is not the time for experimentation.
<Andre> What did you have in mind?
<Water_Elephant> Well, we know that Niles is seven miles thataway.

  • Water_Elephant points thataway

<Water_Elephant> So we get reasonably close via teleportation and then we do the rest from the roof tops.
<Water_Elephant> I'm going to go down to the lobby and get a map, that should help us somewhat.
<Water_Elephant> You savvy Chinese right? You can translate signs.
<Andre> I can manage, yes.
<Water_Elephant> Actually forget the lobby. I'll just pull up some maps from online.

  • Water_Elephant goes to do that very thing.

<Andre> One day I'll have to become tech savvy.
<Water_Elephant> One day I hope to achieve literacy in my native language.

  • Andre looks out the window, thinking this through

<Water_Elephant> And download the map to my cel, and we're all set.
<Andre> Right now we only have a plan to go there. What do we do when we get there?
<Andre> WE may not be able to trust Bolean. has that occured to you?
<Andre> How can we know that Niles is really there?
<Water_Elephant> Well, I look at it like this…
<Water_Elephant> Do we have any other leads we can follow?
<Andre> Can't you track him via his cel phone or something like that?
<Water_Elephant> Sure, given an infinite amount of time and if he still has it. If I were a secret society, I'd always make sure my prisoners have their cel phones on them so they can order pizza. That way I don't have to feed them.
<Water_Elephant> Still no harm in a quick peek.

  • Water_Elephant tracks down Niles' cel.

<Andre> I imagine that if he has it the phone woul dbe nearby. If he doesn't it's probably dead anyway and can't be found. I heard that dropping them into the ocean or from great heights does that.
<GM> Niles's cel doesn't appear to be broadcasting at the moment. It's either dead, turned off, or in standalone mode.
<Water_Elephant> No joy. Most likely it has been knocked in to pieces smaller than dust. Hope that's covered by his warranty.
<Andre> Then we'll have to walk into th elion's den.
<Water_Elephant> All right. Let's get this calamity started.
<Andre> You have the location fixed? *armors up*
<Paladin> Climb onto my back.

  • Water_Elephant scampers up.

<Water_Elephant> Yep. I cleverly circled the correct building on the map.
<Paladin> You point and I'll go. *heads to the window and gets his bearings before making the first jump to a nearby rooftop*
<Water_Elephant> Okay. Just give me a minute to reorient (in the Orient) after each port and this should be cake.
<Paladin> *Jumps*
<Paladin> I'm going to get us within sight but we need a better plan before we act.
<Water_Elephant> All right, this is my plan, such as it is. You go knock on the front door. I'll hang back. When they let you in, I'll sneak in and this way we can attack on two fronts.
<Paladin> How do you plan on sneakingin?
<Water_Elephant> I have no idea. You can't make that sort of plan until you know what you
<Water_Elephant> 're trying to sneak into.
<Paladin> How comforting
<Water_Elephant> I mean with panache and ease. They're just a multi-millenia old secret society. Surely they're no match for a couple of Yanks who have never even set foot on their native soil before. I'm told the home field advantage is highly overrated.
<Paladin> *sighs and continues jumping placing his faith in God's will*
<Water_Elephant> Think of it as a leap of faith.

  • The Compound of the Third Empire sits at the edge of view, outside of the city proper, resting comfortably on the surface of the South China Sea. It is a large building, though not tall, and how many floors may be under the water is impossible to determine at this range. An emblem of a soaring crane against a field of jade is displayed prominently on the side wall.
  • Four figures crouch on top of the building, seemingly in conversation, then one tears open a hole in the roof and they drop inside the building. The jagged hole remains open.
  • It only takes a matter of moments before the first explosion.

<Paladin> What do you make of that Adisa?
<Water_Elephant> Okay. Um… Sneaking in might be easier than I thought.
<Paladin> I think our job just became easier.
<Water_Elephant> So long as they're not after Niles.
<Paladin> *jumps to the roof at the opening*
<Water_Elephant> Remember how I said you should knock on the front door. Forget that part.

  • Water_Elephant looks down into the freshly ventilated roof.

<Paladin> The enemy of my enemy is my temporary ally…Let's go.
<Paladin> *Barring anything in the way he drops down into the hole*

  • A thin layer of smoke covers the upper layers. The water sprinklers are spraying, but no water actually hits the ground. You're in a large room, perhaps a conference room. The table is large and rectangular, made of a heavy wood, and leaning crookedly out of the now open doorway. About twenty or so chairs are scattered above the room, and the carpet is a plush cream color. Despite the raging sprinklers, the carpet only has a few drops of water on it.
  • Water_Elephant follows Paladin

<Paladin> Where would he be in here? We should follow the welcoming committee.

  • Paladin suits action to words and heads out the door following the swath of destruction
  • Water_Elephant continues following Paladin.
  • Just through the door, you hear the crackle of fire, but don't actually notice flames or smell anything burning. Through the smoke, you can see the four figures, two male, two female.
  • Water_Elephant hangs back and observes
  • Paladin observes first before taking action
  • The largest is a male, about eight feet tall and four feet wide, who is so heavily muscled he looks like he'd give the incredible hulk a brief pause for thought before the hulk punted him into orbit.
  • The next tallest is a woman, athletic, but much shorter than Golaith over there. Next to her is a younger male, built like a martial artist, and beside him is a slight framed girl that seems familiar, as her feet don't make contact with the floor.

<GM> Further details are obscured by the smoke that seems to radiate from the smaller man.
<Paladin> Sprite…?

  • Water_Elephant slaps his hand over Paladin's mouth (or whatever passes for a mouth in his armor.
  • The smaller female turns slightly, then mutters something in a language no one understands.
  • She gestures towards the two men, directing them towards Water Elephant and Paladin, as the two females take off at a dead run down the hallway.

<Water_Elephant> I think we've been noticed.
<Paladin> I think so too.

  • The big brute steps clear from the smoke and damn, silhouettes just don't do him justice. His abs have their own sixpack, and his biceps have triceps.

<Paladin> Let's try this…*grabs Water Elephant and begins moving very deliberately, one mioght say unstoppably so, toward the two men..*
<Paladin> *And then teleports past them and down teh hall.*

  • The smaller man hangs back, almost like he's pulling the smoke around him.

<Water_Elephant> Good job.

  • Water_Elephant Puts up a water wall to slow them down.

<Paladin> *Runs after the girls*

  • The floor rumbles ominously, before a slab of granite cracks from the ground in front of the Paladin, closing off the hallway, and line of sight.
  • as a slash of fire crashes into the wall of water, sending forth gouts of steam to mix with the already present smoke

<Paladin> This may be problematic.
<Paladin> We really don't have time for this, Adisa. Where do you think they have Niles?
<Water_Elephant> Lower down. Probably in one of the underwater floors.
<Golem> Sal, can you handle the idiot in the wetsuit while I pound the moron in the green rock?
<Salamander> Hai.
<Paladin> Then we should head down directly. Maybe.

  • Golem cracks his knuckles, a sound reminiscent of thunder mixed with an earthquake.

<Paladin> Why would you want to pound anyone? We're not here to fight.
<Paladin> Not you at least.
<Golem> (to Paladin) I'm going to MURDER YOU!
<Salamander> No. Sprite-sama ordered us not to kill.
<Golem> Oh, right. Damn. (to Paladin) I'm going to SEVERELY HURT YOU! Nah, just doesn't sound right.
<Paladin> Then let's skip it alotgetehr then.

  • Paladin leaps into the air and centers his weight downward projecting it through the floor.

<Paladin> Let's go Adisa!

  • Salamander stalks towards Water Elephant, as a lance of fire erupts from his hands, solidifying into a crackling sword of flame. One cut smashes through the recently reinforced water barrier, sending a burst of steam throughout the room obscuring everything.
  • Golem slams one hand against the ground, sending a shockwave through the floor towards Water Elephant and Paladin.
  • Paladin Bearing down with his weight he slams into the floor feeling the full weight of his intent as an almost palpable thing.
  • Water_Elephant grimaces in frustration as his barrier is brought down with such ease.
  • Golem As the Paladin slams into the floor, the already strained building unleashes a massive groan. The floor gives a palpable shake before it buckles, letting Paladin drive down under a controlled fall, and everyone else to crash through the floor with him in an …. uncontrolled fall.
  • Golem The Paladin slams down through six floors… in a building that only has five, dropping him straight into the south china sea.

<Water_Elephant> Working with you has made me appreciate the subtlety and restraint of an irate Bruce Banner.

  • Sprite looks at the large hole dug through the center of the building and shakes her head.
  • Salamander peers over the edge of the hole and decides that staying away from water is the most healthy thing a fire bender can do.
  • Water_Elephant flops painfully down through the hole dug by the guy who talks with angels. Once he hits sweet sweet fluid, he nails Smokestoomuch with a huge water blast powered by the South China Sea itself.
  • Paladin feels the shock of the cold water and then jumps up a couple of floors.

<Paladin> Paladin feels the shock of the cold water and then jumps up a couple of floors

  • Golem Paladin materializes in the sub-basement, in one of the less wet sections just as Water Elephant's blast of salty goodness bursts through the hole crashed into the floor.

<Paladin> I love it when a plan comes together *mutters*

  • Golem draws his hands up, then shoves them down, collapsing the granite wall, as well as the floor he's currently on, dropping him into a controlled fall onto the ground floor.
  • Water_Elephant applauds politely.
  • Salamander lightly drops from the second floor to the first as the blast of salt water catches him in the shoulder. He turns with the blast, landing on his feet. Rolls his shoulder once to make sure its still working.

<Paladin> *Through the hole to Adisa* We have to get Ni-The Physician and get out of here!

  • Golem The compound shifts, listing off to the east side with an accompanying sloshing of water. The entire compound sinks a good ten feet lower into the ocean, soaking the Paladin's feet.

<Water_Elephant> I know.

  • Water_Elephant wonders where the Third Empire goons are.

<Paladin> Physician!? Where are you!?
<Paladin> If you have any ideas now would be the time to voice them.
<Water_Elephant> Actually, I'm going to check out those rafts and make sure he's not one one of them.

  • Salamander holds one hand to his ear, frowning.

<Salamander> Golem-kun. We're leaving. Prepare for extraction.
<Golem> What? I haven't killed anyone yet!
<Salamander> We're leaving. No-

  • Salamander disappears in midsentence.
  • Golem disappears, with an angry frown and a gesture at where he thinks the Paladin is.

<Paladin> Magus again. The same thing that he did with those goons at the bank.

  • Paladin starts to kick in doors looking for The Physician

<Water_Elephant> You do that. I'm going back into the water and check out those rafts.
<Paladin> So you have said.

  • Water_Elephant goes back into the water and checks out those rafts.
  • Paladin kicks in the door to a room where a tall man dressed in ornate Chinese robes embroidered with a green dragon stands, hands clasped behind his back. He turns, idly, as Paladin enters the room.
  • ThirdEmperor raises one hand, almost casually, and the compound freezes, then lurches back, stabilizing itself.

<Paladin> *Not seeing Niles* Sir, you need to evacuate this building immediat-*halts*
<ThirdEmperor> Ah. The circlet bearer. Welcome.
<Paladin> Forgive my rudeness, but I do not know you, and I am afraid that I do not have the time ot learn more.
<ThirdEmperor> No. But you certainly have enough time to crack my building open like an egg.
<ThirdEmperor> Americans. Always in a rush.
<Paladin> That was an unfortunate side effect. You have my apologies. Where is the Physician?
<ThirdEmperor> Your mageling is not here.
<ThirdEmperor> I am not certain why you think he would have been.

  • ThirdEmperor turns, facing Paladin.

<Paladin> I did not think so….it is time for me to leave then.

  • Niles Begins to fly down the hole in the roof, wondering what the *%$? is going on.
  • ThirdEmperor closes his eyes, and a rumble emanates from underneath the compound. Water begins to flow out, back into the sea, as the compound shudders, then rises a few feet above the ocean
  • Paladin realizes that this is not a winning battle and teleports to the roof.
  • ThirdEmperor Upon his forehead rests the third piece of the circlet.
  • Niles - You are surveying the remainder of a battle between titanic powers, or guys you know. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference.

<Paladin> You have the final piece.

  • ThirdEmperor without opening his eyes
  • Niles Shifting 9 stones into defense via my staff.

<ThirdEmperor> I do.

  • ThirdEmperor open his eyes suddenly, which flicker with emerald light.

<ThirdEmperor> I have stabilized the compound. Can you avoid damaging it long enough for a discussion, or shall we wreck the entire building?

  • Niles but continues to head down the hole.

<Paladin> I already apologized for my actions in trying to escape a homicidal maniac. I do not believe that saying it again will help matters.

  • After you drop through the hole on the roof, you're in a conference room that once was quite nicely furnished, but now is rather wrecked and sad.
  • Through the open door (which was opened by the conference table), there is another, larger hole. And some hallway. But mostly hole.

<ThirdEmperor> You think the Earth elemental homicidal maniac? How many of my employees did you kill with your gross abuse of the circlet's power?

  • ThirdEmperor closes his eyes, thinking

<ThirdEmperor> From what I can tell, 27.
<Paladin> None that I know of.
<Paladin> Ah. Gross misuse to defend myself. I believe that there is a misunderstanding of sorts. I recieved a note saying that my friend was your prisoner and being held here.

  • The second hole goes all the way through the compound, opening onto the sea… though between the sea and the compound you can see a faint translucence, as if something was walling away the sea.

<Paladin> Perhaps you can understand my lack of tact. And though I do not attempt to justify my actions I will not take full responsibility for them because of the others involved.
<ThirdEmperor> Then your note was in error, and you were a fool for trusting random information without knowing its source.

  • Niles takes a closer look, if possible.

<Paladin> That I agree with, sir.
<Paladin> I have been tricked. By Sprite and her minions no doubt.

  • It is a barrier, not composed of any energy that you recognize. Through the barrier, you see Water Elephant, just on the other side. The barrier lies between him and entrance back into the compound.
  • Water_Elephant eyes the barrier distrustingly.

<ThirdEmperor> You truly believe this is a plan of the child? She can be cunning, at times, but her master has no such features. No, your appearance here was a surprise to her. She would not have tried your power and mine at the same time. Her master may be a fool, but she is not.
<Paladin> Her master? You know of him?

  • The barrier flickers faintly, almost as if to say "If that mage and that scientist both hit me, I'm really not long for this world….."
  • Water_Elephant shrugs and tries to get around the barrier. Failing that he'll try to go through the barrier.

<Paladin> I imagine that it i snot the Avatara that you speak of.
<ThirdEmperor> Of course. Beings of power always keep tabs on each other as a matter of course. It is simple prudence.
<ThirdEmperor> Indeed, I speak of the Avatara.
<Paladin> Was it you who woke it?

  • ThirdEmperor laughs, a rich resonant sound that seems more in place with a kind grandfather bouncing a kid on his knee

<ThirdEmperor> Do I seem foolish to you?
<Paladin> Hardly that.
<ThirdEmperor> No sane being would want the Avatara awakened.
<Paladin> Someone else wanted me here then. Do you know who is insane enough to have awoken it and then led it astray?

  • Niles thinks for a moment, and then pulls out his cell phone and calls Adisa

<ThirdEmperor> Perhaps. However, I am not so foolish as to share my information with the enemy.
<Paladin> I did not think that I was your enemy. I do believe that I am one who wishes to save this world though and all of the people on it.
<Water_Elephant> Hello?
<Paladin> IN a way that makes me a friend to all.
<ThirdEmperor> What other word do you use for man who has caused untold amounts of damage to life and property?

  • ThirdEmperor arches a wry brow

<Paladin> A fool.
<Paladin> I already agree with your assessment.
<Niles> Adisa?
<Niles> What the HELL is going on?!?!?!
<Paladin> I cannot make ammends for what is done, and I deeply regret that.
<Paladin> I will atone if I can, but with time pressing as it does I am afraid that the chance may not be the first of my priorities.
<ThirdEmperor> Then what is your priority?
<Water_Elephant> Lots. Fish me out of the drink and I'll share with you.
<Paladin> Saving this world and all of the people on it from a hurt creature that is reacting through willful destruction of the human race.
<Niles> Should I try to get by this barrier? From the looks of this building, it could collapse if I do anything to it.
<ThirdEmperor> And how do you plan on accomplishing this?

  • Niles shifts 6 stones into Mastery of Magic.

<ThirdEmperor> I like a good story.

  • Niles attempts to latch onto Adisa using Telekinesis and bring him to me.
  • Water Elephant is now a puppet tool of the master sorcerer, bound by telekinetic power to whatever dark whims the wizard has.
  • Niles over the phone.

<Niles> Will this work, Water?
<Paladin> The Avatara has been awakened and is quite angry with the human race, perhaps justifiably so. It has given us two months as it thinks about the destruction of the human race. The elements will rise up against humans and this world will be purged.
<Paladin> A select few will remain, only the ones chosen by the Avatara itself.
<Water_Elephant> Yeah this should work.
<Paladin> I am working to stop this destruction by finding teh one who woke it up and misinformed it.

  • Niles begins to reel Adisa in, like the big fishy guy that he is.

<ThirdEmperor> And once you have found this person. What do you plan on doing?
<Paladin> The poor creature is in pain. I plan to find out why this person wishes the destruction of the human race and trying to rectify matters.
<Paladin> This person must be made to stop goading the Avatara before it is too late.
<ThirdEmperor> So then. You are in a crisis where time is of the essence and at risk is the entirety of the human race. And your chosen action is to find a being powerful enough to talk one on one with the spirit of the planet and… convince it to change its evil ways?
<Paladin> Something like that. When you say it like that though it sounds rather silly.
<ThirdEmperor> Ah.
<ThirdEmperor> And, your chosen companions are the scientist that talked the Avatara into this two month deadline and a sorcerer who studies the dark arts?
<Paladin> The dark arts?
<Paladin> The Physcian has proven himself to be a man of virtue with good intent.
<ThirdEmperor> Who summons and binds creatures without their consent. Bending a being to your will is no less slavery because the being is a spirit or faerie.
<Paladin> I do not know how magic works or if he does those things.
<ThirdEmperor> If I were allied with such creatures, I might even protest it. However, I am not. But your choice of companions says much about you.
<Paladin> Is that so?
<Paladin> Desperate times call for desperate fellowships.
<ThirdEmperor> If you truly believe that, then I am certain you will have many more opportunities for such dubious companions before your time on this earth is through.
<Paladin> I truly believe that there is a reason for everything, sir. I truly believe that the Avatara must be spoken to by somone who does not want to goad it into destruction but help it heal.

  • Water_Elephant levitates through a window and closes his phone.
  • Niles Opens the window and brings in Water Elephant with a stylish grace even Dr. Strange might get jealous at.

<Niles> Ok, so whatthe hell is going on here Water Elephant?
<Water_Elephant> Alright, now let's find Andre before he pulls an Adisa.

  • Niles also closed his cell phone once adisa got there.

<Water_Elephant> Andre. Andre happened.
<Niles> Uuum. Ok, you lead the way sir.
<Water_Elephant> Also we took on all four of the Avatara's elementals.
<Water_Elephant> But Andre is what happenend.
<Niles> WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?
<ThirdEmperor> Spoken to? Not… perhaps spoken with?
<Paladin> Spoken with.
<ThirdEmperor> Interesting choice of words.

  • Water_Elephant commences the search for Andre (with Niles in tow).

<Paladin> It is true what they say about Americans not knowing their own language as well as many foreigners.
<Water_Elephant> By the way, Niles, how are your intestines?
<Paladin> Not commanded, but reasoned with.
<ThirdEmperor> And what would you tell it?
<Water_Elephant> Okay, Niles I want you to find the biggest mistake happening in the local area.
<Paladin> *blinks* I do not know that I am the correct person to speak with it.
<Paladin> I can perhaps be a translator or a vessel, but I do not believe that I have those words.
<ThirdEmperor> Then who?

  • Niles Uses sorcery, and searches for the largest area of discontent

<Paladin> I do not know. I simply trust that whoever is meant to be the speaker will appear in time.
<Paladin> perhaps it is you.

  • DING! Bottom floor (subbasement), close to the hole.
  • Niles points

<Niles> Water, this way.

  • Niles heads off, Adisa in tow
  • Water_Elephant looks down the hole at the water Niles is pointing to.

<Water_Elephant> No shit? Damn your magic is powerful. I'm giving up this science crap.
<ThirdEmperor> While I deem that unlikely, it is a possibility. A remote one.
<Paladin> I must try to do this. If the Avatara cannot be reasoned with then humanity is doomed. I will do everything that I can to stop that from happening.
<Paladin> Even if it is reasoned with humanity may still be doomed.
<ThirdEmperor> Would you reason with a brain tumor?
<Paladin> But the measure of an individual is not how much power he has or how much ambition. The measure of a man is the lengths that he will go to to preserve what he loves without violence.

  • Water_Elephant and Niles arrive to find Andre and the main villain of Big Trouble in Little China having tea.

<Paladin> If I knew that it owl dlisten, yes.
<Paladin> At least listen and choos eits own course.
<Paladin> Perhaps a better word there is "hear". I would reason with it if it would hear me.
<ThirdEmperor> A tumor is what it is. It grows. It corrupts. No words can change that.
<Paladin> Maybe. Maybe not.

  • Water_Elephant points at ThirdEmperor

<Water_Elephant> Are you part of the third empire?
<Paladin> Simply because no one that you know of has done it doe snot make it imposs-*turns*

  • ThirdEmperor dryly

<ThirdEmperor> Seems I forgot my nametag. Ah, how fleeting is fame.
<Niles> Hello.
<Paladin> Physician…Water Elephant…you found him. Thanks for the call.
<Niles> Are we interrupting?
<Niles> Found me? Ithoght I found him?
<Niles> I thought*
<Paladin> We have been misinformed gentlemen. And used horribly.
<ThirdEmperor> Which time?
<Paladin> I believe that we have caused enough stress for you and yours, sir. It is time for us to go and to ruminate on the lessons learned today.
<Paladin> Enough times that the lesson has hopefully sunk in.
<ThirdEmperor> That would be a blessing, but I am not a religious man.
<Water_Elephant> One question. Did you have anything to do with Wu's death?
<Paladin> Thank you fo ryour patience.
<ThirdEmperor> Who?
<Paladin> Another question then. Do you know a British man who uses the alias Jack?
<ThirdEmperor> Perhaps. Why?
<Paladin> Ruminations.
<Water_Elephant> All right. Thank you for your time. Sorry about your building.
<ThirdEmperor> A fitting practice for ruminants.
<Paladin> If you will excuse us then, sir. I will return if there is a world left in two months to pay my respects and speak to you more fully about atonement fo rmy actions.

  • Paladin leaves the room.
  • Niles Follows the other two out, still not 100% sure what has transpired here.
  • Water_Elephant nods to ThirdEmperor and leaves, also not 100% sure what has transpired here.
  • Paladin lays a hand on each of their shoulders and teleports them away. Two jumps back to the hotel room
  • From behind the Third Emperor, a voice emanates.

<The Voice> Will you simply let them go?
<ThirdEmperor> Against two pieces of the circlet, a user of SacredTech and a student of the Magus himself? Those are poor odds, even for me. I don't know how powerful you think I am, immortal. But not that powerful.
<The Voice> A pity. This was your best shot at taking the circlet.
<ThirdEmperor> The boy will return. Until then, I bide my time.

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