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<shadowmyre>: Location (Niles): Cat Lord's Manor
<shadowmyre>: Location (Andre, Adisa): Adisa's Apartment

  • Andre sinks back on Adisa's Chesterfield, closing his eyes.

<Andre>: Adisa…what do we know about Dr, Strange?
<Adisa>: Um.. Sorcerer Supreme (whatever that means). Is apparently a licensed doctor. Um… black hair and beard… that's about it.
<Andre>: Is he one of the "good guys"?
<The_Physician>: Now, about that chair?
<Adisa>: Last I heard.
<Andre>: When we finished that business at the bay someone trumped Niles with magic. According to him it was someone far more powerful than him. There are only two of them in the city according to Niles. Strange and Paxton, the Artist.
<Adisa>: Uh huh. Go on.
<Andre>: We helped free up the malevolent presence that spoke to us. It was keeping things in check so as not to blow his cover as the one causing all of the problems, And, according to Niles, to do magic like that he would have to be close, in the city. Neither Jack or the Third Emperor was.
<Andre>: In fact, we spoke with them after the Fire Prince, so they do not have magic enough to help balance things out the wat the mages did, maybe not magic at all.
<Adisa>: Ray. For a moment. Pretend that I don't know anything about metallurgy, engineering or physics and just tell me what the hell is going on.
<Andre>: The one that we are looking for is either Strange or The Artist.
<Adisa>: Ah.

  • <Cheshire> gestures towards a chair off to Nile's left that may or may not have been there a moment ago.

<Andre>: One of them woke the Avatara as a distraction for something big. Which I inadvertently delayed. But he's back on track now.
<Andre>: If we can question them I may be able to tell if he is lying. Unless magic can befuddle me, which I will ask Niles about when he gets back.

  • The_Physician walks over to the chair, brings it to the center of the room for all to see, and places Squeeky on top of it, still wrapped up in clothing.

<Adisa>: Yeah. Don't tell Niles I said so (unless you think it would be funny to see the look on his face) but I hate magic.
<Andre>: Me too. It's too easy to abuse.
<Adisa>: Hmmm. Nah that ain't why. It's because it doesn't seem to have any internal consistency to it.
<Andre>: No? I thought it had laws and principles and stuff.
<Adisa>: Yeah, like our legal system has any internal consistency to it either.

  • The_Physician prepares his staff in case he tries something, and then releases the spell on the goon.
  • The_Physician As the spell releases it's hold, the bundle starts to grow, and a loud squeaking sound emerges from the pile of mismatched clothes. Eventually that squeak turns into a scream as a humanoid form emerges. As the transformation completes, it ends with the man back in his original form screaming in pain.

<Cheshire>: Hmm. I think I preferred the rat.

  • The_Physician laughs.

<The_Physician>: I thought you might.
<The_Physician>: Now

  • The_Physician looks at the thug.

<The_Physician>: Now, you are going to tell me several things.
<The_Physician>: One: Who hired you?
<The_Physician>: Answer quickly, and I might go easy on you. Answer slowly, and I will change you to a mouse and leave you at a pet store in the feline section.
<The_Physician>: The choice is yours.
<Mook>: No one hired me.
<Andre>: We need to talk to Niles about this. Think we should call him?
<The_Physician>: Oh? You just assassinate in your spare time?
<Adisa>: Yeah. I can't find any flaws in your reasoning. But since he knows the magic better we should run it by him first just in case.

  • Andre flips out his phone and calls Niles.

<Mook>: Assassination is such a politically charged word. There are no politics in defending humanity.
<The_Physician>: How is what you tried defending humanity?
<Mook>: You don't feel the imbalance?

  • The_Physician looks at the thug skeptically.

<Mook>: Fae come to this world to steal ideas, children, or anything shiny that takes their fancy. They are marauding predators.
<The_Physician>: How would YOU feel anything like that?
<The_Physician>: And how would you know the Fae are real? There is something you are not telling me.
<Mook>: *laughs* I've been standing guard over a caged queen for months. How could I /not/ know the fae are real?
<The_Physician>: Then why not act months ago?
<Mook>: We kill only when necessary. The Queen was caged and not trying to escape. Until you interfered.
<The_Physician>: Ah, now we get to the good stuff. We?
<Mook>: Yes, we. The first person, plural, personal pronoun in modern English.
<The_Physician>: You are trying my patience.
<The_Physician>: WE WHO????
<Andre>: Niles, call me back when you get this. *flips his phone closed*
<Mook>: Trying the patience of a paper tiger. Boo-hoo. If you could compel me, you would have. You might kill me, but you can't force me to say more than I wish.
<Adisa>: Hmmm… I wonder if Verison covers the Faerie Courts….

  • Andre shrugs

<Andre>: So we just have to wait until Niles shows up again, unless you happen to know someone else who uses magic.

  • The_Physician smiles.

<The_Physician>: Possibly. Or maybe I know that if you don't say anything I will just hand you over to my friends here.
<The_Physician>: What do you think?

  • The_Physician looks at Cheshire

<Mook>: If you honestly believe they are your friends, then you are a fool.

  • The_Physician shrugs.

<Adisa>: Um… Wise Elephant? We kinda sorta might've met….
<The_Physician>: Maybe, maybe not. However, you are the one who tried to kill me.

  • <Cheshire> smiles his trademark smile.

<Andre>: Can you maybe call him up?
<Mook>: You are a sorcerer. As damned as they.
<Adisa>: He didn't exactly leave me his business card. Assuming I ever met him at all, which frankly I'm 50/50 on.
<The_Physician>: Damned? So you are a religious bunch?
<Mook>: More practical than religious. Demons exist, fae exist, magic exists, many hells exist.
<Andre>: Then we are back to waiting on Niles.
<Andre>: Hey, can't years pass in this world while a few minutes go by there?
<The_Physician>: Does your little group have a name?
<Mook>: If it did, why would I give it to you?
<The_Physician>: Because if you don't, I will make your suffering last for a VERY long time.
<Mook>: So it's to be torture?
<The_Physician>: Only if necessary.
<Mook>: *shrugs* I can cope with torture.
<The_Physician>: Maybe by me. But I have friends.

  • The_Physician turns to Cheshire. Is there any way to make a phone call here?

<Cheshire>: That depends entirely on who you want to call.
<The_Physician>: you have met my two other friends, or know of them, correct?
<Cheshire>: You wish to contact the mortal plane then.
<The_Physician>: Correct.

  • <Cheshire> pulls an old style rotary phone from one of the desk drawers, placing it on top of the desk.

<Cheshire>: Speak the name of who you wish to call into the receiver.

  • The_Physician picks up the receiver.
  • The_Physician says "Adisa T'Challa"
  • shadowmyre Adisa: Your phone is ringing.
  • Adisa pulls out his phone and answers it. "Hello. This is your last, best hope for peace. How can I help you?"

<The_Physician>: Hello my friend. It is The Physician. I need some help on something, and quite a bit has happened since i saw you last.
<The_Physician>: Do you have some spare time?
<Adisa>: Eh. Yeah I got time. What do you need?

  • The_Physician covers the handset. Looks at Cheshire. "May I bring them in on this?"
  • <Cheshire> inclines his head in a partial bow.

<The_Physician>: I need you and Paladin to join me.
<The_Physician>: Does that work?
<Adisa>: Sure. No problem. Do you still want us to bring those pokers?
<The_Physician>: No, not at all.
<The_Physician>: Can you come now?
<Adisa>: Umm… Sure I guess. Give me directions or an address or something.

  • The_Physician looks at Cheshire

<The_Physician>: Can you bring them here?
<Cheshire>: Is that your wish?
<The_Physician>: Please.
<Cheshire>: If they are prepared, then I can bring them across.
<The_Physician>: Adisa, are you prepared for you and Andre to be transported to me?
<Adisa>: Wait.. what?! NO. Give us a minute.
<Andre>: Who is it, Adisa?

  • The_Physician gives Cheshire a "hold on a second" Look and gesture
  • Adisa covers the receiver on the phone. "Apparently Niles needs us and is ready to have us teleported to him. I managed to tell him not to until we're ready."

<Andre>: Okay, give me a sec.

  • Andre summons the armor

<Adisa>: He also said we didn't need the pokers.
<Adisa>: I think he's grown as a person.
<Paladin>: Well, that's nice I suppose.
<Adisa>: I suppose I better put on the Union Suit.

  • Adisa goes to put on The Union Suit.

<Paladin>: I'm ready whenever Niles is.
<Water_Elephant>: Yeah, I'm ready as well.

  • Water_Elephant picks up the phone again. "We're ready now."
  • The_Physician nods to Cheshire

<The_Physician>: They are ready.
<Cheshire>: Have them say 'I journey now to the Cat Lord's Lair.' I will handle the rest.
<The_Physician>: I need you and Paladin to say "I journey now to the Cat Lord's Lair."
<Paladin>: able to hear both sides of the conversation now I journey now to the Cat Lord's Lair.
<Water_Elephant>: I journey now to the Cat Lord's Lair.

  • <Cheshire> waves his hand, as Andre and Adisa, disappear from Adisa's flat. Behind Niles appears a large, large lion and a sleek black panther.

<Cheshire>: As you asked.

  • Paladin roars in surprise

<The_Physician>: Wait, WHAT?!?!?!
<The_Physician>: Why are they like that? I wanted them as humans?

  • Paladin snarls and does a quick turn to get his bearings in the new surroundings, almost tripping himself on four legs.
  • <Cheshire> smiles. "I am the Cat Lord, am I not? Since when have humans been within my bailiwick? And, they spoke with their own voices that they wished to come." He shrugs. "None asked the details."
  • Paladin looks at the strange fae with slitted eyes, orienting on him and slowly moving forward on massive paws.

<The_Physician>: sigh

  • Water_Panther speaks in a voice of strained calm, "This must never be known. If it is, furry fanfiction will be written about me. And then I will have to kill all mankind. Just FYI."

<Paladin>: You. the one word filled with barely controlled rage
<The_Physician>: Everyone remain calm. I am certain we can work this out.

  • Paladin begins to pace, walking off his anger

<The_Physician>: Guys, I didn't know this would happen.
<Water_Panther>: Physician. Walk with me for a bit.
<Paladin>: True.

  • Water_Panther stalks off in a random direction away from the others.

<Paladin>: Are we stuck this way forever?
<Cheshire>: Of course not. You will become yourselves in due course.
<The_Physician>: Uuum, I am going to walk with my friends for a bit. Can you handle the prisoner in my absence?
<Cheshire>: He will be handled with all due courtesy.

  • The_Physician follows Adisa
  • Paladin with a last baleful look over his haunch he pads after Adisa and Niles.
  • Water_Panther after we're out of earshot of the others. "Okay, here's the scoop. You can not trust Andre. You can not trust me. Not while we have purrboxes anyway. If your friend The Cat Lord says, "Tear out Niles' throat", we eat long pork. Savvy?

<The_Physician>: Savvy. I figured as much.
<Water_Panther>: k. Good. Just wanted to make sure you caught all the angles of this.
<Paladin>: Anyway, that pleasant thought aside, how can we help you?
<The_Physician>: I was hoping you could intimidate someone for me.
<The_Physician>: OK, let me explain…no, let me sum up.
<Paladin>: And we seriously need to talk. We may have figured out who is behind all of this.

  • The_Physician fills them in on the farie queen, the deal to use their court if needed, and the prisoner, and the attack on the queen.

<Water_Panther>: Okay. You released the queen from her… I assume spell. Good on you. And you want us to interrogate your little rodent friend.

  • The_Physician pretty much tells them everything he has donesince the last time they saw each other.

<The_Physician>: Well, he is not a rodent anymore.
<Water_Panther>: Oh good. That's a bit of a relief.
<The_Physician>: I didn't give him capability to speak when I changed him…or the ability to know how to move on four legs. I had to keep him there so I could question him later.
<Paladin>: Alright. I think we can do that.
<Paladin>: What do you want to know?
<The_Physician>: The name of his group and how the heck someone could create something like that Mundane blade.
<Water_Panther>: Maybe they were out of iron pokers.
<Paladin>: Alright. And while we do that ponder this.

  • Paladin fills Niles in on his reasoning for Strange or Paxton to be the culprit.

<The_Physician>: Interesting hypothesis. I have long suspected the Artist.
<Paladin>: I would like you there for questioning. Preferably at a neutreal place.
<The_Physician>: Agreed.
<The_Physician>: But we can talk about that later.
<The_Physician>: How do you both feel?
<The_Physician>: Any more like yourselves?
<Water_Panther>: Feline, but other than that, all right.
<Paladin>: Let's go question this prisoner. And I feel like a chia pet right now, butI am fine.
<The_Physician>: Darn, then this might last a few hours.
<The_Physician>: Ok.
<The_Physician>: I apologize again guys, I did not knwo that was his intent.
<Paladin>: I can still question him like this. It might even be more effective.
<Water_Panther>: Yeah. Large teeth tend to be helpful in negotiations and interrogations.
<The_Physician>: OK, lets go.

  • Water_Panther follows Physician.
  • The_Physician heads back to the main area where the prisoner is.
  • Paladin stalks into the main area that houses the prisoner, fixing his eyes on the man

<shadowmyre>: Other than being very wide-eyed, the prisoner seems just as you left him.
<Paladin>: My friend says that you are being obstinate. He also says that if you continue to be so that we can eat you.

  • Paladin smiles, showing impressive fangs

<Paladin>: Slowly.
<Water_Panther>: He's not going to talk. I say we eat him now.
<Paladin>: Now now, why don't we compromise? He only needs his top half to talk, right?

  • Paladin stalks toward the man, his claws coming out to click on the floor softly

<Mook>: Two more glamoured by the fae. Are you simply beasts now? If that is all you are, then eat me. See how your stomach feels with human flesh in it.
<Water_Panther>: Compromises. The eyes are the best part. And he doesn't need them to talk either.
<Paladin>: Who are you working for?
<Paladin>: It is not too late to do the right thing and ask forgiveness.
<Mook>: Forgiveness? You, speak of forgiveness to me? Who walk with demon summoners? It is you who needs forgiveness.
<Paladin>: He is a zealot.
<shadowmyre>: <Mook> Give me my blade, and I will lift the false veil from your eyes.

  • Paladin looking toward Niles

<shadowmyre>: <Mook> Let the sorcerer die, let the feckin faeries die with him. You two, at least, can be saved.
<Paladin>: Brother, your compassion moves me, but you are in err. While some may be misguided, none deserve death.
<Paladin>: Sorcerer, may we speak in private?
<Mook>: Then what would you do with child thieves? Beings of power that care nothing for humans, save as pets and prey?

  • The_Physician nods.

<Paladin>: Not everyone is like that. It is like saying that everyone should be imprisoned because a few of them are thieves.

  • Water_Panther just gazes at the Mook's eyes hungrily.
  • Paladin walks away with Niles to get out of earshot.

<Paladin>: Niles, this may is ready to die for what he believes. I don't think that you're going to get anything out of him.
<Paladin>: Not without serious physical or psychological torture, and I will not do that.
<The_Physician>: Understood.
<The_Physician>: *sigh*
<Paladin>: Niles…you know that we can't leave him here either, right?
<The_Physician>: I don't think we have a choice in that regard. He DID try to kill one of their Queens, and it is within their right to punish him however they see fit.
<The_Physician>: To try to remove him might cause us to lose one of our only group of allies we have in this whole world coming to an end thing.
<Paladin>: No choice? there is always a choice, Niles.
<Paladin>: If we leave him here as a political gambit, we are no better than the ones trying to end the world.
<The_Physician>: Think about it.
<The_Physician>: In a few days everything resets and he'll be all right…
<The_Physician>: I think.
<The_Physician>: Time seems to work differently here.
<Paladin>: So in a few days we'll go back and you'll wake her up again and we'll be right here all over again.
<Paladin>: I'll go with you and intercept him if I can, but we may end up right back here.
<Paladin>: Besides, it doesn't matter that we'll go back. All we can do is effect the now and we /can't/ leave him here.
<Cheshire>: In fairness, we are no more bound by time than your angelic friend.

  • <Cheshire>'s voice rises from around you.

<Paladin>: So she is awake and won't be there when we go back?
<Cheshire>: Correct.
<Paladin>: So what is done is done. Now we really can't leave him.
<Cheshire>: And our guest is no longer within any stream of time, while he is here. There is no paradox to worry about, this time.
<shadowmyre>: LOG END

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