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<GM> Time: 8:30 pm Local time.
<GM> Location: 12 Lotus Hotel

  • Andre paces to the window looking toward the Third Emperor's compound.
  • GM The Compound still floats a few feet above the water. From this distance, a faint aura seem to shimmer around the building.

<Andre> Niles…
<Andre> Do you enslave creatures to your will with your magic?

  • GM The flickering aura reflects off the water's surface, looking similar to the effect of will o' the wisps?

<Ren_Po_Ken> What brings this on?
<The_Physician> Do you always begin conversations this way?
<Andre> What ever brings on a simple question?
<Andre> *turns towar dNiles* Do you enslave creatures to your will with magic?
<The_Physician> Hmmm. I suppose what I do could count as that. But I always release them afterword, no worse for wear.
<The_Physician> I have never given it much thought, really.
<Andre> Ah.

  • Andre turns back to the window

<The_Physician> Why? ANd what brings this on? Is something the matter?
<Ren_Po_Ken> No no no. This is not an idle line of inquiry. Why are you bringing this up now? What provoked this line of thought?
<Andre> Ruminations, Adisa. Just thinking things through.
<Andre> Thinking about the nature of slavery and the Avatara…and too many things right now.
<Andre> Wrong, Niles? That depends on whether you believe that enslavement is wrong.
<Andre> But this conversation cannot lead anywhere good right now. Please forgive my bluntness.
<Andre> I need to take a walk.
<The_Physician> Oh, I likened it to asking a question. I call whatever I need to talk to, pose the question, and then let them go.
<The_Physician> I honestly never thought I was doing any harm.
<Andre> Maybe you aren't. I have no idea.
<Andre> I'll be back in a while.

  • Andre slip sout the door and shuts it quietly behind him.

<Adisa> So, Andre, what's your impression of the Third Emperor?
<Andre> *The shutting door is Adisa's only reply*
<Adisa> So he's wandering in a country, literally on the other side of the earth from his native one, alone, right after killing a bunch of people.
<The_Physician> Oh, good point.
<The_Physician> Shojuld we pursue him?
<Adisa> No.
<Adisa> He should be fine.
<Adisa> It's the Chinese we should worry about.
<The_Physician> OK.
<Adisa> I wonder if he's going to turn himself.
<Adisa> …in.
<The_Physician> That would be bad.
<Adisa> Would it?
<Adisa> I wonder.
<The_Physician> Yes, we like Paladin.
<The_Physician> Dont we?
<The_Physician> Well, we already lost Boolean, I would hate to lose another friend.
<Adisa> Well, it's like this. When Andre powers up, he basically becomes a slightly smarter Hulk.
<Adisa> Without the self-control.
<The_Physician> I would not go that far my friend.
<The_Physician> What makes you say that exactly?
<Adisa> He jumped from the top floor of that building, to the ocean .
<The_Physician> Oh.
<The_Physician> As in through most of the building?
<Adisa> Barring some very minor damage from the other Elementals (and the fact that I love to knock Chinese Engineering), I know of no other reason for the building to collapse.
<The_Physician> Hmmm. So we have a very powerful ally.
<The_Physician> He WAS trying to "rescue" me, correct?
<Adisa> Yes, preferably without causing an international incident.
<The_Physician> Point.

  • The_Physician sighs

<Adisa> On the other hand, we don't actually know that anyone was hurt or killed, but even if so, that's just luck.
<The_Physician> Do you think maybe the circlet changed him?
<The_Physician> Or the other piece rather?
<Adisa> I don't know. I didn't know him long enough before Jack gave him the second piece.
<Adisa> What do you think. It's apparently magic, which puts it right up your ally.
<The_Physician> POint.
<The_Physician> Well, I have analyzed the circlet in a rudimentary fashion, and the potential is there. It seems as though the circlet might have a consciousness, but I could not say with any certainty at this time.
<Adisa> Okay, we are here in China.
<Adisa> Our entire purpose to being in China was to get the third piece of the circlet for Andre.
<Adisa> That's not happening now.
<Adisa> Other than investigateing Wu's death, is there any reason for us to be in China anymore?
<The_Physician> Point. So you are thinking that maybe the circlet is having a fit that it is not going to be reunited with its pieces?
<Adisa> No. Though at this point anything is possible.
<The_Physician> Right.
<The_Physician> Well, I think we should call Jack and inform him about Wu.
<Adisa> Yeah, I'm going to try that right now.

  • Adisa gives Jack a ring.
  • Jack picks up on the third ring

<Jack> Speak.

  • Andre opens the door and enters the room.

<The_Physician> Welcome back sir.
<Adisa> Jack? It's Adisa. Wu's been killed, probably murdered.

  • Jack The sound of keys clacking on a keyboard is faintly audible over the phone
  • Adisa waves at Andre.
  • Jack The sound of typing stops
  • Andre nods to Adisa

<Jack> Could you say that again?
<Jack> Who's dead?
<Adisa> Wu, the guy you presumably, though I'm beginning to doubt, set us up with to help us get around China.
<Jack> Wu? I don't know anyone named Wu. Wasn't Jia Niu waiting for you at the airport?
<Adisa> No. The guy who picked us up introduced himself as Wu. He's dead, just so that doesn't get lost in this revelation.
<Jack> Don't know no Wu.
<Jack> Hold on this line, let me give Jia a ring.

  • Jack Over the phone, you hear him faintly

<Jack> Wendy, get me a line to China. I need to speak with Jia.
<Jack> Really?
<Jack> Open the sattelites.
<Jack> Huh.
<Jack> Adisa. What kind of phone are you using?
<Adisa> An American one.
<Jack> How big a picture can it handle?
<Adisa> It can handle a higher resolution than real life.
<Adisa> I'm a hard core tech geek.
<Jack> RIght. Sending some pictures. You should see this as well.

  • Adisa looks at the pictures.
  • Jack There are about three dozen pictures in total. Most of them, detail is hard to get, mostly different shades of red. In the few where details are visible, it is clear that whoever is in the pictures is dead.
  • Jack At least seven people, three males two females, and two others that are impossible to determine due to no identifying features left after they were skinned.

<Adisa> Morbid… but powerful. I've seen worse in art galleries.
<Jack> This is the current status of my primary employees in China.

  • Jack 's voice has taken on a hard edge.
  • Jack He seems…. displeased.

<Adisa> I see. Wu did not die like that. His death was more along the lines of jumping out of a plane without a parachute sort of thing.
<Jack> I still don't know this Wu. I suspect he was placed as a ringer. Where are you now?
<Adisa> We are now packing up and finding a less suspicious hotel. One not suggested by 'A. Ringer.'.

  • Adisa to the others. "Pack up. We're getting a new hotel."

<The_Physician> Okie dokie.
<Jack> What hotel?
<Adisa> We'll let you know when we do.
<Jack> No. Where are you Right Now?
<Jack> I can't trace your cell at all.

  • Adisa packs up while talking to Jack.

<Jack> Something is blocking my satellites throughout ALL OF CHINA.
<Adisa> So how are we talking?
<Jack> Verizon. Everywhere you want to be.

  • Adisa turns on speaker phone.
  • The_Physician begins to pack up as fast as he can.

<The_Physician> What is wrong Aisa?
<The_Physician> Adisa*
<Jack> Although I generally use Skype for international calls. But what hotel are you in?

  • Adisa tells Jack the name of the hotel we're in. It's probably something in Chinese.

<Adisa> Twelve Lotuses.
<Jack> Alright. Wendy, send a car around to the 12 Lotus Hotel. Custom model.
<Jack> Adisa, I can't offer much in the way of support, but Wendy can keep us in contact via the car.
<Adisa> At this point, we'll take any aid we can get.
<Jack> Try and keep me appraised as to what's happening. Once you're outside of the Golden Firewall, I can offer more tangible support.
<The_Physician> Agreed.
<Adisa> Sure. We're heading out now.

  • Adisa snags stuff and throws open door.
  • The_Physician prepares a spell to mask Adisa and the Physician from sight for when they leave the hotel room.

<Jack> Got it. Once you're in the car, contact me again.

  • Jack Jack disconnects.

<The_Physician> Close the door Adisa and come back here a moment.

  • Adisa closes the door and goes back there a moment.
  • The_Physician whispers

<The_Physician> I am going to get a spell together to mask us from sight when we leave.
<The_Physician> Sorry for not letting you know sooner, I just thought of it now.
<Adisa> Okay. Cool.

  • The_Physician continues to prepare a spell to mask Adisa and the Physician from sight for when they leave the hotel room.
  • The_Physician Once the spell is complete, Physician makes us look like regular Chinese businessmen on a business trip.
  • The_Physician We look all businessy

<Adisa> Oh wow! I'm me, but Chinese. Weird.
<Adisa> Why am I craving cat?
<The_Physician> Let us depart.

  • Adisa head down to the car that awaits us.
  • The_Physician Heads out the front door after deciding checking out might get us noticed.
  • The_Physician heads toward the car.
  • Boolean appears right in front of Niles almost has he reaches the car.

<Boolean> Initialize: Hello Niles.
<Adisa> Ah Kill it! Kill it! Oh, hi Boolean.
<Boolean> Query: Weren't you kidnapped?
<Adisa> How was your trip beyond time and space.
<Boolean> Declare: I have no idea what you're talking about.
<Boolean> Query: What did I miss?
<Adisa> We're changing hotels. Cockroaches. Big ones. Great Majong players though.
<Boolean> Declare: I see. There was surveillance equipment.
<Boolean> Declare: I shall accompany you unseen, then.

  • Boolean vanishes
  • The_Physician continues to the car.
  • The_Car is a silver car, covered in about three years worth of dirt, grime and road salt
  • Adisa gets in the car and puts in his Peter Gun CD.
  • Inside, the car is plush, soft leather, roomy, but not too big. Also, a stereo to die for.

<Boolean> Declare: Ummmm
<Boolean> Query: Guys?
<Adisa> Let's motor.
<Boolean> Declare: The Car is watching us.
<The_Physician> What do you mean Boolean?
<Boolean> Declare: Or at least mean.
<The_Physician> Retcon.

  • The_Physician whispers "WHat do you mean??"

<Adisa> Pulls up Google China and picks a hotellish sounding name at random.
<Boolean> Declare: I believe my statement was concise and explicit. I could spell it out, but then you might not understand.

  • Adisa pulls up Google China and picks a hotellish sounding name at random.
  • The_Car 's speaker chirrups.

<The_Car> Not necessary. A destination has already been specified.

  • The_Physician whispers "How can a car watch us???"

<Boolean> Declare: Perhaps it is self-aware.
<Adisa> Yeah, probably. Don't let it bother you.
<Adisa> Why shouldn't the car watch us? We're cool.
<The_Car> Of course I'm self-aware.
<Adisa> A role model for cars everywhere.

  • The_Car preens.

<The_Physician> Oh, well, then that's OK.
<The_Car> (to Physician) Don't worry. I won't infect you.

  • The_Physician contemplated putting up a shield again.

<Andre> Niles. Where were you earlier today?
<The_Physician> I was still trying to find the location Wu was thrown from.
<Andre> What brought you to the warehouse?
<The_Physician> The loud explosions.
<Andre> Huh.
<Boolean> Declare: By the by, Andre…
<Boolean> Query: Why exactly do you not trust me?

  • The_Car Doors close, locks click, and a digital readout that promises an absolutely punishing speed appears.

<The_Car> Ready?

  • Adisa turns up Peter Gun.
  • The_Car Gears shift, and the car roars to life.

<The_Physician> Also the fact neither of you were there when I got back.
<Andre> Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that you deliberately miseld us into an ambush.
<Boolean> Declare: I did nothing of the sort.
<Andre> Then how would you explain it?
<Andre> Niles was not there, the enemy was waiting, and the circlet came into very close proximity with no ill effects yet.
<Adisa> Do we know that was actually a piece of the circlet?
<Andre> Why do you believe that you are worthy of my trust?
<Boolean> Declare: The CDB reported back all of the details. I simply parroted them back.

  • The_Car Despite the apparent speed from the digital readout, the car moves through the streets smoothly, taking turns and corners much faster than any (normal) human would want.

<Andre> I cannot discern such things Adisa. That is Niles's area of expertise.
<Boolean> Declare: I do not believe myself worthy or unworthy. I merely wish to understand your logic error, that I may correct it with accurate information.
<Boolean> Declare: It is, after all, what I do.
<Andre> Then if the CDB misleads us, through you, how can you be trusted when all of your information comes from there?
<The_Physician> Unfortunately, I did not know the third piece was involved, so I never looked for it when we were in the warehouse.
<Boolean> Declare: It would appear that certain information from the CDB may be corrupt. I am working out a manner to discern the inaccurate information from the accurate.
<Andre> It is not a personal attack, Boolean. Just prudence.
<Boolean> Declare: To be fair, you put blind faith in a magic box of supposedly all-knowing information.
<Boolean> Declare: You are under the mistaken impression that I am affronted by a perceived attack on my character. I am not designed to be affronted by anything.
<Andre> When did I mention fair? The "magic box" doe snot mislead me.
<Andre> Yet you are designed to be defensive. INtereting.
<The_Physician> Television does not mislead people?

  • Boolean appears in one of the car seats, making a physical impression on it.

<Andre> I was seeing the box as a Book.
<Boolean> Query: Defensive?
<Andre> Why do you care what I think, Boolean?
<The_Physician> I bdelieve he was stating a fact Andre, not being defensive or anything of the like.
<Boolean> Declare: I am a construct of all thought.
<Boolean> Query: Remember?
<Boolean> Declare: Therefore, I am inclined to attempt to understand thought that is alien to me.
<Andre> I suppose I am not equipped to completely understand that.

  • The_Car screeches to a halt in front of a nondescript building, not really any different from the other tall buildings that surround it.

<Boolean> Declare: It is not so much a matter of caring as it is intelligent inquiry into the unknown.
<Boolean> Sarcasm: Seriously, you Solan Entities should try it sometime.

  • Boolean appears puzzled, then shrugs.
  • Adisa gets out of the car and leaves behind the conversation.
  • Adisa returns to claim his Peter Gun CD and other stuff.
  • Andre follows
  • Boolean moves out of the car and resumes his normal phased form, following Adisa and Andre.
  • The_Physician The Physician leaves the car and follows as well.
  • The_Car 's doors slam shut, then peels out.
  • Adisa takes in the building.

<Boolean> Suggestion: Check for surveillance equipment first this time.

  • Adisa good call

<Boolean> Suggestion: And supernatural methods of surveillance as well, Niles.

  • GM The building is, compared to the buildings around it, entirely unremarkable. However, there is a plaque nearby, labeling it as an office uilding for the Skye Foundation.
  • The_Physician begins magically looking for anything offensivei n the area.

<Andre> Be it ever so humble…..how long must we stay in China? It seems that the reasons for coming here are now null and void.
<Boolean> Declare: A valid point, Andre.

  • GM Adisa's phone rings.
  • Boolean inspects the building, appearing somewhat uneasy.
  • Adisa answers phone

<Jack> Hey. Are you there?
<Adisa> Yeah, we're outside the building now.
<Jack> Excellent. You can stay in here for a while, it should be safe for now.
<Jack> Wendy is in the process of arranging a flight out of China, but there are…. difficulties.
<Boolean> Establish Connection [CDB] Duration == 1 Acquire
<Boolean> Acquire: Am I permitted entry into the building before me?
<Jack> CDB: Building is not barred. Warning: SHIVA is close by.

  • Boolean moves over to Adisa.
  • Adisa goes into the building.

<Boolean> Declare: Adisa, an SAR to the CDB may be nearby. Just FYI.
<The_Physician> SAR?
<Boolean> Declare: SAR. System Admin Root.
<Boolean> Query: Can you set me at ease and try to detect the whereabouts of nearby extranormal entities?

  • Boolean looking worriedly at Niles.
  • Jack Inside, the building is a bit more bland than the outside, save for a high level of electrical equipment. A few cameras pan back and forth, watching the entryway and the front desk. The front desk is unmanned.

<Jack> Currently, the building should be empty. Hole up here.
<The_Physician> Jack, there is something HUGE moving in the same direction of the car!
<Jack> Huh? Wendy, run a scan.
<Jack> Use the office as a focal point.
<The_Physician> Also, the spirit of the building is awake, but doesnt seem malcontent
<Boolean> Declare: Thank you, Niles.

  • Jack muffled from the phone, a girl's voice: It isn't following the car, it is the car. Everything is within normal parameters.

<Boolean> Declare: Shit pickle.
<Andre> *blinks*

  • The_Physician blinks
  • Adisa shrugs.

<Andre> An Interesting choice of language. Does the CDB suddenly have Turrets?
<The_Physician> Boolean, are you OK?
<Boolean> Declare: I… cannot account for my context at present.
<Boolean> Query: Andre, would you please ask Jack what Wendy is and to be specific?
<Andre> Adisa…? You're on the phone with him.
<Adisa> Okay Jack we're getting something moving towards the car. Might be Wendy. Might be Shiva. We need you to tell them apart.
<Jack> Shiva? As in… a hindu god or something?
<The_Physician> Acgtually, I just got that it is moving in the same direction the car took. I suppose they could be one and the same.
<The_Physician> Jack, what, precisely, is the car?
<Andre> And why are we standing out here talking about it?
<Jack> The car is a shard-seed of the nanotech colony of Wendy.
<The_Physician> OK.
<The_Physician> I dont know what that means, but OK.
<The_Physician> Lets go in the building, I feel exposed out here.
<Boolean> Declare: You go ahead. I will remain out here. To be safe.

  • Adisa goes into the building and luxuriates in the abandonment.
  • Andre follows Adisa in wondering why an abandoned building has security cameras moving.
  • Boolean eyes the building warily.
  • Adisa trusts the building in all things.
  • The_Physician Enters the building.

<Andre> Why are we here and not at the airport?

  • Boolean slowly, cautiously enters the building.

<Boolean> Declare: Again, the man makes an excellent point.
<Boolean> Query: What is your direction?
<The_Physician> Let's stick together Boolean

  • Boolean looks around as if he expects the building to get up and beat him.
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