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<shadowmyre>: Location (All): Cat Lord's Manor, Ground Zero.
<The_Paladin>: What are your intentions with the would be assassin?
<Cheshire>: Nothing too horrible.
<The_Paladin>: What do you consider to be horrible?

  • The_Physician whispers "We REALLY should not make an issue of this. I just got the Queen and the court on our side in the upcoming events, and they are the first allies we have in this whole mess."
  • Adisa whispers "Which answer will get me my thumbs faster?"

<The_Paladin>: So, we should not make an issue of every human life?
<The_Paladin>: Are some more important than others then, Niles?
<The_Physician>: What is more important. The fate of the world, or the fate of one man?
<The_Paladin>: What is the difference if you turn into a monster while doing it? Or a judge? How easy would it be to sacrafice, say, one person for the good of all? Or maybe five people?
<The_Paladin>: At what point does it start to matter to you?
<The_Physician>: *sigh*
<The_Physician>: It does matter to me. This individual tried to kill two people, myself included. Should he not go to the one justice system that can actually punish him?
<The_Physician>: What am I supposed to tell an officer if we were to take him back with us?
<Adisa>: Okay, fair points. Here's another one. At what point is saving a criminal's life from his lawful execution an international (and dimensional) incident?
<The_Paladin>: I am not in a position to save every criminal from teh laws that I am sworn to uphold. I can save this one though.
<The_Physician>: Well, see officer, this guy tried to kill me and my faerie friend, while i was in a magical disguise. Ultimately he stabbed me and I turned him into a rat.
<The_Paladin>: It all depends on what our host here thinks it "not too horrible".
<The_Paladin>: And, Niles, just because someone does something terrible, it doe snot mean that they are beyond redemption. Or do you disagree?
<The_Physician>: Not at all. But these are tough times, and we have to do what we need to to survive, and that requires a bit of a shift in thinking, do you not agree?
<Adisa>: Seriously, this guy is an alleged and confessed political assassin. He broke the law, the law says… whatever the law says. Stop being such an American!
<The_Paladin>: What we do when the pressure is on is what matters the most. It is the integrity of who we truly are.
<The_Physician>: *sigh*

  • The_Physician Looks up

<The_Paladin>: *To Cheshire* What laws do you have in place for would be assassins who attempt to remove faerie queens?
<Cheshire>: Very practical ones.
<The_Paladin>: Are you going to kill him?
<Cheshire>: I will not kill him, no.
<The_Paladin>: Is he going to die by the hand of an executioner of faery?
<Cheshire>: Now you want me to prophesize. Who am I to know the future?
<Cheshire>: Indeed, he may drop dead of sheer boredom in the next ten minutes. How are we to know?
<The_Paladin>: You are the one who has him in your home, does that not give you some say in his fate? Will he be tried or executed?
<The_Physician>: Cheshire, I am sorry for this…annoyance. Of course we are not trying to question your laws or justice system.
<The_Paladin>: I am not questioning yours either, just trying to understand them as best as my mortal mind can.
<Cheshire>: Let me put this another way. How does your government handle terrorists, or those who seek to assassinate your… king. emperor. Lord. Monarch. What do they call them this century?
<The_Paladin>: They incarcerate them to await a trial.
<The_Physician>: President for Paladin's country.
<Cheshire>: And how are they incarcerated? Peacefully, with three meals a day, comfortable lodgings, gentle music and perfumed sheets?
<The_Physician>: Queen for my homeland.
<The_Paladin>: I truly don't know.
<Cheshire>: And do you fret about the treatment of other terrorists, or only the ones that you can see?
<Adisa>: I do actually, though only prior to their being convicted by law. Once they are convicted, I'd be fine if they hanged them.
<The_Paladin>: Only the ones that I can help. It is different when you have a truth staring you in the face that you may not always think about. If he is condemned to death for his crimes at a trial so be it, but torture….I cannot stomach that thought.
<Cheshire>: Oh? So, it is simple proximity. Easily solved then.

  • Cheshire waves his hand, and the Mook evaporates.

<The_Physician>: Where did he go?
<The_Paladin>: It is not just proximity. Not anymore.
<Cheshire>: In the next room over, twice as inarticulate with rage but otherwise unharmed.
<Adisa>: What a whiner.
<The_Physician>: Paladin, Let me put it to you this way. If we were in a foreign country and the law there said that execution was the only way to deal with would be assassins…would you challenge the law enforcement of that country?
<The_Physician>: Because that is exactly what you are trying to do here.
<The_Physician>: The laws of the fae must be respected in there territory.
<The_Paladin>: Not the execution, no. But what country allows torture?
<Adisa>: Every.
<Cheshire>: Not every. The Goblin Nations don't.
<The_Paladin>: So ramming spikes through the feet and bamboo shoots under teh finger nails are okay with you?
<Cheshire>: They just eat you.
<Adisa>: Every country has their own style, but all of them torture. Except maybe the fae just because this is the first time I've seriously considered their existence.
<Adisa>: No offense.
<Adisa>: ((That last line was to Cheshire))

  • Cheshire waves off-handedly. "Never gave it a thought."

<The_Paladin>: I understand your points. I do not agree with your morals. And I cannot do anything about it in this case. *snarled from cat lips*

  • The_Physician nods.

<The_Physician>: OK, so what is our next move?
<The_Paladin>: Questioning Paxton and Strange?
<Adisa>: Yeah. Pally's got a theory about what's been going down.
<The_Physician>: Hmmmm. Strange first, but not for the reason you think.
<The_Physician>: I want to know if Doctor Strange knows anything about Paxton.
<The_Physician>: If I had truly been challenging Doctor Strange in the harbor that day, there would have been no challenge, honestly.
<The_Paladin>: *shrugs* You're the one with the plan.
<The_Physician>: No challenge for him, I mean.
<The_Physician>: He is the Sorcerer Supreme for a reason, after all.
<The_Physician>: Cheshire, how long will my friends remain Cats when we return to the City?
<Cheshire>: First light, should it still be night when you return to the mortal plane.
<The_Physician>: Right, you said that earlier.
<The_Physician>: Apologies, it's been an odd night.
<Adisa>: You have no idea.
<The_Physician>: So, let us leave.
<The_Paladin>: Do we want to do this tonight? Or should we wait until we are less…furry?
<The_Physician>: When we get out of here, I can transport us somewhere safe so a zoo doesn't try to pick you two up or anything.
<The_Paladin>: I swear I'll eat you .
<The_Physician>: Wait until we are all…ourselves.
<The_Paladin>: Sure. Where are we going to lie low until that happens?
<The_Physician>: Adisa, is your place OK?
<Adisa>: I got the room, but I miss my thumbs. Can you do anything about that?
<The_Physician>: Best to wait until dawn.
<The_Physician>: I may exacerbate the situation.
<The_Paladin>: So in other words we may actually get to sleep for a bit?
<The_Paladin>: Oh thank you heaven for small miracles.
<The_Physician>: Yes
<The_Physician>: So shall we go?
<The_Paladin>: Yes
<The_Physician>: Cheshire, can Madigan show us out?

  • Cheshire claps his hands, summoning the hatted butler. "Certainly."

<The_Physician>: Thank you. I wish you well.
<The_Physician>: Oh, before I forget.

  • The_Physician places the pen and inkwell onto the table of the room.

<The_Physician>: *retcon placing the inkwell down*
<Cheshire>: Of course. *recovers the quill pen with a rapidity that leaves most blinking*

  • Adisa blinks

<The_Physician>: Long story, I will fill you in later.
<The_Physician>: Please tell your beloved it was a pleasure meeting her.

  • The_Physician bows
  • <Madigan> escorts the sorcerer and his two cutesy-wutsey kitty familiars to the main door.
  • Adisa plots Cheshire's painful death.
  • Adisa ponders how he will get a horse into those pants….

<The_Paladin>: This place smells strange. Where exactly are we?
<The_Physician>: Another dimension.
<Adisa>: …
<Adisa>: Wait….
<The_Paladin>: That would explain that.
<Adisa>: Does that mean we died?
<Adisa>: Funimation style?

  • The_Physician blinks

<The_Physician>: I do not know the reference, but no, we are quite alright.
<Adisa>: Obscure anime reference. Never mind. It will never catch on.

  • The_Physician once escorted out and back on the mortal plane, he places one hand on the manes of his friends and teleports to Adisa'a place.

<BAM> Location: Adisa's place.

  • The_Physician sighs. Wow, I am glad that worked.

<The_Paladin>: You didn't think that it would?
<The_Physician>: Last time, they escorted me back to the mortal plane.
<The_Physician>: I don't normally travel through dimensions.
<The_Physician>: Why else do you think I asked the Cat Lord to do it?
<The_Physician>: I thought it would be safer.
<Cheshire>: ((Because you hate them?))
<The_Physician>: OK, so how do we approach this situation?
<Adisa>: ((Yes we do))
<The_Paladin>: *yawns, showing a rather impressive set of fangs* We curl up and go to sleep. Unless you wanted to tackle Strange tonight.
<Adisa>: I vote for sleep
<The_Physician>: Agreed. It has been a long day
<The_Physician>: However.
<The_Physician>: May I puit up some barriers, early warning alarms, etc?
<Adisa>: Eh. Knock yourself out.
<The_Physician>: I mean if one of our enemies is truly a practitioner, we need to be prepared.
<The_Physician>: OK, thank you my friend.

  • Andre pulls his…fur…in
  • Niles prepares the spells of protection.
  • Adisa dreams of making more useful devices than that stupid Richards!
  • shadowmyre And people dream.

<shadowmyre>: LOG END

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