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<shadowmyre>: Location: Adisa's flat
* Andre_Harper yawns and stretches, the strange dream still echoing in his head.
* The_Physician sits up with a start, and checks his feet for any damage / if they are still there.
* Andre_Harper looks over to where Niles is on teh couch.
* Adisa rolls over and pulls the pillow over his head.
<Andre_Harper>: Bad dream?
<The_Physician>: You could say that.
* The_Physician gets off the couch, and moves to check his wards.
<Andre_Harper>: Sorry to hear that. *looks at his watch and grunts* Eight o'clock? I'm already late.
<Andre_Harper>: Does it count if we're late in teh future? What an odd question that one is…
<Andre_Harper>: Hungry, Niles?
<The_Physician>: I could fancy a snack.
* Adisa rolls over. It's not morning. It wouldn't /dare/ be morning.
<Andre_Harper>: I'll grab donuts and coffee and tea while I'm out then. I'll be gone for about an hour. Think you can get by for that long?
<The_Physician>: Yes I will survive.
<Andre_Harper>: I'll leave the day's planning for you and Adisa then. You are infinitely more qualified on how to approach a wizard than I am.
<Andre_Harper>: Need anything els ewhile I am out?
<The_Physician>: No, I am good. Thank you kindly.
* Andre_Harper tips an imaginary hat to Niles and heads for the door.
* The_Physician waits until Andre has left, and then pulls out his cell phone to make a call.
* The_Physician dials Dr. Strange's estate.
* Andre_Harper calls Tony on teh way to the subway and gives him directions to get the crew started at the site*
<Andre_Harper>: ..I won't be in today and maybe not tomorrow either. Something has come up and I am needed elsewhere for a bit, but call me if you have any issues. Remind everyone that if they take a smoke break they need to be offsite to do it.
* Pick-up after three rings. "This is Wong."
* Andre_Harper catches the metro and heads to his studio
<The_Physician>: Hello Wong. This is Niles. How are you this morning.
* Andre_Harper starts to hum the cadence of the chant from his dream unconsciously and he sits in the subway car.
<Wong> I'm doing well. What can I do for you?
* Adisa comes to the cruel realization that it is in fact, morning, curses the heavens and Reed Richards, and get up and ready to face the day.
<The_Physician>: I was wondering if I could schedule a visit with the good Doctor today.
<The_Physician>: I need his advice on a matter of great importance.
<Wong> "And what would this be in reference to?"
* Adisa wanders into the living room and see Niles is on the phone, so keeps quiet.
<The_Physician>: The recent events that have transpired and possible war with the elementals.
* Andre_Harper heads up to his apartment for a much needed change of clothing (two weeks is along time to wear the same jeans) and shower, checking his messages while he gets his paperwork in order.
<Wong> Can you be more specific?
* Adisa makes breakfast.
<The_Physician>: I would rather not over the phone sir.
<Wong> He can accommodate you this evening. Around six.
<The_Physician>: That will do just fine. Thank you Wong.
<Wong> Of course. See you at six.
* The_Physician hangs up.
<The_Physician>: Well Adisa, we have a meeting with Dr. Strange at 6pm tonight.
<Adisa>: Okay. Do you have any plans or are we winging it again?
<The_Physician>: I plan on asking him how to approach the artist.
<The_Physician>: I do not believe Strange is the man we are lookjing for.
<Adisa>: Well, I agree.
* Andre_Harper feeling much more human after a good shower and a shave, he heads back to Adisa'a, setting the alarm as he goes.
* Andre_Harper stopping once on the way back for coffee tea and donuts from a good place down on Seventh and Belvidere, he make sit back to Adisa's in just under an hour.
* Andre_Harper turns the knob and then opens the door with a hip, balancing the beverages and the pastries
<Andre_Harper>: Sorry it took so long, I had some paperwork to do before I could head back.
<The_Physician>: No worries. We have a meeting with Dr. Strange around 6pm.
<Andre_Harper>: Alright, so do we try to talk to Paxton first then?
<Andre_Harper>: If we do we need to meet him on neutral ground.
<The_Physician>: No, we ask Dr. Strange how best to approach this situation.
<The_Physician>: He may have his own thoughts on our situation.
<Andre_Harper>: I thought the point was to ask Dr. Strange if he was responsible for waking the Avatara?
<The_Physician>: No, I do not believe he is our man.
<Andre_Harper>: Why not? *sips his coffee*
<The_Physician>: Like I stated before, had it been him at the harbor, I would not have had the most remote chance at all.
<Andre_Harper>: Unless he was, say, tired form filling an energy void? Or just not trying very hard?
<Andre_Harper>: He is smart enough to know how much power you have, right? You worked with him, yes? He knows your limits and can appear however he likes.
<shadowmyre>: ((or underestimated him, or was drunk, or was chatting with Stark and RICHAAAAARDS!…))
<Adisa>: Okay, I'm gong to stop you right there. You're venturing into John Carpenter territory with that kind of paranoia.
<Andre_Harper>: *shrugs* It's down to only a few people. We can't cross anyone off of that list because we want to.
<Andre_Harper>: The Artist and Strange seem most likely, but it could have been any of them. We're just starting in the most likely place.
<shadowmyre>: ((This might be a really bad time to point out that you guys could probably have awakened the Avatara…..))
<Andre_Harper>: For all we knoe Dr. Strange has been corrupted by the forces that he commands with impunity, or he could be controlled by someone else.
<Adisa>: I agree, but assuming that you're dealing with an omnipotent foe who enjoys head games is a really good excuse to just stay in your room and play with hard drugs.
<Andre_Harper>: ((we don't know that…minor leagues remember?)
<Adisa>: ((You ask me, I blame Wise Elephant. Just because he's a dick.))
<Andre_Harper>: We don't have that luxury. We know that all that we need is on that list. Let's not be hasty in crossing anyone off.
<The_Physician>: I have specific reasons for suspecting the Artist.
<Andre_Harper>: Such as?
<shadowmyre>: ((Wand envy.))
<The_Physician>: *sighs*
<The_Physician>: I have seen him draw upon the forces of magic.
* Andre_Harper stares blankly
<The_Physician>: It isn't like how I was trained by Dr. Strange or how Dr. Strange himself does it.
<The_Physician>: It is…different.
<Adisa>: So? We knew he was a mage. We've delt with his wards.
<Andre_Harper>: How is it different?
<The_Physician>: It leads me to believe he was trained by someone…not on the up and up.
<The_Physician>: I don;t know how else to explain it.
<Adisa>: You mean… like he summons demons or something? More than you, I mean?
<shadowmyre>: ((He uses the black as an aftershave?))
<Adisa>: ((He does not use me as an aftershave.))
<Andre_Harper>: And Strange could not do this in secret?
<The_Physician>: I am not saying that, but the way he did this…he was experienced. He calls upon magic this way all the time. It was not a show.
<Andre_Harper>: Okay.
<Andre_Harper>: Do you object to my asking Dr. Strange though? Just to be certain.
<The_Physician>: No.
<The_Physician>: I do not think he would either.
<The_Physician>: Especially if it is not true. Just ask nicely.
<Andre_Harper>: So, how do we take down the Artist if we need to?
<The_Physician>: Very carefully.
<Andre_Harper>: And….
<Andre_Harper>: What about Bianca?
<Adisa>: I don't know about you guys, but I plan on using high water pressure.
<Andre_Harper>: The first time we followed a trail it led us to her at The Artist's doorstep. Now, I think that she is a sweet girl. Who studies nuclear physics, has a magicianfather, and may very ell know more than a few tricks of her own. Oh, and is a known peer, friend?, of one of the Elementals.
<Andre_Harper>: Can we rule her out completely?
<The_Physician>: True.
<The_Physician>: But I dont think so.
<The_Physician>: Not enough experience…or she hides it VERY well.
<Andre_Harper>: *shrugs* You would know better than I would.
<Adisa>: If our ultimate foe, who has been running rings around us, is a fourteen year old girl, I'm quitting the hero business.
<Adisa>: ((and this campaign))
<Andre_Harper>: I don't want it to be the innocent little girl. But I saw the Ring one too many times to rule itout. But if you say so then I'll leave that line of thought.
<shadowmyre>: ((This is not a japanese horror movie.))
<Adisa>: ((We should be so lucky.))
<shadowmyre>: ((Or a hollywood remake of a japanese horror movie.))
<Andre_Harper>: ((More like an Americam comedy or The Three Stoodges))
<Adisa>: ((Dibs on Mo))
<shadowmyre>: ((Your words.))
<Andre_Harper>: So. Any ideas on what we do while we wait for our meeting tonight? And besides "Very carefully" do you have any ideas about how to take out The Artist if necessary?
<The_Physician>: Well, definitely not in his home.
<The_Physician>: Too much protection magic there.
<Andre_Harper>: So we need to draw him out. Preferably to Chesire's place as long as I don't sprout fur again.
<Adisa>: That does seem like a good idea. Relatively favorable ground. Allies. That's a good idea. Now how do we get him there?
<Andre_Harper>: Or we make allies with Dr. Strange and get him there instead where he won't be killed by some obscure law.
<The_Physician>: I haven't the foggiest.
<Andre_Harper>: Dr. Strange should, theoretically, have some influence over the Magesterium, right?
<Adisa>: We'll put that on the 'figure it out later' pile then.
<Andre_Harper>: Okay. *Starts in on the donuts*
<The_Physician>: "Sorcerer Supreme"
* The_Physician does the quotes with his fingers to emphasize his point.
<Adisa>: What about "Sorcerer Supreme"?
* Adisa does the quotes with his fingers, but the fact that one's holding a doughnut kinda ruins the effect.
<Andre_Harper>: *chokes a bit* Sorcerers seal.
* Andre_Harper muttered half to himself
<The_Physician>: What was that?
<Andre_Harper>: Just a weird dream I had..
<The_Physician>: Elaborate, it might be important.
<Andre_Harper>: I can't really. It was like…well, like when you almost recognize words but they aren't quite right. Like someone with a really thick accent who is learning a new language.
<Andre_Harper>: It was almost like a song or a chant in my head and i think "sorcerer's seal" was something said. That or soon we are sing, or something like that.
<The_Physician>: Huh.
<The_Physician>: Well a Sorcerer's seal could be a personal seal, like an identifier for a specific person.
<The_Physician>: Or it could be a lock on a person's power.
<Andre_Harper>: *shrugs again* Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, right?
<Andre_Harper>: It could be something else. Heck maybe the circlet is trying to talk to me, but I have no idea.
<shadowmyre>: ((And if only we knew someone good with languages.))
<Adisa>: Hm… You could try asking the Circlet I suppose.
<Adisa>: ((Stop trying to make us run to the Big Bad for help!))
<Andre_Harper>: If I knew how to talk to it, maybe.
<Adisa>: But we know someone who's on the way to being able to talk to it.
<The_Physician>: Well, when we get back I might have some help with that.
* The_Physician relates Bianca's findings from his notes and explains giving it to her 2 weeks earlier.
<Andre_Harper>: Wait, go back to the part where she translated some od it. What did she say that it said?
<Adisa>: ((Squish Squish. I'm crushing your head.))
<The_Physician>: Something to the effect of it was happy to be singing and happy to be heard.
<Adisa>: … It has no mouth and must sing.
<The_Physician>: What?
<Andre_Harper>: Like "we sange for years"?
<Andre_Harper>: sang
<Andre_Harper>: It could be the way that the sentence was structured. Or it could have just been a dream.
<Andre_Harper>: None of that helps with planning for what we may have to do tonight.
<The_Physician>: True
<Andre_Harper>: So we have time to kill. Any planning or are we going to wait to see what Dr. Strange says?
<Adisa>: At this point, just about any planning we do would be useless depending on how our meeting with Strange goes.
<The_Physician>: True.
<Adisa>: ((A thought just occurred to me. Our week in the future ends at 5:59 tonight, doesn't it.))
<Andre_Harper>: Fair enough. I guess we should just kill time then. I could at least get some work done today. We also need to talk to these others on the list, but I have no idea how to do that in three days. Especially since at least one of them actively dislikes us and would probably cheerfully cut my head open to get what is inside..
<Andre_Harper>: ((No. We have four days still as far as I know))
<shadowmyre>: ((No, you're only on day two or three.))
<shadowmyre>: ((I think day two.))
<Adisa>: ((I know.))
<shadowmyre>: ((So, are you just waiting until six? I've only got 15 minutes in which to cram a cliffhanger…))
<Adisa>: ((Shall we fast forward to six?))
<Andre_Harper>: ((Good by me))
<Adisa>: ((Cool.)
<The_Physician>: ((Good by me, too))
<shadowmyre>:<BAM> Location: Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, 5:50pm.
<shadowmyre>: ((I presumed you'd be early.))
<Adisa>: ((Yeah.))
<The_Physician>: ((Affirmative))
* The_Physician approaches the door and knocks on it.
<The_Paladin>: So, I'll ask him after you two chat some, right?
* shadowmyre After a brief pause, the door opens. Wong steps aside, ushering you in. "Welcome back."
<Adisa>: Thank you, Mr. Wong.
<The_Physician>: Thank you Wong. Are my friends welcome to come in as well?
<shadowmyre>:<Wong> Of course.
<The_Physician>: Thank you.
<The_Paladin>: Thank you, sir
* The_Physician enters the mansion.
* The_Paladin follows Niles's lead
<shadowmyre>:<Wong> The Doctor is in the study. You may enter directly.
* The_Paladin follows Niles into the study
* Adisa proceeds.
* Strange hovers in lotus position in front of the desk, cloak fluttering in a wind that doesn't seem to exist.
* Strange opens his eyes as you enter, indicating chairs for you to sit in.
* Adisa sits down where indicated.
* The_Paladin sits
* The_Physician sits.
<Strange>: Now then. What can I do for you?
<The_Physician>: Well then, where to start?
<The_Physician>: Welcome back from your extended trip to the ethereal plane.
<Strange>: Thank you. A necessity, but the problem seems mitigated for now.
<The_Physician>: Yes. Well, about that.
* The_Physician details the events around the bay. The pushing of the cloud, struggle with another wizard . magic wielding force, etc.
* Strange listens intently.
<Strange>: You are saying that some of this, for lack of a better word, taint was spread throughout the city?
<The_Physician>: We tried to contain it, but possibly.
<The_Physician>: Do you know who could have been trying to stop us at the bay? Anyone in particular pop out at you?
<Strange>: The list could be long indeed, depending on who may gain.
<Strange>: I do not think it was a sorcerer though. At that point, we were still using our Conjurer's Spheres to contain the wound.
<The_Paladin>: If not a Sorcerer then who or what could do magic like that?
<Strange>: Demons. And of course, by extension therefore, angels. Some of the fae could manage it.
* Strange closes his eyes in thought.
<The_Physician>: Hmmm. That had not occurred to me.
<The_Physician>: Are you familiar with a practitioner called the Artist?
<Strange>: Gods, of course. And more cthonic things from beyond.
<Strange>: By reputation only. I have never met the man. I hear he's a ward-smith?
<Strange>: And something of a collector of art.
<The_Physician>: Have you ever heard anything…ill…about his reputation?
<Strange>: Neither good nor ill. I cannot say I know him well.
<Strange>: Though, there are enough mysteries here to pose a question to the Orb.
<The_Paladin>: Dr. Strange, if I may ask you a question first regarding teh Avatara?
<Strange>: Of course.
<The_Paladin>: Did you wake the Avatara or know who did?
<Strange>: LOG END

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