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<GM> Time: 12:30 local time
<GM> Location: Skye Foundation Office

  • Boolean looms uneasily.

<Water_Elephant> How you feelean Boolean?

  • Niles Worries about Nanite infestation.

<Boolean> Declare: Uneasy.
<Niles> How can you feel uneasy Boolean? I didn't think you were programmed for that.
<Boolean> Declare: That is correct.
<Niles> So, how is this possible?
<Boolean> Declare: Based off of previous diagnostics, I believe each of you is, er, rubbing off on me.
<Water_Elephant> Yeah, humanity can be infectious. Fortunately it's a relatively benign one, even if it is unnerving.
<Andre> If I may ask…why are we here?
<Andre> Did Jack say anything?

  • Boolean nods to Andre, indicating that he has the same questions.

<Water_Elephant> We are here because we have apparently been made from the second we entered Chinese airspace.
<Boolean> Query: Been made?
<Andre> PLease expound, Adisa.
<Niles> People knew we were here, Boolean
<Niles> And potentially, I would presume, for what reason.
<Water_Elephant> Everyone even remotely involved with The Sky foundation in China has been murdered.
<Andre> What is the Sky Foundation?

  • Boolean nods understanding to Niles.

<Water_Elephant> Additionally, arranging a flight out of China is at the moment, problematic. This is a safe place to hole up until we can get out of the country.
<Boolean> *under his breath, if he had any*Declare: Something I'm not permitted to access.
<Water_Elephant> As near as I can tell, the Sky Foundation is Jack.
<Niles> What are you not permitted to access Boolean?
<Andre> They'll know that we're here though.
<Niles> How do you know that?
<Water_Elephant> Yes, but at the moment we're as safe as can be and still be on Chinese soil.
<Andre> If they had the resources to murder the entire company here…they'll knwo who owns this building.

  • Water_Elephant familiarizes himself with the equipment.
  • Andre begins looking around for a good place to make defensible.

<Water_Elephant> That's true, but they neither destroyed the building, nor stole it through legal means, which really says something about this building.
<Niles> Are we expecting anyone to show up?
<Niles> Or are we here for the forseeable duration?
<Andre> I don't know. Possibly.
<Water_Elephant> I'm not sure.
<Boolean> Declare: Unless you believe you will have need of me, I intend to run a self-diagnostic and make certain I have not been infected with corrupt data.
<Water_Elephant> That should be fine.

  • Boolean moves off to a quiet corner of the room.
  • Niles looks around the room, looking for all possible entryways and exits.
  • Niles places barriers around all of the windows and the door to the outside, hopefully keeping anyone out that would want to come in.

<Andre> Niles, can you check to see if anyone is inside the building without enslaving a creature to your will?

  • Niles blinks, pauses.

<Andre> *winces* That sounded different than I meant.
<Andre> If you callup anything it can be compelled to talk to another wizard, yes?
<Niles> Possibly, someone could just try to compel it away from me. Why do you ask?
<Niles> Plus, more importantly, to call the specific one I called, you need to know it's exact name.
<Niles> So, it's not an easy task.
<Niles> Again, why do you ask?
<Water_Elephant> Okay Jack, we're all inside and are currently buttoning the place down. What now?
<Andre> If I were setting up an ambush I would be here already. I fyou can find out if there is anyone here without relying on an outside source it may be more beneficial.
<Jack> Hmmm? Sorry, distracted. Chinese bureaucracy is a nightmare to navigate when you have time, when you're in a rush they just enjoy slowing things down.
<Water_Elephant> While the Chinese have an unhealthy love of bureaucracy for bureaucracy's sake, all bureaucrats love slowing people down.
<Niles> Give me a moment Paladin, and I will do just that.

  • Andre nods and continues to look around the ground floor
  • Niles Closes his eyes, and prepares to scan for other life forms in the area, hopefully excluding things like bacteria.

<Niles> No one but us Paladin.
<Andre> *nods*
<Andre> Then I guess that we just sit tight.
<Jack> Done. Took some doing, but I've secured a flight from Hong Kong to Egypt.
<Jack> You can find your own way from there, or I can set up a series of hops through France then back to the Colonies.
<Water_Elephant> As long as it's out of the country. Chinese has great food, but an hour later you're hungry again.
<Water_Elephant> Text me the details and I'll call you when we get there.
<Jack> As you like. Good luck.
<Water_Elephant> Elephant out.

  • Water_Elephant closes his phone

<Andre> What's the word?
<Water_Elephant> Okay people. Jack's worked his voodoo bureaucracy skills to get us a flight to Egypt.
<Water_Elephant> It's up to us to get there without getting entangled in any more intrigues.
<Andre> When is the flight?

  • Water_Elephant looks up the details from Jack's text

<Water_Elephant> Soon. We'll have to leave pretty much immediately to get there on time.
<Niles> OK. Then how do we do this?
<Niles> I can drop my barriers, but we need to make sure we have this laid out ahead of time.
<Water_Elephant> Good point
<Andre> I can take us there as long as it's the airport that we arrived at.
<Boolean> Declare: Diagnostic complete.
<Water_Elephant> What's the prognosis Boolean?
<Boolean> Declare: I appear to have no errors, save for those originally logged.
<Boolean> Declare: I can only assume that it is all your fault.
<Boolean> Query: What is our status?
<Water_Elephant> We're going to be pulling out soon for sand and fun in the sun.

  • Water_Elephant pulls out his laptop and tried looking up the address.

<Boolean> Declare: If given the target destination, I can meet you there.

  • Water_Elephant shows Boolean on a map where to go.

<Water_Elephant> So what's the plan for getting to the airport?

  • Boolean nods.

<Andre> Where is it?

  • Water_Elephant shows Andre on a different map where the airport is.

<Water_Elephant> We are here. I would like to be there.
<Andre> Then we had best be going. I can take us in a series of hops unless there is a better way?
<Niles> That sounds fine to me.
<Water_Elephant> Sounds like a plan.
<Paladin> We should start from the roof to get as far as we can. Adisa, if you direct me as we jump like you did last time we should be able to make it in short order.
<Water_Elephant> Sounds good.

  • Boolean opens a door of white-blue light and steps through.

<Niles> Excellent.
<GM> The trip to the airport and the flight to Egypt pass with suspiciously little incident.

  • Boolean is waiting to greet the three as they exit the airport building.

<Water_Elephant> Hey Boolean, you made it. I saved you a pack of peanuts.

  • GM The trip back to the States is long, but uneventful.
  • Boolean spends a while trying to figure out exactly what he's supposed to do with a pack of peanuts.
  • Boolean eventually meets them in the states.
  • GM Location: JFK International Airport

<Boolean> Query: Any troubles on the trip?
<Niles> Suspiciously, none whatsoever.
<Paladin> Nothing…and I completely agree with Niles.
<Water_Elephant> That's a hmmm… creative use for peanuts Boolean.
<Niles> If I ever see another pack of peanuts again, it will be too Augh, Boolean, get those out of here.
<Water_Elephant> It's almost like the Chinese didn't want the property devaluing superheroes to stick around. WTF?

  • Boolean shrugs and gestures to where his stomach would be. Instead of just the semi-solid blue, the peanuts (package and all) are floating inside him.

<Boolean> Query: Is this not what you do with them?
<Water_Elephant> Don't let Niles get you down Boolean. He's just jealous.
<Niles> Sort of. But generally not as…conspicuous as that.
<Andre> *stifles a yawn* Gentlemen, it has been wonderful to travel with you, but I think I am going to go home and sleep for a day or three after a long soak.
<Boolean> Declare: So, presumably you came up with some plans for how to address the pending situation.
<Boolean> Query: What did you determine?
<Andre> We should talk about that.
<Andre> I may have an idea.
<Niles> Oh? And would you like to share with the rest of the class?
<Andre> Of course. I just wasn't certain if you two had an idea which would undoubtedly be better than mine…I believe that we need to find Sprite.
<Andre> Capture her in fact.
<Water_Elephant> Isn't that kidnapping? In a 'Let's throw the black man in ass rape central until the sun explodes' sense?
<Andre> She is a well know eco-terrorist and has APBs out on her in this country I bet.
<Boolean> Declare: By my understanding of the American legal system, that statement seems accurate Adisa.
<Andre> The way that she and her companions disappeared in China is identical to the way that the robbers at the Brooklyn Bank disappeared.
<Andre> She also quite possibily has information on who riled up the Avatara.
<Niles> I doubt that. She seems to low on the food chain for that.
<Niles> But maybe she can point us in the right direction.
<Water_Elephant> It's possible. But at the same time I <3 my anal virginity.
<Andre> They have a complete set of elementals. We need to do something before it's too late.
<Niles> Why does havign a complete set matter?
<Water_Elephant> No they don't. They're missing one.
<Andre> I am not sure yet, Niles. Truly I just have a bad feeling about it.
<Andre> Are they?
<Water_Elephant> Yeah. They're missing spirit or soul or whatever euphemism you prefer.
<Andre> So what then should we do?
<Andre> We can either try to capture her or…what?
<Water_Elephant> I don't know. I do know that she has already been Shanghaied once. I can not conceive of her reacting well to it a second time.
<Niles> Hmmmm. I could try summoning her again. Not certain if that would work though.
<Andre> We need to plan. For now though I need sleep.
<Water_Elephant> Yes. Intercontinental flights are always tiring. Let's get some rest before we try to make any plans.
<Andre> I'll be in touch tomorrow.
<Niles> As will I. I agree with Andre, time to rest and recoup our strength.
<Andre> *grabs his carry on and catches the bus*
<Water_Elephant> All right. Then I'm heading out.
<Boolean> Declare: I should remain with one of you, such that I do not have to use the CDB to find all of you.
<Niles> Feel free to stay at my place Boolean. You do not require sleep, correct?
<Boolean> Declare: That is correct.
<Boolean> Declare: I shall accompany you, then. Do not be concerned, I will not be a burden.

  • Water_Elephant heads on out.
  • Boolean accompanies Niles.

<Niles> I do not expect you will be. Follow me.

  • Boolean looks over Niles' shoulder.

<GM> Location: Nile's Home

  • Water_Elephant does a keyword search on 'Avatara' on The Pipeline.

<Niles> Oh?! Hello Boolean, gave me a start. how are you?
<Boolean> Ah, more research into how to append supernatural abilities to common household items?
<Water_Elephant> Also PM Watcher616 to see if he or she is okay (we all know Watcher616 is Uatu).

  • Boolean smiles.

<Boolean> Doing well, all things considered.
<Niles> Correct, it's been a bugger of a subject, but I think I may finally be able to get it right soon.

  • GM 12 hits on the Avatara on the board
  • Water_Elephant looks them up.

<Andre> Checking the Pipeline for jobs that have been done recently
<Niles> All things considered?! What are you implying, friend?
<Andre> Also looking for hits on Sprite but with the specific "Do not approach"
<Boolean> Well, at least one of us has made some progress. Everytime I think I may be onto why a certain section of the CDB has become bugged or sentient or whatever the hell is happening, it goes and moves. And it was not made to be able to do that. It is supposed to be static.
<Boolean> I am implying that my existence is intrinsically linked to a rapidly destabilizing entity known as "all thought in the universe"
<Niles> Understood. I am sorry there is not more I can do to aid you in this.

  • Boolean shrugs.
  • GM Most of them (7) are related to bad dreams from psychics, oracles, and mages. There's one dissertation as to what the Avatara is and how this heralds the end of the world. Two of them are queries requesting information. One is a "Six degrees of separation" linking the Avatara to Candle Jack, Johnny Depp, and Marilyn Manson. The last one is a request from Watcher616 to stem some of the spam…
  • GM …that's sprung up.

<Boolean> It's cool. You're just a lazy, low-level hedge mage. Can't expect too much from you.

  • Boolean smirks.
  • GM Boards been clean for a few days, no needed jobs. You get 1292 hits on Sprite.
  • Andre starts with the most recent hots

<Andre> (hits)
<Water_Elephant> Who else is requesting info on Avatara?

  • Niles blinks.
  • Water_Elephant looks up who's asking for info on Avatara.

<Niles> I will never get used to that Boolean. Although I am glad you are developing into something more than an automaton.

  • Sum up on the findings: There have been numerous glimpses of a young girl with blue hair in the various boroughs of New York City. Like a new kind of ghost siting, she shows up, looks around, then disappears. As many as 12 sitings in a day, across the entire city.
  • Close correlations of the times show that either this is a massive hoax or the person in question can move very, very quickly, but she never shows up in two places at once.

<Boolean> The higher ups agreed with me that certain upgrades were prudent. Since they let me customize myself, I felt it best to model the social aspects off of what I observed during your interactions with each other. The data was already there, you see, from the links I developed when I first began to destabilize that night in the hotel.

  • GM The queries are things like "Avatara? What's that?". Responses to the psychic portents.

<Boolean> Do understand that this is still emulation, though. I do not technically have a personality such that you know it.

  • Water_Elephant does a keyword search on Magus.
  • Andre looks at the latest sightings for locations and times.
  • No hits on the other members of her band.
  • 0 hits for Magus.

<Niles> I do, it is just….jarring at times.

  • Boolean smiles knowingly.

<Boolean> It is to be expected. Most people do not develop personality deviations this quickly.
<Boolean> Your physical brain is not wired to comprehend such a thing easily.
<Boolean> At any rate, is there any way I can help with your research? I have found a way to make my connection to the CDB secure for myself.

  • Niles smiles.

<Niles> Oh, really?
<Niles> That is good to know.
<Boolean> Of course, I am still bound by restrictions. I cannot tell you, for example, the winning lotto numbers. Ever. Don't even ask.
<Niles> If there is some equivalent to "Enchanting for Dummies" out there, I would appreciate it.

  • Water_Elephant keyword searches Shiva.

<Boolean> What use would you have for that? Your processing power is greater than 90% or more of that of your planet.
<Niles> Well thank you. Then maybe something you have for beginners just learning to imbue items with magical properties then?

  • Last three times: 35 minutes ago, five hours ago, 12 hours and twenty two minutes ago. Locations: Brooklyn Federal Savings Bank, Hole in the Wall, Second Chance Antique Shop (in that order).

<Boolean> Processing. One moment.

  • Shiva search throws an error.

<Water_Elephant> Facinateing.

  • Andre calls Niles on speed dial.
  • Niles answeres his cell phone.

<Niles> Hello?
<Andre> It is rumored that Sprite has visited your shop recently. Everything okay?
<Andre> Or more accurately that she has been sighted there.
<Boolean> Is that Andre?
<Niles> It is. Sprite hasn't been here recently, has she Boolean? She is a young girl with blue hair…

  • Boolean shakes his head.

<Boolean> Not that I have seen. Tell Andre I said "hey".
<Niles> No, everything is fine, and none of my protections have been breached…and Boolean says "Hey".

  • Boolean brings up the text display for Niles.

<Andre> *pauses* Hello back to him. She is looking for something.
<Boolean> You can perform boolean search queries to find information quickly.

  • Water_Elephant reboots his system and tries to search Shiva again. He also makes a note to himself to design an OS that doesn't require rebooting.

<Niles> Something? Can you be less specific?
<Andre> Call me if anything comes up.
<Niles> I will be on guard.

  • A search for Shiva throws an error. Problem with the database, not the browser.

<Water_Elephant> Interesting…
<Andre> Alright. Take it easy and tell Boolean the same,
<Andre> *click*

  • Water_Elephant keyword searches Salamander

<Niles> Andre says hey and to take it easy.
<Niles> Oh, did you find what I had asked for?

  • Boolean nods.

<Boolean> Yup, right in front of you.

  • Salamander produces a couple hundred hits, most of them talking about flaming lizards, some about elemental spirits, and the rest about small amphibians.
  • Boolean presents a floating computer interface-like display, with a search box and linked chapters for "Everything about Enchanting Magic Ever"

<Water_Elephant> Heh. Okay, that's what I expected.

  • Water_Elephant keyword searches Great Elephant Spirit.
  • Niles goes to work on all the awesome information about enchanting magic ever
  • Andre turns the scanner up and gets back to work. Cabinets don't build themselves
  • Three hits on Great Elephant Spirit. All three from different sorcerous/psychic types, all in the same thread.
  • Water_Elephant reads the thread and possibly saves it to his hard drive.
  • The thread is discussing various obscure African deities and whether or not they ever actually existed. After about twenty posts, it gets moved off board for not being On-Topic for the Pipeline.
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