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<GM> Location: Second Time Around
<GM> Time: Two Weeks Later
<GM> ((Check That))
<GM> Time: Ten Days Later
* Boolean is still practicing how to appear to sit down without actually touching anything.
* Niles is drooling over the information from the Cosmic Database provided by Boolean at the end of the last session
<Niles> Boolean, how long can I keep this connection open, is there a time linit?
* Niles goes to get a pad and pen, to draw up some notes.
<Boolean> Not anymore. I've managed to contain myself from infection. And I've also devised a way to spot erroneous data before it is passed on.
<Niles> Excellent my friend.
<Niles> So, have you been able to discern anything more about the reality corruption that seems to be happening?
* Boolean sighs.
<Boolean> No. Nothing.
<Boolean> It's like trying to find the newest piece of hay in a haystack the size of Dallas.
<Boolean> Only the hay can move. And doesn't want to be found.
<Niles> Hahaha. I see.
* Niles continues to take notes and look at the CDB console screen summoned by Boolean
* Boolean suddenly tenses and stands abruptly.
* Niles sees this stops concentrating on the screen
<Niles> Are you alright my friend?
* Niles checks his magical defenses, see if he can sense a breach.
<Boolean> *as a voice in Niles head* We are not alone, friend.
* Niles starts looking around.
<Boolean> *still a voice in Niles' head* Do not alert it that we are aware of it. Act normal, but investigate.
<Niles> Well than, if you are OK, I will head back to my research.
* Niles starts acting like he is looking at the screen again
<Boolean> Yeah, just felt as though I might phase through the bed again.
* Niles begins attempting to sense another person / thing / monster / something else living in house with us.
<Boolean> *auf dem Niles' kopf* Should I attempt to communicate with it?
* Niles thinks "No, I have an idea, but be ready for anything"
* Boolean nods.
* Niles thinks "I am going to try and make it visible before it can run.
* Boolean psends "I approve of this plan."
* Niles begins to generate the necessary spell to make this invisible unwanted gues show itself.
<Niles> guest*
* GM The spell executes, then suddenly unravels, spiraling the power out harmlessly into a display of pretty lights that flicker orange and teal. You realize that you messed up the second major gesticulation; your wrist didn't snap. Odd, but could happen to anyone.
* Boolean psends well, now that the proverbial cat is out of the equally proverbial bag.
* Boolean psends to the unknown entity "In polite circles on this world, it is considered quite the insult to eavesdrop, or otherwise render oneself undetectable. We bear no malice, merely wish to inquire as to your purpose and goals here"
* Niles after messing up the spell and hearing Boolean:
<Niles> Oh bollucks. We know you're here whoever you are. Show yourself!
* Cheshire fades into view, a gaunt violet panther
<Cheshire> Well, one need only ask.
* Boolean rolls his eyes.
<Niles> I should have known it was you. *sigh*
<Boolean> The Cheshire Cat? Really?
* Boolean appears to be looking up when he asks this.
<Niles> Well, I am still trying to figure this one out.
<Cheshire> No, not really. I'm not here, you just think I am.
<Niles> Yeah, that explains the last time too I bet.
<Niles> So what do you need?
<Cheshire> Need? Nothing. I simply noticed an extra… guest for the tea party.
* Cheshire eyes Boolean with hooded amber cat's eyes
<Boolean> At this point, a more crass individual would point out that it is impossible for my to hallucinate, and therefore a statement made by you earlier must be erroneous.
<Niles> Yes. What of it?
<Boolean> But instead, I fear I must be civil. What of it?
<Cheshire> Impossible to hallucinate?
* Cheshire a slow, lazy smile, revealing several teeth
<Boolean> At least in the same was as Niles.
<Cheshire> You might be surprised, emissary, as to what you can and cannot do.
* Boolean eyes widen slightly at the word "emissary".
* Boolean shakes it off.
<Niles> Emmisary?
<Boolean> Whatever. Conclude your business or let us return to our own.
<Niles> Emissary*
<Niles> I sense some hostility here. Please explain.
* Boolean psends to Niles "Later, perhaps. Right now I'd rather get down to business, as it were."
* Niles thinks "ok, as you wish"
<Boolean> Well, feline of Carol's fiction?
<Cheshire> Why so negative, emissary? You don't even know me.
<Boolean> Call it a hunch.
* Cheshire settles back on his haunches, favoring Boolean with a feline smile
<Cheshire> And are your hunches so reliable then?
<Boolean> If you are anything like what has been referenced in the past, you will be at best difficult to work with. Understand my apprehension.
<Cheshire> You don't understand your apprehension. Wherefore should I?
* Boolean blinks.
<Boolean> Did I just lose an argument with a psychotic cat?
<Cheshire> ((To Niles)) This one could be rather a bother in the future. You're not getting the whole story.
* Cheshire flicks his tail
<Cheshire> But that is hardly unusual, is it?
* Niles Cocks an eyebrow.
* Niles is sick of secrets.
<Niles> Alright, ENOUGH! (Using mastery of magic to enhance his voice a bit)
* Boolean sighs.
<Niles> Need I remind the BOTH of you that you are guests in MY home?
<Boolean> No, you needn't.
<Cheshire> Are you certain?
* Cheshire cocks his head to the side
<Cheshire> Oh my. More pressing business for you than mine, I fear.
* Cheshire rises and stretches
<Cheshire> I need not tarry.
<Niles> No more secrets, no more whispers, either explain yourself, or leave, (looking at the cat) I have no time for your vague references. The world could end very soon, so either help, or leave.
* Boolean psends to Niles "A man carrying a woman is coming to your back door presently"
<Cheshire> *tsks* As you like.
* Cheshire fades
* Cheshire voices bodilessly
<Cheshire> But do not trust everyone so well.
* Boolean exhales a sigh of relief.
* Niles says, quietly "I do not trust anyone easily, foolish kitty".
<Boolean> Thank you, Niles.
* GM Three sharp raps come from the back door
* Niles heads to answer the door.
* GM No one is at the door, however, there is a large… bundle on the doorstep, wrapped in what looks like a large shower curtain. The bundle is large enough to be human sized, though a small adult or teenager
<Boolean> Niles, the male is gone. Female still there.
* Niles checks for anything funny, like a magical presence outside the door
=-= Andre is now known as Andre_afk
* Niles opens the door and looks left and right to see if there is anyone else around the bundle.
=-= Boolean is now known as Boolean_afk
=-= Niles is now known as Niles_AFK
=-= Niles_AFK is now known as Niles
=-= Boolean_afk is now known as Boolean
* Niles opens the door and looks left and right to see if there is anyone else around the bundle.
* GM The back door is clear. No signs of anyone else nearby.
* Niles quickly checks the bundle.
* GM The bundle isn't moving. The shower curtain itself is a translucent pale plastic affair, without adornments or frills. One edge is ragged, as if ripped from the hanging rings.
* Niles quickly brings the bundle into the shop, trying to get her to the exam table.
=-= Andre_afk is now known as Andre
* GM The bundles is very light, floating through the air to land gently upon the examination table.
* Niles closes and locks the door, replacing any magical defenses I may have taken down to get to the bundle.
* Niles Then, unwraps the bundle as fast as he can.
<Niles> Boolean, can you find the person who dropped her off?!?!?
* Boolean shakes his head.
<Boolean> No can do. They teleported away after making the deposit.
<Niles> Wait, teleported?
<Niles> Was it Paladin?
* GM The figure inside is curled into a tight ball. There is no hair or other identifying features. The faint smell of charred flesh wafts through the room. The figure is entirely covered with fourth and fifth degree burns.
<Boolean> No on I recognized. Their signature has not been encountered by me.
<Boolean> one*
* Niles places a hand on her stomache and attempts to heal the subject
* GM At his touch, small pieces of skin crumble to ash. The figure's eyes snap open.
* Niles says to her
<Niles> Sssssshhhhh, child. It's OK, you are among friends. I will take care of you to the best of my ability. No more harm will come to you, I promise.
<Niles> Just stay quiet and I will tend to your injuries.
* GM The figure starts to shiver, small pieces of ash dusting across the exam table.
<Niles> Please try to remain still.
* Niles goes to get her a blanket
* Boolean moves toward Niles, pulling up a console and tapping numbers.
<Boolean> That is not how one of your kind should look while alive. Ever.
* Niles whispers Boolean, if you can assist, please do.
* Niles whispers "I know, this kind of injury should not exist"
* Niles returnss to the tabel with a VERY lightweight sheet, as anything heavier might injure her further.
* Niles places it on her, places his hand on her, and begins the healing process.
* GM Under the Physician's touch, the figure shudders. The eyes close, as under his touch, life blooms. Flesh shivers to life under his hand, muscles, organs and bones springing to life. Healing the internal injuries is the hardest; skin will grow in time. As the internal organs and bones slowly reknit themselves, the figures eyes open
* GM The figure speaks in a quiet, raspy voice too long without water
<GM> Don't.
<Boolean> Niles, she's about to burst into flame.
* Niles blinks
<Niles> What?
* Niles looks to the figure.
<Niles> Why should I stop child? You are hurt…
* GM Fire spirals in her heart, then races through her bones, bursting into a brilliant bonfire for the briefest moment before the figure curls into a tighter ball
* Niles removes his hand in an attempt to get out of the way.
<Niles> Child, what happened? Can you speak?
* GM The smoke clears as the fire fades from lack of fuel, filling the room with aroma of roasted meat. She was now as she was when she first arrived.
* GM No response.
<Boolean> I'll do a quickscan of the CDB, see if I can determine what is causing this strange phenomenon.
* Boolean gets down with his bad, database searching self.
<Boolean> Okay, I've got some bad news and so "oh fuckburgers" news.
* Niles Niles tries to apply any potions, salves, holy water, whatever might help this patient.
<Boolean> some*
<Niles> OK, what is it Boolean?
<Boolean> This is ancient magic. Magic so foul that the darkest of dark magic users, they who consort with demons as a matter of course, consider it too cruel.
<Niles> OK. Fine.
<Boolean> There is more.
<Boolean> This is just what the database has.
<Boolean> See, the spell I refer to is a simple combustion spell, tied to a person's life force. The more they get healthy, the more they burn.
<Boolean> And what she has going on right now… is worse than anything that old magic ever did.
<Niles> So the spell is always there, however?
<Niles> So remove the spell and I can heal her, right?
* Boolean parts his hands.
<Boolean> I just have the information. Whatever you do with your magic hands and stuff is not my area.
<Boolean> So, umm…. maybe?
<Niles> Understood.
* Niles frantically starts pulling textbooks off of his shelves, looking for a way to remove this curse.
<Boolean> That will take too long. Allow me.
* Boolean moves over to the bookshelves and phases his hands through one book, then passes it through the rest of them.
<Boolean> There. I have archived all of the information in your books into my core memory.
<Boolean> I will now search for the relevant information.
<Niles> Oh, that's handy.
* Niles begins analyzing her aura all indepth like.
<Niles> Oh, bloody hell.
* GM Niles' phone rings.
* Niles lets the machine get it.
<Boolean> Do you want me to get that?
<Niles> If you can, please.
* Boolean moves over to the phone, phases solid, picks it up and answers it.
<Boolean> Regan offices.
* Niles begins to manually look for a way to disentangle spirits.
* Niles thinks wait, what? When the hell did Boolean get THAT ability?!?!?!
<Water_Elephant> Hi Boolean. Is Niles there?
<Boolean> Adisa. Good to hear from you. Niles is a bit busy with a severely injured girl at the moment.
<Boolean> Niles, does this thing do speaker-phone, or should I conference call us my way?
<Niles> Oh, uhhh, it's an antique, so no speaker phone.
* Niles continues to look for a way to disentangle spirits.
<Niles> Dammit, to hell with it.
<Water_Elephant> Well… If you could tell him that I am about twenty feet away from one of the elementals (Golem). I would appreciate it. I don't think he recognizes me, or has even noticed me.
<Niles> Boolean, where can I find a way to disentangle two spirits?
<Boolean> First, Adisa says that he's 20 feet away from one of the elementals. He doesn't think he's been noticed.
<Niles> Well, stay unhurt for a bit longer. I have to help this poor child.
<Water_Elephant> Well, twenty-ish. I left my tape measure at home.
<Boolean> Second, once you isolate their spiritual frequency, you just untie them like a knot. Mind, some have more complex knots than others.
* Niles begins to see if he can isolate the two spiritual frequencies.
<Boolean> Are you in need of immediate assistance Adisa?
<Water_Elephant> Noooo… Not exactly. However if I should disappear suddenly, then you will have a good guess what happened to me.
* GM With a deft flick of his mind, and a proper snap of his wrist, Niles untwines the two twisted beings. There is a brief moment of silence.
<Boolean> Well, if Niles is going to be a while, I may be able to render some aid.
* GM The girl's eyes snap open as a primal sound tears through the shop. The sound of a creature long bound first tasting freedom. For the briefest of moments, a flaming bird of crimson and gold, orange and blue appears above the girl, then shoots off through the window of the shop, leaving a smoking hole in the glass.
<Water_Elephant> No offense, Boolean, but you don't exactly scream 'subtle' to me. I don't want this to escalate into a fight, which could easily happened if he gets spooked by people appearing out of thin air.
<Water_Elephant> What the hell was that!
<Boolean> Just the Phoenix.
* Niles checks the girl and begins healing her if she is still around.
<Water_Elephant> You know what? I'm going to be satisfied with that and not ask any more.
* Niles begins applying heals, liberally.
<Boolean> It's for the best. Oh, and my subtlety has improved somewhat, but you are correct that an elemental has a better chance of making me.
<Niles> BOOLEAN, come help me!!!!!!
<Boolean> Sorry, Niles needs me. Love to the kids.
<Niles> WAit, find out where he is, we will come when we can!
<Water_Elephant> Oh please tell me that's just you being you and not a prophecy or something.
* Boolean sets the phone down, not hanging it up, and rushes over, pulling up his console.
* GM As Niles once again bends to the task, faint wisps of smoke gather. A short, violent tongue of flame erupts, then puffs itself out, its fuel extinguished. The girl inhales sharply as her organs begin to mend. As ruined skin is replaced and destroyed nerves are healed, she screams, the sounds of her pain no more silent than the cry of the freed fire bird.
<Niles> Boolean, if you
<Boolean> You realize the pain could drive her mad.
<Niles> Boolean, if you've read my books, you know where I keep my morphene. Please get me a syringe and a proper dosage.
<Boolean> Smart man.
* Boolean rushes over to the morphine and prepares the dose.
<Niles> That and a sedative. I think I will need both.
<Boolean> Sedative, sedative….
* Boolean prepares a dose of whatever sedative Niles has handy that won't interact with morphine in any adverse way, then brings both over to him.
<Boolean> Augh, being physical takes so much effort. How do you put up with it?
* Niles Niles takes the syringes and administers both doses, hopefully easing her pain.
* Niles and then continues healing her.
<Water_Elephant> I'm on hold. He actually put me on hold. Dick move Secretary, dick move.
<Boolean> I can still hear you you know.
<Boolean> Please continue to keep us updated if the urgency of your situation changes, Adisa.
* GM The girl's cries fade to whimpers as the sedatives take effect. She draws in on herself, eyes drooping.
<Niles> Oh my god.
<Niles> This is not good.
<Niles> Shitpickles, this is SO not good.
<Boolean> What is?
* Boolean rushes back over to the phone.
<Boolean> Any change, Adisa?
<Water_Elephant> Nope. He's talking with some probably non-elemental friends. at the bar. I am a black man in the shadows. That's like a +2 to my Hide in Shadows check.
* Niles continues to give it his all to heal her. Once she is healed enough, Niles is going to be making a call on his cell phone.
<Bianca> Physician?
* Bianca her voice is soft, raspy, like each word is physically painful
<Niles> Yes child? I am surprised, the sedative should have lasted a bit longer.
<Niles> Please try not to speak, let me do my work, and you will walk out of here, if I have anything to say about it.
<Boolean> Okay, I will remain on the line to get updates on your situation, unless Niles needs me again.
<Bianca> Don't… tell…
* Bianca her lids droop
* Bianca whispers something
* Niles leans over, trying to hear her
* Bianca Her voice is soft, barely audible "Don't tell Papa."
<Water_Elephant> Minor detail. I've been made.
<Boolean> Do you have an exit strategy that isn't "run really fast and hope they don't run quite as fast?"
<Niles> Boolean, if oyu need to go, go. I believe I can handle the rest.
<Niles> you*
* Bianca is out like a light, breathing gently. An occasional whimper escapes her lips, as she shifts under the sheet
<Water_Elephant> Exit strategy?
<Boolean> Yeah. You know. Getting the hell out of there?
<Water_Elephant> I think I'll do that very thing.
<Water_Elephant> He's coming this way. He's looking at me. He's a nasty little spud. Oh hi there. Didn't expect to see you here.
<Niles> I am going to stay by her side, Boolean. Obviously someone or something wants her dead, and she cant be without protection.
* Niles intends on beefing up security around the place.
* Boolean nods agreement Niles' way.

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