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Location: The Sanctum Sanctorum, Greenwich Village
<@Strange> Coincidental question, as that is the exact object of my current investigation.
<Paladin> Which is neither a confirmation or a denial.
The_Physician shoots Paladin a hard look.
Adisa rolls eyes
<The_Physician> It is…impolite to make an implication like that in the home of the Sorcerer Supreme.
<Adisa> Unless of course you desire the exciting and spiritually fulfilling life of a Horned Toad.
<@Strange> Gentlemen, gentlemen, please. I would never change someone into a Horned Toad.
<Paladin> I am not making an implication at all.
<@Strange> I prefer cats.
<Paladin> I was simply looking for a yes or no answer, Niles.
<@Strange> But the question cannot be answered with a yes or no.
<@Strange> I can say, I do not think I awakened the Avatara.
<@Strange> But certainty? That is why I am investigating.
<Paladin> Then that is good enough for me.
<@Strange> I presume that you are utilizing some form of lie detection, and that you are not simply trusting my word.
<Paladin> Yes. I am sorry for the necessity of having to ask at all.
<@Strange> Then, perhaps you should verify that I am who I say I am.
<Paladin> I never thought of that…
<Paladin> Are you Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme
The_Physician cocks an eyebrow
<@Strange> Indeed, I am.
<Paladin> Thank you.
Strange inclines his head.
<@Strange> Of course. Dark forces are at work. One cannot be too careful.
<The_Physician> So what have you discovered thus far in your investigation?
<Paladin> One down, one to go *sighs*
<@Strange> As of yet, not much. I was about to consult the Orb.
<The_Physician> Of course. Should we wait upstairs?
<@Strange> You are welcome to stay. Though, with events as they are, I am not certain that even the Orb's power will provide a clear answer.
<Adisa> I've heard a lot of things about that orb. I'm more than a little bit curious to see it in action.
Strange raises his hands. A glass case, holding a perfectly spherical crystal, unfolds itself, allowing the Orb to float through the air, coming to a rest before Strange.
Strange closes his eyes. Faint whispers in an eldritch tongue fill the room as a dark mist fills the orb.
Adisa wishes he'd brought a mp3 player to record the murmuring.
The mist solidifies into an image, within the crystal. A tall, thin man, dressed in a long coat stands with his back towards you.
<Adisa> The Tall Thin Man!
"Thank you," says the image in the crystal, before a trio of crimson bolts leap from the orb towards Strange.
Adisa throws up a translucent barrier of water between The Orb and Strange, intercepting the Magic Missiles before they can hit the darkness.
Paladin stepping in between the here and there, he interposes himself between Dr. Strange and the scarlet lightning. A jade spear shimmers into existence which he uses to swat the bolts away and toward the ground.
The_Physician grabs the top of his walking stick, near the jewel and jumps in front of Dr. Strange, thrusting out the jeweled end of his walking stick and places a magical barrier in front of him.
Bolt.1 smashes full into the Paladin, dissolving into faint wisps of green mist (No damage).
Bolt.2 curves to the left, arcing around the Great Wall of Andre, only to be suddenly smothered in a wall of water (7 damage, so 3 points lost from your structure; no damage gets through). The water wall is weakened, but holds, though the water changes to a faintly green tint.
Bolt.3 arcs over Andre's head, sailing merrily over the wall of water, only to smash into the sturdy, massive shield of power fashioned from the Physician.
<Adisa> You okay, Doc!
<The_Physician> Dr. Strange, are you alright?
The_Physician looks at the Dr.
The Physician's shield disappears as quickly as it was formed, having served its purpose. The thin man from the image shrugs, then turns towards the assembled people. Shadows fall over his face and torso, obscuring them from view.
Strange has one hand raised in a shielding gesture, a spell of defense dying on his lips unspoken. "Oh yes, quite fine."
The figure glances at the three of you (he can't really see Strange, with a wall of water and the jolly green golem in the way). "Too soon, for you. Or, too late perhaps. You are not where you belong."
<Paladin> Neither are you.
<Adisa> And where do we belong, businessman?
Paladin silently studies the image, memorizing every detail of the face and surroundings
<Paladin> Is this the one who woke the avatara?
<Paladin> *as an aside to Strange*
<Adisa> Dunno. Let's ask. Hey tall, dark and shifty! You the one who woke up the Avatara?!

  • The man's face and upper torso are covered in thick shadows, thick enough that not even his aura shines through. His surroundings are equally misty, though you catch glimpses of what looks like a chair behind him (recliner, overstuffed, maybe a blue lazy-boy?), and possibly a framed work, perhaps a painting or picture.

<@Strange> I am quite certain he is, yes. Though location is a trickier subject; he is not on Earth, nor in our dimension.
<Paladin> What is in this for you?
The man in the Orb speaks. "The Avatara awoke itself. I… merely provided bagels and coffee."
<Paladin> *addressing the man in the orb*
<@Strange> I have the location. It is… oh.
<Adisa> Yeah. Coffee laced with crazy powder!
<@Strange> ((No, two sugars, one cream.))
<Adisa> ((Lies!))
<Paladin> Where?
<@Strange> Another dimension. Physical locations hold little meaning. The orb has the location.
<Paladin> Niles, or Dr. Strange, can you take us there?
The_Physician tucks his walking stick under his arms and hold out his hands.
The_Physician says quietly to Dr. Strange "What must I do to go there?"
<@Strange> Lay hands upon the orb, and you will know where to go. Then, it is simply a matter of going.
<The_Physician> OK…do we stand a chance against him?
<@Strange> There is always a chance.
The_Physician nods.
The_Physician approaches the orb.
Paladin salutes the Doc with the spear
<The_Physician> Ready my friends?
<Adisa> Yes!
The_Physician extends out his left hand. The right one is near the orb.
<Paladin> If God wills it, I am.
<The_Physician> Well then, grab on.
<The_Physician> both of you.
Adisa grabs Dr. Strange's orb.
<The_Physician> To my hand Adisa!
<Adisa> Oh! You need to be more specific.
Paladin places a hand on Nile's shoulder
Adisa grabs Niles' hand.
<@Strange> ((So, you're all holding hands and ready to transport?"))
The_Physician touches the orb, and when he tracks the location, he transports himself, Andre, and Adisa to where the Tall Thin Man is.
The world fogs around you, your vision going misty as if from too many hours without sleep. The transport doesn't take long, and is easy, almost effortless. You float in a realm of stormy gray clouds, with neither land nor sun nor sky that you can find. There is, at least, light, for you can see each other, and you can see the Thin Man, as well as the chair, and part of a wall, behind him.
The_Physician mutters to Adisa and Paladin "Stay close"
<Paladin> Don't need to tell me.
Even here, the shadows across his body are dark, too deep to see his face. Though, now that you are closer, it does seem like he is wearing a felt hat.
<Paladin> I repeat…what is in it for you?
<@Thin_Man> And here you are, not even introducing yourself. Tsk.
<Paladin> You already have that advantage. No need to flaunt it.
<The_Physician> I believe it is you who should be introducing yourself sir.
<@Thin_Man> In your words, I have many names. Which would you like?
<The_Physician> Are there any we would recognize?
<@Thin_Man> Dozens.
<The_Physician> Give us one.
<@Thin_Man> Raziel.
<Paladin> The Arch angel?
<@Thin_Man> That would be Raphael.
<Adisa> No, that's a mediocre and overhyped Renaissance painter.
<The_Physician> Raziel…Raziel.
<The_Physician> Why do I know that name?
<The_Physician> The Angel of Mysteries?
<@Thin_Man> That is one of my functions.
<Paladin> Are you also known as Feles?
<@Thin_Man> No, that would be Mephistopheles.
The_Physician mutters Guys, do you feel odd or off at all?
<Paladin> Yes. Like a void in th epit of my stomach. It's getting worse too.
<The_Physician> Let's get out of here.
<@Thin_Man> You will get used to it. You will be here for a very long time.
<The_Physician> Hands on my shoulders, now.
<Paladin> Niles. Now would be the time to act.
Paladin claps a hand to nile's shoulder, leveling the spear
<The_Physician> No, this is his turf, and we are weakening. We don;t have time.
Adisa puts his hand on Nile's shoulder because this time he specified.
<The_Physician> Guys…
<The_Physician> I can;t leave.
<The_Physician> I want to, but it isn't happening.
Paladin throws the spear at raziel
<@Thin_Man> Of course. No mortal leaves Purgatory until they are ready.
Thin_Man the spear plunges into his chest. He glances down, then pulls it out.
<@Thin_Man> Ah. So that's where the circlet went.
Thin_Man he aims the butt end of the spear at Paladin.
<@Thin_Man> Would you like this back?
No blood drips from the hole in his chest, which extends clear through to the other side.
<@Thin_Man> Well, you seem upset. I will give you some time to come to terms.
Words dance across his face, his skin slowly unraveling into a sheaf of paragraphs and sentences, before he dissolves into a pool of letters.
<@Thin_Man> ((Congrats guys, you're in Purgatory. Have fun!))

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