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<GM> Location: Hole In The Wall
<GM> Location: Second Time Around

  • Bianca steps into the slippers, then looks at the pile of clothes, the bathroom, back at the clothes. Shakes her head, muttering something Italian under her breath before she closes the bathroom door behind her.

<Niles> Apologies child, it was all I could conjure up on such short notice.
<Ezekial> Where'd your little buddy go?

  • Bianca bustles around in the bathroom, then stops.

<Bianca> Mr. Regan? Would it be alright if I took a shower?
<Bianca> There's little bits of… ash all over me.

  • Adisa shakes his head ruefully.

<Adisa> Man just hasn't got the bladder for drink.
<Niles> Of course child.

  • Bianca lets the water run mildly lukewarm before stepping into the shower.

<Ezekial> Man hasn't got the bladder for much.

  • Niles Calls Adisa, to make sure him and Boolean are OK.

<Adisa> But hey, he's not here. Seat's free.

  • Bianca As Niles reaches for the phone, it rings.
  • Niles picks up

<Niles> Hello, Second Time Around. Niles speaking. How can I help you?
<Andre> Niles. Do you have a moment? I need your magical expertise.
<Niles> Actually, a rather interesting turn of events has happened to me in the last few hours. When do you need my services?
<Andre> Now.
<Andre> The apocalyps eis starting.
<Andre> Something has broken the first seal and the White Horse walks the earth once more.
<Andre> It would have taken a monumental effort of power and I need a trace on that power.
<Niles> Oh my goodness.

  • Bianca hums to herself, barely audible over the sound of the shower

<Niles> OK, I will be there as soon as I can. Where are you?
<Ezekial> Its a bar, they're never free. They'll get ya. But that's alright. Haven't found a bar yet that can drink me under.
<Andre> We must act now. I am at my place. *gives the Brooklyn address*

  • Ezekial takes the now empty seat as the bartender slides his third pitcher of beer down the bar. Drains the pitcher, like a huge dwarf
  • Niles lightly raps on the door.

<Niles> Child, I am sorry to bother you, but how long do you think you'll be? Something important has come up and I need to leave post haste.
<Bianca> Calling…
<Bianca> Let… go…

  • Bianca over the sound of the water, her voice is barely audible

<Niles> Child, what is wrong?

  • Bianca The shower shuts off.
  • Niles a little louder

<Niles> CHILD, are you alright?

  • Bianca squeaks

<Bianca> Yes! Right, fine, what?
<Niles> I am sorry to bother you, but how long do you think you'll be? Something important has come up and I need to leave post haste.
<Bianca> Umm… Not long. Ten minutes?
<Niles> Ok, please hurry. Do you have any idea where you need to go after we leave here?
<Bianca> The air port, probably, unless you know someone who can teleport.

  • Niles smiles

<Niles> OK, no problem. Where are you going to ultimately? I will get a ticket bought ahead of time.
<Bianca> What, you know someone who teleports?
<Adisa> So can you remember anything else about The Tall Man?
<Niles> Why do you say that?
<Niles> I was going to buy a plane ticket for you.
<Bianca> Mio dio, for real?
<Bianca> Oh.
<Bianca> Drat.
<Niles> Well, no. I believe I can get you where you want to go.
<Niles> Just tell me where you ultimately want to go, and I will do my best.
<Bianca> Italy, CCI at Laciano. There's an airstrip nearby for private use. The Gentile's are part owners, so they'll let me land.
<Ezekial> Who, the guy in black? Tall guy, nice hat. I liked that hat.

  • Niles starts grabbing old maps of of his research shelves to see if he can find it.
  • GM It isn't hard to find, only take a bit of searching.

<Ezekial> Had this look in his eye, like he was looking for someone. Paid a lot of attention to Sammy.
<Adisa> Who's Sammy?
<Ezekial> Little guy, wears a mask.
<Ezekial> I mean, you're a little guy, but he's really little. Like a kid.
<Ezekial> Kept saying his aura was touched.
<Adisa> Touched? How so?

  • Ezekial reaches out and taps Adisa's forehead

<Ezekial> Touched.

  • Bianca opens the bathroom door, fully clothed

<Bianca> So, when do we leave?

  • Niles smiles, and reaches out his hand to Bianca.

<Niles> Right now child, just take my hand.

  • Bianca offers her hand
  • Niles grasps her hand, and teleports them to Italy.

<Niles> Thought so, just verifying.
<Bianca> Mio Dio!
<Bianca> Papa never lets me teleport anywhere!

  • Niles smiles

<Niles> Well, I thought this would be faster and cheaper. More environment friendly too.
<Bianca> Do you have a phone? Mine.. well, turned to ash, apparently.
<Niles> Of course.

  • Niles pulls out his cell phone and hands it to her.

<Adisa> Oh touched. I get it.
<Adisa> Sorry for the interruption. Please continue.

  • Bianca accepts the phone, punching in a long string of numbers

<Bianca> *as it rings* This'll probably be pricey, I'll cover it.
<Niles> No worries child.
<Bianca> 'Yu? La sua Bi. Sono sul tetto, potrebbe sbloccare la porta per favore?
<Bianca> Ti diro piu tardi. Si, sto bene. Stop, non sei mia madre. Basta arrivare fino qui. E… Portare un cappello.
<Bianca> Si. Si. Ci vediamo presto. Ciao.

  • Bianca closes the phone and hands it back.

<Bianca> You know, you have to be a wizard. Those things never work right internationally.
<Niles> Did you call someone named Yu?
<Bianca> A friend, lives one floor down from me.
<Bianca> Thanks ever so much.

  • Bianca leans over and kisses his cheek.

<Niles> No worries.

  • Niles turns red.

<Niles> Umm. *cough* Yes, thank you.
<Niles> By the way, before you go, do you know what The White Horse is?
<Bianca> The White Horse?

  • Bianca blinks, then furrows her brow.

<Bianca> When the Lamb had opened the first of the seven seals, I heard the four beasts say with a thundering voice, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a white horse, and he that sat on him had a bowl and there was given unto him a crown, and he departed as conqueror to conquest.
<Bianca> That white horse?
<Bianca> Or… is this the old "White horses are Gray" thing?
<Niles> No, I believe that about sums it up.
<Niles> I believe the end of the world is starting.
<Niles> Child, I must go and see if there is anything I can do to stop it. Are you CERTAIN there is nothing else you can tell me? I can't help think your problems are connected to whats going on. Maybe I am mistaken, but that is my gut feel, and I have learned to trust it over the years.

  • Bianca blinks

<Bianca> Wait… what?
<Bianca> The end of the world?
<Bianca> What?
<Niles> Very long story.
<Ezekial> Well, not a lot there. He's kinda fuzzy. Its one of those things, so people don't remember'm right.
<Adisa> An Image Inducer?
<Niles> Please, anything at all child?
<Bianca> Look, anything I'm involved in is small. If you're talking about the world ending, that's Papa's area.

  • Niles cocks an eyebrow

<Bianca> I'm just… me. I'm only important because of my father.
<Niles> In what way?
<Bianca> In that
<Niles> No, I doubt that. We are all important. Just in different ways.
<Bianca> "Stephen Strange and I sit down and talk about stopping demonic invasions" kind of way.
<Niles> Ah, ok.
<Niles> Understood.

  • Niles hands her a business card.

<Niles> Call me if you change your mind, or if you need my help further.
<Niles> And also?

  • Bianca takes the card, casting a look at the door

<Niles> The Phoenix being attached to you indicates SOMEONE thinks you're important, even if you don't.

  • Niles bows.
  • Bianca slight smile

<Niles> Good day M'Lady. I hope we will see each other again, under better circumstances.
<Bianca> Like I said… I'm important because of Papa. This is the 16th time I've been kidnapped. This year.

  • Niles begins to teleport to the address Paladin gave him.

<Niles> Ah, I understand.
<Niles> Just know you have a friend, should you require it.
<Bianca> Thank you, Mr. Regan.

  • Niles teleports to Paladin's address.

<Ezekial> Not exactly. More like… fuzzy memory vibes.
<Ezekial> Like a telepath.
<Ezekial> Messin around in my brain.
<Adisa> And you're okay with that?

  • Feles turns as Niles appears.

<Feles> Ah. The mystic.
<Andre> Hello Niles. I see that you have learned a new trick.
<Ezekial> You know what bacteria is doin in your intestines right now? Things mess around with our innards all the time.

  • Niles smiles.

<Andre> Thank you for coming so quickly.
<Niles> Yes, you had a hand in that, in a way.

  • Feles straightens up from his crouch

<Feles> Andre. Have faith.
<Andre> As interesting a story as that sounds I am afraid that it will have to wait.
<Niles> Apologies for not getting here sooner, I had some unfinished business to take care of.
<Adisa> Aiding in the digestion of food is very different than memory alteration.

  • Feles a double pair of shimmering white wings erupt from his back, wrapping around his narrow frame, leaving nothing.

<Niles> What can i do?
<Andre> I will see you again Feles, and I hope that you keep your faith as well.
<Ezekial> Not necessarily. Some things take time before the brain can accept them.
<Andre> Not long ago something happened to break one of the seven seals. I need to know where and how this happened.
<Adisa> So you're saying that The Tall Man is so… out there… that your own brain is doing it to preserve your sanity?
<Ezekial> Well now, I never said that. I'm not denyin it none either.
<Niles> OK. What was the seal that was broken?
<Andre> The first one. /"I saw that the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying, as with a voice of thunder, "Come and see!"
<Andre> And behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow. A crown was given to him, and he came forth conquering, and to conquer. "/
<Niles> Hmmmm. Oddly enough I am familiar with that phrase. I'm confused though. I am to find out where and when this happened. But what information aside from a verse do I have to go on?
<Andre> The fact that it would take a massive undertaking of power to accomplish this task.
<Andre> Can you track such an outburst ofpower?
<Niles> Ah, now I see where you are going with this.
<Niles> I cna try. Do you have a general location where you think this might have happened?
<Adisa> Fair enough. Do you think that Gaia, the spirit of the earth, is sane? Just out of curiosity.
<Andre> I do not. But we need to find who did this to keep it form breaking more seals.
<Ezekial> I think anyone who has as many holes drilled in them as the planet does has a reason to be a bit snippy.
<Niles> OK, stand a few feet away if you could.

  • Andre moves back
  • Niles sits down and begins to draw a cirle and any other symbols that might help in this endeavor.

<Adisa> See, now that's one of the big problems I have with your story. Honestly, going by shear scale, she should hardly even notice our actions. Let alone be pissed.
<Ezekial> You're assuming the planet works like a human body.

  • Niles prepares to search for a big honkin power.

<Adisa> And quite obviously it does not granted. But frankly big rocks from outerspace have caused more damage to the planet than humanity has.
<Ezekial> Intermittently. Over many, many years. This is systemic and continuous, like a virus.

  • Niles eyes pop open.

<Niles> Dammit.
<Andre> What?

  • Niles sounds even more British than anyone ever thought possible.

<Niles> Bloody Hell.
<Adisa> Ah, it's now what we have done, it's what we will do?

  • Niles begins to clean up the circle.

<Ezekial> Both, really.
<Niles> We need to leave. NOW.
<Niles> My unifinished business I was finishing up wasn't finished, apparently.
<Niles> (Edit: My business I was finishing up wasn't finished, apparently.) Sounds better.
<Niles> Alright. What was that line again?
<Andre> Where are we going and what do you mean?
<Niles> I saw that the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying, as with a voice of thunder, "Come and see!" And behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow. A crown was given to him, and he came forth conquering, and to conquer.
<Niles> That one?
<Adisa> How so?
<Andre> Yes, I am familiar with the verse. What have you found?
<Ezekial> Linear time's really a human invention. Other things, like spirits… they don't work like that.
<Niles> It wasn;t a horse that was released, it was a phoenix, and I unknowingly unleashed it. I think I broke the seal.
<Andre> You broke the seal?
<Niles> We need to go NOW. Someone else knows about this, and if we dont move fast we might lose her.

  • Andre stares in something akin to shock at Niles.

<Niles> Yes, long story short. Artists daughter was droipped off at my house barely alive.
<Niles> Charred beyond what would be a normal death.
<Andre> You have doomed us all….dear God….
<Niles> I tried to heal her, and some kind of fire elemental was attached to her very spirit.
<Andre> You were used….as a weapon.

  • Adisa feels a burning need to drink more heavily.

<Andre> They will be looking for you now.
<Adisa> Okay. How do spirits work?
<Niles> Whenever I healed her, she just burnt again.
<Niles> When I disentangled them in an attempt to stop the constant burning, I unleashed The Phoenix, not just some small elemental.
<Andre> It makes sense…the pheonix as famine…crops will die and humanity will starve…
<Niles> When I just did my search for your massive power source, I was pointed at the patient room, where I disentagled them not an hour ago.
<Niles> When did the seal break?
<Niles> Or dont you know that?
<Andre> Then it is a beacon for everyone who has eyes to see it. Niles…oh Niles…
<Andre> At (precisely the time that Niles doomed the world).
<Niles> Let's go. I think our answers lie in Italy.
<Niles> Please trust me that I had nothing to do with this intentionally. I was only trying to help a little girl who was burnt, literally, to a crisp and not allowed to die.

  • Niles offers his hand.

<Niles> I can get us there. Please trust me.

  • Andre regards Nile's hand for a long moment befrore taking it.

<Paladin> For your sake I hope so.

  • Niles teleports them to the rooftop in Italy where he left Bianca.

<Ezekial> They're all over the spectrum. If time is an ocean, spirits are fish.

  • Niles Looks around.

<Paladin> Where did you leave her?
<Niles> Paladin, can you open that door subtle-like?
<Niles> Actually, hold that thought.
<Paladin> Not nearly as subtly as you can, I wager.
<Adisa> I have advanced degrees in engineering and theoretical physics and I have no idea what you're talking about.
<Adisa> Maybe it's because I don't fish.

  • Niles prepares to try to locate Bianca magically.

<Ezekial> Neither do I. I'm just going over the cue cards Sprite gave me.
<Adisa> Okay. So Sprite is your Mad Scientist of the group?

  • Paladin watches the preparations

<Paladin> Whata re you doing Niles?
<Ezekial> She's big into theory, but she's also got the most contact with the Avatara, since it spends a lot of time in her brain.
<Niles> This building is three stories of dorms. Two grown men walking around them would look like a sore thumb, plus, she might not still be here. I am going to locate Bianca my way.
<Paladin> Assuming that the Artist, a dangerous practicioner with many enemies, doe snot have something set up to blow you up if you try to magically locate his weakness. I can see your logic…somewhere.

  • Niles cocks an eyebrow.

<Niles> Right.
<Niles> Good thought, that.
<Niles> Not thinking straight.
<Niles> Well, to late now. She's here, let's go.
<Paladin> They will be here soon thent oo…so yes, let's go.
<Adisa> Spends a lot of… right. I'm not going to ask. Here. I'll refill your pitcher.
<Niles> The door sir, not the subtle way.
<Paladin> Couldn't we just ask for her at the main desk?

  • Adisa gestures to the bartender for another pitcher.

<Niles> Not now, if I tore through his ward, I might have set off an alarm. LETS GO.

  • Niles points to door.
  • Bartender slides a pitcher down the bar.

<Paladin> I don't want to break the lock. You never know what kind of person would get in then.
<Adisa> So why does Gaia pick Sprite to… inhabit?
<Niles> Oh, my lord, I have to do everything.
<Ezekial> Didn't, actually. That was the Tall Man in Black.

  • Niles places a hand on his shoulder and teleports them beyond the door.

<Paladin> It's perfectly reasonable. I mean there are children in there…
<Adisa> Huh?
<Ezekial> What?
<Adisa> Why would TTMIB care who Gaia inhabits, and more importantly, why does he get to dictate anything she (for a given value of she) does?
<Ezekial> He doesn't dictate. He makes suggestions, and the Avatara chose to listen.

  • Niles pauses.

<Niles> There are wards all around this building.
<Paladin> A suggestion then…call the Artist maybe?
<Adisa> Suggestions that apparently carry a lot of weight. Who is this guy, the spirit of space or something?
<Ezekial> You'd have to ask him.
<Paladin> Or we can ask for her at the front desk…

  • Niles Opens up his cell phone and hits redial.

<Niles> Do you speak English?

  • Yu answers the phone. "Ciao?"

<Niles> Do you speak English?
<Yu> Si. Chi e questo?
<Niles> Bianca?
<Paladin> You're telling him that you are Bianca?
<Niles> Is Bianca around?
<Yu> Quien es este?
<Niles> Mr. Regan.
<Yu> I per que vol voste parlar amb Bianca, Sr Regan?
<Niles> I need to speak to her.

  • Niles starts to look for a fire escape to climb down.

<Yu> Zasto?

  • Niles so as not to draw attention.

<Niles> Nevemind.

  • Niles hangs up.
  • Niles heads down to the front of the building.

<Adisa> So who do you work for. Gaia or The Man In Black?
<Ezekial> I work for Sprite.

  • Bianca As you drop down from the fire escape, you notice a back door is propped open with a piece of broken brick.

<Adisa> Ah. I see. Just out of curiosity, why did you come over here? I know you think I'm this dude you met in China, but does he work with you?

  • Niles takes a look.

<Ezekial> Oh, please. Look, I've been a mercenary since before you were walking. I don't care what funny outfits you guys like to dress in, you never bother to change how you walk and act.

  • Bianca The wards spiral around the building, but gap at open windows and doors.

<Ezekial> I know you're the lil water dude from China.

  • Niles enters the building
  • Paladin removes the brick form the door after they enter

<Adisa> Okay. First off, you're mistaken. And second, even if you wern't I am definitely not 'the lil water dude from China'.
<Ezekial> Uh-huh.

  • Bianca You're inside, on the first floor. Its a fairly standard school arrangement, save that the carpets are new and plush, the walls have a tasteful floral wallpaper and there are pictures lining the halls. There are some stairs going up in front of you.

<Adisa> Just like you're not 'that big stoner dude from China'. Do you see what I"m saying?

  • Niles starts heading up the stairs to the fifth floor.
  • Niles looks for the right wing, room 513
  • Bianca As you move up the floors, there's a stark change between the third and fourth floor. What was a well-appointed but still stark flows into an appearance that is downright homey.

<Ezekial> Well, if you're talking about the green armor guy, nah, he was with you. I was the rock guy.

  • Bianca The door to room 513 is slightly ajar. Music floats out, something unfamiliar and vaguely symphonic/techno.

<Adisa> So you want to be called for the rest of this conversation 'the big stoner dude from China'? I can do that. I'm very single minded when it comes to nicknames.

  • Bianca There are more wards on this door than anywhere else that are entirely defeated by the door being open.

<Ezekial> I've had just enough beer to not care.
<Adisa> Clever strategy. I'll join you.
<Ezekial> Nuh-uh. This one's mine. I've only had…. 15.

  • Adisa motions for some Rumplemints.

<Ezekial> Get your own.
<Paladin> You should knock, Niles.

  • Bianca Over the music, two people are hard talking, faintly, in another langauge.
  • Paladin listens in and motions for Niles to wait a moment.

<Adisa> Okay if you've confused yourself with a bar, you've had too much to drinik.
<Ezekial> Blasphemy.

  • Niles listens as well, trying to make out the conversation.
  • Bianca Things are pretty garbled, as they're speaking quickly and quietly, with the music played loud enough to muffle almost everything. Then, they both stop.
  • Bianca The female voice was definitely Bianca. The male voice is the one you spoke with on the phone.

<Male> Someone's outside the door.
<Bianca> Then we'll shut the door.
<Adisa> Tell me again why you work for Gaia. You don't strike me as a back to nature sort.

  • Niles Knocks to make it seem less alarming.

<Male> Can't. Dorm rules… *trails off at knock*
<Bianca> Go answer it.
<Male> We know they're here to talk to you.
<Bianca> Which is why I want *you* to answer it!

  • Bianca The door opens a bit more. A slender teenager stands in the doorway, one brow arched at Niles.

<Male> Either you're younger than you look, or you don't belong here.
<Ezekial> Fat heaping sacks of cash.
<Niles> Hello. Is Miss Bianca available? I am her friend, Mr. Regan.
<Bianca> Mr. Regan? Why are you back? *from inside the room. The music becomes quieter*
<Adisa> Right. Practicality. I like that in a mercenary.
<Niles> I need to speak with you. It is urgent.
<Bianca> Is something wrong? *hovers behind the teenager*
<Niles> Very.

  • Niles eyes the boy.
  • Niles looks at Bianca.

<Niles> It wasn't referring to a horse, but a large bird, apparently.
<Bianca> A large bird?
<Bianca> What?
<Adisa> Wait a minute? Who's fronting the cash? I can't picture Gaia as the Swiss Bank Account sort, so is your fee coming from Sprite?
<Niles> Yes. A phoenix, even.
<Niles> Get the picture?
<Ezekial> Not sure. It is cash though, and cash spends. Enough cash means no questions.
<Bianca> Not entirely. Perhaps a few more clues?
<Niles> I more than likely broke the seal by helping you earlier.
<Bianca> The biblical seal?
<Bianca> The one made by God?
<Bianca> You think I was the seal?
<Niles> I don;t know.
<Niles> But it was broken, and all signs point to yes at this time.
<Bianca> That doesn't even make sense!
<Niles> Is there any way we can we talk in private?
<Bianca> {Male} Not a chance.
<Bianca> Yu….
<Bianca> {Male} Bi, we don't know him.
<Bianca> It'll be okay. I have his true name.

  • Niles cocks an eyebrow.

<Niles> Really? You'll have to tell me how you do that sometime.

  • Bianca shoots you a "Work with me" glance

<Bianca> {Male} I still don't like it, Bi.
<Bianca> You don't have to like it. You just have to be in shouting distance in case I'm wrong.

  • Paladin keeps watch

<Niles> Oh, right. *facepalms himself* I have a horrible method of introducing myself with my full name.
<Adisa> How much cash is enough? I'll settle for orders of magnitude.
<Bianca> Its very charming, really. Not… bright, but charming.
<Ezekial> Nope. Don't talk about the bankroll.
<Ezekial> Enough information lets you track the money, then I'm out a nice contract.
<Adisa> Huh. I guess that's true. Okay, then not specifically, but in general. How much is enough to buy your ignorance?
<Bianca> So then. Sorted. Yu, I'll speak to you after. Mr. Regan, shall we?
<Niles> Yes, please.

  • Paladin steps into view

<Bianca> {Yu} *narrows his eyes*
<Paladin> Excuse me, Miss Bianca…how long do you think we have before someone from your father's employ shows up?
<Bianca> Quite a while unless you've called someone.
<Bianca> Oh dear. You didn't break one of the wards, did you?

  • Paladin Looks to niles

<Paladin> I am the wrong person to ask that question of.
<Bianca> {Yu} Do you know him?
<Niles> Ummm. Yes, I might have. I was trying to verify you were still here.
<Paladin> Let us assume yes though.
<Bianca> Don't you ever watch tv? That's Paladin, guardian of New York.

  • Paladin tils his head

<Bianca> Well, how badly did you break it? And where?
<Paladin> Guardian of New York? I'm on T.V.?
<Ezekial> Depends on what I'm forgetting.
<Bianca> Well, not specifically. Pictures are very rare. But…

  • Bianca thinks of how to phrase it

<Bianca> Let's just say I know people when I see them.
<Paladin> No..not really important. Mr. regan, perhaps it would be best to speed this along?
<Niles> Yes, Umm, all I did was search for you. I know I hit a ward and tore through it.
<Bianca> Was it on the roof?
<Niles> Yes
<Adisa> Too forget who's bankrolling you.
<Bianca> Oh that's fine. We get f-pos's from air elementals all the time.
<Ezekial> Not much, since I don't really know who it is.
<Niles> F-pos's?
<Bianca> False Positives.
<Paladin> Miss Bianca, why was the Pheonix bound into you and how?
<Bianca> Hey, that's magic stuff. You need a wizard for that.
<Bianca> I'm just the McGuffin.
<Paladin> Ah. So this was just for the sake of drawing attention.
<Paladin> From the real seal breaking?
<Bianca> That's possible. Though people try to kidnap me so often, I don't know if it really draws attention…
<Paladin> Who kidnapped you last and left you with Mr, Regan here?
<Niles> Please, this is important. We need to know.
<Adisa> Okay. How much to switch sides?
<Ezekial> Ah, see now, that's breaking contract lil guy. Ain't no one happy when a merc does that.
<Niles> You have to have some kind of memory before you awoke in my office.
<Niles> Even the smallest detail might help.
<Paladin> Can't you
<Bianca> Yeah. That would be nice, because I'd tell the police. But you want to know what I remember? Burning.
<Bianca> For hours.

  • Paladin waves a hand in a vaugely magical way

<Paladin> Help her remember?
<Paladin> Or see what happened at least?
<Bianca> Erm… thanks. But not thanks. I don't need any help remembering.
<Adisa> Factor that in. It would be a hefty fee.
<Niles> I suppose I could try…but nothing before the burning? Were you knocked out…anything? Were you taken from here?
<Ezekial> You don't have that much cash, and if you did, there wouldn't be any place I could spend it.

  • Bianca shakes her head

<Bianca> Follow me. I'll show you where the burning started.
<Adisa> Okay. How much to make you never call me little again.
<Paladin> Do you know where it went after it lef tyou?
<Ezekial> A dedicated weight lifting regimen will take care of that.
<Ezekial> I could coach you.
<Bianca> Kinda unconscious. Ask Mr. Regan.
<Niles> I was busy making sure my patient didn't die.
<Niles> The Phoenix was tied to her spirit remember? The moment it left her I had to heal her or she would have died in seconds.
<Niles> 5th degree burns are not something most people walk away from.
<Paladin> Of course.
<Niles> I might be able to get a general direction. Nothing more.
<Bianca> Especially since, medically, fourth degree normally kills you.
<Niles> Exactly.
<Adisa> Heh. I might take you up on that.
<Bianca> Don't think I'm not appreciative, I am. But I was here, I was somewhere else for about… *closes her eyes* seven hours, 25 minutes, 33 seconds, burning the entire time, then I was at your place.
<Adisa> So. We've talked about yourself, fire and air. That leaves water.
<Paladin> That…that is horrible to even contemplate.
<Adisa> Tell me about… The wet blanket.
<Niles> OK, so where exactly did it start? You werre going to show us?
<Ezekial> Ah, Gracia's not that bad.
<Bianca> Sure. My room, its one floor up. West Wing, Room 666.
<Paladin> How promising.

  • Niles again, cocks an eyebrow.

<Niles> Seriously?
<Adisa> So what's Gracia like?
<Bianca> Yeah.
<Bianca> Someone up there has it in for me.
<Bianca> I've tried to get my room assignment changed dozens of times.
<Niles> OK. May I have a look? Maybe there is a clue or soemthing that was missed.
<Paladin> Maybe this will give us a clue. But we should not dally.
<Bianca> Sure!
<Paladin> Why won't they change it?

  • Bianca heads down the hallways, towards the stairs. "They won't tell me. I've talked to Papa about it, but he always mutters something about Christianity not having enough facts to fill a pamphlet…"

<Niles> Odd.

  • Paladin follows her " Oh, they have a few things right.
  • Bianca moves quickly down the hallway, stopping at a closed door.

<Bianca> Ahhh… Might wanna hold your breath.

  • Paladin holds his breath.
  • Niles Does.
  • Niles does as well.

<Ezekial> She's mellow. Very much take life as it comes, punch it in the face if necessary kinda gal.
<Adisa> Ce la vi huh. That's cool.

  • Bianca swings the door open, releasing a blast of residual heat and the odor of burning meat. She winces, holding her nose

<Bianca> Oh, that's what I smelled like. Ugh.

  • Niles still trying to hold his breath.

<Paladin> Mr. Regan, can you tell what happened here?
<Niles> Oh, you havent been back here since Ibrought you back I take it?
<Bianca> Ahhh.
<Bianca> Bad memories.
<Bianca> I'm not sleeping in here again.
<Niles> Hmmm. I assume this is ward central Bianca?
<Bianca> Bad memories.
<Niles> Ah. Paladin, can you take Bianca elsewhere?
<Paladin> Of course.
<Adisa> And what about you. You obviously take both your drinking and contractual integrity seriously, is there anything else you'd like me to know?

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