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<shadowmyre> Location: CCI @ Lanciano
<Paladin> What did you bargain away for Bianca?
<Yu> That's between him and me.

  • Paladin nods

<Paladin> Fair enough. I simply hope that the price is not too steep. softly spoken
<Niles> So…we were discussing what it was, if anything, we could do to assist with the present situation?
<Yu> The 'situation' has been blown all out of proportion, really.
<Yu> Its not that bad, its being dealt with, your assistance is not required, thanks, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Paladin snorts

<Paladin> 'Not that bad' he says.
<Niles> Well, since we are knee deep in this, you can either tell us what we can do to help, or let us try to figure out how to stop the possible impending doom…and we all know how well that turned out the first time.

  • Niles eyes Adisa.
  • Adisa raises eyebrow at Niles.

<Paladin> Gentlemen, I hardly think that telling him that unless he lets us into the clubhouse that we will wreck it is reassuring in this present situation.
<Paladin> We are wasting time here. Illegally, I might add.
<Yu> Genius! I believe I said that. An hour ago.
<Paladin> And I agreed. An hour ago.
<Adisa> One question. How did you guys get the schematics for my suit?
<Yu> Its kind of like parallel development, and kind of like going to the source.
<Yu> Hmmm. I think the term is 'reverse engineering'?
<Niles> I agree, this is a waste of time.
<Adisa> Ah. Cool. Just don't put these on the Internet.

  • Niles looks at Bianca.

<Yu> That wouldn't help anyone do anything.
<Adisa> It would help a great many people to make things worse.
<Niles> You know how to get ahold of me child, if you have need of anything. Do not hesitate, alright?
<Bianca> I'll call if I need to, though I'd rather just stay out of this all the way around.
<Adisa> You and me both kid.

  • Niles smiles.

<Bianca> School's bad enough… world ending type crises are out of my spectrum.
<Niles> I would like that myself child.
<Adisa> So, how exactly did you reverse engineer the suit without having my suit to toy with?
<Yu> I didn't. Actually, I can't even use one of the suits.
<Adisa> …
<Adisa> So you make big fire on your own?
<Yu> Everything I use is just a booster for my natural ability.
<Yu> The suits are for muggles.
<Adisa> Hey! I resemble that!

  • Paladin stifles a laugh

<Adisa> So you a mage, or a mutant… or an alien.
<Adisa> Hold on a minute. I have a list for this very occasion.
<Adisa> Somewhere.
<Yu> I don't test as a mutant, I'm pretty sure I'm human.
<Yu> It's kind of hereditary, though.
<Yu> And if it is magic, then its limited, since I can't do any 'magic' that doesn't involve fire.
<Adisa> Sounds like you're an Adept. Someone who's naturally gifted at a specific kind of magic.
<Adisa> I got that from Cosmo.
<Niles> Unfortunately friend, that is not how Magic works exactly.
<Adisa> … Glad I canceled that subscription.
<Paladin> Hereditary dealing with spirits?
<Yu> You could say that.

  • Bianca wonders why Adisa would have a subscription to Cosmo…
  • Niles worries about Adisa.

<Adisa> … Why is everyone looking at me like that?

  • Bianca hums

<Paladin> Are going home soon?
<Adisa> Best Buy gave it to me 'for free' when I bought Season 1 of Lost.
<Adisa> I say yeah. I love breaking the law and all, but I got stuff to do. And by stuff, I mean sleep.
<Niles> OK gentleman, let us depart.

  • Niles heads out the door of the rom.

<Paladin> After you read your horoscope for love…
<Niles> room*

  • Paladin heads to the door and pauses, looking back at Yu.

<Paladin> Good luck, Yu.
<Adisa> Did I say I had a subscription? I meant it was in the Dentist's waiting room.
<Adisa> Yeah, that's the ticket!

  • Paladin heads out after Niles.
  • Adisa heads out after Paladin

<Paladin> Niles, will you take us home now please?
<Niles> Of course. I was thinking of heading to my place first so we can talk in relative privacy.
<Yu> Location: Second Time Around.
<Niles> Alright gentlemen. What do you all think our next move should be?
<Adisa> Find Boolean.
<Adisa> See what he knows about Johnny Cash. I mean The Man in Black.
<Paladin> Informing that boy's parents about what he has been doing.
<Paladin> And I nee to ask you some questions, Niles.
<Paladin> What would happen if I tried to replace the energy that I inadvertently destroyed with energy from the circlet? It would free up all the sorcerers for what is coming.
<Adisa> Hold on a moment. Exactly how did you destroy energy?
<Adisa> Inquiring physicists want to know!
<Paladin> Um…I put him in the bay
<Adisa> … You mean the Supersized Human Torch?
<Paladin> other than that, Ask a Magus.
<Paladin> Niles should start his own web show.
<Niles> Hmmm, I see what you are trying to do, but I don't think you truly destroyed him. That will require some research. Also, your thought would not work.
<Niles> First: If the energy in the circlet is part of this reality, then shifting it around isn't going to alter how much energy is in reality, just where it is.
<Niles> Second: If the energy in the circlet is not part of this reality, then you'd increase the total amount of energy in this reality, but you can't predict what the side effects would be on the other reality, and where the ripples would play out.
<Paladin> Then why are the magi of the world trying to replace it?
<Niles> This, of course, is presuming that you can shift the energy from the circlet. > Which you may or may not be able to do.
<Adisa> Assuming that Andre did indeed destroy energy, and I have serious doubts, then it doesn't really matter what kind of energy we replace it with.
<Adisa> Once we get 'more energy', Law of Conservation of Energy will kick in and we can convert it to something else.
<Niles> Well, I am not saying that it hasn't been destroyed. It's just not here at the moment.
<Niles> Not sure what we can do about that.

  • Niles looks at Adisa.

<Niles> No Time Travel.
<Adisa> I was thinking Extra-Dimensional, actually.
<Adisa> I hear Reed Richards has a portal to an Anti-Matter dimension….
<Paladin> Do you even know Dr. Richards?
<Niles> Well, I think we need to investigate where our flame buddy bit it.
<Niles> Once there, maybe we can track down what exactly happened to that energy.
<Adisa> No. But I do know Anthony Start, who does know Reed Richards.

  • Adisa bluffs like a madman.

<Adisa> Nah, just kidding. Never even met Stark.
<Paladin> If the energy is not here then where did it go?
<Adisa> Ignoring the possibility of it, you destroyed it. Boy would Newton be pissed.

  • Andre rubs at his face with his hands, looking tired.

<Niles> If I knew where it was, we could get it back I would wager.
<Adisa> Assuming of course that the energy is in fact gone, and not transferred to, for lack of a better term, Air or Water Elemental energy.
<Niles> I sencond that emotion.
<Niles> second*
<Andre> I single handedly took out half of the world's magi including the Sorcerer Supreme. How do we get them back?
<Adisa> Wait… You mean the Magi are gone as well?

  • Andre begins to pace in Nile's cramped workshop.

<Andre> According to Salamander, yes. If his word can be trusted.
<Niles> They are all trying to repair the lack of energy, it would seem.
<Niles> So are rather…preoccupied.
<Andre> What do you know of the elemental princes, Niles? What are they exactly?
<Adisa> So there not gone, just occupied.
<Niles> Correct.

  • Adisa looks at Andre

<Adisa> Don't do that to me.
<Andre> Do what?
<Adisa> Say you took out half the magi when you only distracted them.
<Adisa> Specicivity is the soul of communication.
<Andre> With the time allotted to us that could amount to the same thing, Adisa.
<Adisa> Maybe. Maybe not.
<Andre> We're digressing though. What are we going to do about the man in black or about the Avatara?
<Adisa> Find Boolean.
<Andre> If this cosmic business man grants…wishes….how can that help us if he cannot put the Avatara back to sleep?
<Adisa> Information. Boolean is our inside line to all things cosmic.

  • Andre breaks off his pacing with a frustrated sigh

<Niles> Problem being how does one find a being connected to something like the Cosmic Database?
<Andre> If he can be trusted as well. So many people lying and working for their own agenda. It's maddening.
<Niles> Oh and Andre I know a bit about the elemental princes.
<Niles> What did you want to know?
<Niles> Was there a specific topic I mean?
<Andre> How to get one back after is it, for all intents and purposes, killed.
<Andre> Can they even be killed?
<Adisa> Maybe we can get a new one appointed.
<Adisa> I nominate Yu.
<Andre> Because we really need a teenage boy who hate sus to be the elemental prince of flame.
<Andre> (edit spelling)
<Adisa> Oh. Of course you know scads of flame wielding people on a personal level. How foolish of me. He's what we got!
<Andre> And where is the Phoenix? The first seal has been cracked like a bad welding job and we have no way to patch it up.
<Andre> Where are the other seals? Can we find them to prevent them from breaking?
<Adisa> Wait… seals? Spoil it for you, Lilith's the final seal.
<Andre> What?
<Adisa> No. That's my line. What? What's this about seals? Because unless you're talking about semi-aquatic mammals, I have know idea what you're talking about.
<Andre> The Lillith of Rabbanical legend?
<Adisa> No the creepy little girl demon from Supernatural.
<Andre> "I saw that the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying, as with a voice of thunder, "Come and see!"
<Andre> And behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow. A crown was given to him, and he came forth conquering, and to conquer."
<Adisa> … Right.
<Andre> The first of the four horsemen was the Phoenix.
<Niles> Well Andre, if what you "killed" was truly an elemental prince, he should not have been able to be killed.
<Niles> In theory they can't even be bound.
<Andre> So he is dispersed and they are trying to piece him back together?
<Niles> So what Yu said about him being gone completely is…off.
<Niles> I am uncertain.
<Adisa> Maybe. And it will make Zombie Newton feel better.
<Andre> I threw him in the bay Niles.
<Adisa> … And Magnesium burns underwater.
<Niles> Right, but from what i know of the princes he should have just…reformed.
<Niles> Or something like that.
<Andre> He evaporated alarge portion of the water, but an ocean against afire elemental. It almost doesn't seem fair.
<Adisa> If he's the pinnacle of fire elementals, he should be at least as tough to snuff out as that.
<Adisa> … Yeah. To the ocean.
<Andre> Then what was it?
<Adisa> Hot enough fire, water is just more fuel.
<Adisa> Logic
<Adisa> Presumption: An ocean is not enough to snuff out an elemental prince.
<Niles> All princes and princesses of the elements are are like a kind of magical weave of the planet. Kind of like it's life energy, for lack of a better term.
<Niles> If ALL princes or princesses of a certain element were gone, then the concept of combustion would be gone. It would be like combustion never existed.
<Adisa> However, The prince is gone, according to several sources of varying reliability.
<Adisa> Therefor, the prince was not snuffed, but instead removed
<Andre> The prince for the eastern coast at least
<Niles> Or maybe just weakened.
<Adisa> Who could in theory kidnap an elemental prince?
<Adisa> Niles?
<Andre> Or more to the point, who kept him from reforming?
<Niles> Off the top of my head, I am uncertain…these things were more conceptual that reality based until a few minutes ago, so please pardon me.
<Adisa> Who's keeping him from reforming while half the magi on the planet are busting their humps to help him reform?
<Andre> Exactly.
<Andre> Which lends credence to your kidnapped theory. They are looking fo rhim. He's a diversion, but from what?
=-= Andre is now known as Andre_afk
<Adisa> Postulate. The Avatara is cranky. In pain. Not well. Could she have absorbed the prince as some kind of energy boost?
=-= Andre_afk is now known as Andre
<Andre> That is more your area than mine, Adisa.
<Adisa> Actually, I was kinda hoping for a yea or nay from Niles, since I'm going by logic which is worthless when dealing with magic.

  • Niles laughs.

<Niles> That is true friend.
<Andre> So..is it feasible that someone, something or several of the aforementioned could keep the prince of the eastern coast from reforming and hide him form the collective eyes of half ot he world's magi including the Sorcerer Supreme?
<Niles> It is possible Adisa.
<Adisa> Does anyone have any idea of what we can possibly do about it?
<Niles> Not at this time.
<Niles> Also what Andre says is possible, but again, not sure how one would DO it.
<Andre> But if we could find out where it is, or who is doing this we could stop it. Wouldn't something like that take a lot of power?
<Andre> I doubt that is what has happened since minds far brighter than mine are bent to the task, but maybe, if it is happening that way, we can help.
<Niles> To for all intents and purposes disabling a nelemental prince of fire? Yes, I would imagine that would take immense power.

  • Andre pauses for a moment

<Andre> Could we make a new one?

  • Niles blinks.
  • Niles blinks again.
  • Niles blinks a third time.

<Niles> No.
<Niles> Not even remotely.
<Adisa> And I was all set to start work on a device to track magical energy over a global scale.
<Adisa> But this sound much easier
<Adisa> That was sarcasm.
<Niles> While I wish I had awesome godlike powers, that is REALLY out of my field of expertise…or anyone else that I know for that matter.
<Andre> The avatara?
<Adisa> Niles… what would happen if we stuck The Phoenix in say… yu? Just idle curiosity…
<Adisa> *Yu
<Niles> I have a distinct feeling it would be…bad.
<Niles> But I don;t really have enough information to predict the exact outcome.
<Adisa> Well, that's my off-the-cuff recipe for insta-elemental prince.
<Niles> We are sort of going in circles here, so lets start with what we kno.
<Niles> know*
<Niles> Elemental Princes, which until earlier today I thought were a mere concept, are real beings.
<Niles> One of which Andre "destroyed".
<Niles> But from what I know of them, this is not possible.
<Niles> So, barring that, what happened?
<Niles> The energy went somewhere, or someone transported it somewhere.
<Niles> Either way, it's gone and we need to correct the situation.
<Andre> How does a prince reform after being dispersed?
<Niles> A bunch of magi MUCH more powerful than me are trying to correct it…but apparently can't.
<Adisa> Therefor we need to find a way to add energy to a closed system, in this case our universe.
<Niles> Or return what was taken.
<Niles> For that I believe we need to go to the place where it was dispersed, see if we can somehow see what other's might not have known to look for.
<Niles> Andre.
<Niles> Do you rememeber roughly where he landed in the bay?
<Adisa> A direct investigation might uncover some new information, I suppose.
<Andre> I think so, yes.
=-= Andre is now known as Paladin
<Paladin> I was only a stone's throw away from the bridge.
<Adisa> … exactly how far can you chuck a stone?
<Paladin> A spear in this case, and it was only a few hundred feet away form me.
<Paladin> Shall we go? No time to waste.
<Adisa> Sure fine. Fire up the transporters Scotty.
<Niles> Let us go then. I will bring us to the bridge, we can go from there. Is that OK with everyone?

  • Niles smiles.

<Niles> I'm givin' 'er all she's got Cap'n!

  • Niles said that in a REALLY bad Scottish accent.
  • Paladin ignores the antics of the two and heads to the bridge.
  • Niles grabs Adisa and transports to the bridge. Out of the way of traffic, mind you.

<shadowmyre> Location: Bridge

  • Paladin points out to where teh second buoy bobs on the bay

<Paladin> Right there.
<Niles> Alright.
<Paladin> Adisa, Niles, can you breathe in the water?
<Niles> I could probably come up with something, but it might take me a bit.
<Adisa> No. but I can survive indefinitely underwater.

  • Adisa takes samples of the water.

<Paladin> Dear Lord…..
<Paladin> Is that where he is? Stuck there in the water?
<Niles> I…do now know.
<Niles> One moment.
<Paladin> If he's in there we have to get him out. He is still drawing power…making an energy sink.
<Adisa> I see… dead water. I can't move that water. I go 10 feet and I can move it just fine *make a teeny tiny whirlpool* but there… nothing.
<Niles> Going near that area would be unwise.
<Niles> It is magically dead.
<Paladin> It's nutrealized…fire can't work there either I bet.
<Niles> If anything magical were to go there, it would be de-magicked for lack of a better term.

  • Adisa takes more samples.

<Niles> It's probably a response to so much energy being lost all at once. I don't know for certain.
<Niles> Nothing living enters that area, not even bacteria.
<Niles> Chemically it's still water, but it wouldn't act like it if we drank it, cooked with it, etc.
<Paladin> Can the water around it be moved? Form a discernible line of demarcation that we can work with?
<Niles> Elaborate.

  • Niles looks up and stares for a moment.

<Paladin> Take the alive from the dead and then…clean…the area?
<Paladin> Seperate it somehow?
<Niles> There is nothing alive there. Everything is avoiding it.
<Niles> There is no need to separate it. It's already doing it.
<Adisa> Essentially, what you are looking at is a perfect elemental insulator.
<Paladin> Oh.
<Adisa> elemental energy does not flow into it.

  • Niles continues to look upward.

<Adisa> period.

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