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  • Andre crosses the room and begins to dig underneath an oaken bench carved with leaves and fruit shapes until he find a map of the world. He clears a space on one of his work benches and unfurls the paper weighing teh corners down with a level, a hand planer and a box of nails.
  • The_Physician teleports to the Paladin's apartment.
  • Adisa picks up the sample of water and travels to The Paladin's apartment.
  • Adisa travels via Taxi.

<shadowmyre> *Andre: You trace the path a few miles east of the Nile, north of the apex of the Nile Delta. You're pretty sure this is the old location of Heliopolis.

  • Andre digs out a phone book, his brow furrowed as he flips through the pages for the American Consulate.
  • The_Physician knocks on the door.

<Andre> It's open

  • The_Physician opens the door.

<The_Physician> We need to talk sir.
<Andre> About what? following a column of numbers down the page
<The_Physician> I need your attention.
<The_Physician> Please sir, it would be easier to show you.
<Andre> You have it, Niles. I just need to write down this number. jotting a string of numbers down on a post-it note There. Now, how can I help you, Niles?
<The_Physician> Take a look.

  • The_Physician takes the empty pen out and clicks it, activating the video.
  • Andre watches the entire video, a look of sorrow crossing his features briefly as he watches the Prince of Flame extinguish in the bay.

<Andre> I was there, Niles. I know what happened.
<The_Physician> Did you notice anything that you did not think about before?
<Andre> Not really, no. It all played out exactly like that.
<The_Physician> Right. OK, maybe it requires someone with magical sight…
<The_Physician> Anyhow.
<The_Physician> The bay was fine until the spear was thrust into the prince. He was even alive in the water… hence our assumption his introduction into the water was the cause of the void that now exists is false.
<Andre> You think that the circlet caused this?
<Andre> How?
<The_Physician> I do not know.
<The_Physician> I would like to examine it again if I might.
<Andre> Certainly. Examine away. I will not be removing it though.
<The_Physician> Obviously.

  • The_Physician begins to examine the circlet.

<shadowmyre> *Physician: Before when you looked at the circlet, you felt that it was watching you as well. Now, you feel a definite presence observing you and your surroundings. It is recognizable presence, but not of a nature you are familiar with; neither angel, demon, nor faerie or elemental.

  • The_Physician decides to try something
  • The_Physician addressing the Circlet.

<The_Physician> Hello. Are you capable of speach?
<Andre> Um…yes.
<The_Physician> Not you, I am addressing the entity known only as the circlet.
<Andre> 'The entity knows as'. It sounds like a Prince wannabe.
<shadowmyre> *Physician: It shifts, moving from one side of the circlet to another, almost like its shifting to another vantage point to watch you. You (both of you) hear a faint trilling, high pitched, more echoing in your jawbone than truly heard by your ears.

  • Andre opens and closes his jaw placing a hand on his face.
  • The_Physician looking at Paladin

<Andre> That's really weird.
<The_Physician> Has it ever done that before?
<Andre> No.
<The_Physician> OK. Then we can at least assume that it was responding to me. I felt a presence.
<Andre> What did you do to it?
<The_Physician> Nothing.
<The_Physician> I asked it if it could speak after I felt an actual presence.

  • Andre eyes Niles skeptically.

<The_Physician> I swear!

  • The_Physician looks adamant!

<Andre> You know how I hate it when you take the Lord's name in vain.
<The_Physician> I'm confused.
<The_Physician> Anyhow.
<The_Physician> Well, this is interesting. It tried to talk. Lets try something else.
<Andre> Like what?
<Andre> Making it erupt from my jaw? No thanks.
<The_Physician> No, one second.

  • The_Physician addressing the circlet again.

<The_Physician> Can you keep talking? I want to try to understand and communicate with you.

  • The_Physician addressing Paladin.

<shadowmyre> *Physician: The trilling pauses, then the vibrations shift, until your rib cages begin to vibrate. Almost pleasant, if terribly weird.
<The_Physician> It won't erupt from your jawbone, I felt that to. The Circlet seems to be trying to address us both, i would wager.

  • Andre squirms slightly.
  • The_Physician squirms as well.

<Andre> You think?
<The_Physician> OK. Keep trying, still not getting it.

  • The_Physician addressing the circlet.

<shadowmyre> *Physician (only): The trilling shifts suddenly. Not in location, for you still feel the vibration of your ribs, but in clarity. You get the impression that it might be…. singing?
<The_Physician> Hmmm.
<The_Physician> Interesting.
<The_Physician> Keep going. I think it is trying to…sing. not sure.
<Andre> Sing?
<The_Physician> It's just a feeling I am getting.

  • The_Physician addressing the circlet.

<The_Physician> Can you try shifting to this area *Physician points to his ear* But please be careful, this area of our bodies can be very sensitive.

  • Paladin draws up the armor.

<shadowmyre> *Physician: The trilling ends almost immediately. Complete "silence" reigns for a second, perhaps two.
<shadowmyre> *Physician: Then, you feel a pressure building in your ears, like holding a seashell and listening to the crashing air in the spiral. The sound is there, certainly, but too much focused on too small a set of bones.
<shadowmyre> *Physician: There is some pain.
<shadowmyre> (1 damage)
<The_Physician> OK, you can stop now. Unfortunately that hurt…

  • The_Physician falls unconscious
  • Paladin is horrified and withdraws the armor.

<Andre> Niles!?
<shadowmyre> The trilling ends.

  • Andre checks Nile's vitals. Finding them steady he heaves a sigh of relief and then heft's Nile's inert body into his arms and sets him on the seldom used couch, pushing a set of blue prints aside.
  • Adisa steps out of the decommissioned S.H.I.E.L.D flying car cum taxi cab and rings the doorbell.
  • Andre crosses the room to the intercom, pressing teh button

<Andre> Yes?
<Adisa> It's Adisa. Can I come up?

  • Andre presses the buzzer.

<Andre> Hurry please.

  • The_Physician groans

<The_Physician> Wow.

  • Adisa enters the door and heads on up to Andre's apartment and knocks.

<The_Physician> That sucked.
<Andre> Let me guess. You tried something new?
<The_Physician> No, it hurt when I told it to point it's "singing" directly to my ear.
<Andre> Any more ideas?

  • Adisa makes a frownie face and knocks again.

<The_Physician> OK. Lets try this.
<Andre> Adisa is on teh way up.
<The_Physician> Yes…may I touch the Circlet?
<Andre> *the
<The_Physician> I don't think it meant any harm
<Andre> You want to reach inside my head and touch the circlet? No!
<The_Physician> No no no.
<The_Physician> Well….not yet.
<The_Physician> Actually I would like you to… "armor up", I think it's called.
<The_Physician> So I can see what manifests.

  • Andre call sup the armor with trepidation.
  • The_Physician approaches, placing his hand on Paladin's head, where the circlet is.
  • Adisa yells, "Let me in you Portugeese Vienna Sausage smugglers!"

<Paladin> It's open, Adisa! Just come in alreday!

  • Adisa opens the door and enters the apartment, a smug satisfied look on his face.
  • Adisa looks at The_Physician. "What happened to Niles?"
  • The_Physician attempts to probe the Circlet magically. A more passive probe, not trying to invade it anally or anything.

<Paladin> He had a bad run in with the Circlet.
<Paladin> He's trying again though because..well..he's Niles.
<shadowmyre> *Physician: The presence seems to be swimming in a circle, waiting. Its still watching you.

  • Adisa shakes his head.

<Paladin> What's up Adisa? What brings you to this neighborhood?
<Adisa> Well, I was going to ask you to help me out with an experiment, but what you're doing looks fun to.
<Paladin> What experiment?
<Adisa> Well, I was going to ask you to help me out with an experiment, but what you're doing looks fun to.
<Adisa> I was going to ask you to infuse this here sample of inert water*brandishes this here sample of inert water* with energy from the circlet. For Science!
<Paladin> How exactly would one 'infuse' the water with the power of the Circlet? I can make a stirring stick with it, but I am not sure how to do what you're asking.
<Adisa> I have no idea, but just think of the fun we'll have trying to find out!
<Paladin> Okay, but Ineed to make a few phone calls first.

  • The_Physician after 15 minutes, The Physician realizes that his efforts will be futile as he has no base to decipher this entities language.

<Paladin> Look, I have to make a few calls, but give me a bit guys and we can work on this some more. I may have a few ideas.

  • Paladin places a call to teh American Embassy in Egypt. He informs them that the Phoenix may well be on its way to Heliopolis and to watch out for it, evacuate if necessary, etc.

<The_Physician> *thinks out loud*
<The_Physician> I wonder…

  • The_Physician picks up his cell phone and dials Ms Bianca
  • Paladin makes Adisa a 'stirring stick' for him to test the water with as he calls the world over.
    • Adisa picks up the stirring stick, looks at it, and then sticks it in the water and ducks from the inevitable explosion.
  • Bianca picks up on the third ring. "Ciao? Bi parlare."
  • Adisa puts 3 stones in General Knowledge, which is then shifted to Defense.

<The_Physician> Miss Bianca?
<The_Physician> Do you have some time?
<The_Physician> This is the Physician?
<The_Physician> *edit out the question mark
<Bianca> Niles?
<The_Physician> Yes.
<Bianca> I have a few minutes. What's up?
<Bianca> ….did you break something?
<The_Physician> You like languages correct?
<Bianca> Well, kind of… Its more a hobby than anything else. A bit of extra credit.
<The_Physician> Gotcha. Well, I need your help cracking a possibly unknown language, if you think you might be able to "break the code" as you put it in one of our conversations.
<Bianca> Sure. I've got a minute. What's the syntax?
<The_Physician> Uhhhhh.
<The_Physician> Non verbal?
<Bianca> Oooh. Tricky.
<The_Physician> Well…there is more to it. Can we come to you? OR is now not a good time?
<Bianca> Erm…. give me a few minutes?
<The_Physician> Sure thing.
<Bianca> I'll call you back.
<The_Physician> Call me back when you are ready.
<Paladin> That will take a few days at least Niles.

  • The_Physician hangs up quickly.
  • The_Physician sharply looks at Paladin.

<The_Physician> Why?
<Paladin> Well…I didn't know where you were taking me before when we went to Italy. I don't have a visa for that country.
<Paladin> If she can come here that would be swell.
<The_Physician> *blinks*
<The_Physician> I cannot bring her here.
<The_Physician> I could go get her.
<Paladin> Sure. That sounds good.

  • Bianca calls Physician back. "Okay, I'm ready."

<The_Physician> Splendid.
<The_Physician> Now, do you wish to come here, or should i come to you? I think this requires your presence actually here.
<Bianca> I can come there, as long as I'm not gone for too long. P.E.'ll end in thirty minutes, I should be back before then.
<The_Physician> OK, this will most definitely take longer, but I promise I will get you back in 30 minutes.
<The_Physician> Where are you at the moment?
<Bianca> The pool.
<The_Physician> Can you be more specific, I am going to try to send a portal for you.
<Bianca> Hold on.

  • Your phone beeps with a text message of latitude and longitude

<The_Physician> Excellent.

  • The_Physician opens the portal

<Bianca> Google Earth claims that's good within 10 mete…. oh! There it is.

  • Bianca steps through the portal, wrapped up in a towel, hair bound up in a swim cap. "Everyone's here?"

<Paladin> Yes.
<Adisa> Yes. We can do more damage that way.
<Bianca> So, what am I listening to?
<The_Physician> *sigh* Someday, you're father is going to kill me.
<Bianca> Why would he do that?
<The_Physician> Because everytime I see you my dear, you are scantily clad.
<The_Physician> Anyway.
<The_Physician> TIme is of the essence.
<Bianca> Hey! Towel. And don't look.
<The_Physician> I'm NOT, but I am emphasizing the circumstance is all.
<The_Physician> OK, anyhow.

  • The_Physician turns to address the circlet.

<The_Physician> Would you mind trying to talk to us again? The way you did BEFORE I said to try focusing on a particular spot.
<Bianca> *The Circlet resumes its trilling, the vibration echoing up through your rib cages
<Adisa> Okay, that's freaky.
<Paladin> Utterly.

  • Bianca 's eyes widen. "Neat!"

<Bianca> *Adisa: The water around the stick seems sluggish, almost like you're stirring through partially congealed Jell-O.
<The_Physician> Yes, obviously it is responding to our verbal communication, so it must understand us…I just wouldn't know where to begin to decipher it.

  • Bianca closes her eyes, and begins to hum. The trilling pauses, then starts louder, matching her humming.

<Bianca> LOG END

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