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Location: Purgatory (all)
<Andre> That was rather less effective than I hoped it would be. letting the spear dissolve
The land is empty and gray, covered in swirling silver mist that sways in an ethereal breeze. The terrain is flat and featureless, and offers no indications as to which way to go, nor any semblance of life.
Andre looks around for the first time, Raziel no longer being the center of his focus
The_Physician looks around as well, trying to get his bearings.
<Andre> So…we should really think this through. If we are here for a purpose we need to figure that out. Time does not work the same here and unless we get back we are going to miss our ride home. Which may or may not be reliable.
<The_Physician> But what purpose could the man in black…Raziel…have wanted us to perform here?
<Andre> I feel like a fool. Being duped by a fallen angel.
<The_Physician> Don't, we were all duped in a way.
<Andre> I have no idea *shrugs* It may not be Raziel's purpose at all. In truth I am very confused.
<The_Physician> Right now we should concentrate on the here and now, and figure a way out of this.
<Andre> Should we? I wonder sometimes…
Andre gestures in a random direction
<Andre> Let's head that way. It looks as good as any other.

  • There is enough ambient light to see for quite a ways, but no light source. The omnipresent mist is low-enough to the ground that it only obstructs the view of your feet.

<The_Physician> Actually, give me some time.
<The_Physician> Maybe I can discern what direction we should go.
Adisa tries to clear the mist and see what it is we're standing on. For all we know, Purgatory is just Heaven's attic.
Andre sits and waits, lost in thought
The mist swirls away from your feet, revealing a rough, stone-like surface that, if you didn't know better, makes you think of… huh. Purgatory uses concrete?
<Adisa> This isn't Purgatory. This is, I'm guessing, London.
Note: about 20' diameter area was cleared of the mist.
The_Physician sits down, and begins to look deep in thought.
<Andre> I have to wonder here…are we supposed to save the world?
<Adisa> I have to wonder. Who cares? We're going to anyway (or at least aid and abet those who are).
<Andre> We were lured here and now we are either trapped or delayed. So either the Almighty is stepping in to intervene, or there is a hidden agenda on the part of the angels.
The_Physician eyes pop open.
<The_Physician> Well, that led to no where.
<Andre> And is a demon wants us to save the world…why?
<The_Physician> I was searching for a weakness in this dimensions walls, hoping to find an area where I could transport us out of here.
<The_Physician> This dimensions walls are equal throughout.
<The_Physician> Furthermore, it looks like this whole area is only 15 - 20 miles.
<Andre> Are we certain that we are in Purgatory? I did not get the sense that the man in black was lying, but you never know.
<Adisa> Wait… shouldn't the wall be weaker where we came in? Seeing as how we… came in?
<The_Physician> I would have thought that to.
<Andre> Centered around us, Niles?
<The_Physician> But my findings say otherwise
<Adisa> Unless we aren't where we came in. If someone teleported us, with all this fog we might not notice.
Andre closes his eyes
<The_Physician> I believe my search of this dimension was all inclusive.
<The_Physician> However the main in black brought us in, it was seemless.
<The_Physician> Very odd to say the least.
<The_Physician> I am going to try something else.
The_Physician sits, closes his eyes, and begins concentrating again
<Andre> Feles?
<Andre> Are you there…here?
<@shadowmyre> * There is a brief burst of, for lack of a better therm, static, an unfiltered burst of white noise into Andre's mind. A wavering, translucent image of Feles' form grows out of the mist.
<Andre> Feles. or do you prefer Mephistopheles?
Andre rubs his head against the fading pain of the static
Adisa waves at the guy through the fog. "Hey dude. Do you know where we are?"
<Feles> (To Andre) "That cannot be why you called me here."
<Feles> (To Adisa) "You are in Purgatory."
<Andre> I called you here to see if you would help us find a way out. The rest is a discussion for another time and place.
<Adisa> "Okay. That's what we thought, but it's good to have confirmation. You know a way out?"
<Feles> "Did you come here of your own free will?"
<The_Paladin> Yes. Though we did not know where it was we were going to.
<Adisa> Yeah. Dumb move on our part.
<Feles> "Did you die?"
<The_Paladin> Not that I am aware of. *looks to Niles*
<Adisa> Barring possible reincarnation I don't remember, no.
<Feles> "There is a way out, but not through me. Were you dead, I could guide you. As you still live, you would not appreciate that guidance."
<The_Paladin> Will you show us that way out or tell us where to find it?
The_Physician eyes pop open.
<Feles> "The living do not belong in this realm. You will be… ejected, in time. If there is a task to complete, then when that task is completed you will leave. But you are here for a reason, and if you do not know that reason then you should find it."
<The_Physician> OK, no dice there.
The_Physician blinks, looks over to the others.
<The_Physician> Oh, we have company.
The_Paladin looks around
<The_Physician> A purpose, huh?
<The_Physician> Or did I mishear that?
<The_Paladin> We are always where we are to fulfill a purpose, Niles.
<The_Paladin> Thank you…Feles.
<The_Physician> OK, lets think. Did this…Raziel, say anything that might clue us into this purpose?
<The_Paladin> Not that I recall. Perhaps we should move form this spot to seek it out?
<Adisa> Sure. Which way shall we seek it, oh seeker?
<The_Paladin> In an area that is only twenty feet or so, I guess that way *gestures to the left*
<The_Paladin> Niles, what did you mean when you said that we have company?
The_Physician motions to where Feles is / was
<The_Physician> Your friend, or whatever he was.
<The_Paladin> I'll let you know when I find out, Niles.
The_Paladin starts out into the grey mist.
<The_Paladin> O blessed Lord, may your Wisdom guide us in our time of need *spoken quietly*
<The_Physician> Well, with time being of the essence, maybe I should take one more scan of this dimension to see if there are any other objects here aside from us and the ground?
Adisa follows.
The_Physician follows, but prepares a scanning spell.
<@shadowmyre> * The terrain remains featureless and blank, save for the unyielding mist. It does not take long for the image of Feles to dissolve back into the mist it formed from.
The_Paladin begins to silently recite the Lord's Prayer in his head, seeking to clear his mind as he walks in teh featureless grey
The_Physician prepares a scanning spell while walking with the rest of the group.
The_Physician staff starts glowing, and light starts shooting out of the jewel at the top of Niles' staff. The light extends and covers as far as the eye can see, in a circular pattern. Two minutes later, the light fades.
The_Physician *sighs*
<The_Physician> Well, we are alone here. This area is roughly a 25 mile curcumference, and according to my spell, there is nothing here but us.
<The_Paladin> We'll find it when we're ready to.
<The_Paladin> I just hope that it is soon enough.
<The_Physician> Hmmmm. He said we were upset, and he would give us time to come to terms.
<The_Physician> And that we would be here a long time; no mortal leaves Purgatory until they are ready.
<The_Paladin> what is a long time to a creature that is not constrained by time?
<The_Physician> Exactly.
<The_Paladin> If we are alive we will die if we are here for that long. There is no food or water here as far as I can tell.
<The_Physician> Exactly.
<The_Paladin> Maybe that is the purpose. To die here to get back. I certainly hope not though.
<The_Physician> I scanned and found no other objects here aside from us
<The_Paladin> Can you find out where Raziel went?
<The_Paladin> Or simply summon him here and force him to let us out with arcane might and such?
<The_Physician> There is no trace in the dimensional barriers that he even brought us here, let alone left.
<The_Paladin> How do we know that we are not in one of those time bubbles again?
<The_Physician> Summoning him would only work if he gave us his true name…most people are not that obtuse.
<The_Physician> Being that he knew how to drop living beings into purgatory, I would wager he is not.
<The_Physician> The time bubble was different. I could tell something was amiss there. It almost…felt, like a bubble, if that makes sense.
<The_Paladin> Then we keep looking until we find something I guess. Why did he lure us here? The more I look at it, the more the set up becomes obvious.
<The_Physician> Unless he just wanted to waylay us a bit.
<Adisa> Well, there's enough mist here that I can keep us supplied with cold frosty beverages, pretty much forever. Food on the other hand….
<The_Paladin> Good to know, Adisa. Thank you.

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