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Andre wanders through the ever present mist, with the exception of the path that Adisa has cleared.
The_Physician attempts to ascertain why he cannot simply teleport out of this abyssmal place.
<Andre> Why are we here? Any thoughts?
<The_Physician> No, but my main concern at this moment is to figure out what is keeping me here. Why can't I leave this place.
<The_Physician> ?
<Adisa> I'm thinking we're here to on a cosmic fetch quest. We'll be able to leave when the powers that be let us.
<Andre> When we accomplish a goal
<Andre> Or a purpose
<The_Physician> But what purpose can we accomplish in a bubble BY OURSELVES?
<The_Physician> Unless we are to come to a conclusion of sorts.
Adisa eyes the mist. "Who says we're alone?"
<The_Physician> I scanned this entire dimension. I sensed no other animate or inanimate objects
<The_Physician> Now, my skills might not be all inclusive, but still.
<Adisa> Really? I see lots and lots of mist, with no body of water or even atmospheric humidity to produce it. We're not alone.
<Andre> We are,none of us, ever truly alone, gentlemen.
Adisa stamps his foot on the concrete. "This is /concrete!/ This is not a naturally occurring substance."
<Adisa> And now you know why I"m always in costume.
<The_Physician> The only thing I can figure is that it is against the metaphysical nature of Purgatory to allow for exit. It's as if the dimensional barriers work like a pane of glass to sunlight, light can pass through one way but not the other.
<The_Physician> But that still does not help us.
Andre plods along, lost in thought
<Adisa> The other possibility is that we were doing such a /stellar/ job saving the world, the powers that be really annoying decided to get us out of the way so they could fix things without us screwing things up worse.
<The_Physician> Or…
The_Physician stops walking
<The_Physician> Hmmm.
Andre doesn't seem to notice that Niles has stopped and continues on
<The_Physician> Perhaps we need to admit that we are, in part, responsible for the current situation the world is in.
<The_Physician> And that, if we had just not interfered with the Avatara, she might not have decided to kill us all.
<The_Physician> Thoughts?
<Adisa> Oh, I admit it. I would announce it from mountain top to mountain top, if not for the lack of mountain tops.
<Adisa> And the Avatara would totally have decided to kill us all regardless of what we did. Hell, there are days when I decide I'm going to kill us all. Fortunately for the human race, I'm easily bored.
Andre abruptly realizes that the mist is no longer clearing and stops, looking back the other two.
<Andre> What do the two of you want?
The_Physician blinks, looks over at Paladin.
Andre pulls the armor back in
<The_Physician> Have you been keeping up with the conversation?
<Andre> What do you want out of this situation? What are your goals?
<Adisa> What I want out of this situation is to be out of this situation.
<The_Physician> Agreed
<Andre> That is not what I meant. with the Avatara, with what we have been literally running across the earth to do.
<Adisa> I was leading a perfectly satisfactory and sexually fulfilling life before an African god with a lot of trunk space picked me to make his pawn.
<Andre> So you want your old life back?
<The_Physician> Maybe this is a test to let us know that we are not in control of our current situation?
<The_Physician> That we need to stop trying to control things and just go with the flow…
<Adisa> No I want /my/ life back. Right now it seems to be wholly owned and operated by the aforementioned deity.
<Andre> So do you want to save the world or do you want to let it burn?
<Andre> Niles, what are your goals here?
<The_Physician> Save the world, of course.
<Andre> Why?
<Andre> I know it seems like an obvious answer, but why?
<Adisa> Because it's where I do my business.
<The_Physician> Because lives are important.
<Andre> So how are we going to do this? Save the world that is.
<The_Physician> Because it is the right thing to do, and I have the power to do it. Or at least assist.
<Andre> What is our plan?
<Adisa> We don't have a plan, because we still have no clear idea of what's really going on or who's behind it.
<The_Physician> Exactly.
<The_Physician> We need to have a plan, but tat is hard to do without knowing precisely what we are planning against.
<Andre> let's just look at the Avatara then. Do we kill it? Put it to sleep? Try to convince it to see reason? Hopefully with bette results than last time.
<The_Physician> Maybe this whole thing is about admitting that we need help in all of this, and can't do it alone?
<Andre> Yes. And maybe about asking if we are meant to save the world at all.
<Adisa> If we decide to chat The Avatara down from genocide, I think it's Niles's turn.
<Andre> Who do we know who wants to help? So far Fel..Mephistopheles, has helped us in that direction. What about the cat Lord?
<The_Physician> I already secured the help of the Fae folk under his command…did I forget to mention this?
Andre gapes at Niles.
<Andre> Yes. Yes you did forget to mention that small detail.
<Adisa> What about Strange?
<Adisa> Actually, I think I may try to talk to Stark. I think he might know Iron Man.
The_Physician slaps his own forehead.
<Andre> So we have an idea that we need help. Help to do what exactly? I do not want to kill the Avatara. I want to help it sleep again and hten really work to make some changes to keep it form being an angry bear in spring if it awakens again'
<The_Physician> Yes, sorry, I rescued Cheshire's wife from a self induced fantasy, and then saved her from an assassin.
<Andre> Niles, can the fey be trusted?
<The_Physician> Fae do not like to owe anyone anything.
<Andre> Exactly my point. If it's easier to remove you than to help you….
<The_Physician> No, they don't work that way.
<The_Physician> They feel they owe me a debt, and will pay it.
<The_Physician> The worry would come if I owed THEM something.
<Andre> You are the expert. *shrugs* for some reason a fallen angel has been helping us too. Maybe others would as well, but we need a goal and we need aplan.
<The_Physician> That is why you never accept anything from them that could be considered a favor or something you might have to pay them back for.
<Andre> Let's start "small". What do we do about the Avatara?
<The_Physician> Well, should she attack, we have the fae folk. It is not much, but they should do well against the elementals.
<The_Physician> We definitely need more assistance than what we have access to.
<Andre> Can you force her back to sleep?
<Andre> Under the right circumstances
<The_Physician> Currently? No way.
<The_Physician> I would need to know what spell to cast and help.
<The_Physician> From other wizards, or possibly a TON of time to work on one large spell.
<Andre> What happened to all of the power that teh other wizards were using to keep our dimension from imploding after my screw up with the fire prince?
<Andre> And how much time would you need?
<The_Physician> A lot of time. I would also need the proper spell to give you a better idea of time frame.
<Andre> We are outside of time. And when we are not, we know that time travel is possible. Could you plant a power source somewhere back before this began to gather what you need to do this by the time that you need it? Of maybe tap into the other wizards and take a little bit of their strength? Can't you wizards put people to sleep
<Andre> ??
<Andre> We just need to make some decisions.
<Andre> I vote for putting the Avatara to sleep. Killing it would doom the planet anyway.
<Andre> Thoughts?
<Adisa> Yeah. I vote sleep as well. I think she's still cranky from her nap being interrupted. She's not really rational enough to talk down and killing her would be a 'taking you with me' sort of thing, so I say we find her favorite blankie and sing a lullaby.
<The_Physician> Uuum. Tapping into several other wizards energy. No thank you, I would like to live. Plus if we did that at that point in time, they might not be able to hold everything together. Big paradox. Bad mojo.
<The_Physician> Sleep is still the best option. I say we try to enlist Strange.
<Andre> If you think that is best.
<Andre> Niles, where do spirits get their power from?
<The_Physician> Spirits are power of some kind.
<The_Physician> Take away that power, no spirit.
<Andre> Could it be interrupted? Like when wiring electricity and you cut the power for a moment through an insulator.
<The_Physician> That would depend on the spirit and the circumstances.
<Adisa> Can it be contained? Please say it can be contained! I have unlicensed nuclear accelerators that have been waiting years for those very words!
<Andre> How could we do it in this case?
<The_Physician> Summoning a spirit can contain it, if the right precautions are taken.
<The_Physician> Which, the Avatara?
<The_Physician> Or every other spirit that wants to do us harm?

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