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<@shadowmyre> Location (all): Purgatory.
<Andre> I have no idea which other spirits want to so us harm, so let's stick with the Avatara.
<Andre> Can it be contained?
<Andre> Theoretically?
<Adisa> No. Can it be contained practically. Theory is for people who don't do stuff.
Andre shrugs
<Andre> Is it possible?
<Andre> If this were any other spirit how would you do it?
<The_Physician> Like i said, given the proper spell and enough time, possibly.
<Adisa> How much time is 'enough time'?
<Andre> Could you cut down on the time if you had more power?
<Andre> And..well, yes, what Adisa asked
<The_Physician> In theory, any spirit can be contained, even the Avatara
<Andre> How would it be contained? If this were, say, a wisp like you have summoned before.
<The_Physician> There is not enough data to know if I could contain her practically, and by myself. I would presume no.
<The_Physician> One thing at a time, good sir Andre.
<Andre> Could you use this *taps the side of his head* The circlet?
<The_Physician> As for time to do this? Again, not enough data on her. We are working with a lot of unknowns here.
<Andre> To boost your power enough to contain herlong enogh, or to put her back to sleep if we can get help from others to contain her.
<Andre> Can't you whip up a data spell or is that too tech savvy for magic?
The_Physician goes into snobby British voice mode
<The_Physician> One.
<The_Physician> Thing.
<The_Physician> At.
<The_Physician> A
<The_Physician> Time
<The_Physician> I could cut down the time with more power, yes. But again, I am working with a lot of unknowns here.
<Andre> So find out damn it!
<The_Physician> This is all basically theory.
The_Physician *blinks*
<Andre> We don't have time to figur eout every detail, no matter how much we want to.
<Andre> WE need to figure out aplan and try ot predict the fallout
<Andre> The world *ends* in a few days, gentlemen.
The_Physician throws back his head and starts laughing.
<The_Physician> I KNOW this!
<The_Physician> But with magic you need to BE very precise.
<Andre> So it's useless in thei case isit? if we need mroe data, need to be precise, and have no time to acquire that data or precision in, what good is it?
<The_Physician> Anything off, even by a slight bit either means we fail, which means the world is dead anyway, or we screw the spell up in such a way as there are drastic, unpredictable side effects, since we know so little about this spirit.
<Andre> ((He's not be flippant, more desparing tone))
<Adisa> Actually, I have a feeling our particular predicament came about by someone being imprecise with magic.
<Andre> Or very precise with it.
<Adisa> Precisely.
<The_Physician> Dam, you beat me to it Adisa
<Adisa> Precisely.
<The_Physician> OK, next question. Can I use the circlet? Possibly, but again, not knowing enough about it means there could be drastic side effects if done incorrectly.
<Andre> How much power would it take to wake the spirit up? Is it like an avalanche and one small movement exponentially increases the overall effect?
<Andre> Such as?
<The_Physician> Your head explodes?
<The_Physician> That was a joke, I really don't know.
<Andre> So what?
<Andre> That wasn't.
<Andre> If that is what it takes to save the world it's a small price.
<The_Physician> Again, that was one possibility. The circlet is apparently a very powerful artifact. We could end up ending the life of the Avatara, and dooming the world anyway.
<Andre> Is there some reason that you cannot cast a spell that will help you find this information? I was being flippant when I asked, but I have no idea what you can and cannot do through your sorceries and what your..sources..may o rmay not know.
<Andre> Or…maybe we are approaching this the wrong way.
<Andre> Bear with me a moment here while I gathe rmy thoughts.
<Andre> Niles, you are a healer, right? The Avatara is hurt and angry. What would it take to placate teh world? Heal it and help it recover so that it doe snot end humanity?
<Andre> *does not
<The_Physician> Well…there is one other option.
<The_Physician> You might not like it, but it may help us get pointed in the right direction.
<The_Physician> I can heal, yes, but I do not believe I can heal the planet. That would take a lot more doing.
<Andre> I don't like a lot of the things that you do, Niles *dryly* That does not stop them from being useful.
<Adisa> Guys? Something of more immediate relevance just occurred to me, but do you feel… drained? Not much but noticeably?
<Andre> Not really, no, but we haven't been very active really.
<Andre> What was your idea, Niles?
<The_Physician> I could summon something and ask it some questions.
<Andre> As much as I hate the idea, my way is not yours, and we need to use whatever resources are available to us. I simply hope that such dealings do not bring you to ruin or turn you to a darker path later, my friend.
<Adisa> Wouldn't summoning something here trap it in purgatory with us? Also piss it off?
<The_Physician> Well, for the most part, unless a creature is already here, I am not summoning a thing, I am summoning a thing's POWER.
<Andre> Well, we need more details to figur eout what we are doing, and we need to do that in a finite time. so waht do you need us to do, Niles?
<The_Physician> Stand back, give me some time, and do not break any circles I create in the process.
Andre stands back
The_Physician walks a few feet away from them and starts preparing a summoning ritual.
Adisa tries to track down the source of the energy leak.
The_Physician removes some chalk from his pocket and draws a circle in the convenient concrete floor. He sits cross legged in front of it and closes his eyes, concentrating.
Andre feels like a dunce and armors up
<The_Physician> After a few minutes passes, Niles eyes pop open, and a slight breeze makes his hair blow. He starts speaking in a long forgotten language, as the circle lights up.
The_Paladin tries to teleport a few feet away
<The_Physician> A twirling smoke cloud appears in the circle, and after a moment dissipates, revealing what Niles whatever Niles summoned.
<The_Physician> A twirling smoke cloud appears in the circle, and after a moment dissipates, revealing whatever Niles summoned.*
<@shadowmyre> The smoke clears revealing…. nothing.
<@shadowmyre> ((Those with magic senses))
<@shadowmyre> The smoke clears, revealing a faint shimmer, like the air over the desert.
<The_Physician> Hello friend. I hope I have not inconvenienced you with calling you.
<@shadowmyre> The shape ripples, presumably in answer.
<@shadowmyre> ((Andre)) "As you have bid, so have I came. What is your bidding?"
<The_Paladin> Niles, are you alright?
<The_Physician> I am annoyed at myself friend is all.
<The_Physician> I forgot to put "speaks English" as a requirement for my spell.
<The_Physician> Which I have been forgetting since I started casting these types of spells.
<The_Paladin> Oh. It asked what you wanted.
<Summoned Shimmer Thing>: My form does not allow for verbal communication. It is a failure. Should I immolate myself in repentance?
<The_Paladin> Essentially.
<The_Paladin> Um..it wants to know if it should immolate itself in repentance.
<The_Paladin> I think that might be kind of harsh, Niles.
<The_Physician> No, if you can understand me, and my friend understands you, we are in good standing, friend!
<The_Physician> Now, you have detailed knowledge of the Avatara, correct?
<Shimmer> I cannot claim to know every facet of the Mother's existence, but I have knowledge of many of the deeper mysteries, yes.
<The_Paladin> It has some knowledge, yes. Not every facet, but quite a bit.
<The_Physician> OK, can you tell us who or how she was awoken?
<Shimmer> The Mother was roused from her deepest slumber by the growing confluence of energies upon the surface of the third celestial body rotating around her axis mundi.
<The_Paladin> She was woken up by a "growing confluence of energies" on the surface of the earth.
<The_Paladin> In other words, someone summoned her from the surfaced.
<The_Paladin> Unless I am mistaking the confluence of energie sbit?
<The_Physician> Do you mean someone summoned her awake?
<The_Paladin> roused from slumber by a growing confluence of energies upon the surface
<The_Paladin> What does that mean to you?
<Shimmer> To my knowledge, her awakening was not /caused/ by an entreaty. As all creatures, the Mother turns in her slumber, and at certain times awakens. However, once awake, her attention was directed to the confluence upon the surface of the third celestial body. And then she remained awake.
<Adisa> Manhattan. Your invisible friend is talking about The Big Apple.
<The_Paladin> Her awakening was not,as far as it knows, caused by anything, so much as she turned in her sleep and woke up. Once she was awake she was drawn to that confluence of energies and remained awake.
<The_Paladin> The Big Apple, yes, but what happened before the Avatara showed up that would act as abeacon to it?
<The_Paladin> and who caused it?
<Adisa> Okay guys not to interrupt your ghost whisperer session, but I think I found the source of our energy drain. We're um… standing on it. It's the concrete.
<The_Physician> Was there a specific person responsible for the confluence of energies in question?
Adisa starts levitating above the concrete so as not to be in contact with it.
<Shimmer> That moves beyond the realms of my knowledge. I do not find it likely, however there are remarkable entities within the universe.
Adisa also takes a sample, using water based tools to cut a piece off.
<The_Paladin> It doesn't know, but doesn't think it likely. There are, however, "remarkable enteties within the world".
<The_Physician> OK, is there a way to help the Avatara back into her slumber?
<Shimmer> Oh yes. The Mother will return to slumber in time, and that time can be hastened.
<The_Paladin> Yes. She's go back to sleep eventaully, but the process can be hastened.
<The_Physician> How can that time be hastened?
<Shimmer> There are processes that can be undertaken. If you nullify the Mother's vessel and whoever directed her attention, then it will delay her activities. Inertia may then take over. To directly affect the Mother is beyond my capabilities to conceive. There is one who can conceive such things. Find that entity and they may be able to guide you with greater facility.
<The_Paladin> It is possibly that if you nullify her vessel and whoever directed her attention that inertia may take over. No way to go toe to toe with her. There is one who could possibly conceive, if we find that "entity" it may be able to guide you.
<The_Physician> OK, how do I find the one who can conceive of such things?
<Adisa> Hey! As your friend why the concrete is draining our energy to make mist? Is it just for ambiance?
<Shimmer> You seek them. They are like you: corporeal and mortal. As they are sought by others, you may follow the trails established by the others. They have not found this entity yet, though; and so following their paths may simply lead to the blind-ends they have found.
<The_Paladin> Look for them. They are mortal and have been sought after by others. Follow those trails, and they have not found the entity yet so we may be lead into dead ends like they were.
<The_Paladin> It sounds like this person does not want to be found…
<The_Physician> Do you know the entity's name?
<The_Paladin> It should know but doesn't. It, and others like it would be able to lead people to this entity. The knowledge was erased from it and form others like it and from the record of existence.
<Shimmer> I should, but I do not. If I, or another like me did, then they would be found already. Such measures have been taken to eliminate that knowledge from myself, other like me, and from the record of existence.
<The_Physician> Then…where should we start looking for this entity?
<Shimmer> They are on your world. They travel your world frequently though, and rarely stay in one place.
<The_Paladin> They are on our world, but travel frequently and rarely stays in one place.
<The_Physician> Is there anything else you can tell us about them?
<Shimmer> You have met them.
<The_Paladin> You have met them.
<@shadowmyre> *LOG END*

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