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<shadowmyre> Location: Andre's Apartment
<Paladin_> This feels odd….
<Niles> I should have figured this out without calling on you Miss Bianca. I apologize.
<Paladin> You speak humming?
<Bianca> No no, this is cool. I've never seen a harmonics based language outside of theoretical crystalline constructs!
<Niles> No, but it should have been obvious to TRY that.
<Niles> I am glad this is so fascinating to you then
<Paladin> What would you have said? Take me to your leader?

  • Niles glares at Paladin

<Niles> No, I would have not had to have involved miss Bianca is all.
<Bianca> So, what's the plan here? I can probably get some basic ideas across, but I can't really teach you the language. The whole structure is new.
<Niles> Or very old.
<Bianca> New to me.
<Paladin> Yes, Niles, what is the plan?
<Niles> Paladin, any basic ideas you would like to convey to it?
<Paladin> Is it going to eat my brain?
<Paladin> Is it killing me, feeding on met, etc.
<Paladin> Convey that I like my brain and my life…
* Bianca ponders.
<Bianca> Does anyone have a harmonica?
<Niles> Do those count as basic ideas?
<Paladin> I have a guitar, but no harmonica.
<Bianca> Wax paper and a comb?
<Paladin> That I can do.
<Niles> I can make a harmonica if you have a minute or two.
<Bianca> I've still got some time.
* Niles Starts gesturing and saying the right words to conjure up a harmonica out of thin air.
* Bianca closes her eyes, quietly humming the scales.
* Paladin thinks to the circlet focusing his intent on it
<Paladin> Can you speak to me in English?
* Adisa tries breaking the stirry stick in the incredibly fakey water to see what happens.
* shadowmyre No response from the circlet.
* Niles finishes conjuring the harmonica
* Niles waits patiently while Bianca finishes humming the scales.
* Bianca opens her eyes. "Is it ready?"
* Niles hands her the completed harmonica
* Bianca takes the harmonica.
* shadowmyre The presence quivers.
* Paladin shifts uneasily
* Adisa braces his ribcage.
* shadowmyre Adisa: The stick is tenacious, you really don't think you could break it without an overclocked sonic screwdriver.
* Bianca plays a few notes on the harmonica, pauses. A few more notes, eyes closed, then launches into a more complex piece. Not good, by any means, but almost recognizable as music.
* shadowmyre The presence stops moving.
* Bianca pauses in her playing, gives the Physician a questioning look.
* shadowmyre An intense wave of vibrations radiates out from the circlet, resonating through everyone's entire body. Almost like a giant picked you up and shook you. Oh, and the stick breaks.
* shadowmyre Niles: It seems…. overjoyed.
<Niles> What the bloody hell…….?
* Bianca gasps, wrapping her arms around herself as she falls to her knees.
<Niles> Bianca!
<Adisa> I make sure that the stick is in the water and I watch what happens.
* Niles runs to her side
* Paladin feels like the inside of a jar of pickles.
* Bianca breathing hard. "I'm fine, I'm fine… just…. ow….."
* Bianca laughs weakly. "Only hurt as bit compared to being set on fire."
* Niles smiles a bit.
<Niles> Just lie still for a minute dear.
* Niles begins to examine Bianca to make sure she is OK.
<Niles> What were you trying to convey to it Bianca?
* shadowmyre The intensity of the vibrations dies down, but they don't stop, playing all throughout the bones in your bodies.
<Bianca> Just… "Are you a friend?"
<Niles> Huh.
<Paladin> What is it saying back?
<Niles> It seems overjoyed…at least that's what I get from all of this.
<Bianca> Well…. just, "Friend?" really, I'm not sure about the noun-verbal arrangement yet.
<Bianca> Yes… quite emphatically so!
<Bianca> Which doesn't rule out it lying, of course. But it at least wants us to think its a friend.
<Paladin> Well that's something at least.
<shadowmyre> Adisa: Once the water isn't sloshing around in the container, nothing unusual seems to happen. Though the water didn't slosh correctly, not like water, more like partially congealed gelatin.
<shadowmyre> Adisa: More of a "gloop" then a slosh.
* Adisa puts the beaker of inert water (complete with broken jade stick) into the microwave and sets it to high for 2 minutes.
<Adisa> I actually tried this before, but I didn't have any of the jade material, so let's see what happens now.
<Bianca> I think it was more happy that someone was able to talk to it, even in pidgin….whatever.
<Bianca> But it seems friendly.
<Niles> Well thats good. Mayber it was just…lonely?
<Bianca> How long have you had the… green….thingy?
<Paladin> A few years, but it has never reacted as it has begun to recently.
* shadowmyre The microwave DINGs.
<Bianca> Well, after a few years of not being able to talk to anyone, I'm surprised it isn't crazy.
* Adisa opens up the microwave and pulls out the beaker, examining it.
<Paladin> Let's hope that it is not.
* shadowmyre Some of the water has evaporated and is still steaming. The shards of the green jade lie at the bottom of the beaker.
<Adisa> Bear in mind that it's not 'complete' yet and is probably suffering from a related psychological condition due to that.
* Adisa tries to control some of the steam.
<Bianca> Complete?
* shadowmyre Adisa: The steam is just as manipulable as water.
<Paladin> There is a missing piece of the circlet…
<Adisa> Okay… that's good, that's good. Now, step 2.
<Paladin> That is probably what woke it up. It will probably become even more aware if joined with the other piece.
* Adisa tries to manipulate the gelatin water.
<Bianca> Well, if you do that, it might make it easier to communicate with it. But I'd really need more time to study it.
<Niles> Well unfortunately this doesn't bring us any closer to what we were hoping to accomplish.
<Bianca> What was that?
* shadowmyre Adisa: Nothing happens. Seems like there's nothing there to affect.
<Adisa> That's very interesting. That's very, very interesting.
<Niles> Well, when the prince was destroyed we think it had something to do with the combination of circlet, the water, and the prince.
<Niles> Being able to ask the circlet directly would have been a great deal of help.
<Niles> This left behind a spot of completely magically inert water.
<Niles> Which is causing a huge issue in the balance of things, for obvious reasons.
<Bianca> Oh! That's….. that's a lot of really technical things to ask. Assuming we even have concepts for some of the things it would say.
<Niles> We are trying to rectify a solution, but not seeing much we cxan do to assist.
<Niles> Ecxactly.
* Adisa brandishes the beaker of inert water, with a broken jade stirry stick in it.
<Niles> Not something you can really some to someone.
<Bianca> I think I could write a program to do some translation, but I'd need to have all kinds of time with the circlet.
<Paladin> Why is that so interesting Adisa?
<Adisa> Well, I can manipulate the steam coming off the inert water (at least I think it's coming off the inert water), but I still can't manipulate the water/ooze itself.
<Niles> Time unfortunately is not on our side.
<Paladin> So it makes steam when heat is applied with the jade piece in it…could we do the same thing on a larger scale in that area and "clean it out"? Has the water level dropped?
* Adisa examines the beaker to see if the water level has dropped.
<Adisa> Yes it has gone down.
<Paladin> So what do you think would happen if we applied this to a lareger scale?
<Niles> I do not know…I mean there is always the possibility we could make things worse.
<Adisa> We need more tests. Okay check this out. This is kinda cool. Where the jade material touches the water, it partially congeals. Like Jell-o. Unfortunately, there's no real way to say how 'pure' this sample of inert water is.
<Adisa> All the steam I'm manipulating might be coming from impure 'ert' water.
<Adisa> Or I could simply pureify it right now.
<Bianca> Niles: Isn't doing nothing already making things worse?
<Niles> True…things cant get much worse than they really are, truth be told.
<Paladin> Check that statement, Niles. Take it back or I'll cram it down your throat.
<Adisa> As I scientist, I am forced to agree with my colleague. Take it back. Now.
* Niles blinks
<Bianca> Boys! Play nice.
<Niles> I will not. The world is set to end ANY DAY now. HOW could we make it much worse than that?!?!?!
<Paladin> By making it end today.
<Adisa> By making it end yesterday.
<Niles> *sigh*
<Niles> This is not productive.
<Paladin> Adisa, how can I help you run tests as quickly as possible?
<Paladin> Niles, what is your expert opinion on this phenomenon in regards to teh metaphysical aspect?
<Niles> Miss Bianca, thank you for your time, but I believe you have to go back soon, correct?
* shadowmyre Adisa: You have deposited most of the water from the beaker into the sink. The only water left in the beaker is small clumps around the broken pieces of jade.
<Bianca> I should, yeah.
<Adisa> Next step. Clear any remaining steam away from the microwave.
<Niles> One moment sir, I need to send Miss Bianca back to her place of origin.
<Bianca> …..the womb?
<Bianca> That'd be…. kinda icky, wouldn't it?
<Niles> Hahaha. No my dear, I mean back to the spot you were before you came through the portal.
<Niles> Thank you for all of your help.
* Niles begins conjuring a portal to send Bianca home.
* Niles finishes the portal, and stands aside for Miss Bianca to step through.
* Bianca hands back the harmonica. "Thanks Mr. Regan. If I can do anything else, let me know."
<Niles> Thank you kindly.
<Niles> Be well.
* Bianca is gone
<Niles> OK, now, which phenomenon do you speak of? We've been dealing with a few the last few minutes.
<Paladin> Adisa's manipulation of the water. The fact that it seemed to "come alive" after he applied heat to it.
* Paladin pulls in the armor
=-= Paladin is now known as Andre
<Niles> Interesting.
<Niles> Maybe what we need to do to undo it is reverse what was done to it in the first place?
<Adisa> Maybe. Probationally. And it's radiation, not heat.
<Niles> Add heat, the circlet, and the inert water all together in one place.
<Niles> Well, the hypothesis is almost the same either way.
<Adisa> Time for another test.
<Andre> A piece of the jade. Not the circlet itself I hope.
* Adisa puts the beaker with the now purified water in the microwave and hits the nuke button
<Niles> Of course there is always the possibility there was some condensation on the beaker. Regular water type that is…or am I wrong on that Adisa?
<Adisa> No, that's pretty much what I was thinking of.
* shadowmyre After about a minute, the microwave starts throwing a few sparks, like when you put in an empty container or metal.
<Adisa> And I'd say the test is done
=-= Mode #Trinity-IC +o shadowmyre by K9
* Adisa turns off the microwave and pulls out the beaker.
* shadowmyre The beaker is warm to the touch, though not really hot. The 'water' seems entirely unchanged.
* Adisa tries to manipulate the gloop.
* shadowmyre Nothing Happens.
<Andre> What about without the jade, Adisa?
<Andre> Maybe where it touches it keeps it form being whole again.
* Adisa shrugs
<Adisa> I'll give it a try.
* Adisa scrapes the ooze off of the sticks into the beaker.
* Andre dissolves the jade
* Adisa puts the beaker back in the microwave and hits frappe, I mean start.
* shadowmyre Literally as soon as the water no longer touches the jade, it resumes the normal characteristics of water
<Andre> Is it normal again?
=-= Andre is now known as Paladin
* Paladin pulls up the armor and looks through the extra senses at the water
<Adisa> Probably not.
* shadowmyre It is, indeed, water. And wet.
* Niles looks at the water to see if it still the same as the stuff he observed in the bay.
<Adisa> Well, well, well. It would seem we have a solution, so to speak.
<Paladin> So we put the jade in…heat it up..and remove the jade.
<Paladin> What does that mean?
<Niles> I wish i knew.
<Adisa> I don't know.
<Adisa> But ain't it cool?
<Adisa> I love science!
<Paladin> But it works, right? Can we duplicate this on a larger scale? And are we ready for the consequences?
<Adisa> I have no idea, but I think it's time to find out!
<Niles> I think so. Time is of the essence.
<Niles> Problem is…
<Niles> We know it works in a microwave, which Adisa pointed out is technically radiation.
<Niles> Not heat.
<Niles> So, how do we make sure we do the exact same thing in the bay?
<Paladin> Get more water. Let's try it with heat.
<Adisa> That's not an insurmountable problem.
* Adisa waits patiently.
<Niles> I can probably whip something up that resembles microwave radiation, but because it is magic based, how do we know we won't be hindering with the results using a magic based source of radiation?
<Adisa> Um… aren't you the two guys who teleport?
<Niles> Yes.
<Niles> I can at least
<Paladin> I don't know where you live.
<Adisa> Forget that! We need to head directly to the source.
<Niles> OK.
<Niles> Are we ready?
<Adisa> I am.
<Paladin> Ready as we are likely to be.
<Paladin> If we do this the Fire Prince willr eturn. Are we ready for that?
* Niles puts his hands on Adisa and Andre's shoulders and teleports them to the bay. Specifically the bridge area where we were talking to Sprite.

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