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<shadowmyre> Location (all): Purgatory.
<Andre> We have met them.
Andre continues his translations for the Physician
<The_Physician> Hmmmm. Interesting.
<Andre> Niles, how would it be possible to erase an event from existence?
<The_Physician> *blinks*
<The_Physician> In what way?
<Andre> Our informant here said that the memory of this entity was erased from it and its kind and from existence.
<Andre> How would that be possible? Magic? Would there be a way for a technological, maybe alien, entity to do that?
<The_Physician> Hmmm.
The_Physician rubs chin, thinking.
<The_Physician> If it is possible, I would have no idea on how to even go about it to be honest.
<Adisa> Hey invisible entity that is probably there but I can't see it, Why is the concrete is draining our energy to make mist? Is it just for ambiance?
<Shimmer> This section of other-dimensional space is unstable. It utilizes the energy of its inhabitants to stabilize itself.
<Andre> This section of interdimensional space utilizes the energy of its inhabitants to stabilize itself.
<Adisa> And what would happen if the space didn't get that energy?
<The_Physician> Hmmm. Interesting. Do you know how someone who is stuck in this section of space might leave it?
<Shimmer> It would destabilize, eventually dissolving into nothing. The simplest way to leave would be to fold one-self against the dimensional-structural constant, separate into sub-strings too small for the dimensional-gravitational tug to affect and slip through the cracks of existence.
<Andre> It's unstable, Adisa. What does that usually mena?
<Adisa> Either disintegration or thermonuclear detonations. I was trying to see which.
<Andre> Destabilize, dissolving into nothing. The simple way of leaving is to fold one-self against the dimensional-structural constant (whatever that is), separate into sub-strings too small for gravity to affect and slip through the cracks of existence.
<Andre> That sounds like "ripping yourself apart tom by atom."
<Adisa> ….noooo….. Not necessarily…
<The_Physician> Uuuum, I think we would be dead by step three.
<Adisa> It sounds more like 'slip between the gateways that open.
The_Physician addressing Shimmer
<The_Physician> You said the simple way.
<The_Physician> There are other ways?
<Adisa> Ask about a /safe/ way.
<Shimmer> Not only simple, but the simplest. There are always more complex methods, and many are safer than others. As this para-dimensional location is sealed from the registry, the truly safe methods are unavailable.
<Adisa> Wait… registry? That's how Boolean talked.
<Andre> It is the simplest way.
<Adisa> ((Omit my last line. Didn't wait for the translation.))
<Shimmer> ((Repost it when appropriate.))
<Adisa> Simple is nice. I like simple, but I like safe better.
<Andre> This location is sealed from the registry. The truly safe methods are unavailable
<Adisa> Wait… registry? That's how Boolean talked.
<The_Physician> Now…you said fold us until gravity didn't effect us here…what if we were so small that gravity didn't effect us? Would that work to get us out of here without the folding part?
<Andre> Let's go back aminute, Niles.
<Andre> Where did we meet this entity? or when?
<Shimmer> It is possible, though you would have to change your size to a level smaller than the strings that compose your frame.
<Andre> And yes, it would be possible, but we would have to be smaller than "the strings that compose our frame"
<Adisa> If 'strings' mean molecules or even atoms, that's pretty small. Can you do that Niles?
<Adisa> If 'strings' mean /strings/ then it's probably best not to try.
<The_Physician> What do you mean by strings that compose our frame?
<The_Physician> Molecules? Atoms?
<Andre> Excuse me, gentlemen, but why on earth does it matter? If we don't know what to do when we get back, why are we focusing on that rather than on what this entity that can help us is?
<Shimmer> Your third-dimensional corporeality is composed of a series of one-dimensional strings which can easily pierce dimensional frameworks.
<Andre> Our 3D corporeality is made up of a serie sof 1D strings which can pierce dimensional frameworks.. Probably how you teleport, Niles.
<Andre> Though maybenot how I do since I can teleport here.
<Adisa> Yeah… best not to try to get that small Niles.
<The_Physician> Hmmm, bummer. OK. Back to the previous subject.
<Adisa> Who designed this dimension?
<Shimmer> The entity's name is not one that this form can reproduce. It requires a different communicative context.
<Andre> The entity's name is not one that this form can reproduce. It would require a different form of communication.
<Andre> Probably speech.
<Adisa> … or maybe tones?
Andre directing the question to the Shimmer to see if it responds
<Andre> What form of communication would you need to express the name of the entity
<Andre> ?
<Shimmer> It is the method of communication employed by beings such as yourself.
<Andre> The method of communication that we use.
<Adisa> Oh. Okay.
<Andre> Niles, can you make it speak? Alter it enough for speech or something?
<The_Physician> I could try.
The_Physician addresses Shimmer
<The_Physician> Do I have your permission to attempt to give you the power of speech for a few minutes?
<Shimmer> I do possess the power of speech. We have been speaking for quite a while.
<Andre> It is speaking and has been doing so for awhile now.
<Adisa> What are you trying to do Niles?
<The_Physician> Apologies, I mean speach like ours.
<The_Physician> speech*
<Shimmer> You refer to air vibrations? Why would I desire such a primitive method of communication?
<Andre> It wants to know why.
<The_Physician> Just so you can tell us the entity who created this dimensions name
<Shimmer> Substantial alteration to the self was not covered under the agreed upon summons.
<Andre> I don't think so, Niles. It said that substantial alterations to the self were not covered under the agreed upon summons.
<Shimmer> Even then, it would take a<long span of time> to learn to slow my thought processes down to a sonic level, then to learn your language.
<The_Physician> Alright, no worries friend. I meant no offense.
<Andre> And it would take a very very long time to learn our language.
<The_Physician> Oh, good point.
The_Physician turns head to face Andre and Adisa.
Adisa looks up.
<The_Physician> Can either of you think of anything else to ask?
<Andre> Where will this entity be next?
<Adisa> How can we recognize this entity. Also, any weakpoints we can exploit?
<Adisa> And by recognize, I mean with our meatsack senses.
<Shimmer> They will be where they are for<an indeterminate length of time, but long>. They are less fragile than you<indicates Niles> but far more fragile than you<indicates Andre>.
<Andre> It will be where it is for a fairly long while, and is less fragile than Niles and more fragile than I am.
<Adisa> That pretty much covers the range doesn't it?
<Shimmer> However, in<a span of time roughly equivalent to three years>, they will be far less fragile and more prone to movement.
<Andre> But in about three years they will be far less fragile and more prone to movement.
<Andre> So where is it now?
<Shimmer> Their location is shielded from my perceptions.
<Andre> The location is shielded. How?
Shimmer wavers in a way similar to a shrug.
<Shimmer> If this one could identify how it was shielded than this one could almost certainly circumvent said shielding.
<Andre> It has no idea
<The_Physician> Is there anything more we need from our friend?
<Andre> No further questions form me. Other than, if the circlet was to be joined would it end the universe?
<Shimmer> The circlet being joined would not be a direct cause to the universe's end.
<Andre> Not directly.
<The_Physician> What would be the direct cause after that?
<Shimmer> After the joining of the circlet the circlet would be joined.
<Andre> Umm..after the joining of the circlet the circlet would be joined.
The_Physician blinks.
<The_Physician> Come again?
<The_Physician> I do not comprehend that response
<Adisa> It's say the act of joining the circlet wouldn't destroy the universe, but the fact that the circlet is joined would. Meaning that some secondary agency would notice and destroy the universe.
<Adisa> I blame Galactus.
<Shimmer> Not precisely. The joining of the circlet may set into motion a chain of events that would lead to universal destruction. But that is dependent upon reactions of other beings, and not directly from the circlet joining.
<Andre> Not exactly. It may set into motion a chain of events that would lead to universal destruction depending on the reactions of other beings. Not directly form the circelt joining though.
<The_Physician> Ah, thank you for thr clarification
<The_Physician> the*
<Andre> Is there any other information it can give us about the identity of the entity, or could lead us to identifying it, that it has not already?
<Shimmer> There is nothing more that this one can say that would not be redundant to what this one has already said.
<Andre> So, no.
<The_Physician> So I may release our friend?
<Andre> I have no further questions. did you wnat to go back to teh "how do we get out of here" bit?
<The_Physician> Good point.
The_Physician addressing Shimmer.
<The_Physician> Do you know why I cannot simply teleport us out of this dimension?
<Shimmer> You can.
<Andre> You can.
<Adisa> Does it involve Ruby Slippers?
The_Physician blinks
<The_Physician> Come again?
<The_Physician> Why do I feel as though I cannot?
<Shimmer> This one cannot comment on your feelings.
<Andre> It can't really comment on your feelings.
<The_Physician> I scanned myself for any spells prohibiting me from teleporting…and found nothing.
<Adisa> Neither can I.
<The_Physician> Do I have some sort of mental block in place?
<Shimmer> This one cannot comment on the state of your mind.
<Adisa> It's most likely because this universe is unstable and you don't understand how it works relative to the more 'normal' universes you are used to. Thus you /can/ teleport out, you just don't know how.
<Andre> It can't comment on the state of yoru mind either.
<Adisa> And you don't want me to get started.
<The_Physician> OK, so you do not know why I cannot teleport, just that apparently I only THINK I cannot do it.
<Andre> What is stopping Niles form teleporting all of us from here?
<Shimmer> This one cannot be certain that you can teleport. If you could teleport before, then you can still teleport. You are no different now than you were when you entered, other than in a biological sense of further decay and regrowth of cells and bacteria.
<Andre> It doesn't know.
<The_Physician> And this dimension doesn't prohibit teleportation into and out of it?
<Shimmer> No, else this one could never have arrived.
<Andre> Nope. It could not have gotten here fi that was the case.
<The_Physician> OK, thank you.
<The_Physician> Anything else? I believe our friend has been more than patient with us.
<Andre> Niles, maybe you could call up some form of transport for us if your not able to do it yourself?
<Andre> I believe that our friend has no use for terms such as patient.
<The_Physician> So….nothing else to ask then?
Andre shrugs
<Andre> Nothing that it can answer
<The_Physician> OK then. Thank you my friend for your assistance.
The_Physician waves his hand, releasing the summoning spell.
Shimmer is gone.
The_Physician reaches out both hands.
<The_Physician> Grab on, let me try this again.
Andre grabs on
Adisa grabs on.
<shadowmyre> *shimmerclick*
<shadowmyre> Location: Not Purgatory.
<shadowmyre> END LOG

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