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<@shadowmyre> Location (all): Nile's place.
Andre sinks gratefully into an antique chair.
<Adisa> Rugs! Yes!
<The_Physician> Phew!! I am glad that is over.
<The_Physician> Now, the question remains…WHY was I unable to bring us out of there sooner.
<The_Physician> Obviously it was some sort of mental block, I detected no spells on me blocking me from my powers.
<Andre> More things exist in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio.
<Andre> Maybe it wasn't magic blocking you.
<Adisa> While doubtless true, it is also useless.
<Adisa> Okay. So mental block. Sometimes they just happen. Other possibility is a telepath. You met any recently. My money personally is on the MiB.
<Andre> Why is it so important to find out, Niles?
<The_Physician> So I can overcome it if it happens again…although it is possible by overcoming it once I can do it again.
The_Physician turns on the radio
<The_Physician> It might be prudent to find out what is happening at the current moment.
<Adisa> Is there any mystical way you can have a spell run overwatch on your mind, to make sure there's no intrusions? Like a virus checker?
<Andre> Yes. And we need to think about our return trip.
<@shadowmyre>Music plays on the radio, something chirpy and poppy and full of bubblegum.
<The_Physician> It is possible, but it would take continuous power to maintain.
<Adisa> Hm… sounds like something you would want to build into one of your devices.
The_Physician ponders.
<The_Physician> Interesting thought.
Andre closes his eyes and "calls" for Feles
<@shadowmyre> The bubblegum pop ends with a cut to the statio id, then the news.
The_Physician turns up the news
<@shadowmyre> Reporter: The delegates of the Ne'ata Federation are in tense negotiations with the president. While war does not seem to be on the table anymore, the Ne'ata still are not willing to divulge their full intentions. Reports from around the globe signal that the US is not the only country so contacted, as Ne'ata warships hover over in hte skies of Italy, Germany, France, England, Egypt and Greece.
The_Physician blinks.
<@shadowmyre> Andre: There is no response.
The_Physician looks at Adisa.
<The_Physician> Do you know what a Ne'ata is?
<Adisa> I have never heard of them.
The_Physician checks on his defensive wards.
<@shadowmyre> Niles: They are both defensive and wardy.
<Andre> Aliens?
<The_Physician> I do not know.
<The_Physician> While i hate to admit this, without a television or internet access, I believe the best thing to do to determine what has happened is if we go to Adisa's place. Adisa, do I have your permission to bring us there?
<Adisa> Yeah. Let's get some more info. Like the date.
<Andre> Wait.
<Andre> We didn't get back until these Ne'ata were already here, so we really have no idea how long we have been away. But what if that was the reason you could not teleport? They may be able to sense it somehow and/or block it. WE should foot it over there to see aht else is going on.
<Adisa> … That's a good point. I'll hail a cab and give you a call once I get back at my place.
The_Physician looks over at his calendar.
<Andre> It may be better to stick together. We can take the Metro and get a better sense from the people.
<Adisa> Yeah. Lets.
Adisa mutters to himself, "I hate the Metro."
<The_Physician> OK, not bad to take precautions.
<The_Physician> Let us go.
The_Physician grabs an old antique ring out of one of the cases as he waits for everyone to depart the shop.
Adisa pulls out his cel and calls a cab.
<Andre> We may have another problem as well…
<Andre> I just tried to contact Feles. Now it may be the wardings that you have on this place, or it may be that he has gone AWOL
<Adisa> 'Another problem'? What's one more?
<Andre> He was our ride back to our own timeline.
<Adisa> Yeah.
<The_Physician> Hmmmm, how is it you contact him?
<Andre> I just kind of call to him in my mind.
<The_Physician> Hmmm. I do not think my wards would block that.
command used by shads))]
<The_Physician> Although in theory they could.
<The_Physician> Step outside and then try again when the cab comes.
<Andre> I figured that I would do that on the ride over.
<Adisa> Just so long as you don't try to summon him while in the cab. NY cabs ain't that roomy.
<@shadowmyre>The cab pulls up in front of the building.
Adisa gets in and gives the cabbie his address. Debates voicing the possibility that the cabbie is Felis, because that's the kind of life he lives, but decides against it.
Andre settles back ingto place and tries to contact Feles again
<@shadowmyre>In short order, Adisa is at his flat.
Adisa gets out and pays the man.
<@shadowmyre> ((Who all was going?))
<Adisa> ((Thought everyone was, but they failed to get in the cab.))
<Andre> ((settles back in teh cab, sorry, I figured we were all in there))
<@shadowmyre> ((And niles is/was afk, so I'm going to say everyone went.))
<@shadowmyre> ((-Adisa is +they are))
Adisa opens the door for everyone and invites them in.
Adisa heads straight for the computer.
Andre sits on the couch
<@shadowmyre> Andre: Still no response.
The_Physician sits in a chair, waiting to see what Adisa finds.
Adisa sits in a chair, waiting to see what Google finds.
<@shadowmyre> Unsurprisingly, the net is all atwitter with news about your new neighbors. They are race unknown to Earth until about five days ago. There has been no recorded contact between their Federation and the Kree, Skrull, Shi'ar or other known alien races.
<@shadowmyre> Wikipedia already has an extensive article.
<@shadowmyre> Not much is known of their technology or method of travel. But they do not seem interested in conquest per se, but they do have a specific, unknown objective.
<Adisa> Ah Wikipedia, you are humanity's one saving grace.
<@shadowmyre> They are also formidable warriors, giving the likes of the Winter Guard, Avengers (east coast) and Excalibur a solid run for their money.
Adisa checks the date.
<@shadowmyre> Apparently, you spent about seven days in Purgatory, though it felt longer.
<@shadowmyre> The Ne'ata showed up five days ago.
<Adisa> Looks like this is what we were wanted out of the way for.
<The_Physician> Then we missed our window to regain our missing time.
<Adisa> Damn! I hadn't thought of that.
<The_Physician> This is a disappointing turn of events.
<Andre> So we are stuck
<Adisa> Well… Doctor Doom supposedly invented a Time Machine…
<Andre> I doubt that he would be very forthcomiong in letting us use it.
<Adisa> Yeah. Plus it's hard to get an appointment with our HMO.
Adisa pulls up the Wikipedia article. Anything of note? Are they in fact, elementals? Etc.
<@shadowmyre> ((The article is what you were reading to get those details.))
<Adisa> ((Ah. Ignore that line then))
<The_Physician> Hmmmm. Does it say where their ships are?
<Andre> There would be no way to know until we mee tone.
<Adisa> Huh. Their foreheads are funny looking.
<Andre> Is that a third eye?
<Adisa> … mayyybee…
<Andre> It says specific goals, but gives no further details.
<Andre> Call Jack?
<Andre> And maybe your Cat Lord?
<Adisa> Yeah. Jack would most likely know something.
Adisa calls Jack.
<@shadowmyre> A very pleasant voice answers. "You have reached the Skye Foundation. However, all of our operators are busy with other callers. Please stay on the line, and your call will be taken in the order it was received. You are caller 9,257. Now serving caller 14.
The_Physician thinks.
<The_Physician> Cheshire? My friend, can you hear me?
Adisa hands up. "Lines busy"
<@shadowmyre> No response from CC.
<Andre> It looks as though we are on our own now, gentlemen.
<Andre> We need more infomration. Again. Constantly.
<Andre> Niles, could you magic up some ethereal stool pidgeon?
<Andre> I can go out and see what else is happening in the city and try to gather information form teh spirits of the dead.
<Andre> Adisa, would you please check the Pipeline?
<Adisa> On it.
Adisa checks the Pipeline.
<The_Physician> Adisa, before you do that, do they have ships somewhere?
<The_Physician> In orbit, or possibly closer?
<Adisa> I would assume so.
<The_Physician> Do any of the articles say?
<@shadowmyre> ((The radio said: "…Ne'ata warships hover in the skies of Italy, Germany, France, England, Egypt and Greece…"))
<The_Physician> I would have to go to Washington.
<The_Physician> Or wherever it is and I could scan it. See if it is magical in nature. This could all be a big ruse.
<The_Physician> Who knows?
Adisa checks to make sure they haven't moved Washington. "Don't worry, Washington is where we left it."
<The_Physician> OK.
<The_Physician> Now, I wonder if I should fly or teleport
<Andre> Are we certain we are on teh right earth?
<The_Physician> Does it say if they have been openly hostile to mutants or people with special abilities?
<@shadowmyre> ((No conclusions drawn. In the fights that broke out, it was usually over-agression/misunderstandings.))
<Andre> Well if I am not needed here, I am going to go out and see what the locals say.
<Adisa> See ya. I'm going to keep hunting on the net for more info.
<The_Physician> I am going to try it. Adisa, can you bring me up a picture of Washington DC? It has been awhile since I have been there, I would like to find a good spot to pop in.
Adisa calls up a picture of the White House.
Andre heads out to the street below and makes his way to a news stand
<@shadowmyre> ((So, you're all going in separate directions?))
The_Physician looks for a good place to pop in that will not get him shot by the secret service.
<Adisa> ((They are going in separate directions. I'm not going anywhere.))
<@shadowmyre> ((Right. I'm calling it here, then, so I can actually prep for running three games again.))
<@shadowmyre> LOG END*

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