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Location: Adisa's pad (All), 1:00pm
* Adisa puts out some small snacks for when the others arrive. As he has no cats, he can leave them unattented for more than two seconds.
* Andre knocks on the door
<The_Physician> Would you like me to answer it?
<Adisa> "No, I got it. Thanks."
* Adisa checks who it is, then opens the door for Andre.
* Andre hands Adisa the bag of Chinese carry out as he enters
<Andre> "Did you knwo that they have a special Ne'ata rating on the kung pow chicken now? Apparently they like things spicy."
* Adisa takes the bag and allows himself to indulge in the sent of Hot and Sour soop for a moment. "Yeah, I'd heard that. Supposidly has something to do with alergies to non-spicy foods."
<Adisa> "That's what I heard anyway."
<The_Physician> Fascinating.
<Andre> "I thought it might be metabolic related, but who knows? You're the scientist afterall."
<Adisa> "There's also chips and dip on the table."
<Andre> "Any more word from any front? Thanks Adisa, that's a nice bean dip." He snags a couple of chips on his way to the couch and what has become his accustomed spot.
<Adisa> "Nothing on my end."
<Andre> "Well, the Third Emperor has finally mobilized his South American troops, and Jack, true to form, has pretty much covered all of the places where the Emperor is not with the exception of his spies and WENDY. Has Bianca been in touch, Niles?"
<Adisa> "Niles, any luck getting Strange to ask The Avengers or Fantastic Four to get in on this?"
<Andre> "An what is the word with Stark getting in touch with Iron Man?"
<Adisa> "I haven't even had any luck getting in touch with Stark. He's incommunicado in another country. Or in space. I wouldn't put it past him."
<Andre> "Any more luck on finding out how the Ne'ata tick?"
<Adisa> "They click their tongues, just like us. Beyond that… no not really."
<The_Physician> Nothing from Bianca, no. As for my request to Dr. Strange, The Fantastic Four are in space, and the Avengers do not believe there is a real threat at this time, so we are on our own in that regard.
<Andre> "Huh. Imagine that…a bunch of megalomaniacs not believing minor league super heroes."
<Andre> So, Niles, any more theorie sonhow tp get this to end all peaceful like with a wave of your hand and telling the Avatara to go to sleep?"
<The_Physician> Why yes, I am doing it as we speak!
* The_Physician waves hand behind him and closes his eyes.
<Andre> "See, I knew you were holding out."
* Andre sighs
<Andre> "So we are right where we have been all along. Square one. Maybe we should revisit the idea of trying to find Sprite again."
<Adisa> "I agree. Any leads?"
<The_Physician> Not as of yet. It is hard to summon a particular someone without a proper full name.
<Andre> "None on my end. That was why I was thinking that Yu may be the solution to finding her. Or even Raziel in a pinch."
<Adisa> "We may have better luck trying to contact Golem. He seemed like a reasonable person the few times I talked with him."
<Adisa> "And he is far more recognizable than a five foot nothing teenage girl."
<Andre> "But he is loyal to the Avatara alone, and I was kind of hoping to help Sprite contain it."
<Adisa> "From what he told me, he is loyal to the almighty dollar. And I doubt that loyalty extends to genocide."
<Andre> "So why don't you buy him off?"
<Adisa> "I did offer, but aparently getting bought off after you've already taken a contract is a big mercenary no-no."
<Andre> "So who holds his contract?"
<Adisa> "I don't know. I doubt the Avatara is big on contract law. I'm thinking Sprite."
<Adisa> "Or the tall thin man."
<The_Physician> It is a tangled web of…something all right.
<Andre> "Can we definitively find out who?"
<Adisa> "Maybe. If we can find him. Or her."
<Andre> "Can I leave that to you, Adisa? You seem yo cordial with him."
<Adisa> "I'll try. Man of that build shouldn't be too hard to track down."
<Andre> "okay then. So, meeting adjourned?"
<Adisa> "Unless somebody has some new info."
<The_Physician> Nothing comes to mind.
<Andre> "Nope."
<Andre> "Or……Niles, can you summon an elemental?"
<Adisa> "Then might as well dig in."
<The_Physician> I can. For what purpose?
<Andre> "Information gathering. Who better to know where the Avatara is than an elemental?"
<Andre> "As long as you can ensure that it can't lie to us, we could try to find out something about what is happening. Everything seems just too quiet."
<Andre> "It would be just like this endless game that we seem to be stuck in to find out that someone has kept us busy on a goose chase. Not that we are that important or anything."
<The_Physician> Understood, I can do that.
<The_Physician> Now, do we have a method of communicating better than we did before?
<The_Physician> I still cannot speak air spirit or what have you.
<Andre> "Maybe you could ask for one that knows English?"
<The_Physician> I can do that as well. It will take longer though.
<Andre> "Well, let's eat first then."
<Adisa> The snacks are not lavish, just some plain potatoe chips and some homemade been dip. The star of the meal will be what Andre got from the Chineese resteraunt.
* Andre suits action to words and fills a plate with chips, bean dip and fried ca…chicken.
* The_Physician follows suit.
* Adisa takes a bowl of Hot and Sour soup to start with.
<Andre> "So what kind of elemental do you think would be best?"
<Adisa> "Air would be best I would think. Best mobility."
<Andre> "Any ideas from the expert spell caster?"
<The_Physician> I was thinking a spirit of knowledge, but they are easily distracted and thus, hard to work with.
<Andre> "Are they elemental in nature?"
<Adisa> "A spirit of knowledge would be the best bet I would think."
* Andre shovels food into his mouth an dnods agreement with the smart folk
<The_Physician> We can try it, but I stress, they are very hard to work with.
<Andre> "So choose a more pliable one that wills till be able to do the job?"
<Adisa> "I think we can do better than that. I have quite a bit of data on my computers, non-classified data. Perhapse if you found one that was willing to do an exchange…"
<Andre> "I don't suppose you could do something like talk to your future self, Niles?"
<The_Physician> The more specific we get, the harder the summoning, and the summoning will take longer.
<The_Physician> No, Time Travel is DANGEROUS. Even Dr. Strange doesn't do it. So count me out.
<Andre> "You are the expert, so do what you think is best. Good chicken…"
<Andre> "The same Dr. Strange that doesn't believe you about a real threat? Even when you know one exists?"
<Andre> "Meh. Doesn't matter, you know what you are doing."
* Andre finsihes up quickly and sits back to wait
<The_Physician> No, Dr. Strange believes the threat is real.
<The_Physician> The Avengers are not so sure.
<Andre> "Ah. I wasn't clear on that."
<The_Physician> No problem.
* The_Physician finishes up eating.
* Adisa finishes his soup and has some of the dumplings.
<The_Physician> Well then gentlemen, I should be off to my shop to get the materials needed for a summoning. Do you require anything more from me?

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