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<shadowmyre> Location: Adisa's pad, 1:50pm
<Andre> So, Adisa, and Niles, while are doing this. Well, while Niles is doing this, I have an exercise that I think we should do. I got it from my NCO who was a Batman fan.
<Andre> Think about how you would take yourself down in a fight. Then think of how we would take each other down in a fight.
<Adisa> "Hm… honestly, I would take myself down the same way I would take anybody else down. Find a weapon or some other kind of advantage over the er… me."
<The_Physician> Hmmmmm.
<Andre> Well, how is your suit powereed?
<Andre> And Niles, how doe syour magic actually work?
<Adisa> "Brownean motion. The friction of the atmosphere on the suit. Totally renewable and if it runs out you're got bigger problems anyway. I particularly proud of that."
<Andre> *does your
* The_Physician Takes out his notepad, takes a note about the exercise
<Andre> So against other suits that may be similar…reduce friction? If they draw from their elements in the atmosphere then cut them off from it?
<shadowmyre> ((*Brownian))
<Andre> Anyway, just something to think about while we ask a spirit of intellect about every advantage that we can get.
<Adisa> "Cutting just about anybody off from the atmosphere would win you most fights. I mean. Wonderman, Iron Man, maybe the hulk, seriously that would work on just about anyone else."
<Andre> Yes, without killing them from lack of earth's atmosphere preferably.
<Adisa> ((Colossus doesn't nead to breath when metal, but I don't think that's common knowledge))
<The_Physician> As for how magic works that could take a long time and you may not understand it completely.
<Adisa> "Well, you could take someone far away from their element. I mean, I can pull water from the atmosphere, but it ain't easy, especially in a fight, and it' never my first choice as it is less efficient."
<Andre> So save it for another time. Write it up for me and use small words.
<Adisa> ((It also took me lines to learn how to do that, it's possible the others haven't spent their lines thusly.))
<Andre> We have at least one other magic man to deal with and if youar enot there I would prefer to have aline of defense against brain-rape or having my innards become my outers.
<The_Physician> Understood.
<Andre> Are we heading to your place to use your fancy summoning circle?
* Andre fishes around for another piece of chicken in the carton
<Andre> "For myself, I would use you," he points to Niles. "Magically hack the magical power source for my armor, and I am out."
<The_Physician> Yes, I was going to head home.
* The_Physician finishes up his meal
<The_Physician> Magically hack…?
<The_Physician> I don't follow.
<Adisa> "Ah, well, it's not stictly self vs. self, then my vote would also go to Niles. My suit has no real sensor suite that isn't direclty tied to moisture. Niles throws up an illusion and I'm pretty much as helpless as the next guy."
<Andre> "Kind of like the Artist's wards, only geared toward offense. Cut me off from the power source, and I am next to helpless. Control it, and I am just a body under the suit."
<Andre> "So, what does this tell you already, guys? First person they go for is going to be you, "he points a chopstick at Niles.
<Adisa> ((But he's our only defense against teenage girls…))
<Andre> "Next would probably be me because my power is magical in nature and not tech. And I will probably be coordinating the group of us who have been training at the park in the mornings."
<Andre> "Adisa, they will try to get to join them to rule the world…"
<Adisa> ((I'm a scientist. I already rule the world. I have Doom on speed dial, and Richards takes out my trash.))
<Andre> "Anyway, this all came about when I was thinking how I would kidnap Niles. Probably when he was summoning something innocuous and for a good reason. Kind of like when Raziel jumped Strange."
<The_Physician> Why would you want to kidnap me again?
<Adisa> "Hm… well, from what I've seen summoning is a serious distraction for a mage, that would be when most of their defenses are down. I can see that. I don't really see why you would want to kidnap someone as dangerous as a full blown mage rather than kill him, but yeah I can see the plan working."
<Andre> "To keep you from the upcoming battle and defending us from magical attacks."
<The_Physician> Ah, understood.
<Andre> "So how do we do this safely?"
<The_Physician> Kidnap a mage?
<The_Physician> Or summon?
<Andre> "Summon a spirit to answer our questions."
<Adisa> "From what I've seen, the only way to kidnap a mage and keep him kidnapped without killing said mage is drugs. A morphine IV drip will keep them unconscious and less likely to teleport to the astral plain or whatever."
<The_Physician> Oh, probably safer at my home with all of my items there in case we run into difficulties.
<Andre> "Care to do the transportation honors?"
<Adisa> "Just a second"
* Adisa finishes his soup and dumplings.
<Adisa> "Okay, ready."
<The_Physician> Do you wish to travel with me all at once?
<Andre> "Any reason why we should not?"
<The_Physician> None that comes to mind
<Adisa> ((Because the teleport mine someone planted in my apartment's astral will trigger and get us all instead of just two.))
<The_Physician> But maybe we should err on the side of caution.
<The_Physician> I have protective wards active at my house, but you never knwo.
<The_Physician> know*
<Andre> "So splitting up for caution's sake? How does that make sense?"
<The_Physician> A suggestion, nothing more.
<Andre> "Whatever you think best, Niles"
<The_Physician> I will go ahead and make sure it is safe. Can you teleport there on your own?
<Andre> "Sure," he shrugs and summons the armor.
<Adisa> "Not since last time I checked."
<The_Paladin> "You can tag along with me, Adisa."
* Adisa nods.
<The_Paladin> "How much of a head start do you want, Niles?"
<The_Physician> 5 minutes.
<The_Physician> I will call when I am certain things are safe.
<The_Physician> See you shortly gentlemen.
* The_Physician teleports out
* Adisa pulls out his cell and waits for the call.
* Adisa calls Niles to see if anything's wrong.
* The_Physician answers
<The_Physician> Sorry about that. All is good here. come on over.
* The_Paladin takes Adisa's shoulder and transports them to Nile's place
* The_Paladin lets go of Adisa, but keeps the armor up
* Adisa looks around for Niles.
* The_Physician waves.
<The_Physician> Hello friends.
<The_Physician> Gathering up what I need and will begin shortly.
<The_Paladin> "Let us know if we can help."
<The_Physician> Nope, this should only take a couple minutes.
<The_Paladin> "So, do we have a questions list?"
<The_Physician> Actually, lets get ALL of the requirements, as I am newer to summoning and am making horribly rookie mistakes so far.
<The_Physician> 1. Can Speak English.
<The_Paladin> "2. Has the answers that we are looking for?
<Adisa> "3. Will truthfully answer the questions we pose."
<The_Physician> Adisa's is on the money. To generall sir Andre.
<The_Physician> general*
<The_Paladin> "Then how about'won"t tell anyone we summoned it and asked it questions'?"
<Adisa> "Better yet, will lie if summoned and asked questions about a prior summon."
<The_Paladin> "Doesn't that cancel the truthfully telling the answers to any questions?'
<Adisa> "I dunno. Does it?"
<The_Physician> Giving too many requirements means we might not find one at all that fits them.
<Adisa> "Then best to leave that one off I think."
<The_Physician> OK, so far we have:
<The_Physician> 1. Can Speak English.
<The_Physician> 2. Will truthfully answer the questions we pose.
<Adisa> Hm… what about 'knows the answers to the questions we pose'. Or is that too vague or precognitive?
<The_Paladin> "3. Won't narc on us."
<Adisa> "That might work. Would keep them from flying straight to the Avatara after the summoning's done at any rate."
<The_Paladin> "That is the hope, yes."
<The_Physician> OK, so 3. Will not divulge our conversation to any other being?
<The_Paladin> "Are we set then?"
<Adisa> I can't think of anything else.
<The_Physician> Well, we are summoning a spirit of knowledge…I think we should choose a specialty for that knowledge, say the Avatara?
<Adisa> Works for me
<The_Physician> OK, so:
<The_Physician> 1. Can Speak English.
<The_Physician> 2. Will truthfully answer the questions we pose.
<The_Physician> 3. Will not divulge our conversation to any other being
<The_Physician> 4. Knowledge of the Avatara.
<The_Paladin> "Avatara, or the Avatara's plans?"
<The_Physician> Same, pretty much. Don't want to get too specific remember?
<The_Paladin> "Right."
<The_Physician> Actually:
<The_Physician> 1. Can Speak English.
<The_Physician> 2. Will willingly and truthfully answer the questions we pose.
<The_Physician> 3. Will not divulge our conversation to any other being
<The_Physician> 4. Knowledge of the Avatara.
<The_Physician> Savvy?
<Adisa> Think that will about do it.
<The_Paladin> "As long as you do."
<The_Physician> OK then
* The_Physician gathers up what he needs and begins the ritual.
<shadowmyre> * LOG END *

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