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<shadowmyre> Location: Bay Bridge
* Paladin looks out at the dead water with a mixture of trepidation and resolve.
<Paladin> So what now? Do I swim out and have you apply radaition?
<Adisa> I was thinking more along the lines of you generateing something, sticking it in there while I realign a microwave tower and have it hit the spot.
<Paladin> Alright. Sounds good. Are you sure we don't need to experiment more before doing this?
<Adisa> Honestly, I should spend years experimenting and figuring out all the potential ramififcations of this procedure, but we
<Adisa> 're under something of a timecrunch.
<Paladin> Well….
* Paladin reaches into the place between this world and the next and manifests a spear of carved jade.
<Paladin> Are we sure that we want to do this?
<Adisa> At this point, not acting is not a viable decision. And I am always open to alternatives.
<Niles> Wait, correct me if I am wrong gentlemen, but didn't we think the jade might still be down there?
<Paladin> It's possible. Normally I would say no, but at this point I really have no idea.
<Adisa> Maybe. Maybe it was consumed along with the Fire Guy. Short of taking a swim, we have no way of knowing.
<Paladin> Would it matter if it was?
<Adisa> Shouldn't.
<Adisa> Probably.
<Niles> Hmmmm/
<Niles> Well, I agree with Adisa. Not acting would probably be a worse course of action.
* Paladin draws back to cast the spear, targeting the center of the dead area.
* Paladin lets fly'
* shadowmyre The spear slips into the water with nary a splash, disappearing under the surface.
<Adisa> Okay, spear is in. Niles, you ready with the mojo?
* Paladin stands guard
* Adisa manages.
* Niles prepares a spell for the area around the damaged water.
* Adisa reads The Weekly World News.
<Niles> Adisa, how long should I do this for?
<Adisa> No more than a couple of minutes. That should be enough to tell us if this is going to work or not.
<Niles> OK.
* shadowmyre For the first minute, there is no noticeable change. Another minute passes, the water doesn't even seem to appreciably heat. Another minute passes… another….. a thin trail of steam creeps up from the surface of the water…
* Adisa tries to manipulate the steam.
* shadowmyre The fifth minute passes. The only visible result is a bit more steam.
<Adisa> Yesss… we're making progress… yesss.
<Paladin> So it's working?
<Adisa> I believe so. Keep it up.
<Paladin> Any way that we can help?
<Adisa> I doubt it. This is Nile's show. We're just the producers.
* Paladin looks more closely at the water to see if there are any changes.
* shadowmyre There are no changes visible to the naked eye. The water looks scant different even through enhanced senses.
<Niles> Hmmmm. It doesn't look to have changed much.
<Paladin> This may take a while.
<Paladin> Is the water flowing in to fill up the gap "alive"?
<Adisa> I expected this. Still I was hoping for a larger effect.
<Adisa> I think we may have to find an alternative microwave source after all.
<Paladin> Niles, is there a way to enhance your power? To make the effects larger like a current going through a coil?
<Niles> I could take longer to prepare my spell.
<Paladin> Alright. How long?
<Niles> Rituals generally take hours…plural.
<Paladin> So start tonight?
<Paladin> It will take hours to do it this way too.
<Niles> I could. Adisa, do you agree the "more power" approach is appropriate based on your scientific testing of this phenomenon?
<Adisa> Possibly. But we should probably have more jade just to make sure it's balanced.
<Paladin> I can try that…I'll have to be there the whole time though as it takes a certain amount of concentration to hold them here in this plane.
<Adisa> Okay, we have a process. It seems to be working, albeit not quickly enough. Why don't you go home Niles and make whatever preparations you need for tomorrow. I'll see what I can do about multiple sources of radiation. Paladin, why don't you seed the affected area with green stuff in preparation for tomorrow?
<Paladin> Because then I have to stay here and watch it. I can seed it tomorrow before we begin.
<Niles> Sounds like we have a plan. Yes, supplies would be great.
<Adisa> All right then. You go home and rest up in preparation for tomorrow. Oh, one other thing. Surface area is probably going to be key in this reaction. The longer and thinner you can make your jade, the more effective the process will probably be.
<Paladin> I will do my best.
<Niles> Do any of you need me to drop you off anywhere?
<Adisa> Yeah. Back to Andre's apartment would be good. I can find my way from there.
<Paladin> I can take us. You can get started on gathering your supplies, Niles.
* Niles nods
<Niles> Understood
* Niles teleports to his house.
<Paladin> Call if you need anything.
* Paladin grasps Adisa's shoulder and teleports them to his apartment.
* Adisa calls a taxi back to his lab.
* Niles collects the needed supplies and anything he might need for a long ritual, and then rests for the coming effort.
* Adisa proceeds to construct a small microwave emitter out of spare pieces of equipment in his lab.
* Paladin spends the afternoon making long thin needles of jade, stretching them as thin as possible.
* Paladin dismisses the armor.
* Andre begins to lay out a mahogony cabinet for the archbishop of Manhatten.
<shadowmyre> Time: Later That Night…
* Niles teleports back to the appointed spot on the bridge.
* Adisa pulls up in a cab a the appointed place, and at the appointed time.
* Paladin teleports to the bridge after setting his alarm system
* Paladin nods to teh two
<Paladin> Gentlemen. Are we ready?
<Adisa> As ready as we're likely to get.
<Niles> Agreed.
* Paladin begins to summon up needles and place eachone in the designated area.
* Adisa sets up the microwave emitter and aims it at the deadzone.
* Niles begins setting up his ritual.
<Paladin> How many more do we need?
* Paladin throws another needle into place.
* Niles begins the ritual when he has completely prepared his set up.
<Adisa> Ideally we would want one needle extending from the bottom of the harbor to the surface every square meter. We'll make due with what we've got.
* Paladin keeps throwing needles
* shadowmyre Time passes, as time tends to do.
* shadowmyre There are no visible effects.
* Paladin stops adding needles.
* shadowmyre More Time Passes.
<shadowmyre> (More Time being ten minutes).
* shadowmyre Twenty minutes have passed. Now, steam wafts across the surface of the bay.
<Adisa> Okay. Lets stop and see how much damage we've done.
* shadowmyre Twenty-Five minutes total have pased.
* Paladin looks at the water with his augmented senses
* shadowmyre The water seems unchanged, though you think that the volume has decreased.
* shadowmyre The air around the bay seems….. different.
* shadowmyre You're not quite sure how. Just different.
<Paladin> Adisa, will you be so good as to gather up the steam please?
<Adisa> I will endeavor to do that very thing.
* Adisa endeavors to do that very thing.
* shadowmyre The steam gathers at his will, but sluggishly. It doesn't respond the way regular steam does.
<Adisa> The steam seems difficult to manage. I'm not sure if it's because of the process, or because I'm so tuckered out from watching Niles do all the work.
<Paladin> So it is only partially working?
<Adisa> Well, scientifically speaking, I have no idea.
<Adisa> Okay then. Let's keep going.
* Adisa flips back on the emitter.
<Paladin> What is different between this and the earlier experiment?
<Adisa> Well, there are a variety of factors. More non-water to jade surface area, whatever pollution is in the harbor, half the microwave energy being used is magically generated, it's not a lab, and so on.
<Niles> I do not know.
<Adisa> Still, we are making more progress today than I thought we would.
<Paladin> That's comforting.
* shadowmyre Those with mystical senses see that the dead-water volume has indeed been reduced.
* shadowmyre Those with mystical senses also see a larger cloud of not-quite-right steam hovering above the bay.
<Paladin> So now where deos the steam go Adisa?
<Paladin> What happened to it earlier exactly?
* shadowmyre The wind is picking up.
<Adisa> Um… what do you mean? It's steam. It eventually condenses back into water. I like to call this process rain.
<Paladin> So when this water that isn't water turns to steam, which looks pretty scary I migh add, and then condenses it should be normal water again?
<Adisa> Um… maybe. Why do you ask? Is there anything you should tell the resident muggle?
<Paladin> There is a large cloud of steam hovering there that isn't quite right.
* shadowmyre The wind cuts through the mist, swirling it inland towards the city.
<Adisa> … you might want to explain 'not right'. Quickly if you can.
* Paladin gropes for words
<Paladin> Not right. Like the dead water but not quite.
<Adisa> Oh dear.
* Adisa turns the emitter back off.
<Paladin> It's headed toward the city. What other experiments did you try? Did you try touching it at all?
* shadowmyre The steam has cleared from the surface of the bay. Indeed, the amount of infected water has lowered.
<Adisa> Hold on. I may be able to drag it back over the harbour.
<Niles> Whatever is manipulating that wind is magical.
<Niles> Not like the elementals.
<Paladin> Our mysterious magi has struck again. Can you counter him? Do we need to?
* shadowmyre Some of the steam slows (but doesn't stop), but the greater mass continues its inland trajectory.
<Adisa> Well, I'm not having much luck.
<Paladin> Then we should track it, no?
<Niles> I can't counter him, he or she is to powerful.
* Niles stops the radiation spell.
<Paladin> I can do that if you two want to keep working on the bay.
<Niles> Adisa, maybe if you continue trying to pull the steam, I can try a spell to do something similar as well and we can counter it that way?
<Adisa> Good plan. Let's go with that.
<shadowmyre> LOG END

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