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Location: Nile's Shop, 2:15pm

  • Andre pulls up the armor in case…
  • The_Paladin settles back to watch the light show
  • The_Physician begins chanting in an ancient, archaic tongue.
  • The_Physician The summoning circle in front of him glows as a column of light spirals up from the edges of the circle.
  • The_Physician 's chanting gets louder as he commands a spirit to come before him and obey!
  • The_Physician after a few minutes, he ceases his chanting, the column of light dissipates, as a figure appears in the summoning circle.
  • Adisa peers into the circle.
  • The figure is small, by human standards, only 18" high. Dressed in supple leathers and carrying a pick-axe bigger than it is like it was a feather, it appears to be a gnome or a dwarf.
  • The_Paladin waits for Niles to start asking questions seeing as he is the superior intellect.

<The_Physician> Hello.
<The_Physician> Greetings, how are you today?
<Dwarf> peers at Niles through narrowed eyes, gesturing with the axe. "What in de ‘ell do you want? I’ve got work ta do!"

  • Adisa can relate.

<The_Physician> We shall try to be brief. I do apologize for the inconvenience.
The <Dwarf> grumbles, setting the axe upon one shoulder. "Out with it!"
<The_Physician> We were hoping you could provide us with some insight into the motives and plans of the being known as the Avatara.
<The_Physician> What are the Avatara's plans?
<Dwarf>: "Oh, the wee crazy ditz plans on grindin' ya'll up under her foot, sure as cats are cats."
<The_Physician> Is there any way we can stop that?
<The_Paladin> Niles, maybe ask him how she plans to do that?
<Dwarf>: "A'course, y'can not be under-foot when the fryin-pan comes a whoppin."
<The_Paladin> How could we avoid being under the foot?
<Adisa> I'm thinking going off-planet. I hear the Shi'ar Empire is nice this time of year. Just throwing that out there.
<Dwarf>: stares at you blankly. "By… ah, by not bein under-the-foot? Ya kinda skitter off'en to a side, and tuck yur tail up under'n ya?"
<The_Paladin> "What are her strategies?"
<Dwarf>: "Oh, I reckon she's gonna come a stompin and a steamin down, set up some of them whirly winds and'a make them big rock pimples bursten out all over, kinda set the ground to shakin. That's the sorta thing she tends to like when she's all aggrieved."
<Adisa> "Volcanos, earthquakes and hurricanes. Rapture. We need Storm."
<The_Paladin> "So natural disasters. We guessed as much."
<Dwarf>: "Ya, that'd be how it worked in the ol'days, but'n she's got some new high-falutin thinky types doin the plannin. And they're pushin for sometin more sub-tile."
<The_Paladin> "I would imagine that someone as well informed as yourself would have an idea about what that is."
<Dwarf>: "I'm not rilly involvolated with that too much, jus got what is coming down through those long bits the grapes grow on."
<The_Paladin> "So what do the vines say then?"
<Dwarf>: "Well, thems be plants, so not much for de chatter. But if you bein all meata-fear-icky, den what's been chatteren about is de organizan and deal-a-getting, so the wee bitty ditz isn't doin it all her lonesome."
<The_Paladin> "Any idea who she is sub-contracting out to for this job?"
<Dwarf>:"The wee bitty ditz's got a tall-skinny thinky type, and that thinky type's got four-a-them dressed in bouncy-trousers that are callin the shots. Two wee tykes, an two older gits."
<The_Paladin> "Can you describe the tall thinky one?"
<Dwarf>: "Nope. Don't really stick the mem'ry, that one. You take a glimpse and a glance and you think he's nailed down, then poof, just slides right outa the thought-house."
<The_Paladin> "Where are they these days?"
<Dwarf>: "An which'n they be that?"
<The_Paladin> "the tall skinny one and the four people in the 'bounce suits'"
<Dwarf>: "All'n over de world, ‘ere and der and back again. Lotsa troops to look-over, can’t stay in de one place."
<The_Paladin> "Troops? What kind of troops?"
<The_Physician> Do you know where the best place would be to start looking for one of them?
<Adisa> "Are there any places that they go to moer often than others?"
<Dwarf>: "Well, ye big daft rock garden, what kinda troops do ye tink the wee bitty ditz would ‘ave? Sylphs and spites and drakes and undines and sallymanders and nymphs and gnomes and all them other sorts."
<Dwarf>: "They’ve gots a few places they like to situate in, time-ta-time. Now, let me be a ponderin."
<The_Paladin> "We haven't seen them. She must be hiding them pretty well…"
<shadowmyre> The<Dwarf> has himself a bit of a think. Then: "‘Bout `alf a dozen spots those thinky types like ta hang out at when they ain’t barkin orders or rearrangin theor carefully laid out lines."
<Dwarf>: "‘alf a dozen here, there is. Cannae say bout other places."
<Adisa> "Would these ’other places' be other worlds?
<Adisa> ((+"))
<Dwarf>: "If'n dat not be da word for dem, den I kinnae ken ‘nother."
<The_Paladin> "Half a dozen or so here? Where would thos eplaces be?"
<shadowmyre> The<Dwarf>plants his hands on his hips. "Well’n then, watta I look like, a foldy map, or one o'dem Globule Pointer Switches? Dere where dey be."
<The_Paladin> "Do you know how to find them?"

  • Adisa stands. "Be right back" He then goes off to get one of them foldy map things (an atlas, in this case).
  • Adisa holds up the globe, "Can you show us where on this spinny map?"

<Dwarf>: "Yes, that'll do." There's a faint flickering golden sheen in the dwarf's eyes as he plucks up the globe, then crushes it between his palms. Then folds it in half. Twice, to the sound of protesting metal. Tossing the mangled globe on the floor, he impales it with two deft swings of his pick-axe and giving a nod. "That'll do, bouncy-britches."

  • The_Physician winces.

<The_Physician> That was an antique.*sigh*

  • The_Physician looks at what the Dwarf has done.

<The_Paladin> "You have more…"
<Dwarf>: "Ya, it was! Good metal. So!" The Dwarf sets to unfolding it now, smoothing out the dents as if it was little more than clay, before giving a powerful puff of air that pushes the walls back out, leaving six tiny pinpricks in the metal.

  • Adisa makes a note to have a gnome summoned during the next corporate meeting he can't avoid. If nothing else, he won't be bored to suicidal levels.
  • The_Paladin takes note of the places
  • The_Physician pulls out his notepad and does the same.

<The_Paladin> "Ohio? As a strategic location? huh…who would have thought?"

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