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<shadowmyre> Location: Bay Bridge Area
* Niles begins conjuring a spell to try to move the steam back toward the bay.
<Paladin> Why pull the steam?
<Adisa> Because when was the last time some unseen force intervened on our behalf?
<Adisa> Here's a hint: Rhymes with ever.
<Paladin> Push. Don't pull.
<Paladin> look. Brooklyn is only about four miles across, right?
<Adisa> I was always more into geology than geography.
<Paladin> If this force is pulling it toward the city and is stronger than you, push instead. Push hard and fast like ahurricane or something and get it out to sea.
<Adisa> Someone's been studying vectors! Problem is, it has to pass through Brooklyn to get to the sea if I push.
<Paladin> Push harder than expected and use his own force agianst him. And I don't study vectors in teh traditional sense.
<Adisa> All right. I'll give it a go.
<Paladin> Between you and nIles you can probably get this thing out to sea faster than he can counter it and keep it there.
* Adisa switches as abruptly as possible to pushing instead of pulling.
* Niles follows suit and does the same with his spell
* shadowmyre The mist continues towards the city, the speed and direction entirely unchanged, save for a few faint wisps that spiral away
<Paladin> Is it working?
<Adisa> Probably not.
<Paladin> Adisa, remember when you took the water out of the microwave at my place? How it clung to the jade like a gelatin? Do you think we can duplicate that on a larger scale?
<Adisa> You want me to condense the steam back into water?
<Paladin> Before it gets there, yes.
<Adisa> Should be doable.
* Adisa condenses the steam back into water.
<Paladin> Niles, can you catch it before it mixes with the water below?
<Niles> I can try
* Paladin reaches back and pulls a spear of jade from the ether, the tip gleaming in the light form the streetlamps on the bridge.
* Paladin hurls the spear toward the center of the cloud of steam.
* shadowmyre Adisa: The mist is changing back into water, slowly, and falls in a lazy spiral down to the surface of the bay… Niles: …where it is deftly and safely caught… Paladin: …as the spear slices into the low-lying cloud, there is a blinding shimmer of emerald light.
* Unknown All: The voice curls in the back of your mind, sleeping somewhere between your conscience and the devil that sits on your shoulder. "Thank you."
<Adisa> Wow. It's a good thing this is New York city. Otherwise people might think this is unusual.
* Paladin shivers
* Niles shudders, but also tries to think back "For what, precisely?"
* Unknown Then, the voice is silent once more.
<Paladin> What was that?
* Paladin looks toward the cloud of steam
<Adisa> Charles Heston?
* shadowmyre The cloud is gone. Other than the few drips and drabs that Niles has, it seems to have vanished entirely.
* shadowmyre Even those few drips seem… different. Cleaner.
<Paladin> Oh no.
<Paladin> Damn it…damn it damn it damn it.
<Adisa> What? Problem seems to be solved.
* shadowmyre Though the size of the dead water pocket has been reduced to less than 10%, there are still a few, faint swirls left.
* Adisa tries to manipulate the different. Cleaner water.
* shadowmyre The water sits up and dances. Or whatever it is you're trying to get it to do.
<Adisa> Yep. Solved. Whyfor the angst?
<Paladin> The mages were filling in for the lost energy, right?
<Paladin> The really powerful ones, like Strange and the others.
<Adisa> Yeah.
<Paladin> We just allowed this one to be able to stop focusing on keeping the world around and set him up to cause mischief again.
<Paladin> It's a catch 22.
<Adisa> Maybe. Even probably. But there's always the possibility that even an Elemental Prince of the Eastcoast can learn from it's mistakes.
<Paladin> We have to finish the job then.
<Paladin> The needles didn't seem to work well. The spear definitely did something though.
<Adisa> Maybe it's the symbolism. I hear that's been the rage in mystical events for the last 2000 years.
<Niles> Maybe just the act of recreating what happened?
<Paladin> You would know better than I would, I am sure. Do we dare evaporate the water again or do you think I can just go stab it?
<Adisa> I don't think re-evaporation will be necessary. Go ahead with the stabbity.
<Niles> Well, there are only a few drops left, it would seem. Do we need to worry as much about those?
<Adisa> In a word, yes.
<Paladin> When has it ever ended well for us to leave anything unfinised?
<Adisa> There is no kill like overkill.
* Paladin calls up another spear and dives into the bay.
<Adisa> If anybody asks, we're humble fishermen.
* shadowmyre It takes about an hour of concerted effort, but the rest of the not-water is converted to fresh, clean, potable water. Much cleaner than the bay water was before.
* Paladin stands dripping on the bridge looking toward the city.
<Paladin> Niles, can you trace where that spell came from?
<Niles> The spell came from all around us. There didn't seem to be a particular cause really.
* Paladin shrugs and then shakes off his gloom
<Paladin> Well it looks closed, yes?
<Paladin> How do we get the fire prince back?
<Adisa> I can never tell.
<Niles> Well, we were never certain fixing this problem included getting the fire prince back really.
<Adisa> There's an above average chance he is back, but didn't stick around for small talk.
<Niles> I mean, it makes sense, but we are talking about ancient powers and magic. They might not work the way one would think they would.
<Paladin> So what do we do now?
<Niles> I woudl presume try to discover if what we did had a positive effect or not.
<Niles> I mean, just because a patient looks ok on the outside, does not mean they aren't bleeding internally.
<Adisa> It's best to assume we just made things worse.
<Paladin> Sadly, I have to agree with Adisa.
<Paladin> I think that we need to seek outside expertise.
<Niles> I say we visit the good doctor and see if he has returned yet.
<Adisa> True. If nothing else, what we did was kinda noticeable. Might to be best to see how he reacted.
<Paladin> I'll let you two do that. I have a few errands to run this evening still.
<Niles> Understood. Adisa, do you need someone to clear out this equipment, or should I make a quick detour as we travel to his house?
<Adisa> Yeah. Let's do that.
* Paladin teleports away to his apartment
* Adisa gets the gear ready to be teleported.
<Niles> oK, do whatever it is you need to do to unhook it all, and let me know where I need to go with you and it.
* Paladin pops into his apartment and draws the armor back in as he deactivates the alarm system.
<Niles> Adisa, where exactly am I taking us and the equipment?
* Andre turns on the computer to check the pipeline
<Adisa> Take me back to Andre's place. You haven't been to my place yet.
<Adisa> Unless you feel like doing blind ports while I'm carrying around radiation emitters.
* Andre checks the pipeline while waiting for the phone to ring and for Adisa to tell him how thye doomed the world again.
<Niles> I just need a decent description to take us someplace.
<Niles> I dont need to have been there.
<Niles> A rooftop would be easiest.
<Adisa> O'really?
* Andre keyword search "phoenix"
<Niles> Yes, really
<Niles> I wouldnt lie toyou sir.
* Adisa creates a reasonable facsimile of the block my bungalow is on.
<Adisa> Will that do?
<Niles> For the most part.
<Niles> Where is this place?
<Adisa> Manhattan. Upper East Side.
<Niles> ok
* Niles places his hand on Adisa's shoulder and the things he has with him and teleports to the location specified by Adisa
<Pipeline> Zero new posts for query "phoenix".
* Andre keyword "Sprite"
<Pipeline> Zero new posts for query "Sprite".
<Adisa> Groovy, and mildly scary.
* Adisa puts the gear down.
<Andre> What are they up to?
* Andre grabs his jacket and heads out setting his alarm as he leaves.
* Andre walks the three blocks to the store before they close.
* Andre grabs milk, bread and eggs nodding to the cashier as he approaches the register.
<Andre> Good evening, Larry.
<shadowmyre> Larry: Evening. Will that be all, Mr. Harper?
<Andre> Yes. Just the essentials for me. How have things been?
<shadowmyre> Larry: Nice and quiet. Almost makes me forget I'm in New York.
<Niles> Adisa, do you wish to accompany me to the good Doctor's house? Or are you staying here?
* Adisa stifles a yawn.
<Adisa> Yeah, I'm good to go. Let's do this.
<Andre> Well that's good to hear. Thanks, Larry. Say hello to Joan fo rme.
<shadowmyre> Larry: I will, Mr. Harper. Have a goo…….
* shadowmyre His voice cuts off as a spray of blood spatters across your face. A three-clawed hand protrudes from his chest, fingers flexing slightly
* Niles teleports Adisa and himself to Dr. Stranges house, a good distance away in order to avoid any defensive wards that are in place.
* Andre drops the groceries in surprise, eyes widening in shock
<Andre> Larry!
* Andre calls up the armor in a moment
* shadowmyre The arm pulls back, as Larry slumps to the ground, his voice a wet gurgle. Behind him stands a small, squat red figure, skin like bloody leather with arms too long for its body tipped with sharp claws.
* shadowmyre The creature hops on one ungainly foot, grinning at you with a mouth full of yellowed teeth.
* Paladin calls up a jade knife and grabs the ungangly thing by its scrawny neck.
* shadowmyre It unleashes an unholy shriek as the blade slices through the thick leather of its skin. Its blood is a dark greenish ichor, thick and sludgy as it splashes across the counter and till.
* shadowmyre Niles and Adisa arrive a few blocks away from Strange's brownstone.
* Paladin drops the knife and it fades out of existence. He kneels next to Larry.
<Paladin> Larry?
* shadowmyre Gurgle. Cough. Gurgle.
* Paladin checks his vitals as he reaches up and hits the alarm button under the counter
<Niles> Alright, follow me sir.
* Niles proceeds to Dr. Strange's house carefully watching for anyone or anything that might be harmful to us on the way. In other words, he is on his guard.
* shadowmyre The creatures leathery skin begins to rot as it twitches and bleeds, soon leaving nothing but a foul puddle of putrescence and filling the store with the air of month old rotten meat.
* shadowmyre The arrival at Strange's brownstone is uneventful. There are a few lights on in the lower floors.
* Niles walks to the front door and knocks lightly.
* Adisa follows Niles like the sir he thinks I am.
* Paladin tries to stop the bleeding
* Paladin fumbles for his cell phone and hits Niles's number on speed dial
* shadowmyre Footsteps echo behind the door, then it opens. Wong seems tired, but happy.
<Niles> Hello sir. Is the good Doctor ok?
<shadowmyre> Wong: Yes, yes he is. Though tired, but he has just returned.
<Adisa> Good sign that.
<Paladin> Damn it Niles, pick /up/.
<Niles> Did he say if any…I'm sorry. One sec.
* Niles picks up his cell phone.
<Niles> Hello?
<Paladin> I need you now! At the corner of Maple and Ash in Brooklyn.
<Niles> Are you alright?
<Paladin> No time, just get here!
* Paladin sounds close to panic
<Niles> I will be there.
* Niles hangs up.
<Niles> OK, rea quick Wong. Did the Dr. say if everything was alright now?
<Niles> real*
<shadowmyre> Wong: He seems to think so, yes.
<Niles> Ok, thank you. I will come by at a better time to talk more. Also, will I be fried if I attempt to teleport us out of here?
* Niles motions to include Adisa in the gesture.
<shadowmyre> Wong: *chuckles* No, you'll be perfectly fine.
<Niles> Thank you sir. please give the Dr. my regards, and I will stop by again soon. Thanks!
* Niles grabs Adisa and teleports to the location specified by Andre.
* Adisa immediately grabs my nose.
<Adisa> What in the name of fuck is that smell. I am never ever shopping here.
<Paladin> Here! Quickly, there still might be time.
* Niles runs to Paladin.
<Niles> What happened?!?!
<Niles> Apologies on the delay. I was at a place that could have possibly resulted in my death had I not checked first before teleporting.
<Paladin> He, or I, was attacked by a..a../thing/ that just tried to kill him.
* Niles begins working the healing mojo.
<Adisa> Where is this thing now?
<Paladin> It was a small red thing with claws and lots of teeth.
* Paladin points at the puddle on the floor
<Paladin> I wasn't trying to kill it. I swear that it jumped on my knife or something.
<shadowmyre> Niles: There's a lot of blood, so its pretty hard to assess the damage, but it looks like he took a singular powerful thrust from behind. The weapon was something thin and slender, like a knife.
<Adisa> So it kills the cashier, then suicides leaving a puddle and odor behind.
<Niles> Looks like a knife wound or something similar.
<Adisa> Nice way to maintain the masquerade.
* Niles inspects the body, shakes his head, and closes the dead man's eyes.
* Niles looks at Andre.
<Paladin> That's it? He's gone?
<Niles> I'm sorry. There was nothing i could do. He was to far gone.
* Paladin 's shoulders slump as he lets the armor melt away
<Niles> Even if I had been here the instant it happened I doubt I could have saved him.
<Andre> How am I going to tell his wife?
<Niles> Do you need us here sir or should Adisa and I depart? I assume you called the police?
<Niles> And is there anything else i can do my friend?
<Paladin> They are on the way.
<Paladin> No, Niles. Thank you.
* shadowmyre Indeed, the sound of approaching sirens becomes louder.
<Paladin> It was good while it lasted.
* Adisa searches the area behind the counter
<Niles> What was good while it lasted?
<Paladin> Not being known as Andre Harper. The security footage shows me summoning the armor.
* Niles ponders for a second.
<Adisa> Don't. I know what you're thinking, but dont.
* shadowmyre The area behind the counter is slightly cluttered, but otherwise devoid of useful clues.
<Paladin> I agree. Let it be, Niles.
<Adisa> At least until I can take a look at the footage.
<Paladin> That tape may have clues on how to find out who sent that thing.
<Niles> If I had more time to argue I might, but I think we should go.
* Niles looks at Adisa.
* shadowmyre The sirens are getting louder.
<Niles> We will probably both be questioned. Are you ready for that?
<Niles> As in they will come to our houses.
<Paladin> Is Strange back?
<Niles> Yes. According to Wong everything is fine. I needed more time there to find out what fine really is.
<Paladin> Stay here then. Why delay teh inevitable? Besides, leaving a crime scene is against teh law.
<Niles> Point.
<Adisa> Only if you're a witness or a participant.
<Paladin> Then get out of here if you are going.
<Niles> Which we were a participant, and can vouch for Mr. Harper that he called for assistance to try to save this man.
<Adisa> I think that one of us is going to need to be on the outside.
* Adisa head out the back way.
<Niles> Be well Adisa.
* Niles looks at Paladin.
<Niles> You prepared to be unmasked?
* Paladin shrugs
<Paladin> No.
<Adisa> Thanks for the thought, but that's not likely.
<Paladin> But that is alright too.
<shadowmyre> LOG END

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