10 17 09

<shadowmyre> Location: You're Home
<shadowmyre> Time: 11:00pm

  • Andre sleeps soundly
  • Adisa sleeps soundly
  • Niles is studying over ancient tomes.
  • shadowmyre Niles: Over the radio, you hear a news broadcast about the recent murder at the Sure-Save.
  • Niles listens to the broadcast.

<shadowmyre> News: Police are still looking for any information on the whereabouts of the two witnesses to the robbery.

  • Niles blinks.
  • Niles looks at his calendar…what date is it?

<shadowmyre> News: Identities have not yet been confirmed, however images are available. For those who are just now hearing this, two weeks ago a cashier at the local Sure-Save was brutally murdered. Despite an overwhelming abundance of physical evidence, police have no leads.
<Niles> What the bloody hell?!?!?!

  • Niles picks up his cell phone, calls Andre.
  • Andre picks up on the fourth ring, his voice showing no signs of fatigue

<Andre> Yes?
<Niles> What the bloody hell is going on here? Weren't we at the Sure Save waiting for the police?
<Niles> *What the bloody hell is going on here? Weren't we just at the Sure Save waiting for the police?

  • Andre comes awake with a start

<Andre> Yes.
<Andre> Oh my.
<Niles> OK, so I am not hallucinating?

  • Andre* blinks and looks around

<Andre> Not that I know of. What happened? Did you do something?
<Niles> Turn on your TV.
<Andre> I don't have a TV.
<Andre> Hang on I'll turn teh radio on.
<Niles> *sigh* I alrady did.
<Niles> *already

  • Andre flips the radio on his alarm clock

<Niles> They say they have images, but I am confused, we were waiting there, going to tell the police what happened.

  • shadowmyre Because that's all it really does at plot relevant moments, the radio repeats the broadcast just so Andre can hear it.

<Andre> I remember. And they're lying or else they would be on my doorstep. How many hours ago was this? Three? Four?

  • Andre looking at his alarm clock.

<Andre> Niles, did you do anything magically speaking?
<Andre> Two weeks!?
<Andre> I thought that you said time travel was impossible.
<Niles> I would stand by that actually.
<Niles> Except I said "shouldn't" be done.
<Niles> *sigh*
<Andre> Oh. Two weeks?
<Niles> Alright, should we meet?
<Andre> Have you called Adisa yet?
<Niles> ANd Adisa needs to be informed.
<Andre> Yes.
<Niles> Not as of yet.
<Adisa> *snore*, two, three, four.
<Adisa> *snore*, two, three, four.
<Andre> I'll meet you at your place in twenty minutes.
<Niles> WAnt me to just come to you? It would be faster.
<Andre> Sure, but I live farther away form Adisa than you do.
<Andre>* from

  • Adisa dreams about Paris Hilton and a wood chipper. Giggles in his sleep.

<Andre> Call him adn then come over. I'll put wate ron for tea.
<Andre> *water on
<Niles> Let me call Adisa and see if he remembers the last two weeks, and then we'll meet at your place.

  • Andre hangs up and heads down to disengage the alarm and put water on the stove.
  • Adisa is having his favorite dream of all time.
  • Niles calls Adisa's cell phone.
  • Adisa tries to make the annoying ring go away with the power of his mind.
  • Adisa gives it up as a bad job and picks up the damn phone

<Niles> Adisa?
<Adisa> You're not an insanely beautiful woman. I'm hanging up.
<Niles> No wait!
<Adisa> What's wrong?
<Niles> Do you remember being at the Sure Save?
<Adisa> No. Wait… yes. How did I get here?
<Niles> I dont know.
<Niles> You and Andre were sleeping, I was reading.
<Niles> Its 2 weeks later man!
<Adisa> Wait, so it's two weeks after a demon from hell murdered a clerk?
<Niles> Yes
<Adisa> Fucking Kree! We've been abducted by aliens.
<Adisa> Possibly government aliens.
<Niles> I doubt it sir.
<Niles> Get ready, we are meeting at Andre's
<Adisa> You're probably right, I just hate the Kree.

  • Andre sits and waits

<Niles> I will be over in 10 minutes.
<Andre> Feles?

  • Andre spoken softly

<Adisa> Okay, I'm on my way.

  • shadowmyre There is no answering sound.

<Niles> No, I will come get you. See you in 10.

  • Niles hangs up.
  • Adisa tries out this flying thing.
  • Andre Pulls down three cups and a box of english breakfast tea
  • Andre looks around the room for signs of disuse or recent activity.
  • Andre boots up the computer while he's at it
  • shadowmyre The room does not look dusty or unlived in.
  • Andre opens up the page for the Pipeline
  • Andre Search: Shur Save murder
  • Niles gets into better clothing and prepares to meet Adisa
  • Niles puts on his top hat.

<shadowmyre> Pipeline: 17292 hits.
<Andre> Huh.

  • Adisa eventually realizes that Niles intended to pick him up and heads back home.
  • Andre clicks and then goes to sit down and wait for the others to show up. They will probably be faster than the dial-up connection.
  • The_Physician teleports to Adisa's house.

<Adisa> Niles! I can fly! I'm not awake yet!
<The_Physician> ok……….
<The_Physician> Shall we go?
<Adisa> Yeah. I've got my happy thoughts. Let's go.

  • The_Physician places his hand on Adisa's shoulder.
  • The_Physician teleports to Andre's apartment door.
  • The_Physician knocks on the door.

<Andre> It's open!

  • The_Physician opens the door.
  • The_Physician walks into the apartment.

<The_Physician> You coming Adisa?
<Adisa> Only if there's coffee.

  • Adisa goes in.

<Andre> I ahve tea. Will that work?
<Andre>* have
<Adisa> *sigh* Yes.
<The_Physician> Ooooh! I would fancy some tea, thank you
<The_Physician> !

  • Andre pours three mugs and sits at the kitchen table.

<Andre> So. What happened?
<Adisa> Andre, good to see you're not incarcerated.
<Andre> I'm happy about that myself, Adisa.
<The_Physician> But HOW did we lose to weeks?!?!?
<Andre> I believe that I just asked that of the two smartest people that I personally know.
<The_Physician> I know. I am just as baffled about it as you all are.
<Adisa> Okay. I left the store before we all went shippuden. Did anything… otherworldy… demonic… or esoteric happen after I left.
<Andre> Not that I know of
<The_Physician> Nor I.

  • Andre looks at Niles with a raised eyebrow

<Andre> *strike comment
<Andre> We were there and then Niles was calling me.
<The_Physician> Alright. I am going to do something similar to what I did before.
<The_Physician> I am going to display my memories as I remember them from the last 2 weeks as a sort of movie for us to view.
<Andre> But if you don't remember them…how will that work?
<The_Physician> It's possible that is it is blocked from us is all.
<The_Physician> It is possible I could access them in a roundaout ay.
<The_Physician> It's not perfect, but have either of you got a better idea?
<Andre> So if it is blocked then your magic will show you what you don't know is blocked? I am glad that I stuck with carpentry and art.
<The_Physician> *roundabout*
<The_Physician> *way
<The_Physician> I'm not sure until I try.
<The_Physician> Any other ideas?
<Adisa> Will this in any way doom the earth?
<Andre> Adisa an call work and see if he's been there.
<The_Physician> I shouldn't think so.
<Adisa> Expect me to ask this question a lot.
<Andre>* can
<Andre> You and I are self-employed so that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

  • The_Physician prepares for the viewing.

<Adisa> True. I am a punch-clock superhero.

  • Adisa calls to find out the last time he missed work.
  • Adisa says screw it and access my personnel records via Andre's rotary phone.
  • Andre sighs as the connection is broken and the download stops

<Adisa> You do know I can make your connection broadband right?
<Andre> Where the heck is the broadband guy? He was supposed to hook up cable, erm, last week.

  • shadowmyre The vision plays, showing you at the Sure-Save, and then you at your home, reading.

<The_Physician> Oh bloody hell.
<Adisa> Well, that sucked. We didn't even get an intermission.
<Andre> Oohh…big scary magic. That does exactly what it's supposed to do.
<Adisa> That *is* scarry.
<Andre> Be careful Adisa. he's subtle and quick to anger you know.
<The_Physician> Well.
<The_Physician> What can mean a number of things.
<The_Physician> Either the memories are no longer there, or just COMPLETELY blocked off from us, even in magical ways.
<Andre> So. What happened? How can that be done?
<Adisa> Or we actually traveled through time.
<Andre> No dust.
<Adisa> Or this is another dream interrupting my very sweet Paris Hilton and a wood-chipper dream.
<Andre> This place is a dust magnet unless it's cleaned every couple of days. It's been swept or else I've been here recently.
<The_Physician> Hmmmm.
<The_Physician> Adisa, you have a TV right?
<Adisa> Well… that's a bit of an understatement. I have the same TV that Ozymandias has in Watchman.
<The_Physician> Ah. OK.
<Andre> I haven't seen the movie. Why do you want a television? The 11:00 news has already gone off.
<Adisa> That is a good question.
<The_Physician> Doesn't matter. I bet the 11:30 news is on.

  • Andre shrugs

<Andre> Alright. Take us there, Oz.
<The_Physician> Alright.

  • The_Physician looks at Paladin.

<The_Physician> Want to lock up first?

  • Andre locks the door and sets the alarm.

<Andre> You have thirty seconds.

  • The_Physician teleports the group back to Adisa's place.
  • Andre looks around the room.

<Andre> Nice place.
<Adisa> The fruits of a life spent being a corporate whore.
<Andre> The oldest profession has been kind to you, my friend.
<Adisa> Oh you have no idea. I have dental.
<The_Physician> Ok, pop on the tube. Lets see if we can find out what the heck has been going on in the 2 weeks we've been out.
<Andre> Feel like investing in a start up construction company ?
<Adisa> Okay, what channels do you want?
<Andre> You know they don't really have tubes in them anymore, right?
<The_Physician> I did not.
<The_Physician> Nor do I care.
<The_Physician> News channels Adisa.
<Andre> Try FOX, they're local.
<Adisa> *sigh* Only for you guys.
<Adisa> I wish The Daily Show was on right now. They have better reporting.
<Adisa> Or maybe Action News for Kids.

  • Adisa turns on the tv to the appropriate channels.
  • The_Physician looks at the screens and tries to find one with us on it.

<The_Physician> Adisa, check the internet, maybe we can find more there.

  • Adisa also goes to The New York Times website.

<Andre> The police have no leads, or so the news says. Something must have happened to the tape too.

  • shadowmyre The news channels are running the same pre-canned footage and reiterate the information on the radio station, only now with pictures!
  • Andre studies the moving pictures
  • shadowmyre They are running some nice pictures of Andre and Niles, though the lens is blurry from blood splatters and its very hard to make out the faces.

<Adisa> Hey guys, you're on TV.
<Adisa> TV really does add twenty pounds.
<Andre> How did the blood end up on the camera? The thing was behind him.
<Adisa> I didn't do it.
<Adisa> Although I probably could.
<Adisa> Yeah. That's a mildly disturbing thought.
<Andre> Poor Larry.
<The_Physician> Well, that sort of explains why we haven't been fingered for this.
<The_Physician> Probably no one has recognized us.
<Adisa> That and apparently you left the scene.
<The_Physician> I don't remember that.
<The_Physician> But I could have
<Andre> This is growing more bizzare by the moment.
<The_Physician> It would make sense.
<The_Physician> I teleported us out.
<The_Physician> But I was set on staying.
<The_Physician> Why would I do that?
<Andre> We either have an ally, have been made to forget, or have an enemy who shot us two weeks into teh future.
<Andre>* the
<The_Physician> Hmmmm.
<Andre> The scene of teh crime. Would it tell us anything?

  • The_Physician thinks.

<The_Physician> I don't know.
<Adisa> Or it could all be one huge coincidence. We get tons of them in our lives.

  • Andre groans.

<Andre> D-day is set in one week give or take afew days.
<The_Physician> Maybe somoene was just trying to get us out of the way until that happened?
<Andre> Why not put us on the day of it then? Giving us a week to do something doesn't make any sense.
<Adisa> Possibility: They didn't have the power. For whatever reason 2 weeks was the best they could do.
<Andre> So we are wanted individuals, of a sort, and we're one week away from the Avatara destroying humanity.
<Adisa> Possibility 2: It's wholly unrelated to D-Day.
<Andre> Unrelated or not, it still has been two weeks.
<Adisa> Possibility 3: God loves us.
<Adisa> Possibility 4: God hates us.
<The_Physician> Well, if we went to the scene, I might be able to find out what happened directly after our last memory.
<The_Physician> I could replay things like before, but for the place, not my own memory.
<Andre> We need to know if we traveled through time or have had our memories tampered with. Given the very real possibility that we would be in jail if we had stayed there I am leaning toward time travel.
<The_Physician> I am leaning toward magical kidnapping of some sort.
<Andre> Let's go then. They'll be closed now though, so can you do this from out front?
<Adisa> Possibility 5: Theorizing that time travel was possible within our own life times, we steeped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished.
<The_Physician> Time travel indicates some really bad people we could not handle.
<The_Physician> Whatsoever.
<Andre> Like the guy who easily played us two weeks ago when we fixed the little dead water issue?
<Andre> Could this even be related to that since it was the same night?
<The_Physician> A lot of things are possible.
<The_Physician> I could do it from a block away.
<The_Physician> To answer your question Andre.
<Andre> Then let's go.

  • The_Physician prepares to Teleport to the grocery store.
  • The_Physician teleports himself, Andre, and Adisa to a building near the grocery store.
  • The_Physician The rooftop, to be precise.
  • The_Physician prepares to cast the location playback spell.
  • The_Physician casts the spell when it is ready.
  • shadowmyre The vision plays, showing you at the Sure-Save, and then you gone.
  • shadowmyre Specifically, Adisa left out the back, Andre and Niles talked, and then everyone's gone.

<shadowmyre> LOG END

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