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<shadowmyre> Location: Roof of the Sure-Save
<Andre> So what does that mean?
<Niles> Well, that was of little help.
<Niles> I think I need to get inside. Where we were. See if I can trace what happened.
<Andre> You can't so that from out here?
<Andre> It's closed. And it's a crime scene.
<Adisa> Hey Niles, do me a favor and work your mojo to see what happened here a week ago.
<Niles> In what regard, a playback?
<Adisa> Yeah.
* Andre looks for traces of magic through the armor's enhanced senses.
<Niles> Ok. I'll do that first.
* Niles prapres another playback spell for a week ago
<Niles> How long would you like this to play for Adisa?
<Adisa> Five to ten minutes. I want to eliminate a suspicion.
* shadowmyre The spell unleashes and……
* shadowmyre Spell's over.
<Adisa> I didn't see anything. Did anyone else see anything?
<Andre> No.
<Niles> Huh. I've cast this spell before.
<Niles> Let me try again.
<Andre> Are we sure that the next ten minutes happened?
<Andre> What if we're in apossible future at that point in time still?
<Adisa> No. That's kinda the point of the spell.
<Adisa> That is one possibility. One of the less bad ones actually.
<Andre> Who would be powerful enough to put us in the future?
<Andre> And then block Niles form finding out?
<Niles> Give me an hour to try again. I am going to juice this one up.
<Niles> For lack of a better term.
<Adisa> You're thinking intention. I'm thinking impartial physics.
<Andre> Wait, Niles. Who would be powerful enough to do this? COudl you do it?
* Niles sits and prepares the spell.
* Niles pauses.
<Niles> Send someone to the future?
<Andre> Yes, intention. Though..what if we're in one of those bubbles again?
* Niles throws his head back.
<Andre> Like when Niles was trappe din time at Strange's house?
* Niles laughs out loud.
<Niles> I could definitely not send someone into the future.
<Niles> There are …..forces that do not like Tim being messed with.
<Niles> Time*
<Andre> Would it make me a sinner to buy a lotto ticket if we're just in a bubble that will put us back where we were?
<Andre> So…who has a cell phone?
<Adisa> Pretty sure 'Thou shalt not exploit temporal ripples' ain't one of the ten commandments.
<Adisa> Bear in mind though, I eat shellfish.
<Niles> I am going to go back to my spell now…talk to you in an hour.
* Adisa pulls out his phone.
* Niles continues to prepare his spell.
<Andre> Adisa, I relly think we're in one of those temporal reality whatsits. How can we find out using physics while he *jerks a thumb at Niles* is tied up?
<Andre> Call someone and ask them what date it is. It worked with Niles, remember?
<Adisa> Sorry, Paladin, but everything I learned about Temporal Mechanics I learned from Star Trek. I'm starting at ground zero to even come up with a theory, let alone a practical way to get back in time.
* Adisa checks the date on his phone.
<Andre> But the last time one of these happened we were able to puncture out of it. Which means that there has to be an edge of some kind.
<Adisa> From what you guys told me about the last bubble, this one is way way bigger than that one.
<Adisa> Which by itself has connotation I'd rather not think about right now.
<Andre> Yes, but it has to have an edge. has the lack of people not struck you a a bit odd?
<Adisa> I have no idea what's normal for this time. I'm normally asleep, as I assume most people are.
<Andre> Call someone and find out, please.
* Adisa call up the Stark Industries front desk.
<shadowmyre> Thank you for your interest in Stark Industries. If you happen to know your party's extension, please dial it now. Our office hours are……
* shadowmyre Message continues as normal.
<Adisa> Canned message. Lemme try again.
* Adisa calls 911
<shadowmyre> This is 911. Please state the nature of your emergency.
<Andre> This ough tot be good…
<Andre> *fix spelling errors
<Adisa> Hello. I'm at a scene of a crime and would like some police assistance.
<shadowmyre> What is your location, sir?
* Adisa hangs up.
<Adisa> Okay, that time I either got a live person, or an above average AI. Since the city turned down our bid to code it a smart AI to handle 911, I'm thinking live person.
<Andre> Is it possible that this bubble got everyone in the city?
<Adisa> Maybe, but if so… where are they?
<Andre> Maybe sleeping as you said…
<Adisa> I was being farcical. Unless you mean 'prick your finger on a spinning needle on your sixteenth birthday' sleeping.
<Andre> I'm out of ideas unless cell phones reach outside of the barrier. Which they did with Niles, right?
<Adisa> Did they? I don't remember.
<Adisa> But, if true, that has… implication
<Andre> You would know better than I would.
<Andre> How do we definitively find out thought?
<Adisa> Scientifically. Because magic sucks.
<Andre> Beautiful deduction, Holmes. Anythine else?
<Adisa> Chill man. We're still in the gathering data part of the method.
<Andre> I know, but I feellike we're running out of time. You go thim *nods to Niles*
<Andre> I'm going to go scout things out.
<Adisa> No problem.
* Andre teleports to the Brooklyn Bridge to check out the site of the dead water.
* shadowmyre The dead water is almost entirely cleared up. Minuscule amounts remain, perhaps in the realm of 1 part per trillion.
* Andre scans the city sky line looking for anything unusual.
* shadowmyre The city is quiet(ish) and peaceful… Look, its NYC and seventeen people are being mugged as we speak, but nothing /unusual/ is happening.
<Andre> Scans the skies for signs of air traffic into La Guardia or JFK
* Andre fix post to action
* shadowmyre Everything seems within normal operating parameters.
<Andre> well damn.
* Andre teleports back to where he left Adisa and the Physician
<Andre> Everything seems alright except for the quiet. It's never this quiet in Brooklyn.
* Niles casts his spell.
<Adisa> Anything?
* shadowmyre The spell unleashes and……
* shadowmyre Spell's over.
<Niles> Hmmm.
<Niles> Almost as if there is nothing at all to see.
<Niles> Ok…
* Niles scans the area for magic.
* No unusual magical signatures.
* Nothing that would block you.
<Adisa> At the moment, I'm leaning towards Langoliers.
<Andre> This is getting steadily more mysterious.
<Andre> Are we even awake and not being mind-raped?
<Andre> Whatever that thing was before it was in our heads.
<Adisa> Nah, we're butterflies. It's the obvious answer.
<Andre> Maybe we're taking the wrong angle. What was the creature?
<Andre> If we can trace it back to where it came from we might get answers.
<Niles> I do not know.
<Adisa> Now that is a question. Where do we go to find out?
<Andre> Hell?
<Andre> It certainly looked like a fiend from the pit. It dissolved into goo when it died.
<Adisa> Then we find someone who knows hell.
<Andre> Any suggestions?
* Andre looks at Niles
<Adisa> Sorry to brandish the cliche, but you're a sorcerer and consort with fel powers and all. We kinda need you to point the way.
<Niles> Hmmmm. I've been to a "hell" type dimension.
<Niles> Not sure I want to try to go back.
<Niles> However, I want to try to see if we have been transplanted dimensionally.
<Niles> One second please.
<Andre> Can you ask someone from there?
* Niles blinks
<Adisa> Woah woah woah! That's not what I meant at all
<Adisa> I mean you know other sorcerers, who might have some intel we could use.
<Niles> As someone form a hell dimension if they recently sent someone to spread bad water across the city of new york and possibly sent us to a wrong dimension…Yes, I'll get right on that.
<Niles> However, I can navigate much easier now. I am going to take a peek into the dimensional barriers to see if we are somewhere we should not be. One moment.
* Niles prepares the spell
* Andre watches the mombo jumbo
* Adisa beats his best time on Grand Master Sudoku.
* Niles casts the spell when it is ready.
* shadowmyre The spell stretches out to its limit, scanning the area over and above what even the area chart in the core describes without scale.
* shadowmyre Up to a mile, the dimension is normal. Three miles, normal. Ten miles, normal. 25 miles, normal. 50 miles…. the spell runs out of juice.
<Niles> Hmmmm.
<Niles> Let me try this.
* Niles Niles prepares the spell again, this time going in one direction.
* shadowmyre The area is dark, cold and dark. You estimate it is perhaps 10,000 miles from where you stand. You strongly suspect you are staring into the cold blackness of space.
* shadowmyre In the distance, you see the twinkling of stars.
<Niles> Hmmm.
<Niles> gents it looks normal.
<Niles> I just shot off the side of the planet looking for a dimensional end.
<Adisa> Langoliers looks more and more likely.
<Niles> here were no people in that story aside from the stranded ones.
<Andre> So we have no idea how this happened, but it looks real enough. So, that settles it. What do we do about the Avatara?
<Niles> I am open to more suggestions. Aside from my spell acting oddly trying to replay, there is no indication we are not where we were meant to be.
<Adisa> Uh uh. Barring alien abduction in the X-Files, time does not just disappear. Not even in this zip code. If we didn't fall into a hell dimension due to Avatarial PMS, and we really are in the future, then someone put us here.
<Niles> Or knocked us out for 2 weeks, or removed our memories of those two weeks.
<Andre> No good options I notice.
<shadowmyre> LOG END

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