11 21 09

<Andre> Well then. I assume that you have an Internet connection here Adisa?
<Adisa> Yes. My one mutant superpower.
<Andre> Then let's look at what has been happening in the world over the last two weeks.
<The_Physician> Hmmmm.
<The_Physician> Alright, let's think this through.
<The_Physician> We were in the Sure Save, then we were gone.
<The_Physician> Then to the best of our memories, we woke up two weeks later, but we were in the middle of things when we "woke"
<Adisa> God I love woodchippers. They're so useful!
<Andre> That's a good point.
<Andre> It's like someone set something up to trigger in two weeks at a certain cue. Something to erase two weeks worth of memories.
<Andre> I wonder what we found out in that two weeks that would have been detrimental to someone's plans.
<Andre> Could yo do something like that with magic, Niles?
<The_Physician> Possibly. It is like I am blocked from looking back.
<The_Physician> I would say lets go talk to Dr. Strange, but what if we ARE somehow in some odd bubble of a dimension?
<Andre> Is there really time to go to someone else on this? If you are blocked from looking back it could all be part of the same spell.
<Andre> Adisa, could you point me toward your compute rplease?
<Andre> The New York Times can at least shed some light on this I imagine.
* Adisa points the way to… THE BEAST!
<Andre> Huh. I thought it was a photocopier.
<Andre> Well then, let's fire this thing up.
<The_Physician> I am sort of at a loss.
<Adisa> That to.
* Andre logs on to the NY Times web page and clicks on "archives"
* Andre starts scanning the last two weeks of news starting from the date of the robbery/murder.
* The_Physician begins a ritual to try to rewind tonights events to see if the cutoff point is truly when he "woke up" tonight.
<The_Physician> Gentleman, I will be incommunicado for the next few hours.
<The_Physician> Is that OK Adisa, if I take up some space in the living room?
<Adisa> Sure, why not?
<Andre> So under what circumstances should we disturb you?
=-= The_Physician is now known as Niles
<Niles> Anything short of this building collapsing or the end of the world.
<Niles> Whichever comes first.
<Adisa> Andre, if he starts chanting, 'someone's at the door', hit him real hard.
* Andre goes back to looking at articles
* shadowmyre Archives for the last two weeks have not yet been uploaded to the New York Times Servers.
<Andre> Archives not uploaded? Since when does that happen?
<Andre> Did the Apocalypse happen and we missed it or something?
* Niles cocks an eyebrow amidst his preparations.
<Andre> There are no archives for the last two weeks uploaded to the NY Times.
<Adisa> I keep telling you guys, it's the Langoliers.
<Andre> I never read that one. Stephen King isn't one of my favorite authors for many reasons.
<Andre> So if there is no news for the last two weeks and we have not had any contact with anotherhuman being…are we even awake?
<Adisa> Truth be told, I only saw the TV miniseries. And I only watched it because Al from Quantum Leap was in it.
<Andre> Could we be under some mass hypnosis or something?
<Adisa> Yes. But it's more likely that we're dreaming we're dragonflies or something.
<Adisa> Computer! End Program!
<Adisa> …
<Adisa> It was worth a shot.
* Niles casts the spell.
<Andre> So if we ar ein a dream or under a spell of some kind, who cast it and why?
<Andre> Oh.
<Andre> So, just a thought here, but when the Fire Prince was destroyed the magi of he world disappeared for a while, right? could they be doing this to punish us or keep us away form teh Avatara?
<Adisa> As opposed to simply teleporting the Fire Prince to your apartment?
<Andre> Look at it this way. Everyone is telling us how badly w ehave screwed up at every turn, maybe someone /did/ something about it.
<Adisa> This is kind of a … roundabout way to do it though…, and why still give us two weeks to screw things up further.
* Adisa checks calendar.
<Adisa> Make that one week.
<Andre> It could be an illusions. We could all be asleep still. They could be messing with our minds.
<Adisa> It could /always/ be an illusion.
* shadowmyre Niles: You cycle back through the day. Things work out pretty much as you remember, up to the point that you are listening to the radio. Moving back beyond that, there is nothing within the reach of your spell.
<Adisa> Worrying if this is an illusion, unless you've got some kind of training in breaking illusions, which could itself be part of the illusion, is utterly and in all other ways pointless!
<Andre> Yes, I suppose it is.
<Adisa> In short, it is inconceivable!
<Andre> So we play along and see what happens? That seems like the only option left with no history for two weeks.
<Niles> Hmmm, well that was a dead end.
<Andre> It could even be something more, maybe the whole world has been catapulted two weeks into the future and since we haven't talked to anyone we just don't realize it yet.
* Niles stands up.
* Niles takes out his cell phone.
* Niles calls Bianca.
<Andre> So we're back to square one. Again.
<Adisa> It's almost like some unseen power is trying to move things along to some sort of conclusion, just to speed things up…
* Bianca The phone rings five times, then kicks over to voice mail.
* Niles hangs up.
* Niles sighs
* Niles Calls Jack.
* Jack-of-Skye The voice is muzzy on the phone. "Wazzza?"
<Niles> I am sorry for calling so early. DO you have some time?
<Niles> Do*
<Jack-of-Skye> Whoosis?
<Andre> Hey, watch Niles and give me a call when he gets off the phone with whoever it is. I'm going to go check my studio again for clues. No I am not going to say 'Jinkies', so don't get your hopes up.
<Niles> Niles, The Physician.
* Andre summons the armor
<Jack-of-Skye> Niles? Are you back? Where have you been?
<Niles> I was going to ask you the same thing.
<Niles> I don't remember the last two weeks, and don't know where we've been.
* Paladin teleports to his apartment and then deactivates the alarm system.
<Niles> I try to use magic to determine this but it's like those two weeks are blocked from us.
* Paladin starts looking at his business ledgers and order forms checking the date son everything
* Jack-of-Skye voice sounds much more alert. The 'Tea' must be kicking in.
* Paladin also check the number of finished projects compared to what was there two weeks ago to see if anything is completed that was not before.
<Niles> Do you have any idea as to what is going on?
<Jack-of-Skye> Two weeks ago, around 20:00 hours ((or whenever it was)) you disappeared from the grid. Entirely. No blips, no energy surge, no cluster of magic atoms or whatever it is you wizard types get up to. Just gone.
<Jack-of-Skye> This correlates roughly, but not exactly, with the return of the big daddy magic types.
<Niles> Hmmm. I was unable to be traced no matter what?
<Jack-of-Skye> Paladin: Nothing has been done on the work, but nor does the room look like its suffering from two weeks of neglect. No new mail outside the door (or wherever it would be when you don't pick it up), no dust (no more than you left it). It looks like you had recently left it.
* Paladin teleports back to Adisa's place
<Jack-of-Skye> Niles: None of my sky-eyes could trace you down. Which is generally worrisome, since I can track the movements of the Invisible Woman down to the inch. pauses Not that I would.
<Adisa> Is this everyone? Or just Niles?
* Niles activates speakerphone.
<Niles> Is that for everyone Jack, or just me?
<Paladin> We're all here.
<Niles> As in could you find Adisa or Andre? You are on speakerphone by the way
<Jack-of-Skye> Oh dear, I hate being on speakerphone, knowing that multiple people are listening just make me prattle on and on and on…. where was I?
<Niles> Was it just me you couldn't find? What about Adisa and Andre?
<Jack-of-Skye> Right. Nope, they were gone as well. Fwoosh. No big green armor guy, no black water guy, no little mage guy.
<Niles> sigh
<Niles> Lovely.
<Niles> If you were in this situation, what would you do?
<Paladin> What has happened over the last two weeks across the world?
<Adisa> Better question, what happened to my appartment? /Someone's/ been living here!
<Jack-of-Skye> Run through WENDY's back-up logs, make sure the missing time, or whatever it is, was a localized or world-wide, start some statistical regressions, hack into Vic's computer, cause I'd be bored by then looking at all the numbers, then find out what resulted.
<Niles> OK. Just curious….what did you do yesterday?
<Paladin> I'll pretend that I understood half of that and ask again, what's been happening?
<Paladin> Yesterday for us…we fixed the water issue that caused the death of the Fire Prince
<Jack-of-Skye> Paladin: Mortal world wise, not a lot. Death camps in the middle east, murder's up in New York, reported muggings are down, there's a militia group in Wisconsin that's been making some noise, but really, not much. Magic wise…. sorry, my hat isn't pointed.
<Paladin> Apparently we freed up some rathe rimportant figures of teh magical community too.
<Jack-of-Skye> Niles: Yesterday, I had tea, invented two new sensor scans for the satellites, which also couldn't find you, got out of bed, had breakfast, and ran a multi-national corporation.
<Niles> OK, so at least we know someone knows what happened yesterday.
<Jack-of-Skye> Now, ask me about three days ago, and its all lost in some very fine Irish whiskey.
<Adisa> Better yet, we know someone who knows if there was a yesterday.
<Paladin> And that we disappeared from two weeks ago.
<Paladin> So, magic is afoot here, Niles. Your department, not mine. How do we get back, and do we even need to?
<Niles> I would wager that is the case, no matter where or how we were transported here.
<Niles> Again. Time travel, not trying it.
<Niles> Not a good thing to do. Piss ff powerful people.
<Niles> off*
* Jack-of-Skye Niles' notices his phone has a voice mail from an international number.
<Niles> Hmmm, OK Jack, I think that's all you can do for us.
<Niles> Unless you can think of anything else.
<Jack-of-Skye> That depends. Are you still pathologically terrified of technology beyond all reason from watching far too many sci-fi original movies?
* Niles blinks.
<Niles> Yes.
<Niles> Maybe.
<Paladin> The one with the monster form teh sewers wasn't that bad.
<Niles> No, not really.
<Jack-of-Skye> Then that's my lot.
<Adisa> I told you to stop watching them unless Bruce Campel or Mark Hamil was in them.
<Paladin> Bruce Campbell was the one with the bugs, right? That was terrible.
<Jack-of-Skye> Otherwise, I'd have you in for some deep-dish scanning.
<Paladin> Regardless, what's next?
<Niles> Have a good day Jack.
<Niles> Thanks.
* Niles hangs up.
* Niles checks his voicemail.
<Paladin> So we know that the mages came back and we ended up here. Why?
<Adisa> I do agree the timing is suspect.
<Jack-of-Skye> "Hey, this is Bianca, you caught me in class. Whatcha need? And haven't you ever heard of texting?"
<Niles> *sigh*
<Niles> I hate texting.
<Niles> My phone is ill equipped for it.
* Niles calls Bianca.
<Niles> After not learning his lesson the first time.
* Niles After not learning his lesson the first time.
<Adisa> You want me to add some more horsepower to that there phone?
<Bianca> Hey, I've got ten. What's up?
<Niles> What did you do yesterday?
<Bianca> ……..?
<Bianca> Ummm….
<Bianca> Class. And studying. And class.
<Bianca> It kinda blurs together.
<Niles> Did anything suspect happen…say two weeks ago
<Niles> ?
<Bianca> Two weeks ago? Ummm… There was a pop quiz in Chem-App… Someone stole my jump-drive which had my programming homework for, like, the entire semester, and I finished a paper.
<Bianca> In retrospect, none of that is really suspicious.
<Bianca> So… nothing?
<Niles> OK. But you remember everything clearly?
<Bianca> Of course.
<Niles> OK, Thank you Bianca. Anyone have anything to ask Bianca?
<Adisa> How's your dad?
<Bianca> Kinda grumpy.
<Paladin> Has she heard from Yu?
<Bianca> Something about work.
<Bianca> Yu's fine. Hasn't missed classes or anything.
<Paladin> Well that's good I suppose.
<Paladin> So Adisa, you mentioned something that I have noticed too. The places that we live in appear lived in, no dust, no scattered detrius, nothing unusual. How would that happen do you think?
<Bianca> Faeries?
* Paladin shrugs
<Paladin> That's more the physician's realm than mine.
<Adisa> Actually, for you, Felis might have been keeping house.
* Bianca No unusual magical auras.
<Paladin> Doubtful, but not impossible.
* Bianca All magical auras accounted for.
<Adisa> Alternate theory: Boolean.
<Paladin> He did disappear rather abruptly.
<Bianca> So… what happened two weeks ago?
<Niles> We disappeared.
<Niles> And have no memory of it.
<Adisa> The Langoliers came and ate time.
<Paladin> Again though, why does it matter? We're here, we should be out trying to figure out how to stop the Avatara in the last week of human existence.
<Adisa> Because I don't want you to wake me up tomorrow and say it's already happened.
<Bianca> Who's Felis?
<Paladin> A friend of mine.

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