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<shadowmyre> Location: Adisa's swank pad
<Paladin> So what's next?
<Niles> I think we need to proceed as normal.
<Niles> We are running into a dead end no matter where we look.
<Adisa> For now, yeah.
<Niles> Like some unknown force is blocking us at every turn, so I think we need to proceed like nothing happened and continue trying to stop the apocalypse.
* Paladin nods
<Niles> Agreed?
<Paladin> Yes.
<Niles> Bianca, thank you for your time, and I hope you are well.
<Bianca> Right, sure. Anytime.
<Paladin> We should find the Elementals. Hopefully Sprite will be there too.
* Niles hangs up the phone.
<Paladin> Tactically there has to be a way that the Avatara plans on its assault. We need to see if we can figure those plans out.
<Paladin> Think the Pipeline might help with that?
* Niles nods
<Adisa> Let's see what the pipeline has to say about this.
<Paladin> Where would the assault on humanity begin do you think? The oceans?
* Adisa takes back his computer and does some searches, starting with last week.
<Paladin> Earthquakes, floods, fires, anything might help.
<Paladin> Niles, check the magical planes for disturbances if you wold. That many elementals in one place is bound to leave a mark.
<Paladin> Adisa, please look up The Phoenix too while you're at it to see if it has been spotted.
<Adisa> Good idea. I should just write some agent software to do this sort of thing.
<Paladin> You can do that?
<Paladin> Maybe I need to take a class or something.
<Adisa> I can… probably. Never tried, but it helps to have a very good computer.
* Niles begins to prepare for the spell requested of him.
<Paladin> I'm going to go look manually to see if I can spot anything.
<Paladin> I'll check in in an hour.
* Paladin teleports to the highest place in Manhattan, the Empire State Building, and looks around using his enhanced senses.
<shadowmyre> Paladin: You're not seeing any unusual activity within range of your senses.
* Paladin keeps teleporting and scanning for the next hour
<Niles> Adisa, I am going to do an additional search in a similar vein as Paladin. I will be back within the hour.
* Niles teleports away
* Adisa checks to see if there are any posts from the last two weeks.
<shadowmyre> Adisa: There are posts from the last two weeks.
<shadowmyre> Adisa: A small span of time (two days. If you're really counting, day 7 and day 8 of the two week span), the board was down for server maintenance and to deal with an outbreak of spam/phishing.
<Bianca> Paladin: For right now, you're searching, I'll let you know when/if you find anything of interest.
* Adisa searches for The Phoenix
<shadowmyre> Pipeline returns 0 entries for the Phoenix within the last two weeks.
<Bianca> Niles: For right now, you're searching, I'll let you know when/if you find anything of interest.
* Adisa searches for Avatara, The Tall Man, Magus, and The Third Empire
<shadowmyre> Adisa: Nothing on the Avatara, Magus, Tall Man or Third Empire.
* Adisa asks The Pipeline if anyone's noticed any timeskips.
* Adisa answers random questions he knows the answers to on The Pipeline so as to keep his karma up.
<shadowmyre> One hour passes. No unusual signs are spotted by our intrepid street level roving investigators.
* Paladin calls Adisa from somewhere in Queens
* Adisa posts to The Pipeline, "Anybody know anything about that robbery in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago?
* Adisa answers the phone.
<Paladin> There has to be a better way to do this…
<Paladin> Any luck on your end?
* Niles returns to Adisa's pad when he does not find anything.
<Adisa> No luck so far. I asked a few questions. Hope to get some responses soon.
<Paladin> How is Niles doing with his Hocus Pocus?
<Paladin> I am becoming more inclined to be less nice since the fate of humanity is at stake here.
<Adisa> He just showed up. Hey Niles, did you find out anything?
<Niles> I did not, unfortunately. All quiet on the western front, so to speak.
* Paladin teleports his way back to Adisa's
* Paladin drops down the armor
<Andre> This is getting bad.
<Niles> What is my friend?
<Andre> The fact that I am contemplating beating up a teenage boy to get answers.
* Andre sighs and sits down on Adisa's comfy couch
<Andre> How long would it take you to get a spell up and running to search all of NYC?
<Niles> All at once?
<Andre> Yeah
<Niles> Not possible alone…however…
* Niles looks deep in thought
* Andre waits patiently for the rest of the answer, having learned Nile's mannerisms of speech
<Niles> OK. I have an idea.
* Niles takes to a spot in the apartment and prepares a summoning spell.
<Adisa> Hold it. Exactly what is your idea?
<Niles> If I can't search the city in one shot.
<Niles> …
<Niles> Why not summon something that can?
<Adisa> Ah. Okay. I see. Your place. Not here. Not ever. I just had that excruciatingly comfy couch steam cleaned.
<Adisa> Good idea though.
<Andre> Call me when it's done.
<Niles> OK, if you would prefer me do this at home I will. See you in a bit.
* Niles teleports home.
<Andre> I'll be back in awhile to see what Niles has found.
<Adisa> Okay see you in a bit
* Andre walks out and heads toward St. Michael's of the Cross church.
* Niles Casts his summoning spell.
* Andre heads into the imposing building and lights the requisite candle, kneeling before the altar and crossing himself before joining the confessional line.
* Andre slips into the booth after a portly man with a large red nose exits smelling heavily of sour wine and sweat.
<Andre> Bless me father, for I have sinned. It has been two…four weeks since my last confession.
<Andre> I struck another out of anger…and I contemplated violence against another for no just cause.
* Ytinaitsirhc erupts from the floor in a cacophony of untuned harps and blackened trumpets
<Ytinaitsirhc> Who summons me forth from the river of frozen lies?
<The_Physician> It is I, The Physician.
<Ytinaitsirhc> And why have you summoned me, Physician?
<The_Physician> I wish for you to do a search of New York City and provide to me a list of locations where there is any unusual or out of the ordinary elemental activity. Are you up for the task?
<Ytinaitsirhc> Such an act is easily within my power. What will you offer in return?
<The_Physician> Would this suffice?
* The_Physician hands him today's newspaper.
* Ytinaitsirhc glances at the newspaper. "Affairs of the mortal world matter not to the infernal. You must offer something of value."
<The_Physician> How about this? Do this task for me and I will tell you my middle name.
<Ytinaitsirhc> Yesssss.
<The_Physician> Thank you. I await your return.
* Ytinaitsirhc 's eyes turn a dark, sickly green. If you look into them, it is almost like watching a map of the city covered in a putrid green fog.
<Ytinaitsirhc> You only care about children of the Avatara?
<The_Physician> That is my main concern, but if there are other items of interest like unusual Magical disturbances, feel free to note those as well.
<Ytinaitsirhc> There are two high lords of faerie in the city. Two practitioners of Art that dwarf your powers. One who lives in the realm most high is trapped within their own confusion. One who takes no sides watches all. None that rest on the infernal remain save for me. And the elements rest, to prepare for what comes.
* The_Physician writes this down.
<The_Physician> One who lives in the realm most high?
<Ytinaitsirhc> If you wish for the information to be interpreted, we will need to renegotiate our bargain. Your name.
<The_Physician> Understood. What you have given me is fine and I thank you.
<The_Physician> My middle name is…
<The_Physician> *sigh*
<The_Physician> Peavely.
* Ytinaitsirhc arches one scaly brow ridge
<Ytinaitsirhc> You have the sympathies of Hell.
<The_Physician> Thank you.
<The_Physician> I appreciate your assistance. Our deal is concluded, you may go.
* Ytinaitsirhc disappears in a burst of yellow and green flames, leaving behind a sketchy map of the city, certain areas glowing with runes.
<Ytinaitsirhc> (make that "Map of fire floating in air")
<shadowmyre> LOG END

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