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<Paladin> Sprite, I will need a translator.
<The_Physician> Do I need an update? What has transpired since we last spoke?
<Paladin> There is something coming very soon. Sprite here seems to feel it's approach.

  • Elephant is on the docks still putting out fires *5 stones in Elemental Mastery*

<The_Physician> *3 stones in social*
<GM> (Paladin - on bridge. Physician - Close by. Elephant - On street. Yes?)
<The_Physician> Sprite,what is it?

  • The wind rises, growing from a steady breeze to a veritable typhoon.

<Paladin> (specialty in body language, adding 2 stones, is her reaction feigned?)
<Sprite> (All real).

  • Her hair whips into a frenzy. Her slender frame trembles, dropping to her knees.
  • Paladin summons another spear of jade

<Sprite> (Note: Not currently in combat, so don't worry about regen rates. Paladin, remember you're still 1 white down on your human side)

  • The_Physician readies the defense in his walking stick
  • Paladin scans the horizons, standing protectively over Sprite (allocating stones to defense from jade weapon)
  • Elephant keeps on putting out those fires.
  • Elephant oblivious to the entire exchange.
  • Avatara Straightens. Physically, she doesn't look any different; same eyes, same hair, same face. Her expression, though, is one of dark anger, her posture almost alien.

<Avatara> What do you want?
<Paladin> Peace.
<Paladin> A cease fire to the order of war.
<Paladin> What do you want?

  • The_Physician moves stones of defense into his walking stick
  • The voice is not human, nor can it be heard by human ears. What you hear is the crackling of a forest fire, the rumbling of an earthquake, the scream of the winds as it scours a canyon wall. Still, somewhere, deep inside, thready, you hear Sprite's voice, the only human part.
  • Avatara laughs, crashing of waves upon the shore

<Avatara> And why should I offer peace?
<Paladin> It is in the best interest of all to do so, both your people and ours.
<Avatara> No. It is not.
<Avatara> It is in my interest to crush you while you cannot pose a threat.
<Paladin> Why do yo not think so ?
<Avatara> (Elephant: You have conquered the fire. You definitely notice what's happening on the bridge)
<Paladin> Threats come in many shapes and sizes. If you are reacting out of fea rno one can blame you, but there are better ways to do this.

  • Avatara draws one of the Sprite's knives. Examines the blade.

<Paladin> Stop fearing us and work with us so that we will not pose a threat and both our people can live in harmony.
<Paladin> Ther*is* another way.
<Avatara> Perhaps I should stab this into your chest, digging it deep, twist it. Let your blood flood out to be bottled and burned. Hundreds of stab wounds, never allowed to close and heal.

  • Elephant walks up to the others.

<Avatara> Perhaps I should shackle you with your tendons, tie you against a wall to tear the bones from your body to create a building.
<The_Physician> There is ALWAYS another way, Great Avatara.
<Avatara> Is there?
<Paladin> Perhaps you should, but that would solve nothing. Atrocities have been commited on both sides, let us not keep making them.
<Avatara> If you cease your crimes against me, then yes, I suppose there might be. But you'll die all the same.
<Paladin> What has bene done must be allowed to heal. Humans are largely ignorant of what they do, but that can change.
<Avatara> When?
<Paladin> Everyone dies.
<Avatara> This change you speak of, when will it happen?
<Avatara> Years?
<Avatara> Decades?
<Avatara> No, more like centuries.
<Paladin> I do not know when, but they *can* and *will*
<Paladin> How do you measure time? How long have you slept?
<Avatara> Centuries that my bones are sundered, where my blood is stolen, my breath used for your pleasure.
<Avatara> Why should I allow it?
<Paladin> Until you were woken by one of us you never felt wrath in this way. You have been decieved, misinformed, and are about to make a grave error if this war continues
<Avatara> You talk, and do not hear.
<Paladin> We cannot fix the mistakes of the past, but we can work together for a future for us both.
<Paladin> Help me hear.

  • Avatara The ground rumbles ominously.
  • Avatara The wind dies, suddenly, totally.

<Avatara> Then answer the question.
<Elephant> Okay, let's start over. Whoever you are, 'cause I know you ain't sprite, what do you want? And none of this your blood or the extinction of your race nonsense, that's just a means to an end. What is that end?
<Avatara> An elimination of the virus, a halt to the attacks. An end to the slicing and drilling and theft that permeates every inch of my skin, covered with the crawling ants that are humanity.
<Paladin> Which question would you have us answer? I am not wise enough to do so alone. *watches Adisa*
<Elephant> So, if I'm hearing you right, you want Humanity to exist in a more ecofriendly state with a smaller population that creates less strain on the earth. Correct?
<The_Physician> Please, there must be another way. Surely you can't blame ALL of humanity for the things that have happened?
<Avatara> Have you ever felt an insect crawl against your skin?
<Avatara> Did you slap away a mosquito, or kill it because it stung you?
<Paladin> Out of a reaction o the pain yes, but the empathy afterwards shames me.

  • Elephant raises an eyebrow

<Paladin> It is simply living as God created it to live, one of Hos creatures just as I am.
<Avatara> God? She has spoke of a God as well. Of angels and demons.
<Avatara> She spoke of them, until she met me.
<Avatara> There is no god.
<Elephant> *Sigh* Don't get me started on gods.
<Elephant> Pains in the ass, everyone of them.
<Paladin> Hubris will be your undoing*sadly*
<Elephant> But you haven't answered my question. Have I correctly interpereted your desires?
<Paladin> You were created for a purpose. I doubt that this is it.
<The_Physician> I believe it is foolish to not believe in powers beyond our comprehension.
<Avatara> Arrogance. You address the wind, the rain, the earth… as an equal. And you dare? Dare accuse ME of arrogance!?
<The_Physician> Even yours
<Paladin> *cedes the floor to the 2 far smarter people*
<Paladin> What is your purpose?

  • Avatara moves. Brief; like a flicker. The hand moves, smashing with the force of a tsunami against Paladin's head.

<Avatara> (30 stone stunning attack. Defense?)
<Paladin> (9)

  • Paladin drops like a stone

<Avatara> (You're sleeping for 10.5 minutes. And by sleep, I mean unconscious.)

  • Avatara frowns, looking at her hand, then at the Paladin. Seems… disturbed.

<Paladin> The spear dissolves and then is no more

  • The_Physician runs to Paladin to make sure he is OK.
  • Elephant wishes that someone with a medical background would check and make sure that The Green Giant is still breathing.

<Elephant> I'm sure that was entertaining. Now where were we?
<Paladin> It is almost impossible to see the rise and fall of his armored chest
<Avatara> (Physician: His head seems to have come into contact with something hard and unmoving… probably his helmet. He's breathing fine, no blood (unless you take off the helmet, which I don't know if you can do…)
<Paladin> (Nope, all one piece)
<Avatara> (Right. You'd basically have to kill him to remove it. Game?)

  • The_Physician does what he can.

<The_Physician> (Can I use magical healing THROUGH his armor?)
<Avatara> (He does have some lingering damage from the battle that I'm sure he'd love patched up… it would take you three stones to do that.
<Avatara> Sure. Why not? Sounds cool. It's magic armor, anyways. Heck, you might even be able to heal the armor when it gets damaged.)
<Avatara> (Oh, and for the record, even though he's unconscious, the armor DOES NOT dissolve.)
<Avatara> We were discussing why humanity should live any longer than I let it.
<Elephant> Ah yes. That's right.

  • The_Physician attempts to magically heal Andre through his armor - 3 stones into healing.
  • Elephant studies Sprite.

<Avatara> (Anything like this should be me.)

  • Avatara watches the Physician with curiosity.

<Avatara> (What are you looking for, Elephant?)
<Elephant> (Basically to see how being Avatara has changed her)
<Avatara> Physician: He's mending up nicely, but not waking up. Though, since the damage is purely physical and that's your bag, I'll let you heal him… he's got 21 stones of stun damage (we'll call it 19 now), and you can apply three stones of healing per round, so… in about 4-5 panels you can have him up).
<Elephant> We were discussing what you wanted.

  • The_Physician continues to heal Paladin.

<Avatara> (Her posture is entirely different, like something that isn't used to being so small. Like… Take andre the giant, triple his size, let him get used to it, then make him around misfit's size. That kind of confusion.)
<The_Physician> (We might need his ass, sooner as opposed ot later)
<Avatara> (We'll call it four panels, then.)
<Elephant> But first what should I call you. The wind, the rain, the earth is poetic, but also a mouth full.
<Avatara> I am the Avatara. There is no other name.
<Elephant> The Avatara, much more concise. And what are you exactly? I mean in relation to the elementals?
<Elephant> (Changed my text color slightly to avoid matching Physicians)
<Avatara> I am all that there is. The earth, the sea, the patterns of weather, the crackling fire. The elementals are a part of me. Pieces of my greater being.
<Avatara> To you they would be like….
<Elephant> (Would it be metagameing to have a recorder in his trench pocket?)

  • Avatara pauses. Almost as if looking up a wikipedia article.

<Avatara> (Nah, but put it on your character sheet.)
<Avatara> Like blood cells. Organelle. Perhaps, in some cases, like muscle fiber or bone cells.

  • Elephant reaches into his pocket and turns on the recorder. It's just a 20 buck mp3 player with voice recording features

<The_Physician> (Oh, a note…there is a distinct glow from Physicians hands when he heals…just in case sparky mcnasty notices)
<Elephant> kay, so you're a collective being, like Eternity.
<Avatara> (Dude. C'mon. You excrete money. Have at least one of the $100 walkmans…)
<Avatara> Yes. And as the elementals are to me, I am to Eternity.

  • Elephant steps between The Wind The Rain The Earth and Paladin.

<Avatara> (Got it, Mr. Snap Crackle Pop.)
<Avatara> (Three panels left).
<Elephant> (Okay fine. Since I sweat petroleum and exhale myrrh, I have a tricked out 500 custom job.)
<Avatara> (Good. That gives you a much better microphone to work with, because the $20 ones are useless more than about 15" away from your mouth.)
<Avatara> (Make that two panels. More time passed than I thought.
<Avatara> )
<Elephant> Okay, and you don't like humans drilling for oil. Is that all?
<Avatara> Don't… like?
<Avatara> Do you "Not Like" the pain of a sucking chest wound?
<Avatara> Do you "Not Like" amputation?
<Avatara> If that is the choice of words that you prefer, then yes. I "Don't Like" drilling for oil.
<Elephant> Okay, so this causes you actual, real injury. Okay, now we're getting somewhere.
<Avatara> I also "Don't Like" mining. Slash and Burn. Having pieces of my body incinerated to foul the air.
<Avatara> Yes. These are things I "Don't Like".
<Elephant> Okay, I think we're making progress here. Good good. What else are we doing that is hurting you?
<Avatara> Is there a purpose to this?
<Avatara> Even if I itemized a list, there is nothing that you could do. You have not explained, or even tried to explain, why I should not eliminate first you, than humanity at my pleasure.
<Elephant> Ah, I must have missed my part. There are several reasons why this won't solve your problems.
<Elephant> (er.. that, missed that part)
<Elephant> First, Humanity is not the only species that does these things. Even if you eliminate humans from the planet, another speices will come along in a few short centuries and start the whole thing over again.
<Avatara> No. They will not. I am aware of these other races. Perhaps, more aware than you are. Where you have been allowed to endure, they will be eliminated. Immediately.
<Elephant> Really? You would eliminate every sentient species in the universe? You would risk an all out war between yourself and Eternity?
<Avatara> No. I would eliminate any attempted to exploit me as you have.
<Avatara> (ugh. Scratch that line).
<Avatara> No. I would eliminate any who attempted to exploit me as you have.
<Avatara> (There. That at least makes sense).
<Elephant> (There are no takebacksies in my IRC)

  • Elephant hurries on

<Avatara> (Good thing we're in my IRc then.)
<Elephant> But that is neither here nor there. The second reason is that while killing off all the humans will stop the destruction (and probably give you an immense sense of satisfaction), it will not undo the damage that has already been done. There are humans who are working ridiculously hard to undo the damages that have been done to the planet. And they're numbers are growing.
<Avatara> Yes. And they will be allowed to exist, for the small time they are needed. However, even these humans cannot exist without your modern technology, without the theft of resources.
<Avatara> Some, such as this girl, are useful in that way. Thus, she continues.
<Avatara> (You know, The_Physician, you can talk too…)
<Elephant> Well, I see that you are talking through her, of course, but what makes her special? Why her as opposed to the billions of other humans that exist?
<The_Physician> (I can talk and heal at the same time?)
<Elephant> (In strained gutteral grunts, but yes.)
<Avatara> (If you have stones in Social, sure. Speaking of which, we're probably passed the point where Paladin is awake.)
<The_Physician> (Cool!
<The_Physician> )
<Avatara> (Hmm. Check that. Healed. I'll let him decide if he's awake)
<The_Physician> There are alternative forms of energy though. Soplar power, hybrid and electric cars. Hydroelectric power instead of nuclear.
<Avatara> (Remember, two actions per turn… so, you can have stones in social for a tea party while you're busy with stones in gaming for a hardcore super-expert difficulty level of Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero.)
<The_Physician> (OK, re-remembered for future notice)

  • Elephant thinks to himself "All of which require plastics, which requires petroleum, which I sweat."

<Avatara> Yes. And when will they be adopted? Decades? And will this stop the need for rubber? Plastic? Metal?
<The_Physician> But not many people on the planet knew there really WAS a mother nature. Certainly that can account for SOMETHING?
<The_Physician> Now that we know, more can be done to atone and repair.
<Avatara> Ignorance is never an excuse. Your own law says that.
<Elephant> Actually, our law says that we are to be tried by a jury of our peers, who frequently take ignorance of the law into account.
<Elephant> This is in these parts granted. Other laws apply elsewhere.
<Avatara> Willful blindness cannot become the basis of exculpation.
<Avatara> Humanity has known for decades, at least. Sorcerers have known for far longer.

  • Elephant shoots a meaningful look at The Physican

<The_Physician> (Quick one…DID i know, or is thatu p to me?)
<Avatara> (That the earth was sentient? Completely up to you. Its one of those things that sorcerer's have argued back and forth and no one has definitive proof on either way, though "Signs point to yes, but we don't know why".)
<The_Physician> I swear, I didn't. I was taught about elementals, but nothing like you, Avatara. That has been a point of contention for centuries among my kind, but without ever having met someone like you, there was no way to prove it one way or another.
<Elephant> But there's still another reason why killing all the humans is a bad idea. Picture it. You kill 99.9% of the humans and command them to fix the damage that they did to you. You go back to sleep, the pain slowly receeding. You wake up a thousand or so years in the future all healed and you kill of the the other humans. You then settle in for a serious nap and wake up ten thousand…
<Elephant> …years later. Healthy and free of pain.
<Elephant> (Hrm… Overflow)
<Elephant> Who would you talk to?
<Avatara> Not humans.

  • Avatara smiles a slow, satisfied smile.

<Elephant> Not anyone.
<Avatara> Do you truly presume that only humans are worth speaking with?
<Avatara> Your arrogance is astonishing, for a species that has so little to boast about.
<Elephant> Of course not. But anyone worth speaking to would also be equally ignorant of your true nature and start the whole cycle all over again.
<Avatara> The dolphins disagree.
<The_Physician> Life evolves, does it not?

  • Elephant mutters under his breath "not for much longer."

<Avatara> Yes, it does. And the eruption of
<Avatara> "mutants", whose powers are almost entirely destructive, does not bode well.
<The_Physician> Right, but that leads to my next point.
<Avatara> Though only intellect, humanity has managed to deliver wound that will take millions of years to fix. I do not wish to see what a society of mutants can do within a much shorter time.
<The_Physician> Hypothetically speaking, in one million years, Dolphins MIGHT be making the same mistakes we are making now.
<Avatara> Unlikely. They do not have thumbs.

  • Avatara pauses, suddenly in thought.

<Elephant> Yet.
<Avatara> Perhaps I should destroy thumbs.
<Avatara> No. Simply better to eliminate the hand, and anything attatched to it.

  • The_Physician thinks this being is totally off its rocker.

<Elephant> All across the globe thumbs spontaneously combust. Video Game industry plummets. Nintendo says "I told you so." Film at eleven.
<The_Physician> At one point in time, wasn't humanity just a pile of cells, that evolved to have thumbs? Whats to say another species won't do the same in a few millenia?
<Avatara> Your talk has no purpose. What may happen is less important that what has happened and what is happening.
<Elephant> But this totally sidesteps the real issue. Humans have stolen from the earth, mined, polluted the sky and the waters. And so on and so forth. Bad Bad humans. But what you're not asking yourself is why? Why have humans done these things. And I think once you do ask the question, you'll know the answer.
<Avatara> Motive is a factor in your legal government. This is no trial of your peers.
<Avatara> You are given a brief moment to offer a defense.
<Avatara> You have failed to do so.
<Avatara> (are=were)
<Elephant> It's not about motive! It's about cause and effect! Humans did these things to acquire power. To survive in a world where predators thought that humans were a funny looking ape that fell out of the tree.
<Avatara> And?
<Elephant> Oh come on! You are the collective intelligence of the planet. Do I really have to connect the dots?
<Avatara> You are stalling.
<Elephant> Hardly.
<Avatara> Then give me one reason why humanity should not be eliminated for the crimes they have committed.
<Elephant> Primitive man had, No claws. No venom. No Powers. No chance of survival that did not rely on his intellect. The ones that would have considered it a crime to take metal from teh earth and make weapons out of them are, wait for it…
<Elephant> Are dead.
<Avatara> Ahhh. I understand.
<Avatara> You are correct.
<Avatara> Humanity was never intended to survive.
<Avatara> This requires further consideration.
<Elephant> Okay good.. Wait what?!

  • The_Physician has a bad feeling about this.

<The_Physician> I don't believe that was his point…that WASN'T your point, was it?

  • Avatara shudders, then collapses. A great weight, a presence, rises from the area. The wind resumes, the waves continue lapping at the shore

<Sprite> (Elephant, go ahead and give yourself a stone of drama.
<Sprite> No wait… Take three. You'll need them.)
<Elephant> (okay, it was all worth it)
<Sprite> (You have doomed humanity, but as an aside, you'll probably get a letter of recruitment soon.)

  • Sprite Her eyes widen, as she slowly pushes herself up.

<The_Physician> What did you do, Ray?!?!?!
<The_Physician> (addressing Elephant)
<Elephant> Well damn. I was building towards that as she essentially forced the will to power on mankind, which is the source of all her current problems that this was all her fault, but she didn't stick around long enough to get the whole argument. You'd think that an essentially immortal being would have a greater attention span.
<Sprite> (you guys cannot see how much I am smiling right now. I am well amused.)
<The_Physician> (we hate you sir)
<The_Physician> (Jerk)
<Elephant> I was even going to throw in an abusive Mother Nature metaphor and everything.
<Sprite> Stupidi idioti. Quali sono state pensando?
<Sprite> (Paladin, let me know if you want that translated)

  • Sprite slowly pushes herself up into a kneeling position.

<Sprite> I hate it when it does that.
<The_Physician> I honestly thought you had a really good point there, Elephant. I chose not to interject because of it. Unfortunately i don't think we'll live long enough form e to be able to not make that same mistake again.
<Sprite> No no. It won't come again. Not for a while.
<The_Physician> Sprite, are you alright?
<Sprite> You have, perhaps, two months.
<Sprite> The, as you say, collective intelligence of the earth just crammed it self into my brain.
<Elephant> And then?
<Sprite> No.
<Sprite> I am not alright.
<The_Physician> Two months unti lwhat, Sprite?
<Sprite> I don't know. But it will take at least that long for the Avatara to recover.
<Sprite> (Is Paladin even still here?)
<Elephant> (ping Paladin)
<Sprite> (.94 seconds)
<Elephant> (He's most likely dealing with family issues right now)
<Elephant> This is why I hate gods.
<Sprite> No. Avatara is not a God. Gods want people to believe in them. They want to be followed and worshiped. What the Avatara is doing? Very much not God behavior.
<The_Physician> Oh, my, this is bad.
<The_Physician> TO state the obvious.
<Sprite> It is bad, yes.
<Elephant> Humanity has a two month lifespan and you're complaining about my nomenclature?
<Sprite> You misunderstand. Two months is how long it will take the Avatara to reform. To… remake itself.
<Sprite> After two months, it will begin to plan.
<Elephant> Oh good. Things are looking up already.
<Elephant> For a given value of up.
<Sprite> Things will not get easier in these two months. There will be more incidents like this one. But you should find whatever time you can to prepare. And, if you are inclined, pray.
<Sprite> If anyone is listening.
<The_Physician> (addressing Adisa) Who can help us?
<Elephant> And prepare for what exactly? Short of putting a nuclear bomb in the earth's core and blowing up the planet posthumously, I'm out of ideas.
<The_Physician> I have some contacts, but not an overabundance.
<Elephant> The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, you know, the usual suspects.
<Sprite> Besides, that would just make it angry.
<The_Physician> What should we do, Sprite?
<Sprite> Me? I'm just a kid! I came to you because I was way, way out of my depth!
<Elephant> Just a kid? I highly doubt that. Avatara chooses her general cum human liaison out of a hat? I don't think so.
<Sprite> I have no idea why the Avatara chose me. None.
<Sprite> It wasn't random, but I can't figure out a reason.
<Elephant> Neither do I. But frankly, we're out of straws to grasp.
<The_Physician> Why did she want to talk to US anyway? Why not talk to the Preisident, or the U.N.?
<Sprite> Besides, I'm not a general. I'm in charge of 'getting odd jobs done'.

  • Sprite rolls her eyes

<Sprite> Please. You have more power in your finger than the UN does in a hundred tanks.

  • Elephant looks at finger

<Sprite> If anything can manage to stop the Avatara, its people like you guys. Presidents? UN? By the time a government managed to convene a committee to look into the situation and publish a 5-year study, I'd be dead from old age.
<Elephant> True. But we
<Elephant> 're far from the most powerful beings on the planet.
<Sprite> Because I know you guys a lot better than I know Iron Man or Xavier. And, sorry, I didn't want to try talking to Dr. Doom.
<The_Physician> Ah, gotcha
<The_Physician> That would make sense, I would not want to talk to him either. *sigh* This is a mess.
<Sprite> Besides, why would they believe me?
<Elephant> Why wouldn't they believe you? They have telepaths for this kind of situation.
<Sprite> Reason #2 why I didn't go to Xavier.
<Elephant> Ah.
<Sprite> Besides. You're smart, or magic, or both. Figured that was my best chance for not being a horse for the Avatara anymore.
<The_Physician> Well, I am glad you had so much faith in us. To bad it looksl ike that was misplaced.
<Sprite> Hey, you've got two months at least!
<Sprite> Surely you can come up with something by then!
<Sprite> On the other hand, this traitor to humanity is leaving.
<Elephant> Hold on there Missy. (Oh crap, I have become my father.) You said it needs to reform. So for all intents and purposes Avatara doesn't exist for another two months?

  • Sprite pauses

<Sprite> Well… um.
<Sprite> How to put it?
<Sprite> Okay. Picture a thimble.
<Sprite> An ant's thimble.
<Sprite> If ant's… you know. Sewed.
<Sprite> Now, cram yourself into the thimble.
<The_Physician> And had thumbs.
<Sprite> Entirely.
<Elephant> It's always been about the thumbs.
<Sprite> While in the thimble, have a conversation with bacteria.
<Sprite> Then, get yourself out of the thimble.
<Sprite> And check yourself in the nearest hospital.
<Sprite> If you were out in two months, you'd be really impressive.
<Elephant> Maybe we should be talking to Antman.
<Sprite> For the record? It isn't any fun for the thimble either.
<Elephant> Okay, so she does exist, we just need to find someone macro enough to talk to her and make her understand that the only thing keeping her alive are humans.
<Elephant> I'd hate to say it, but maybe Thor?

  • Sprite eyes wide

<Sprite> You know Thor?
<The_Physician> You know Thor?
<Elephant> No, but I'm sure we could arrange a meeting. Since we're smart, or magical or both.
<Sprite> Well then. Your smart, magical selves should do that.
<Elephant> Maybe we can convince Dr. Doom to be the thimble.
<The_Physician> OH god no. No no no. That would be a vey poor choice.
<Sprite> Why? He's used to being in metal.
<Sprite> It couldn't be that different.
<The_Physician> Nevermind.
<Paladin> nngghhh…..
<Sprite> (Time frame: early evening.)
<Sprite> So… is he okay?
<Elephant> How about you, you're a sorcerous type. Any chance you know Dr. Strange?
<Paladin> She kicks like a mule…a very angry mule….
<Elephant> If a mule kicked you in that getup, would you notice?

  • Paladin slowly sits up, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs.

<Sprite> The mule would.
<Paladin> How long?
<The_Physician> I do, in fact. And the first thing I am going to do is contact him for advice once i am back home.

  • Elephant tells him exactly how long.

<The_Physician> You have been out for quite some time. Enough time for Elephant here to doom us all to extinction.
<Paladin> Explain please.

  • Sprite eyes wide

<Paladin> The summary will do.
<Sprite> You know Dr. Strange!?
<Paladin> You know Dr. Strange?
<Elephant> Hey! I bought us two months. I would have solved the entire problem if she didn't have the attention span of a ferret high on coke.
<The_Physician> I do know Dr. Strange, yes.
<Paladin> Two months until what exactly?
<Elephant> Oh cool. You know Dr. Strange.

  • Sprite fangirl mode=ON

<Sprite> youknowDr.StrangethatissocoolIsheniceIbethe'snice

  • Elephant guards physician. There's nothing more dangerous than an armored fangirl.
  • Elephant explains. No. There is too much. Adisa sums up.
  • Sprite recovers. fangirl mode=OFF

<Sprite> Basically, you guys called up the Avatara and managed to convince it that Humans, not only deserve to die, but never should have been.
<Paladin> Quite an accomplishment for an evening's work.
<Sprite> Yes, you should be very proud.
<Elephant> I was going somewhere with that when she went somewhere else with that.
<Paladin> We have two months then? Time enough I hope.
<Paladin> The poor misguided creature….
<Elephant> Yeah. I've got a project in the works that might help slightly, but I really think our best bet is to get her on the horn and explain to her that she wouldn't last another year without humans.
<Sprite> Okay… I'm on its team, and I don't have that much sympathy for it…
<Paladin> It is obviously in pain and is lashing out at what it perceives to be the source of its torment. It will fail in it's goal to kill humanity and that will madden it further. This war must be stopped.
<Paladin> Who exactly woul dnot last another year without humans?
<The_Physician> Poor misguided…are you daft? It is not misguided, it's crazy as a loon.
<Sprite> You know, I'd say it was rather articulate for a creature in pain if I didn't know it was using my BRAIN as its own personal wikipedia.
<Paladin> Do you think clearly when you are injured or sick? It is both and should be treated as such. Not to say that it is not dangerous, just that it needs to be understood as well.
<Elephant> Avatara. Without humans she'll be dead in a year.
<Paladin> Why do you think that?
<Paladin> (sighs…brb, Nikara is fussy again. Keep posting and I will try to keep up)
<Elephant> Because without humans, the promise Galactus made no longer stands. Without a Sorcerer Supreme, nothing keeps out Dormanamu. Without humans, the Celestrials will eventually show up and who knows what will happen then. We're the immune system of the planet whether she realizes it or not.
<Elephant> Not to mention other minor threats like a [wikipedia:Shi'ar] Gravity bomb they tried to use to detonate our sun.
<Sprite> How many of those things actually matter only because humans are involved?

  • The_Physician wonders what the hell the Water Elephant is talking about…(or how he knows all of the stuff from the earth X book)

<Paladin> I am no expert, btu since it was awakened is there no way to put it to sleep again?
<Sprite> (Most things like that hit the news.)
<The_Physician> (Right, but didn't all that stuff get revealed in the future of the marvel Universe?)
<Elephant> (Everyone knows about Galactus (news channels tried to interview him fer crying out loud). Dormanamu has walked the earth for short periods of time. The Celestials sank Manhattan island temporarily. I love New York baby!)
<The_Physician> If there is, it is beyond my power.
<Sprite> What are you thinking, cosmic level chamomile?
<Paladin> But you know The Sorcerer Supreme. Would he be able to?
<The_Physician> (Oh, I am not trying to discredit you…and i just noticed you had more stuff in there than i initially read. Question withdrawn)
<The_Physician> I would have to ask him.
<Elephant> Unlikely. He exists to protect earth, not to give her roofies.
<The_Physician> (Do i have a ready way to contact him? Or do I need to employ magical means?)
<Paladin> Protect earth or protect humanity?
<Elephant> (If he taught you some magic, he most likely did it somewhere. I'd start there).
<Elephant> (Technically he protects the universe, but the last time he left earth it was because Galactus said please.)
<Sprite> (He's on your speed dial.)

  • Elephant turn off his recorder.

<Sprite> (Not the universe… just this time plane, as in, 616, Not the entire marvel universe, which would include every alternate world).

  • The_Physician pulls out his cell phone and calls the good Doctor.

<Paladin> May I have a copy of that tape, Adisa?
<Elephant> It's a MP3 recorder, no tape (and how did you see it in my coat pocket, oh X-Ray eyes).
<Paladin> (my bad, thought it was out)
<Wong> Hello?
<The_Physician> Hello sir. This is The Physician. Is my teacher there?
<Wong> I'm sorry sir, no. He is away at this time.
<Wong> There was a disturbance earlier today, which he is currently still looking into.
<The_Physician> Is this distrubance around (names the area)? I am currentlyl ooking in to that myself…

  • Wong surprised

<Wong> Yes, the disturbance started there, but what the master is looking into involves most of the Eastern seaboard. There was a strong disturbance in the magical field, resulting in a large depletion of ambient energy.
<Wong> Not simply magical; numerous power failures across the east coast have resulted as well. The master was deeply worried about something.
<The_Physician> I may be able to fill in the gaps. Do you know how to contact him, sir?
<Paladin> To Adisa and Sprite: What doe sit want?
<Paladin> (does it)
<Wong> Alas, I cannot. He left specific orders not to be disturbed, and is in deep meditation while his astral self examines the damage.

  • The_Physician Tries to feel what Wong is referring to. Can i sense a disturbance in the magical field?

<Elephant> It in pain and wants the pain to go away. It thinks that humans are the source of the pain and wants us to go away.
<Wong> (Depends. Stones?)
<The_Physician> (Can I go to the Astral Plane?)
<Wong> (Sure. Magical Travel, 2 stone penalty since you don't have a specialty.)
<Paladin> A fair assessment in some ways. We have been given stewardship over the land and seas and yet we abuse it.
<The_Physician> (Oh, that's bad)
<Paladin> We cannot simply make it stop though, but perhaps there is a way to make it better?
<The_Physician> (what would trying to feel the field fall under? sorcery or Mastery of Magic?)
<Elephant> Sure. It's called Greenpeace.
<The_Physician> So his physical body is at the mansion, Wong?
<Sprite> That would be a trick and a half. (Physician: Yes) We're talking about centuries of damage that would require at least as long to repair.
<Paladin> Perhaps.
<The_Physician> OK, thank you Wong. Have a great day
<Sprite> And the damage is on-going. In order to simply stop the damage, you'd have to… well, essentially take over every government on earth at the same time.

  • The_Physician hangs up his phone.
  • Wong hangs up.

<Elephant> We need Dr. Doom.
<Sprite> Wait, what? No! Hey, I was joking!
<Sprite> He'd be a really bad thimble!
<Paladin> Let us leave villians out of this if at all possible please.
<Elephant> I know. Lighten up kid. It's just the end of the world.

  • Paladin looks to the Physician.

<The_Physician> The Doctor is traversing the Astral Plane. Something I have not learned to do yetr.
<The_Physician> yet*
<The_Physician> Our best bet is to go to his house and await his return.

  • Sprite eyes widen

<Sprite> Oh hey, that sounds like a good place for me to leave. Ta!
<The_Physician> (what would trying to feel the field fall under? sorcery or Mastery of Magic?)
<Sprite> (Yes.)
<Paladin> I will let those far more knowledgeable than I do so then. I feel that I must ponder this and pray.
<Sprite> (Remember, everything Mastery of Magic does, Sorcery can do. Frequently better.)
<Elephant> Oh, come on Sprite. I bet he's nice.
<Sprite> Yes, I'm sure he is. Nice and warded. With my luck, I come within 50' of his place and *poof*, no more Sprite.
<The_Physician> (OK, Seven Stones in Sorcery then. Can i feel what Wong was referring to?)
<Sprite> (Yeah, reality's pretty screwed up right now. Seems like something opened the bathtub drain and let out a good deal of magical energy)
<The_Physician> Well then, let me rephrase.
<The_Physician> MY best bet is to head to his house and await his return.
<Paladin> Actually, as I recall it is a school night, Miss Sprite.
<Sprite> Yes it is. And I have homework. A lot of it.
<Paladin> Then perhaps it would be best to part ways and to think on what has been learned tonight.
<Elephant> That's probably a good idea. I have stuff I need to get ready before our immanent genocide.
<Sprite> So… Ta!
<Paladin> We all do.

  • Sprite steps back a few paces before pulling an earpiece from her belt. Mutters something into it, then vanishes

<Sprite> (Okay. Is there more that people want to do tonight? Anything I should know?
<Sprite> )
<Elephant> (11 Stones in invention)
<Paladin> (Praying, recovering from a headache, thinking about the end of the world)
<The_Physician> (2 Stones in Magical Travel, and heading to Dr. Stranges mansion)
<Paladin> (Teleporting to my church)
<Sprite> (Okay. First, from last time, three lines. Second, from tonight, three lines. Anyone with blue stones, cash'em if you gott'em.)
<Paladin> (Did I get them?)
<Elephant> *chuka chuka chuka* I'll take an extra line for 3 stones Alex.
<Sprite> (Only Elephant got drama stones)
<The_Physician> ( Causing the end of humanity gives you drama stones!?!?!? AWESOME
<The_Physician> )
<GM> (Well, it has to have some perks, or why would anyone do it?

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