Andre And Felis 2

Location: Andre's flat

  • Andre sand the cabinet door down, carefully rounding the edges and working inside of the routed grooves.

<Andre> Five days behind schedule and everything is still going smoothly. Thank you.
<Andre> After fitting the newly fashioned door to the rest of the custom wardrobe, Andre steps back to inspect his handiwork, looking for inconsistencies and flaws in the wood. The solid white oak cabinet appears to be without blemish and Andre heads over to the ancient computer in teh corner of the workshop.
Let's see what stain he wanted again…*connects to his dial up and lsitens to the chirping of the modem*
*banging out his login and password one letter at a time, he waits for the e-mail to open, looking up at the stained glass window of Feles that he finished and installed last week after returning home. The exchange of an old coat for flowing robes of blue had been easy and a passable image of the angel's profile looked away to the right.*
*Pulling up his e-mail, he waits for the picture attachment to download, and checks his calender to the end of the world. Just over a month to go, and no further clues than they had before going to China. Sighing he closes the small book and tosses it onto the desk, leaning back inhis chair, his hands laced above his head as he htinks.*
*The e-mail finishes downloading and he checks the stain against his notes. Deep gold with a hint of red. easy enough to make. He could have this cabinet done by tonight provided that there were no distractions. Two days of drying and he could deliver it to the client earlier than expected. Disconnecting from the Internet he leaves the e-mail opened to check his mixing against*
*After mixing the stain and checking it against the swatch, he starts to apply it on the back of the wardrobe, working from the top down careful to not let rivulets run down the entire back of the cabinet.

  • GM ((Feles)) perches upon the back of a chair, hair drooped in front of his face. Sits there, silently, almost as if waiting.

<Andre> .*Catching a drip, he evens out the line of stain and wipes the brush before putting it into the small bucket of denatured alcohol beside the dripcloth.* Would you like tea?
<GM> Indeed.
<Andre> .*Andre nods and heads across the studio to the small kitchen, lighting the electric stove and setting the kettle on to boil.* How are you today, Feles?
<GM> Not well. Times are approaching rather faster than I hoped.
<Andre> Rather faster than we had all hoped, I imagine. How can I help?
<GM> Help?

  • GM laughs soundlessly

<GM> You are the one who will need the help.
My role here is a minor one, at best.
<Andre> .*He frowns* Then what will He have me do?
<GM> No more than you can bear, I am certain.
<Andre> Of course *he takes two glasses down from the cabinet, pulling out a couple of tea bags to go with them.* I feel helpless, Feles. I know that this disaster is coming and no one will listen, and I feel as though I am powerless to avert it. Why do the seraphim not take arms against the Avatara?
<GM> Because we cannot.
One creation of His is as loved as another.
To destroy one, any one, by the sword would break his heart.
<Andre> *he grunts and leans back against the counter* It would seem that at least one of his creations is in danger of destroying another.

  • GM turns a pained expression towards Andre.

<GM> Yes. But children will be children… *sighes*
<Andre> Yes they will be. And they both need guidance.
Not that they may listen, of course.

  • Andre turns off the kettle and pours the water.

<Andre> Sugar?
<GM> Yes, please.
<Andre> How can I contact the Avatara, Feles? I would speak with it. Try to reason with it. Though how I am supposed to reason with a creature of immense power and tell it that it must be patient for God's will is the ultimate law when it i sboth wounded adn sick is beyond me.
<GM> The Avatara is resting right now. It hurt itself greatly, by pressing into the Sprite as it did. And recently, it has been dealt a very telling blow.
<Andre> What has happened?

  • GM shakes his head

<GM> I do not know. I can feel it moving in pain, but I could not say what the cause is. My vision is blinded.
<Andre> What has the power to blind your vision? Does He not want you to see, do you think?

  • Andre hands one steaming cup to Feles

<GM> Power, in this world, is certainly not in short supply. There are many, from the Avatara itself, to some of the most powerful of the mortal mages, to demons from below and beings from other universes that might blind my vision.
<Andre> *sipping at his tea* Is there a way to boost your vision? To negate the power that blinds you?
It must be terrible for you..
<GM> Oh, there are always ways. I trust though, that I will see what He wishes me to see, that I will understand when the time comes, if that is His wish.
<Andre> AS I trust also. I must admit that waiting is difficult though.
<GM> We are never given more than we can bear.

  • GM Almost seems as if the words are meant more for him than you.

<Andre> I know. It is a hard task that is set before us though. We simply have to trust Him and look for answers where He has directed us. *he lays his hand on the much dog eared copy of the Bible sittingon the kitchen table*

  • Andre Flipping the book open to a random passage

<Andre> We will endure, and the remnant of the remnant shall endure no matter what.
<GM> The Work will endure.
<Andre> brb

  • GM Gasps in pain, wrapping one arm around his stomach as he topples form the chair. He catches his balance before he lands, but hits the ground hard, falling into a crouch.

<GM> The first seal is open… The White Horse walks the world once more…

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