Attributes are divided into 7, spelling FASERIP (read "face rip" as TSR thought they were being clever). They are:

Fighting - The character's skill in hand-to-hand combat. Covers evading close combat attacks, hitting one's opponent, etc. Also counts for the character's tactical efficiency (how well they can divide their attention in combat).
Agility - How quick and nimble the character is. This does not cover land speed as one might expect, but does cover ranged accuracy and one's ability to avoid ranged attacks.
Strength - Raw physical might. This covers how much hurt one can apply in melee, how good one is at grappling, and how much one can lift.
Endurance - The character's energy reserves and the amount of punishment one can take and still keep coming back. Also covers land speed (how much ground one can cover in a given amount of time).
Reason - Brain power. Covers one's ability to reason, recall, and rationalize. Anything academic falls under reason.
Intuition - Instinct. One's capacity for making leaps that do not necessarily follow a logical path, but are nonetheless correct. Also speed of thought. Intuition is used for initiative.
Psyche - Willpower. Very important when it comes to mental powers and magic.

The TSR Marvel system uses ranks to determine power level. Ranks go from Shift 0 to Beyond, though the practical working range for characters is typically Feeble to Unearthly. Each shift in a rank (called a Column Shift) grants a larger chance of getting more preferable results on a check as well as making those results more potent.

Characters will initially be limited to human maxima until such a time as their superpower's origin has occurred.

And now, to give a basis for how to determine where your character falls:

Feeble = No training or ability = Normal human ability
Typical = Minimal training or natural aptitude
Good = Some formal training
Excellent = Regular, formal training
Remarkable = Superior talent
Incredible = Superior talent with training
Amazing = Maximum Human Potential

Feeble = Physically limited
Poor = Clumsy, inaccurate
Typical = Normal Human reactions
Good = Some training in dexterity and/or accuracy
Excellent = Intensive training in dexterity and/or accuracy
Remarkable = Olympic Athlete
Incredible = Olympic Gymnast (maximum human ability)

Feeble = Press 50 lbs
Poor = Press 100 lbs (normal human)
Typical = Press 200 lbs
Good = Press 400 lbs
Excellent = Press 800 lbs. Maximum human ability

Feeble = Reduced or impaired ability
Poor = Minimal ability or exercise
Typical = Occasional exercise (normal human)
Good = Moderate exercise
Excellent = Regular exercise
Remarkable = Intensive exercise (maximum human)

Feeble = Couch Potato. Good grasp of native language, simple machines.
Poor = Limited exposure to technology/science, understands complex machines.
Typical = Operate modern (for the time period) technology (normal human)
Good = Repair and install modern (for the time period) technology
Excellent = Modify existing modern (for the time period) technology
Remarkable = Understand advanced modern (for the time period) technology (maximum human ability)

Feeble = Unaware of surroundings, imparied or limited senses
Poor = A little slow on the uptake
Typical = Normal human levels
Good = Above average intuition
Excellent = Fine eye for detail
Remarkable = Detective skills or background
Incredible = Strong empathic sense/gut feelings
Amazing = In tune with surroundings, strong hunches in regards to subjects (maximum human ability)

Feeble = Easily dominated or programmed
Poor = Young, untrained, or hampered in sense of will
Typical = Normal human willpower
Good = Resist ordinary mesmerism
Excellent = Some experience with mental control and/or mystic forces
Remarkable = Trained in resisting outside will-dominating forces
Incredible = Highly trained, or possessing great strength of will (maximum human ability)

Starting Attribute rank numbers - Attributes start at the lowest rank number for the rank (look at the chart under files for reference). For example, if your character is starting with a Good Strength, their Strength is Good (8) instead of Good (10) or Good (12) or Good (15) etc.

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