Narrative Creation

There are many ways to determine initial attributes by the TSR Marvel system. We will be using the Narrative approach rather than random rolling because it both leads to more balanced characters and lets people play the characters they want to play rather than the characters the dice determine they must play.

The Narrative approach is simple, but does require a certain amount of effort on the part of the players (sorry folks). All you do is write a bit about your character. It does not have to be superb prose, nor something extremely long. All it has to do is give a relative idea of where the character's strengths and weaknesses fall with respect to the 7 attributes, and have some reasonable justification as to why. After writing this, the player then assigns what they feel is a reasonable rank for each attribute, based off of what they have written. The Producer (that's me) then analyzes both what was written and what the player assigned for ranks and proposes his own ranks for the attributes. There are many ways to go from here, but I think I'll be using the "if they're the same, great, if not split the difference" approach.

This gives players a LOT of freedom, so please be reasonable and realistic.

Characters will be newly arriving freshman attending a University just outside of New York City. That's the only restriction I'm applying, so you do not have to be fresh out of high school necessarily; just remember that you're supposed to be starting as 'ordinary' folks. That being said, you are not limited to averaging out as normal human. You can be moderately exceptional if you so desireā€¦ trust me when I say that there are advantages and disadvantages to being exceptional and slightly above average pre-superpowers.

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