Talents, Contacts/Allies, and Resources

Resources - Determines how much the character is worth monetarily and their income type. This is determined the same way as attributes (backstory is used to determine appropriate resources, examples below):
Feeble - Reduced circumstances, unemployed, on Social Security or allowance
Poor - Freelancer, poor credit risk, lower middle class, students
Typical - Salaried employment, middle class
Good - Professional employment, middle class
Excellent - Small inheritance, small business, upper middle class
Remarkable - Large business or chain of businesses, established trust fund, upper class
Incredible - Standard corporation, millionaire (by 1980s standards, when the book was published)
Amazing - Large corporation, small country
Monstrous - Multi-national corporation, government branch or military of major country, billionaire playboy
Unearthly - Major country (such as the United States and the Soviet Union in 1949), mega-corporation.

Characters will be assumed to have Resources of Poor unless larger or smaller are deemed far more appropriate for their background.

Contacts and Allies - Contacts and allies are individuals or organizations with ties to your character. Contacts will give the character information and work with them, but will not put themselves in harms way for the sake of the character nor put themselves out monetarily or materialistically. Allies are people who are at your character's beck and call, within reason, up to and including lending some money or a pair of strong arms. A good way to think about it are contacts are people/groups you can work with whereas allies are people/groups who will help you move.

Characters can start with up to 3 contacts OR 1 ally. Learned Power characters can have an additional contact beyond that (so 4 contacts or 1 contact and 1 ally).

Talents - Talents are things your character does really well. They are in large lump categories. Here players have an option. They can either ask for a list of available talents, then ask for descriptions of the ones they are interested in, or they can take the Student talent. Taking the Student talent means characters can take no other talents at character creation, but can buy new talents for cheaper. Note: Talents are NOT skills. They are not a prerequisite for performing a task. For example, not having the Pilot talent does not give a penalty to attempting to Pilot aircraft. Instead, having the Pilot talent gives a bonus to checks made for piloting aircraft.

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